US Space Command

Space Lexicon

UPAM13-1, 30 Jun 1994
Distribution: F

1 CACS 1st Command and Control Squadron (73 SGP), Cheyenne Mountain AS CO 80914-5000
1 LT first lieutenant
1 SCS 1st Satellite Control Squadron...obsolete, now 1 SOPS
1 SLS 1st Space Launch Squadron (45 SW), Patrick AFB FL 32925
1 SOPS 1st Space Operations Squadron (50 SW), 400 O'Malley Ave, Suite 35, Falcon AFB CO 80912-4035...formerly 1 SCS. Operates two SOCs who support GPS, DMSP and DSP through the AFSCN. SOC-31A does launch and early orbit checkout, anomaly resolution, and some daily commanding for GPS. SOC-31A also supports DMSP and is interoperable with SOC-31B. SOC-31B does launch and early orbit checkout, anomaly resolution, and daily commanding of DSP in support of the 21 SW mission. SOC-31B also directly supports 6 SOPS for DMSP launch and normal daily activities, and is interoperable with SOC-31A.
1 SPSS 1st Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), Griffiss AFB (Verona Annex) NY 13441-5000
1 SWG 1st Space Wing...obsolete, now 21 SW
2 CS 2d Communications Squadron...obsolete, now 2 SPCS
2-D two-dimension(al)
2 LT second lieutenant
2 SCS 2d Satellite Control Squadron...obsolete, now 2 SOPS
2 SLS 2d Space Launch Squadron (30 SW), Vandenberg AFB CA 93437
2 SOPS 2d Space Operations Squadron (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 41, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3041...formerly 2 SCS. The USAF squadron responsible for operating GPS and SOC-32, the GPS Master Control Station (MCS). Six GPS-compatible ground stations:
Ground Monitor Dedicated
Antenna Station Diesel Dedicated
(GA) (MS) Backup UPS Notes
ASCN Yes Yes Yes No CSR maintenance
CAPE Yes No No No Prelaunch; AF maintenance
COSP PIKE Yes No Yes Unique Monitor Station
DIEGO Yes Yes No No
HAWA No Yes No No Unique Monitor Station
KWAJ Yes Yes No No
DMA has additional GPS monitor stations at Buenos Aires, Argentina; Smithfield, Australia; Bahrain; Quito, Ecuador; and Hermitage, England.
2 SPCS 2d Space Communications Squadron (21 SW), Buckley ANGB CO 80011-5001...formerly 2CS
2 STG 2d Satellite Tracking Group...obsolete, now 750 SGP
2 SWG 2d Space Wing...obsolete, now 50 SW
3 CS 3d Communications Squadron...obsolete, now 3 SPCS
3-D three-dimension(al)
3 SCS 3d Satellite Control Squadron...obsolete, now 3 SOPS
3 SOPS 3d Space Operations Squadron (50 SW), 400 O'Malley Ave, Suite 47, Falcon AFB CO 80912-4047...formerly 3SCS. The USAF squadron responsible for launch activities and on-orbit operations (using SOC-33) for military comsats, including DSCS II, DSCS III, FLTSATCOM (for Naval Space Command), UFO (also for Naval Space Command) and NATO III. OT Jul 91.
3 SPCS 3d Space Communications Squadron (21 SW), Kapaun Barracks GE, APO NY 09094-5000...formerly 3 CS
3 SPSS 3d Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), Misawa AB Japan, APO San Francisco 96210-5000
3 SSW 3d Space Support Wing...obsolete, now 21 SW
4GL 4th generation language {AFSC2S}
4 SCS 4th Satellite Communications Squadron...obsolete, now 4 SPCS
4 SOPS 4th Space Operations Squadron (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 53, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3053...the USAF squadron responsible for Milstar communications management, satellite command and control, and ground segment maintenance. Operates SOC-40, the MOC, the OSF, and two mobile vans (collocated with USCINCSTRAT's and USCINCSPACE's mobile alternate HQ).
4 SPCS 4th Space Communications Squadron (mobile) (21 SW), Holloman AFB NM 88330-5000...formerly 4 SCS
4 SPSS 4th Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), Lackland AFB TX 78236-5000
5 DSCS 5th Defense Satellite Communications Squadron...obsolete, now 5 SWS
5 SCS 5th Satellite Control Squadron...obsolete, now Det 1, 6 SOPS
5 SOPS 5th Space Operations Squadron, Onizuka AFB CA...the USAF squadron responsible for operating two SOCs, SOC-38 and SOC-39, at Onizuka AFB CA
5 SPSS 5th Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), RAF Feltwell UK, APO NY 09179-5000
5 SWS 5th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), Woomera AS, APO SF 96287-5000...formerly 5 DSCS, aka Joint Defense Facility Nurrungar
6 MWS 6th Missile Warning Squadron...obsolete, now 6 SWS
6 SOPS 6th Space Operations Squadron (50 SW), MBB 27, 106 Peacekeeper Drive, Suite 2N3, Offutt AFB NE 68113-4027...formerly 1000 SOG. Operates DMSP. Dedicated elements include a command and control (C2) node at Offutt AFB (SOC-35, called BELT, in the MPSOC) and an antenna and backup C2 node at Fairchild AFB (SOC-36, called FAIR, in the FSOC). Common user support (data recovery and commanding) provided by specially equipped RTSs (BOSS, POGO, HULA). 1 SOPS provides a limited C2 capability for state-of-health monitoring and data recovery.
6 SWS 6th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), PO Box 0428, Sagamore MA 02561-0428...formerly 6MWS
7 MWS 7th Missile Warning Squadron...obsolete, now 7 SWS
7 SOPS 7th Space Operations Squadron (50 SW), 400 O'Malley Ave, Suite 77, Falcon AFB CO 80912-4077...activated Mar 93, the first Reserve unit in AFSPC. Augments 1SOPS DMSP, DSP and GPS operations.
