US Space Command

Headquarters United States Space Command
Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado 80914-5003 6 June 1991

Operational Requirements


This regulation implements the United States Space Command (USSPACECOM) policy
and guidance from national and defense authorizations for mitigating the
proliferation and effects of space debris on military space systems. it
applies to HQ USSPACECOM and component commands.
1. Background. The Department of Defense (DOD) Policy of February 1987 states
that DOD will seek to minimize the impact of space debris on its military
operations. The National Space Policy of November 1989 reiterates and expands
the 1987 DOD Policy on space debris, applying it not only to the national
security sector, but to civil space activities as well. Design and operations
of DOD space tests, experiments and systems will strive to minimize or reduce
accumulation of space debris consistent with mission requirements.
2. Responsibilities. The following will guide the operation, development, and
conception of current and future space systems:
a. Through its component commands, USSPACECOM will foster activities to
better understand the evolution of space debris and the hazards of orbital
debris to military, civilian, and commercial space activities.

b. Component space commands shall increase awareness of the requirement to
mitigate space debris. They shall monitor space debris mitigation efforts of
their materiel development activities, and within their authority, assure that
mitigation of space debris is addressed explicitly in all space systems
developments and upgrades.
C. The design and documentation process for space system development,
modification, or upgrade will permit clear identification of cost, schedule,
and performance impacts of efforts to mitigate debris. System development or
modification tradeoffs which affect the above in order to minimize debris shall
be reviewed and approved by the affected Service component space commands and
coordinated with USSPACECOM.

d. The justification for measures to mitigate and minimize debris or the
effects of hypervelocity impact upon space systems should reflect robust

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OPR: J5SC (Maj M. J. Bastine)
Approved by: Col J. W. Felder
Editor: S. E. Gillespie
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2 USSPACECOMR 57-2 6 June 1991

technical investigation and research. Component commands shall focus research
to quantify cost, schedule, and performance impact on system development.

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Commander in Chief

Colonel, USAF
Director of Information Management