Subject:      Small spysat study panel to be formed
From:         [email protected] (Allen Thomson)
Date:         1995/12/31
Message-Id:   <[email protected]>

   It looks as if the NRO and its friends are coming out ahead 
in the smallsat tussle:

   When in Doubt, Appoint a Panel
   Aviation Week and Space Technology
   January 1, 1996, p.19
      House-Senate intelligence conferees have agreed to temporarily 
   set aside the contentious issue of whether to begin procurement 
   of a new generation of smaller reconnaissance satellites.  Their 
   compromise calls for the appointment of a panel of experts. By 
   May 1, the panel is to determine whether "smallsats" can be 
   procured immediately, as proponents in the House contend, or 
   whether several more years of technology development is needed, 
   as the Senate and National Reconnaissance Office maintain.

   If anyone finds out who the panel members are, please post 
the information here (if it isn't classified, of course).  The 
panel's conclusions will, of course, be predetermined by the 
experts chosen to "study" the matter.

   For the s.s.t. readership:  What could plausibly be claimed to be
a technical impediment to small photoreconnaissance satellites?