7 SWS 7th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), PO Box 3431, Beale AFB CA 95903-5001...formerly 7MWS
8 (A) Small Business Act {Public Law 95-507}
8 MWS 8th Missile Warning Squadron...obsolete, now 8 SWS
8 SWS 8th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), Eldorado AS TX 76936-5000...formerly 8 MWS
9 MWS 9th Missile Warning Squadron...obsolete, now 9 SWS
9 SWS 9th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), Robins AFB GA 31098-5000...operates AN/FPS-123(V)3 radar to provide attack warning and support attack assessment of a SLBM attack against North America; formerly 9 MWS
10 MWS 10th Missile Warning Squadron...obsolete, now 10 SWS
10 SWS 10th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), Cavalier AS ND 58220-5001...formerly 10 MWS
12 MWG 12th Missile Warning Group...obsolete, now 12 SWS
12 SWS 12th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), Thule AB GL, APO NY 09023-5000...formerly 12MWG; absorbed 1012 ABS
13 MWS 13th Missile Warning Squadron...obsolete, now 13 SWS
13 SWS 13th Space Warning Squadron (21 SW), Clear AS AK 99704-5001...formerly 13 MWS
14 AF 14th Air Force, Vandenberg AFB CA
16 SPSS 16th Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), Eareckson AFS AK 98736-5000
17 SPSS 17th Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), NAS Edzell, Scotland, SPO NY 09518-6377...formerly Det 2, 4 SPSS
18 SPSS 18th Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000
19 SPSS 19th Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), Pirinclik AB TU, APO NY 09294-5001
20 AF 20th Air Force, FE Warren AFB WY
20 SPSS 20th Space Surveillance Squadron (73 SGP), Eglin AFB FL 32542-6436
21 CES 21st Civil Engineering Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000...formerly 1003CES
21 CONS 21st Contracting Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000
21 CS 21st Communications Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000...formerly 2163 CG
21 CTS 21st Crew Training Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000...formerly 1013 CCTS
21 LG 21st Logistics Group (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000
21 LSS 21st Logistics Support Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000
21 MSS 21st Mission Support Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000...formerly 1003MSS
21 OG 21st Operations Group (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000...formerly 21 OPG
21 OPG see "21 OG"
21 OSS 21st Operations Support Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000
21 SOPS 21st Space Operations Squadron (750 SGP), Onizuka AFB, 1080 Lockheed Way, Box 46, Sunnyvale CA 94089-1235...formerly 2STG/DOO. Operates and maintains AFSCN Common User Element resources connecting Onizuka AFB to the RTSs. Schedules and allocates CUE resources in conjunction with the 22 SOPS. Provides launch, early orbit, re-entry and RFI support to MCCs at Onizuka AFB.
21 SPS 21st Security Police Squadron (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000...formerly 1003SPS
21 SPTG 21st Support Group (21 SW), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000
21 SPW see "21 SW"
21 SSYS 21st Space Systems Squadron (21 SW), Lowry AFB CO 80230-5000...formerly 1001 SSYS
21 SW 21st Space Wing (14 AF), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5000...formerly 21 SPW
22 SOPS 22d Space Operations Squadron (750 SGP), 400 O'Malley Ave, Suite 61, Falcon AFB CO 80912-4061...formerly Det 9, 2 STG. Operates RCC-F, superbly scheduling and controlling AFSCN Common User Element resources. Operates PIKE. Backs up RCC-O.
23 SOPS 23d Space Operations Squadron (750 SGP), 317 Chestnut Hill Road, Amherst NH 03031-1514... formerly Det 2, 2 STG (see "BOSS")
30 LG 30th Logistics Group (30 SW), Vandenberg AFB CA 93437-6021
30 OG 30th Operations Group (30 SW), Vandenberg AFB CA 93437-6021...formerly 30 OPG
30 OPG see "30 OG"
30 RANS 30th Range Squadron (30 SW), Vandenberg AFB CA 93437-6021
30 SPTG 30th Support Group (30 SW), Vandenberg AFB CA 93437-6021
30 SPW see "30 SW"
30 SW 30th Space Wing (14 AF), Vandenberg AFB CA 93437-6021...formerly 30 SPW
44 MW 44th Missile Wing (20 AF), Ellsworth AFB SD
45 LG 45th Logistics Group (45 SW), Patrick AFB FL 32925-5000
45 OG 45th Operations Group (45 SW), Patrick AFB FL 32925-5000...formerly 45 OPG
45 OPG see "45 OG"
45 RANS 45th Range Squadron (45 SW), Patrick AFB FL 32925-5000
45 SPTG 45th Support Group (45 SW), Patrick AFB FL 32925-5000
45 SPW see "45 SW"
45 SW 45th Space Wing (14 AF), Patrick AFB FL 32925-5000...formerly 45 SPW
47 CG 47th Communications Group...obsolete, now 721 SPCS
50 CES 50th Civil Engineering Squadron (50 SW), 500 NAVSTAR Street, Suite 19, Falcon AFB CO 80912-5019...formerly 1002 CES. Provides civil engineering services for 50th Space Wing units.
50 CTS 50th Crew Training Squadron (50 SW), 4040 East Bijou Street, Colorado Springs CO 80909-6822...formerly 1022 CCTS. Conducts IQT for 50th Space Wing units.
50 LG 50th Logistics Group (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 29, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3029. Sets policies and plans for 50th Space Wing logistics, maintenance and software.
50 LSS 50th Logistics Support Squadron (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 30, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3030. Logistics manager for GPS, DMSP, Milstar and AFSCN ground components.
50 MS 50th Maintenance Squadron (50 SW), 500 NAVSTAR Street, Suite 31, Falcon AFB CO 80912-5031. Maintains Falcon AFB's common use communications and the Falcon AFB security control system.
50 MSSQ 50th Mission Support Squadron (50 SPTG), Falcon AFB CO 80912-3005
50 OG 50th Operations Group (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 26, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3026... formerly 50 OPG. Provides operational leadership, standardization and evaluation to over 1400 space system operators in eight squadrons. Commands and controls over 45 satellites.
50 OPG see "50 OG"
50 OSS 50th Operations Support Squadron (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 26, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3026...develops requirements, operational plans, and operations and training policies for 50OG units
50 SATCOMS - 50th Satellite Communications Squadron...formerly 1879 CG; obsolete, now 50 SPCS
50 SPCS 50th Space Communications Squadron (50 SW), 400 O'Malley Ave, Suite 37, Falcon AFB CO 80912-4037...formerly 50 SATCOMS. Operates and maintains the Falcon AFB Comm Segment. Provides real-time comm support to AFSCN and GPS satellite operations.
50 SPS 50th Security Police Squadron (50 SW), 500 NAVSTAR Street, Suite 17, Falcon AFB CO 80912-5017...formerly 1002 SPS. Protects Falcon AFB facilities and equipment, provides security direction for 16 Wing sites.
50 SPTG 50th Support Group (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 14, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3014...formerly 1002SSG. Provides support services for all 50th Space Wing units.
