Text for GBS System Contract Sources Sought CBD announcement

***NOTE: This announcement was published in the CBD on 13 NOV 96 ***

The Global Broadcast Service (GBS) is a worldwide, high throughput broadcast (one-way) service of data and video products supporting the smart push and user pull paradigms. GBS is part of the MILSATCOM architecture and extends the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII). A DISA-sponsored Information Dissemination Management (IDM) segment will collect information from national and theater sources and deliver it to the GBS via the Defense Information Network (DISN/DII). The IDM segment is outside the GBS program. The GBS will be acquired in three phases. Phase I, which is currently on-going, consists of a test bed capability used to refine user requirements and concepts of operations through its support of exercises and demonstrations. The planning for the acquisition of Phase II is underway. Phase III is TBD. Each GBS phase will consist of three segments: space segment, terminal segment, and broadcast management (BM) segment. For Phase II the space segment will be provided by GBS transponders hosted on UHF Follow-on (UFO) satellites 8, 9, and 10, and leased communications services acquired through DISA. The terminal segment will be acquired via a PM MILSATCOM (Army) contract and will provide the Primary Injection Point (PIP) terminals and the Ground Receive Terminals (GRT). The BM segment and the effort to integrate the entire system will be acquired via a GBS JPO contract and is the primary focus of this CBD announcement.

The GBS Program intends to issue an RFP for a system contract. The system contractor will provide hardware and software (i.e., the BM segment) and act as the GBS system integrator, overseeing the integration of the entire GBS within the DII. The contract will call for the contractor to deliver an integrated, but limited, GBS capability in time to support the launches of UFO 8 (Feb 98), UFO 9 (Aug 98), and UFO 10 (Feb 99). The contract will also require evolution of the GBS hardware and software over time to enhance GBS capability through improved communications security devices, support for DARPA's Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination ACTD technology insertion, accommodations for advances in commercial broadcast technology, upgrades for improved throughput, support for more user applications, and improved user control of broadcast information content. The BM segment includes two elements, the Transmit Broadcast Manager (TBM) and the Receive Broadcast Manager (RBM). The TBM receives data from the IDM segment, packages and schedules the data for broadcast, then forwards the data to the PIP. The TBM's primary function is to create the final uplink programming data streams for each GBS transponder. TBM functionality includes source authentication, directory services, downlink management scheduling, multi-level security (MLS), and Over-the-Air Rekeying (OTAR). The RBM interfaces with the GRT to receive various transponder streams. The streams are then decrypted and decomposed into component data streams and files which are disseminated to users. The PIPs, GRTs, and space segment capabilities will be procured by associate contractors and provided to the system contractor for integration with the BM segment. The procurement is expected to emphasize low cost assembly of commercially available components and software into an integrated capability that supports the military's unique broadcast requirements. A portion of the effort involves development of cryptographic devices, based on current NSA approved devices and technology, for use in the system. The effort involves work at a classification level of at least SECRET-CRYPTO.

Interested contractors are invited to submit a statement of capability addressing the ability to satisfy the above requirements to SMC/MCK, Attn: Joseph Schleifer, 2420 Vela Way, Suite 1467-A8, Los Angeles AFB, CA 90245-4659, to be received no later than 27 November 1996. This statement of capabilities should be limited to two (2) pages and include the following information: Contact Name; Contact Address; Voice Telephone Number; Fax Telephone Number; Internet e-mail address (if any); Company Name; Company Address; Assigned ACO (Name, Telephone Number and Fax Number); Statement of Intent to bid signed by responsible company official; and short overview of related experience, qualifications, and capability.

A Request for Proposal is anticipated to be released in Dec 96. Draft RFP documentation is currently being released on the GBS webpage (www.laafb.af.mil/SMC/MC/gbs) for industry review and feedback. This synopsis is for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a formal solicitation. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this synopsis or to otherwise pay for the information solicited herein. After Government issuance of the RFP, all responsible sources may submit an offer which will be considered.