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CLASSCOD: A--Research and Development--Potential Sources Sought
OFFADD: Phillips Laboratory/PKV , Directorate of Contracting,
  2251 Maxwell Ave SE, Bldg 424, Room 205, Kirtland AFB NM 87117-5773
SOL F29601-97-R-0012
POC Linda Rae Johnson, Supvsy Contract Specialist, 505/846-5935,
  Capt John Anttonen, Project Oficer, 505/846-8927 ext. 144.
DESC: Advanced Technology Demonstrator(s) (ATD) SOL: N/A DUE:
  N/A POC Linda Rae Johnson, Supervisory Contract Specialist,
  (505)846-5935 Capt. John Anttonen, Project Officer 505/846-8927
  ext. 144. Integrated Technology Testbed Ground Advanced Technology
  Demonstrator Reference no. F29601-97-R-0012, Capt. John Anttonen,
  Program Manager, (505) 846-8927 ext. 144. Industry sources
  are being sought to develop critical technologies for future
  military spaceplanes using ground based advanced technology
  demonstrations. The first step is envisioned to include a streamlined
  acquisition that develops, integrates and tests these technologies
  in an Integrated Technology Testbed (ITT). Due to constrained
  budgets, the Air Force is seeking innovative, "out of the box",
  industry feedback and guidance to: 1) develop and demonstrate
  key military spaceplane technologies, 2) ensure competitive
  industry military spaceplane concepts are supported via critical
  technology demonstrations, and 3) ensure a viable, competitive
  military spaceplane industrial base is retained now and in
  the future. To ensure the greatest dialogue with industry a
  briefing for industry (BFI) is tentatively planned for 11 and
  12 March 1997 at the Air Force Phillips Laboratory, NM. The
  BFI will include a classified session, held at the Secret level.
  The Military Spaceplane (MSP) ITT ground demonstration consists
  of an effort to develop a computer testbed model. It may also
  include options for multiple technology, component and subsystem
  hardware demonstrations to support and enable the acquisition
  and deployment of MSP systems early in the next century. Although
  the ITT is not a flight demonstrator, it is anticipated that
  critical ground Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD) components
  and subsystems shall be designed, fabricated and tested with
  a total systems and flight focus to demonstrate the potential
  for military "aircraft like" operations and support functions.
  The latter point refers to eventual systems that 1) can be
  recovered and turned around for another mission in several
  hours or less on a routine basis, 2) require minimal ground
  and flight crew to conduct routine operations and maintenance
  , 3) are durable enough to sustain a mission design life of
  hundreds of missions, 4) are designed for ease of maintenance
  and repair based on military aircraft reliability, maintainability,
  supportability and availability (RMS&A) standards including
  the use of line replaceable units to the maximum extent possible,
  and 5) can be operated and maintained by military personnel
  receiving normal levels of technical training. The ITT effort
  is envisioned to culminate with a vigorous integrated test
  program that demonstrates how specific components and subsystems
  are directly traceable and scaleable to MSP system requirements
  and meet or exceed the operational standards described above.
  The contract structure for ITT is anticipated to be Cost Reimbursement
  type contracts with possible multiple options and a total funding
  of approximately $125-150M. Due to initial funding limitations,
  the minimum effort for the contract is anticipated to consist
  of a broad conceptual military spaceplane design supported
  by a computer testbed model. However, should funding become
  available, additional effort may be initiated prior to the
  conclusion of the testbed model design. Offerors will be requested
  to submit a series of alternatives for delivery of major technology
  components and subsystems as well as an alternative for subsystem/system
  integration and test. While the government's primary interest
  is in maintaining an MSP systems focus for this effort, the
  government is also interested in industry feedback on opportunities
  for small business prime contractor participation. The Air
  Force envisions two or more awards, but is seeking industry
  advice on the appropriate contract type, magnitude and scope.
  Presently, the MSP Technology Program plans to commit $3-5M
  to each basic effort of this procurement. These funds are programmed
  into the budget for FY97. It is anticipated that these funds
  will primarily support development of the conceptual design
  and supporting computer testbed with some limited optional
  component demonstrations. The MSP Technology Program is working
  through the auspices of the joint AFMC-AFSPC Military Spaceplane
  Integrated Concept Team to identify sources of funding for
  out years. However, the Government cannot guarantee that any
  funding beyond the basic effort will be secured. Potential
  sources are being sought who have the capability to design,
  manufacture, integrate, and test a complete suite of MSP ground
  ATDs. Potential contractors should have a proven track record
  of design, manufacture and integration of complex aerospace
  systems including the ground and flight support infrastructure
  such as test equipment, flight control architecture, and flight/ground
  systems software necessary to operate and maintain the operational
  segment of these systems. Expertise in lightweight structures
  and propellant tankage, thermal protection system, highly efficient
  rocket propulsion, cargo systems, and highly integrated avionics/system
  health monitoring capability is also required to demonstrate
  the ability to meet the MSP requirement for a highly reusable,
  single stage vehicle. Furthermore, potential contractors must
  demonstrate the ability to plan and conduct a system level
  ground and flight test program that demonstrates the critical
  requirements of the MSP. The highest classification required
  for this effort will be Secret but this contract will be Unclassified.