50 SPTS 50th Support Squadron...obsolete, consolidated with 50 MSSQ 18 Jan 94
50 SPW see "50 SW"
50 SSYS 50th Space Systems Squadron (50 SW), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 32, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3032...formerly 1002 SSYS. Maintains eight Falcon AFB satellite C2 systems; maintains integrity of all Wing computer software.
50 SW 50th Space Wing (14 AF), 300 O'Malley Ave, Suite 20, Falcon AFB CO 80912-3020...formerly 50 SPW; master of space! The mission of the 50th Space Wing is to fly satellites, and to enable those who use the Air Force Satellite Control Network to fly theirs.
73 MSSQ 73d Mission Support Squadron (73 SGP), Falcon AFB CO 80912-5000...effective 1 Jan 94, formerly 73 SPTS
73 OSS 73d Operations Support Squadron (73 SGP), Falcon AFB CO 80912-5000
73 SGP 73d Space Group (AFSPC DRU), Falcon AFB, CO 80912-5000...formerly 73 SSURGP
73 SPTS 73d Support Squadron...obsolete, now 73 MSSQ
73 SSURGP - 73d Space Surveillance Group...obsolete, now 73 SGP
91 MW 91st Missile Wing (20 AF), Minot AFB, ND
321 MW 321st Missile Wing (20 AF), Grand Forks AFB, ND
341 MW 341st Missile Wing (20 AF), Malmstrom AFB, MT
351 MW 351st Missile Wing (20 AF), Whiteman AFB, MO
633 ABW 633d Air Base Wing, Andersen AFB, Guam
721 CES 721st Civil Engineering Squadron (21 SW), Cheyenne Mountain AS, CO 80914-5000...formerly 1010 CES
721 CS 721st Communications Squadron (721 SGP), Cheyenne Mountain AS CO 80914-6345...formerly 721 SPCS
721 MCCS 721st Mobile Command and Control Squadron (AFSPC), Cheyenne Mountain AS CO 80914-5000...formerly 1003 MCCS
721 SGP 721st Space Group, Cheyenne Mountain AS, CO 80914-5000...formerly CMSG
721 SPCS 721st Space Communications Squadron...redesignated 721 CS 31 Jan 94
721 SPS 721st Security Police Squadron (21 SW), Cheyenne Mountain AS, CO 80914-5000
721 SPTS 721st Support Squadron (21 SW), Cheyenne Mountain AS, CO 80914-5000
750 CS 750th Communications Squadron (750 SGP)...formerly 1999CS
750 LSS 750th Logistics Support Squadron (750 SGP), Onizuka AFB, 1080 Lockheed Way, Box 27, Sunnyvale CA 94089-1233...provides maintenance and logistics for the "common user element" of the AFSCN, and worldwide communications for space launch and satellite operations
750 OSS 750th Operations Support Squadron (750 SGP), Onizuka AFB, 1080 Lockheed Way, Box 58, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1237...provides operational policy and guidance for common user network operations
750 SGP 750th Space Group (50 SW), Onizuka AFB, 1080 Lockheed Way, Box 41, Sunnyvale CA 94089-1235...formerly 2STG. Manages the $6.2B common user AFSCN: nine ground stations, 16 antennas. TT&C for over 80 satellites.
750 SPTS 750th Support Squadron (750 SGP), Onizuka AFB, 1080 Lockheed Way, Box 3, Sunnyvale CA 94089-1230...formerly 1004 SPSSQ. Provides host base support for Onizuka AFB, including support previously provided by Moffett NAS.
1000 SOG 1000th Satellite Operations Group...obsolete, now 6 SOPS
1001 SYSS 1001st Space Systems Squadron...obsolete, now 21 SSYS
1002 CES 1002d Civil Engineering Squadron...obsolete, now 50 CES
1002 SPS 1002d Security Police Squadron...obsolete, now 50 SPS
1002 SSG 1002d Space Support Group...obsolete, now 50 SPTG
1002 SSYS 1002d Space Systems Squadron...obsolete, now 50 SSYS
1003 MCCS - 1003d Mobile Command and Control Squadron...obsolete, now 721 MCCS
1004 SPSSQ - 1004th Space Support Squadron...obsolete, now 750 SPTS
1012 ABS 1012th Air Base Squadron...obsolete, now part of 12 SWS
1013 CCTS 1013th Combat Crew Training Squadron...obsolete, now 21 CTS
1015 ABS 1015th Air Base Squadron...obsolete, now Det 1, 12 SWS
1017 TES 1017th Test and Evaluation Squadron...inactivated Oct 92
1022 CCTS 1022d Combat Crew Training Squadron...obsolete, now 50 CTS
1879 CG 1879th Communications Group...obsolete, now 50 SPCS
1999 CS 1999th Communications Squadron...obsolete, now 750 CS
3010 Budget appropriation for Air Force aircraft procurement. (AFR 172-1)
3020 Budget appropriation for Air Force missile procurement. (AFR 172-1)
3080 Multi-year, fully funded budget appropriation for other Air Force procurement (AFR 172-1)
3300 Single-year, fully funded budget appropriation for USAF military construction (AFR 172-1)
3400 Single-year, fully funded budget appropriation for USAF O&M (AFR 172-1)
3500 Single-year, fully funded appropriation for military personnel (AFR 172-1)
3600 Multi-year, incrementally funded budget appropriation for RDT&E. (AFR 172-1)
3901 MES 3901st Missile Evaluation Squadron (20 AF), FE Warren AFB, WY...inactivated 15 Jan 94


a The semi-major axis of the elliptical path traced by any satellite in orbit about the earth...see "Keplerian elements"
A ALFA {military phonetics alphabet}Þ amberÞ ampere(s)Þ International space object designator suffix usually reserved for "payload."
