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The UHF Air Force Satellite Communications AFSATCOM system provides reliable, worldwide, C2 communications. These communications are used by designated Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP)/nuclear capable users for emergency action message (EAM) dissemination, JCS-CINC internetting, force direction, and force report-back. AFSATCOM capacity is also provided for a limited number of high priority non-SIOP users for operational missions, contingency/crisis operations, exercise support, and technical/operator training.

The AFSATCOM system is made up of a space segment. This space segment consists of UHF transponders aboard several spacecraft and a terminal segment. The terminal segment consists of standard AFSATCOM ground/airborne, manpack, and special communications system terminals. The space segment is Air Force managed transponders of varying capability and capacity. They are carried aboard the fleet satellite communications (FLTSATCOM), leased satellite communications (LEASATCOM), satellite data systems (SDS), Packages B and C, DSCS III, and Lincoln experimental satellites (LES) 8 and 9.

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