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AN/PSC-11 Single Channel Anti-Jam Man-Portable (SCAMP) Terminal

PM Milstar (Army) is responsible for the development, acquisition, testing, product improvement and fielding of the Single Channel Anti-Jam Man-Portable (SCAMP) Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Terminal. SCAMP provides direct support to the tactical warfighter with greater anti-jam protection, lower probability of intercept and lower probability of detection. SCAMP is compatible with the Milstar waveform and interoperable with other terminals using the Milstar network. The AN/PSC-11 SCAMP will be developed and fielded in two phases, or blocks.

SCAMP - Block I has embedded COMSEC/TRANSEC and provides EMP protection with a biological/chemical protected carrying case. It provides range extension interfacing with the Area Common User System (ACUS) and Combat Net Radio (CNR). The SCAMP - Block I will be a manportable single channel, terminal offering half duplex communications. Block I provides an interim man-portable single channel, Low Data Rate satellite capability using today's technologies.

SCAMP - Block II will transmit and receive low rate data and voice in selectable point-to-point or broadcast modes. It will transmit in the EHF band and receive in the SHF band. It will also have paging capability. The SCAMP - Block II will be manpackable (12-15 pounds) and will be developed using emerging technologies. Engineering Feasibility Efforts (EFE) from FY96 through FY99 will explore the development and integration of key technologies required to achieve the objective Block II terminal man-packable capability. Block II EMD will begin in FY00.

The Block I program is currently in a Milestone III competitive pre-award evaluation phase and is on track for a Production award in February 1996.

SCAMP characteristics are:

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