AA administrative arrangement {Thule AB}Þ affirmative actionÞ antiaircraftÞ associate administrator {NASA}Þ attack assessment
A/A air-to-air {TAB93-1}
AAA antiaircraft artillery
AAACT all-aspect adversary counter-tactics {TAB93-1}
AABCP advanced airborne command post
AAC acquisition advice code {AFSCN}Þ allied advisory committeeÞ assignment availability code {AFMPC}
AACB aeronautics and astronautics coordinating board
AACC airborne alternate command center
AACE attitude and antenna control electronics
AACS attitude and antenna control subsystem
AADC area air defense commander
AADOC alternate air defense operations center {TW/AA}
AAE (U.S.) Army acquisition executive
AAF auxiliary airfield {ASCN}
AAFB Andersen AFB, GuamÞ Andrews AFB MD
AAFE aeroassist flight experiment...a reentry vehicle that will simulate the atmospheric flight phase of, and provide environmental and design data for, an aeroassisted orbital transfer vehicle (AOTV) returning from geosynchronous orbit
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service
AAM air-to-air missile
AAMD air-to-air missile defense {TAB93-1}Þ automated air movement data {C4SMP}
AAMSS Arinc aeronautical mobile satellite service...a proposed integrated comsat system to provide air surveillance and data link comm for air traffic control and air carrier use
AAQS ambient air quality standards {EPA}
AAR after-action review {AFSPC/SP}
AAS American Astronautical SocietyÞ attack assessment system
AAT anomaly analysis team {20 AF}
AAV advanced aerospace vehicle...obsolete, replaced by national aerospace plane (NASP)
AAW antiair warfare
AB afterburner {TAB93-1}Þ air base, e.g., Thule AB, GreenlandÞ airburst {20 AF}
ABACUS austere backup communications unmanned system {C4SMP}
abandon and replace...a satellite replacement concept in which failed satellites are replaced with spare satellites. Proliferation, the alternative, is a replacement concept in which the spare satellites are placed in orbit at the time of constellation deployment as inactive spares and activated when needed.
ABCD advanced beam concept development {BMDO}
ABCI Advanced Business Communications, aerospace firm taken over by Hughes
ABES amended budget estimate submission
ABG air base group
ABGD air base ground defense
ABL airborne laser
ABLE airborne laser experiment
ABLL airborne laser laboratory...usually ALL
ABM antiballistic missile
ABMDA Advanced Ballistic Missile Defence Agency
ABNCP airborne command post
ABQ Albuquerque, NM
ABR aero ballistic rocket {Lockheed}
ABREK Soviet military monkey launched on COSMOS 1514, who now resides at the Soviet Institute of Medical and Biological Problems.
ABRES advanced ballistic reentry systems...ASMS predecessor
ABRI airborne rocket interceptor
ABS agile beam systemÞ air base squadron, e.g., 1012 ABS, Thule AB GLÞ ammonia boiler system
ABT air-breathing threat
ABW air base wing, e.g., 633 ABW, Andersen AFB, GuamÞ apparent bandwidth
AC alternating currentÞ ARTS controller {AFSCN}Þ Atlas CentaurÞ attack characterization
A/C air conditioningÞ aircraftÞ aircraft commander
A1C airman first class
ACAT acquisition category {NAVSPACECOM}
ACC Air Combat Command...merger of SAC, TAC, MAC elementsÞ air control centre {TW/AA}Þ area control center
ACC/OCA air control center/oceanic control area
ACCR airborne cloud characterization radar
ACCS AFSPC cellular communications systemÞ airborne command control squadron {AFSPC/DOM}Þ air command and control system {NATO}
ACD advanced concepts divisionÞ assistant command director
ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDS Assistant Chief of Defence Staff {MOD}
ACE agile control demonstrate line-of-sight stabilization for scalable optical structures in spaceÞ alternate command element {TW/AA}Þ attitude control electronics {DSCS}
ACEM AFSCN communications enhancement and modernization
Ace of Hearts - French improved version of the system flown by French astronauts on Salyut 7 and STS-51G. A further joint Soviet/French mission is planned.
ACES acoustic containerless experiment system...a Shuttle demonstration to obtain early microgravity tests of gas transport phenomena in a 3-axis levitation furnace
ACIG aircrew combat information guide {AFSPC/DOX}
ACINT acoustic intelligence {OPSEC}
ACIS arms control impact statement
ACK acknowledgement
ACM air combat maneuver(ing) {TAB93-1}Þ asbestos-containing material {ECAMP}
ACMI air combat and maneuvering instrumentation {TAB93-1}
ACMS automated configuration management system
ACN authorization change notice
ACO administrative contracting office(r)
ACOC air command operations center {TW/AA}Þ area communications operations center {DCA}
ACOT advanced communications-computer officer training {AFSPC/LK}
ACP alternate command post {AFSPC/DOM}
ACPS architectural compatibility paint scheme {HQ USAF/XOO}
ACRV assured crew return vehicle
ACS administrative communications services {CSOC}Þ afloat correlation system {NAVSPACECOM}Þ alternate command system {AFSCN}Þ attitude control system
AC2S Alaskan command and control system {C4SMP}
ACSC Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB AL 36112-5000
ACSU antenna configuration switching unit {AFSCN}
ACT ACE (attitude control electronics) command timing {DSCS}Þ acoustic charge transport...a gallium arsenide device that can be used as a hybrid signal processor. Promises greater dynamic range, linearity and bandwidth, and lower noise.Þ American college test
ACTS advanced communications technology satellite...a NASA testbed for Ka-band (30/20 GHz) time division multiple access (TDMA) communications technology. Managed by Langley Research Center, being developed by Martin's Astro Electronics.
