Attachment 7, Appendix A1. Interim Requirements

1. Background

The Government has identified the following interim requirements which may reduce schedule for initial interim capability deployment or the schedule risk in-order to support the launch of UFO 8.

2. Requirements

  1. All requirements of the SRD shall apply unless otherwise stated in the following paragraph:

2.1 Interim Requirements to Support UFO 8:

  1. The SBM shall support at least one GBS/UFO satellite transponder (with a capacity of 6 Mbps) on any UFO satellite in view.
  2. The single data stream shall be echoed to all four UFO transponders simultaneously using the PIP facility.
  3. Receive suites shall receive and process only one data channel from one data stream at a time.
  4. Receive suites shall operate in the fully connected mode to receive and process data other than video, audio, and other user applications which currently utilize broadcast products.
  5. Receive suits shall not support the partially connected mode (disconnected, manually connected, and fully connected shall be supported). Partially connected mode may be RBM software upgrade.
  6. Classified information shall be handled as an encrypted stream from the source and passed as a separate data channel for each level of classification without decryption within the GBS system.
  7. Sufficient redundant equipment shall be available to limit system downtime.
  8. Proprietary commercial access control methods may be used.
  9. GRAT and GBC elements are not required.
  10. Interfaces to AFSCN and EHF controller equipment shall be manual by secure voice.
  11. Over the air software update capability shall not be provided.
  12. The BMS shall not develop a catalog of 'GBS products'.
  13. Rebroadcast shall be accomplished by requery of the source.
  14. System configuration shall be maintained manually in an automated database.
  15. The GBS resource efficiency shall be limited to periodic data channel reconfiguration as opposed to dynamic channel reconfiguration.
  16. Bandwidth reallocation time limits may be exceeded.
  17. The contractor shall retrofit all interim hardware or software to the fully compliant configuration not later than IOC.