  Note: Foreign owned firms are advised they will not be allowed
  to participate as the prime contractor. If access to Export
  Controlled Data is required on this effort (see 10 U.S.C. 140
  (c)), the offeror must be currently certified and registered
  by the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC), Battle Creek,
  MI 49016-3412, (1-800-352-3572) in order to be considered a
  responsible contractor under this acquisition and to receive
  export-controlled technical data. Dissemination of export-controlled
  information must be according to the provisions of DoD Directives
  5230.24 and 5230.24 and 5230.25 and AFR 80-34. Organizations
  must comply with the requirements set forth in the introduction
  for R&D Sources Sought. Interested contractors must indicate
  whether they qualify as a small business under SIC Code 8731,
  with a size standard of 1000 employees. Also firms responding
  are to include the above reference number and indicate whether
  they are or are not, a small business, a small disadvantaged
  business, a woman owned business, a historically black college
  or university, a minority institution, an 8(a) firm, an intra-governmental
  organization, a large business or an education/nonprofit organization.
  Based on the responses to this sources sought synopsis the
  government reserves the right to set-aside this acquisition
  for participation by small businesses. A draft Statement of
  Objectives, draft Section L (Instructions for Preparation of
  Proposal), and draft Section M (Evaluation Factors for Award)
  will be downloaded on the Internet and may be accessed after
  the BFI (5 March 1997) at: http//www.plk.af.mil. An offeror
  who does not have access to the Internet may send a written
  request to Linda Rae Johnson at the address below or a telefax
  request to the FAX telephone number below. Only small businesses
  are requested to submit a Statement of Capabilities (SOC).
  The SOC shall be limited to 15 pages, including resumes and
  mailed to Capt. John Anttonen, PL/VT-X, 3550 Aberdeen Ave.
  SE, Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5776. Replies to this sources sought
  synopsis must reference solicitation number F29601-97-R-0012
  and must be received within 15 calendar days of publication.
  The BFI, currently planned for 11 and 12 March 1997, will be
  held at the Phillips Laboratory Conference Center, 1750 Kirtland
  Dr, Building 201, Kirtland AFB, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on
  the 11th and (,00 AM to 4:00 PM on the 12th. Due to the classified
  briefing and limited space each contractor will be limited
  to two attendees. The government contemplates face-to-face
  briefings with all potential offerors. Industry participants
  should send visit requests, and clearances for the classified
  session to Captain John Anttonen, PL/VT-X, 3550 Aberdeen Ave
  SE, Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5776. Faxed visit requests/clearances
  are acceptable, Telephone/Fax: 505-846-8927x144/8930. Respondents
  to this sources sought announcement will receive an MSP ITT
  information package, including an agenda and maps, for review
  prior to the BFI. Responses by telegram will not be accepted.
  Advance questions may be submitted in writing to Phillips Laboratory/PKVA.
  Directorate of Contracting, ATTN: Linda Rae Johnson, or Rudy
  Chavez, 2251 Maxwell Ave., SE, Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5773,
  FAX: (505) 846-7049, Internet e-mail address: LINDA_RAE_JOHNSON%PL-PK@ccmail.plk.af.mil.
  An Ombudsman has been appointed to hear concerns from offerors
  or potential offerors during the proposal development phase
  of this acquisition. The purpose of the Ombudsman is not to
  diminish the authority of the Program Director or Contracting
  Officer but to communicate contractor concerns, issues, disagreements
  and recommendations to the appropriate government personnel.
  Before contacting the Ombudsman, potential offerors should
  first communicate with the Contracting Officer. In those instances
  where offerors cannot obtain resolution from the Contracting
  Officer, they are invited to contact the PL Ombudsman, Col
  James D. Ledbetter, Phillips Laboratory Vice Commander, at
  (505) 846-4964, or in writing at 3550 Aberdeen Ave SE, Kirtland
  AFB, NM 87117-57876. When requested, the Ombudsman will maintain
  strict confidentiality as to the source of the concern. The
  Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals
  or in the source selection process. For contracting issues,
  please contact Ms. Linda Rae Johnson, (505) 846-5935. For technical
  issues, please contact Captain John Anttonen, PL/VT-X, (505)
  846-8927x144. This announcement is for informational and planning
  purposes only. It does not constitute an IFB or an RFP and
  is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government. [PHILLIPS
  LABORATORY] /PKVA, Directorate of Contracting, 2551 Maxwell
  Avenue SE, [Kirtland AFB] NM [87117]-5772
CITE: (I-052 SN034601)