ACU antenna control unit {ARTS}
ACV armored combat vehicle
ACWG AFSPC CSOC working group
AD air defenseÞ Anno Domini...Latin, "in the year of our Lord"
A/D analog to digitalÞ arm/disarm {20 AF}
Ada DOD's standard computer software language, named for Augusta Ada Byron (1815-1852), Countess of Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and Annabella Milbanke Byron. Ms Byron worked with Charles Babbage and his "difference engine" (computer) and developed a program to compute Bernoulli numbers. She thus became known as the first computer programmer. {Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering, 1983}
ADA air defense artillery {C4SMP}
ADARS advanced defensive avionics response system {AFSPC/DO}Þ automated data analysis and reduction system {20AF}
ADC air defense center {BMEWS Site III}Þ analog-to-digital converterÞ area defense counsel {UCMJ}
ADCC Air Defence Control Center {NORAD}
ADCCP advanced data communications control procedure {TW/AA}Þ advanced digital communications control protocol
ADCCS air defense command and control system {C4SMP}
ADCOM Aerospace Defense Command...obsolete, now USSPACECOM
ADCOMS advanced communication subsystem {AFSC2S}
ADDISS advanced deployable imagery support system {NAVSPACECOM}
ADDO assistant deputy director for operations {NMCC}
ADE air defense emergency {C4SMP}
ADESS analog data equipment switching system
ADF air defense fighter {TAB93-1}Þ automatic direction finder
ADFS automated digital facsimile subsystem {DMSP}
ADI air defense initiative {C4SMP}Þ attitude directional indicator {TAB93-1}
ADIC aerospace defense intelligence center {TW/AA}
ADISC2 air defense initiative system command and control
ADIZ air defense identification zone {TW/AA}
ADL active duty list {AFMPC}
ADM acquisition decision memorandum {AFSPC/XP}Þ admiralÞ advanced development model
ADMF ARTS development and modification facility {AFSCN}
ADN assistant deputy commander for network management...obsolete
ADNET anti-drug network {C4SMP}
ADO assistant deputy commander for operations...obsolete
ADOC air defense operations center {TW/AA}
ADOP advanced distributed onboard processor
ADP automated data processing
ADPCM adaptive differential pulse-code modulation
ADPE automated data processing equipment
ADPS automated data processing system {CSOC}
ADS advanced decommutation system {DSCS}Þ air defense squadron {BMEWS Site III}Þ attitude determination system {Milstar}Þ automated data system {AFSC2S}
ADSC active duty service commitment {AFMPC}
ADSF automatic directional solidification furnace...a Shuttle technology demonstration of directional solidification of magnetic materials, immiscible and IR detection materials
ADSI air defense systems integrator {AFSPC/DOX}
ADT annual daily traffic {EIS}
ADVON advanced echelon
ADW air defense warning {TW/AA}
A&E architectural and engineering
AEA Association for European Astronauts...a professional association formed by European astronauts to represent their interests in organizing future manned space missions and to provide a forum for exchanges of information
AEAO airborne emergency action officer {STRATCOM}
AEB average extent burning
AEBW advanced exploding bridgewire
AEC AFSCN executive councilÞ Atomic Energy Commission...obsolete, now Energy Research and Development Agency (ERDA)
AECC automated entry control card {CCAFS}
AECS advanced entry control system
AEDC Arnold Engineering Development Center (AFMC), Arnold AFS TN 37389
AEDS atomic energy detection system
AEF Aerospace Education Foundation {Air Force Association}
AEG annotated error guide {Milstar}
AEG-Telefunken - West German aerospace manufacturer.
AEHR automated equipment historical records {AFSCN}
AEI audio end instrument {AFSCN}
Aelita A multi-functional clinical instrument carried on Soviet space stations to record cosmonaut physiological parameters.
AEM arsenal exchange model {20AF}
AEOS advanced electro-optical sensor {TW/AA}
AEPDS automated EAM (emergency action message) processing and display system
AERIE aerial intercept element...a Rockwell project employing a positioning missile that carries six small interceptors; has a 186 mi altitude reach
Aeros advanced earth resources observational system...a 3-axis, body-stabilized, 600 lb Earth remote-sensing satellite. Provides stereoscopic imagery using solid-state sensors without moving parts. Low (80 m) and high resolution (43 m) linear detector arrays. Sun-synchronous polar orbit at 917 km altitude and 99.1° inclination.
Aerosat aeronautical satellite...a joint U.S./European Space Agency/Canadian program (late-1960s/early-1970s) to build a satellite for aircraft applications. Terminated in the mid-1970s.
Aerosol Salyut-7 experiment to obtain data on luminescent clouds, gas composition of the atmosphere, and its optical and spectral characteristics.
Aerospatiale - Societe Nationale Industrielle Aerospatiale...a French aerospace manufacturer
AES Apollo extension system
AESC aerospace environmental support center
AET annual ethics training {OGE}
AETC Air Education and Training Command...formerly ATC; familiarly called "Air, Etc."
AEU avionics equipment unit
AEW airborne early warning {C4SMP}
AEW&C airborne early warning and control
AF (U.S.) Air ForceÞ One of the F&G equinoctial orbital elements...see "F&G elements"
A&F accounting and financeÞ arm(ing) and fuze(ing) {20 AF}
AFA (U.S.) Air Force AcademyÞ Air Force Association
AFAA Air Force Audit Agency, Norton AFB CA 92409-6001
AFAAM a first attack assessment model
AFAFC Air Force Accounting and Finance Center
AFAL Air Force Astrophysics Laboratory, Edwards AFB CA 93523
AFAM Air Force achievement medal
AFAMPE Air Force automated message processing interface with the Air Force AUTODIN message network
AFAMRL Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-6573
AFAP armed fly-along probe
AFAPL Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433
AFATL Air Force Armament Laboratory (AFMC), Eglin AFB FL 32542-5000
AFB Air Force Base
AFBCMR Air Force board for correction of military records
AFC area frequency coordinatorÞ automatic frequency control {AFSCN}
AFCA Air Force commercialization agreement {AFSPC/DOP}Þ Air Force Communications Agency
AFCAC Air Force Computer Acquisition Center, Hanscom AFB MA
AFCC Air Force Communications Command, Scott AFB IL 62225-6001
AFCCB Air Force configuration control board
AFCCC Air Force component command centerÞ Air Force consolidated command center
AFCENT Allied Forces Central Europe
AFCERT Air Force computer emergency response team {AFSPC/SC}
AFCM Air Force Commendation Medal
AFC2M2 Air Force command and control modernization methodology {AFSC2S}
AFCMD Air Force Contract Management Division...obsolete
AFCO air fuel cutoff
AFCRL Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories
AFC2S Air Force command and control system {AFSC2S}
AFCSA Air Force Center for Studies and Analysis
AFCSC Air Force Cryptologic Support Center
AFD adaptive flexible defense
AFDAP Air Force designated acquisition program
AFDFS Air Force department fire service {BMEWS Site III}
AFDSC Air Force Data Services Center
