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AN/GSC-40(V) and AN/MSC-64(V)
Special Communications Systems

The Special Communications System (SCS) is a UHF SATCOM system operated and maintained by the Army, Navy, and Air Force and consists of SATCOM Terminals AN/GSC-40, AN/GSC-40A(V) and AN/MSC-64(V). The terminals are normally deployed in a network configuration.

The AN/GSC-40, AN/GSC-40A(V)l, and AN/GSC-40(V)2 are rack mounted CGCPTs. These terminals are installed in CPs and configured according to the physical limits of the site. The AN/GSC-40, AN/GSC-40A(V)1, and AN/GSC-40A(V)2 are CP terminals configured to provide the specific SCS network command and control functions and the means for disseminating highly specialized critical user information.

The AN/MSC-64(V) is referred to as the mobile terminal since it predominately supports users requiring rapid redeployment. The AN/MSC-64(V)2 contains a complete communications system housed in an S-280 shelter, carried by a 2 l/2-ton truck, and powered by a trailer-mounted, 10-kilowatt generator. The AN/MSC-64(V)2 can also be powered by the vehicle engine with a 100 amp kit. The I/O unit organic to the terminal is the primary DTE and can be remoted up to 1,500 feet (455 meters). A low gain antenna is used during mobile operations. A high gain antenna is used during stationary operations. Technical Characteristics

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