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Satellite Communications Terminal

The AN/TSC-86 can provide simultaneous communications with up to four other terminals. Included in the terminal is modulation, demodulation, multiplexing, and signal conditioning equipment necessary for processing multiple, medium-, wideband-digital voice, data, and teletype signals. The electronics are housed in an S-280 shelter with mobilizer. A power pallet containing two 30 kW generators is employed as part of the terminal. The terminal also consists of two antenna groups: the 8-ft group, AS-3036 and the 20-ft group, AS-3199.

The communications subsystem accepts VF, teletypewriter, and baseband digital signals from external cable transmission networks and combines them with on board teletype and voice orderwire signals to form a composite, multiplexed, digital signal called the mission bit stream. This bit stream is applied to a bulk encryption device before routing to the digital data modem by the modulated 70-MHz panel for conversion to SHF and transmission. Received signals are processed in a similar manner, except in the reverse order.

Technical Characteristics

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