AFDTC Air Force Development Test Center, 101 West D Ave, Suite 117, Eglin AFB FL 32542-5495
AFE American flight echocardiograph...collects data on cardiovascular changes in the Shuttle crew
AFELO Air Force Engineering Liaison Office {HULA}
AFEMS Air Force equipment management system {BMEWS Site III}
AFETR Air Force Eastern Range...obsolete, now Eastern Space and Missile Center (ESMC)
AFETS Air Force engineering technical services (program)
AFEWC Air Force Electronic Warfare Center
AFFDL Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory (AFMC)
AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Center (AFMC), Edwards AFB CA 93523
AFG Air Force group {C4SMP}
AFGE American Federation of Government Employees
AFGL Air Force Geophysics Laboratory (AFMC), Hanscom AFB MA 01731
AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central, Offutt AFB NE 68113
AFHRA Air Force Historical Research Agency
AFHRL Air Force Human Resources Laboratory, Brooks AFB TX 70235-5001
AFI Air Force instruction
AFIA Air Force Inspection Agency, Norton AFB CA 92409-5000
AFIC Air Force Intelligence Command...formerly Electronic Security Command, now Air Intelligence Agency
AFIS American Forces Information Service
AFISC Air Force Inspection and Safety Center
AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
AFLC Air Force Logistics Command...obsolete, merged with AFSC in 1992 to form AFMC
AFM Air Force manual
AFMC Air Force Materiel Command...1992 merger of AFSC and AFLC, provides cradle-to-grave engineering support and logistics management of Air Force systems
AFMD/GOF - Air Forces of the Military Districts and Groups of Forces {CIS}
AFMPC Air Force Military Personnel Center, Randolph AFB TX 78150-6001
AFMPS Air Force mission planning system {AFSPC/DOX}
AFNET Air Force integrated telecommunications network {50 LSS}
AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe
AFO accounting and finance office
AFOS automation of field operations services {DMSP}
AFOSH Air Force Occupational Safety and Health
AFOSI Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Bolling AFB DC
AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Bolling AFB DC 20332-6600
AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, Kirtland AFB NM 87117-7001...independently tests systems before they are turned over to operational commands; formerly AFTEC
AFOTECP Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center pamphlet
AFOUA Air Force outstanding unit award
AFP Air Force pamphlet
AFPD Air Force policy directive
AFPEO Air Force program executive officer
AFPOA Air Force Personnel Operations Agency
AFPRO Air Force plant representative office...obsolete
AFQA Air Force quality assurance
AFR Air Force RegulationÞ arming and fuzing/reliability {20 AF}
AFRAMS Air Force recoverable assembly management system {BMEWS Site III}
AFRED Air Force Readiness Command
AFRES Air Force Reserve
AFRPL Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (AFMC), Edwards AFB CA 93523
AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Services {ASCN}
AFS Air Force Station, e.g., New Boston AFS NH
AFSA Air Force Safety Agency, Norton AFB CA 92409-7001Þ Air Force Sergeants Association
AFSAA Air Force Studies and Analysis Agency
AFSARC Air Force systems acquisition review council
Afsat African communications satellite
AFSATCOM - Air Force satellite communications (system)...provides channelized, low-data-rate teletype communications for emergency action message (EAM) dissemination, CINC netting, force direction (C2 of nuclear-capable forces, including bombers, missiles, submarines and theater nuclear weapons) and force report-back. Has no dedicated satellites; uses UHF transponders on host satellites.
AFSC Air Force specialty codeÞ Air Force Systems Command...obsolete, merged with AFLC in 1992 to form AFMCÞ Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk VA 23511...AFSC Pub 1, "Joint Staff Officer's Guide," publisher
AFSCF Air Force Satellite Control Facility...obsolete, now SMC/CU Det 2
AFSCN Air Force satellite control network...worldwide network of USAF ground stations and control centers that provide TT&C services to DOD satellites. The AFSCN consists of satellite operations centers, scheduling and C2 centers at Falcon AFB CO, and Onizuka AFB CA; remote tracking stations around the world; the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System network with a master control station at Falcon AFB and ground antennas and monitor stations around the world; and the DMSP control network with a multipurpose satellite operations center (MPSOC) at Offutt AFB, NE, and the Fairchild satellite operations center (FSOC) at Fairchild AFB, WA. The network is operated by the 50th Space Wing (AFSPC).
AFSCO Air Force Security Clearance Office
AFSCR Air Force Systems Command regulation...obsolete
AFSC2S AFSPC command and control system
AF/SD Air Force Space Division...obsolete, now SMC
AFSFC Air Force Space Forecast Center, Falcon AFB CO 80912-5000
- Det 2: Sagamore Hill Solar Observatory MA
- Det 3: Ramey Solar Observatory PR
- Det 4: Holloman Solar Observatory NM
- Det 5: Palehua Solar Observatory HI
- Det 8: San Vito Solar Observatory, Italy
- Det 9: Learmonth Solar Observatory, Australia
AFSIP Air Force satellite intelligence program {TW/AA}
AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe
AFSPA Air Force Security Police Agency, Kirtland AFB NM 87117-6001
AFSPC Air Force Space Command (formerly AFSPACECOM), Peterson AFB CO 80914-5001. "Guardians of the High Frontier." Component of USSPACECOM. Approximately 11,000 personnel. The operational advocate for USAF space activities.
AFSPCR Air Force Space Command regulation...formerly AFSPACECOMR
AFSPOC Air Force Space Command operations center
AFSSM Air Force systems security memorandum
AFSTC Air Force Space Technology Center (AFMC), Kirtland AFB NM 87117...formed Oct 82
AFSTR Air Force space test range
AFSWC Air Force Special Weapons Center
AFTAC Air Force Technical Applications Center, Patrick AFB FL 32925
AFTCO Air Force Telecommunications Certification Office, 203 W Losey St, Scott AFB IL 62225-5219
AFTMS Air Force training management system {50 CTS}
AFTO Air Force technical order
AFTRC Air Force technical reference codes {AF/SC}
AFUB Air Force uniform board
AFVSF advanced flight vehicle simulation facility {DMSP}
AFWCCS Air Force wing command and control system {AFSC2S}
AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory, Kirtland AFB NM 87117-6008
AFWTR Air Force Western Test Range (obsolete, now Western Space and Missile Center (WSMC))
AG One of the equinoctial elements...see "F&G elements"
A/G air-to-ground
AGA Ascension ground antenna {GPS}
AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development...NATO scientific advisory board under the authority of the NATO Military Committee
AGC automatic gain control
AGE aerospace ground equipmentÞ avionics ground equipment
Agena LMSC booster operational since 1959. Agena-D operational since 1962.
AGI auxiliary general intelligence {C4SMP}Þ Intelligence collection ship.
