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AN/FYQ-110 DSCS Operational Support System [DOSS]
AN/FSQ-142 DSCS Automatic Spectrum Analyzer [DASA]

The DOSS provides computational support for the SATCOM Network Controller (and up to seven remote operators) to calculate Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) reconfiguration parameters in response to changing user requirements, changing network status, or changing environmental conditions. Contained within the DOSS is the Resource Allocation Software (RAS) consisting of the computer software which provides algorithms to support DOSS reconfiguration capabilities. The DASA is designed for operation connected directly to the DOSS or in a stand-alone mode, should this be required. The DASA provides control and data processing for an automatic spectrum analysis capability. DASA software accepts signal monitoring data from the Hewlett-Packard 8566B Spectrum Analyzer, computes various signal parameters based upon the current operational traffic configuration in the DOSS data base, and compares the measured values with the expected values generated by the DOSS Computer.


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