AGL above ground level
AGMC Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center (AFMC), Newark AFB OH 43057-5475
AGR Active Guard and Reserve
AGS ascent guidance subframeÞ Atlas guidance system...formerly GERTS
AH attack helicopter
AHF adaptive high frequency
AI action itemÞ air intercept {TAB93-1}Þ artificial intelligence...capabilities that enable a computer to learn from experience, to be able to make logical leaps to conclusions in the absence of complte data, and to be able to make judgmental decisions
AIA Aerospace Industries AssociationÞ Air Intelligence Agency, San Antonio TX 78243-5000... formerly AFIC
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
AIAC Air Industries Association of Canada...represents Canadian aerospace and communications companies employing approximately 45,000 people
AIAWS automated intelligence and attack warning system {C4SMP}
AICC air intercept control common {C4SMP}
AICU advanced interface control unit {C4SMP}
AICUZ air installation compatible use zone {EPA}
AIDAA Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica
AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIE antenna interface equipment {AFSCN}
AIGFC Ascension Island Game Fishing Club {ASCN}
AIL ARTS integration laboratory
AIM action item master {CSOC plan}Þ air intercept missileÞ airmen information manual {AFSPC/DOG}
AIMS advanced inertial measurement system {20AF}
AIO Acquisition Integration Office {ESD}
AIQ acronym intelligence quotient...pronounced "ache" {GT}
AIRCOM Air Command {Canadian Forces}
AIRES advanced imagery requirements and exploitation system
AIRS advanced inertial reference system {20AF}
AIS airborne intercept systemÞ Ascension Island Services {ASCN}Þ automated information system {50 SPS}
AISIM automated interactive simulation model
AIWO aerospace intelligence watch officer...of the NORAD/USSPACECOM CIW
AJ antijam {GPS}
Ajisai experimental geodetic payload...see "EGP"
AK Alaska
AKA also known as {50 SPS}
AKM apogee kick motor
AL Alabama
ALARA as low as reasonably achievable {AFR 161-16}
ALASAT Air-launched antisatellite. U.S. ASAT program. Langley AFB VA operating location. F-15 launcher, short-range attack missile (SRAM) lower stage, Altair III solid propellant second stage (fourth stage of Scout), miniature vehicle warhead. First flight test 21 Jan 84. Destroyed P78-1 satellite 13 Sep 85. Congressional moratorium canceled this program in 1987.
albedo The ratio of the intensity of light reflected from a body to that received from the sun; important to the thermal design of spacecraft in low earth orbits.
ALC adaptive line controllerÞ air logistics center {AFMC}
ALCC airborne launch control center {TW/AA}
ALCM air-launched cruise missile
Alcoa Aluminum Company of America...developing a directional solidification alloy experiment to fly on Shuttle
ALCOR ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) Lincoln C-band observables radar...aka ARPA-Lincoln coherent radar
ALCS airborne launch control system {20 AF}
ALCSC airborne launch control system computer {20 AF}
ALE atmospheric luminosity experiment...investigates the ion chemistry of the atmosphere and Shuttle Orbiter surfaces
ALERT attack and launch early reporting to theater {TALON SHIELD}
ALFA Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "A."
ALL airborne laser laboratory
ALMV air-launched miniature vehicle...see "ALASAT"
ALOTS airborne lightweight optics tracking system
Alpha see "Triad"
Alpha laser Chemical laser...see "Zenith Star"
ALPS accidental launch protection system
ALS advanced laser systemÞ advanced launch system...see "HLLV"Þ airlift squadronÞ airman leadership school
ALSEP Apollo lunar surface experiments package
ALSOH automated L-band state of health {GPS}
ALT alternateÞ altitudeÞ approach and landing test {Shuttle}Þ altitude...usually expressed in nautical miles or kilometers:
- h = height above surface of the earth
- ha = height of apogee
- hp = height of perigee
ALTAIR ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) long-range tracking and instrumentation radar...see "SSN"
ALU arithmetic and logic unit
ALW airlift wing
AM amplitude modulationÞ ante meridian...Latin, "before noon"
AMA angular measurement accuracy
AMANA all Mach and no azimuth {PL/CV}
AMAP advanced metric analysis program
AMBA automatic mainbeam acquisition
AMC Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB IL 62225-5001...formerly MACÞ Army Material Command
AMD Aerospace Medical Division (AFMC), Brooks AFB TX 78235-5000Þ air movement data {C4SMP}
AMEM Army multiple engagement model...developed by SAIC
AMEND amendment
AMF apogee motor firing {NATO IVB}
AMFCO assistant missile flight control officer...obsolete, now range safety officer
AMH automated message handler {AFSC2S}
AMI airborne measurement instrument
AMIS advanced microwave imaging sensor...see "System Z"Þ air movement information system {C4SMP}
AMMM autonomous magnetic momentum management {GPS}
AMN airman
AMOS AF [formerly ARPA] Maui optical site [formerly station]
AMP air mission processor {C4SMP}Þ amplifierÞ angular measurement precisionÞ annual materiel plan {DLA}Þ authentication message processor {DMSP}
AMPTE active magnetospheric particle tracer explorer...joint US-UK-West German project to study the physical interactions (transfer of mass) from solar wind to the earth's magnetic field (magnetosphere). Consists of three satellites (Charged Compositive Explorer (CCE), Ion Release Module (IRM), United Kingdom Subsatellite (UKS)) launched 16 Aug 84 on a Delta 3924 booster from Cape Canaveral. Data from the three satellites broadcast to research centers in Pasadena CA; Oberpfaffenhofen, West Germany; and Chelton, England.
AMR acquisition management review...AF/IG term formerly called SAMI
AMRAAM advanced medium-range air-to-air missile {TAB93-1}
AMROC American Rocket Company, 5126 Ralston St, Ventura CA 93003
AMS advanced mapping spectrometerÞ African Mediterranean System...Israeli domestic telecommunications systemÞ apogee and maneuvering stage...proposed liquid bipropellant upper stage for use with transfer orbit stage (TOS) for geosynchronous orbit insertion (1130 lb payload capability) or other high-altitude missions; compatible with Shuttle, Titan and Atlas
AMSAT amateur radio satellite...launched 15 Jun 88 on Ariane 4
AMSC advanced military spaceflight provide manned operations in transatmospheric and low Earth orbitsÞ American Satellite Company {Contel ASC}
AMSS airborne midcourse surveillance system
AMSSA assured mission support space architecture...Feb 91 USSPACECOM study
AMSU advanced microwave sounding unit...see "System Z"
AMTL Army Material Technology Laboratory
AMU applied meteorology unit {AFSPC/DOG}Þ astronaut maneuvering unit...predecessor to MMU
AMWC alternate MWC (missile warning center) {C4SMP}
AN Army/Navy
- AN/FPQ-6 is a high-accuracy monopulse tracking radar capable of radiating 4.0 megawatts of RF power in a 0.4° beam
- AN/FPS 16-1, 16-2 are C-band monopulse tracking radars capable of radiating one megawatt of RF power in a 1.2° beam
- AN/FPS 16-4 is a metric improved precision instrumentation radar
- AN/MPS-36 is a monopulse tracking radar capable of radiating up to one megawatt of RF power in a 1.0° beam
- AN/TPQ-18 is a high-accuracy monopulse tracking radar capable of radiating up to 2.5 megawatts of RF power in a 0.4° beam
A/N alphanumeric {DMSP}
AND active nutation damping {NATO IVB}
Andean Andean consortium direct broadcast satellite
ANDVT advanced narrowband digital voice terminal {MJCS-36-89}
ANG Air National Guard
ANGB Air National Guard Base, e.g., Buckley ANGB CO
Anik Commercial Canadian comsat ("Anik" means "little brother")...PAM-D upper stage, HS-376 bus, Anik-C Ku-band, Anik-D C-band; first launch May 1975
Anikast Telesat transportable TV earth station designed to establish a satellite link within 20 minutes after a broadcast crew arrives at a site; uses Ku-band Anik-C satellites.
ANK alphanumeric keyboard
ANL Argonne National Laboratory, Lakewood CO {ECAMP}
ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center, Ft Richie MD 21719
ANMM AFSPC national mission model {AFSPC/DOP}
anomaly Satellite anomalies are tracked within 50 SW by "Class" and reported to AFSPC by "Type":
- Class I: A routine spacecraft problem that is well understood and easily corrected; no mission impacts; includes "glitches."
- Class II: A non-routine spacecraft problem that has been anticipated or previously experienced. Contingency pass plans created and approved for use with Class II anomalies should return the satellite to a nominal operating configuration. If a nominal configuration does not result, the anomaly is upgraded to Class III.
- Class III: A non-routine spacecraft problem not anticipated with a contingency plan. These anomalies are not necessarily understood and are not common. In most cases Class III anomalies will threaten either the safety of the satellite or its mission.
- Type 1: No mission or satellite bus impact; includes "glitches" and anticipated seasonal abnormalities. Operational crews have existing procedures to correct Type 1 anomalies. Type 1 anomalies are normally not reported unless the on-duty flight commander deems it necessary.
- Type 2: Impacts satellite bus only, normally results in swapping a satellite component, reconfiguring the satellite, or using non-standard procedures to correct the problem.
- Type 3: Critical anomalies that impact mission or the life of the satellite and require immediate action to avoid serious damage to the satellite's health or its ability to perform its mission.
ANR Alaskan NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) region
ANS atmospheric Netherlands satellite...designed to study the sky in ultraviolet and X-ray from above the atmosphere
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANSSC alternate NORAD space surveillance center {NAVSPACECOM}
ANT antenna {AFSCN}
Antares Direct-broadcast satellite developed by Antares Satellite Corporation, Denver CO.
Antigone An advanced technology research program for the development of a laser-guided electron beam weapon loitering at ionospheric altitudes (80-600 km) and able to intercept and destroy ICBMs at ranges of more than 1000 miles.
ANWC alternate national warning center {C4SMP}
Ao operational availability
AO acousto-opticsÞ action officerÞ area of operations
A/O as of, e.g., A/O 15 May 93
AOA abort-once-around {Shuttle}Þ airborne optical adjunct...part of Army non-nuclear ground-based BMD program (see "ERIS" and "HEDS"). Airborne optical sensors used with ground-based radars to track ballistic missiles while they are still above the atmosphere. Testing involves an 86 ft-long cupola atop a Boeing 767.Þ angle of attack
AOBSP advanced onboard signal processing
AOC air officer commanding {USAFA}Þ assistant operations controller {AFSCN}
AOCS attitude and orbital control subsystem {NATO IVB}Þ autonomous onboard command system {14AF}
AOF airfield operations flight {AFSPC/DOG}
AOI area of interest
AOM alignment object mapÞ area object map
AOO area of operations {C4SMP}
AOP airborne optics platform
AOR area of responsibility
AOS acquisition of signal {NASA}
AOSP advanced onboard signal processor
AOTV aeroassisted orbital transfer vehicle
AOZ aircraft operating zone
AP air publication {BMEWS Site III}Þ ammonium perchlorateÞ Area Pacific, e.g., APO APÞ array processorÞ Associated PressÞ avionics package
APAT advanced portable analysis tool {DSP}
APATS ARIA phased array telemetry system
APB acquisition program baseline...AFLC equivalent of AFSC's PMDÞ all points bulletin
APC armored personnel carrierÞ automatic power controller {GPS}Þ average propensity to consume {ERIS}
APCC alternate processing and correlation center {TW/AA}
APCD air pollution control district {EPA}
APD adaptive preferential defense
APDP acquisition professional development program...the knife in Von Karman's back
APE aurora photography experiment...Shuttle experiment to understand the geographic extent and dynamics of the aurora
APEC Asian-Pacific Economic Coalition {GT}
APET algorithms program evaluation tool
APF appropriated funds
aphelion The furthest point from the sun in a solar orbit.
API application programming interface {AFSC2S}
APL Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins UniversityÞ automated position locator...Sandia system using Transit to update dead reckoning navigation based on magnetometer and odometer data
APM acquisition program managerÞ antenna pointing mechanism...a device that gives a spacecraft antenna a finer degree of pointing control than that offered by the body of the spacecraft itself
APN augmented proportional navigation
APO air post office {BMEWS Site III}
apoapsis The point in an orbit furthest from the center of the gravitational attraction.
APOD aerial port of debarkation {BMEWS Site III}
APOE aerial point of embarkation
apogee The point of a satellite's greatest distance from earth (and minimum velocity).
Apollo program - The first program to land men on the moon (20 Jul 69: Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins).
APP application portability profile
Apple Indian test comsat built by ISAC for ISRO. Ariane launch 19 Jun 81.
APRL AFSCN prioritized requirements list
APS airborne pointing systemÞ antenna positioning subsystem {DMSP}Þ array processor systemÞ automatic phasing systemÞ auxiliary propulsion subsystem {Milstar}
APT acquisition, pointing and trackingÞ application productivity tool {AFSC2S}Þ automatic picture transmission {DMSP}
APU auxiliary picture transmissionÞ auxiliary power unitÞ auxiliary propulsion unit
APVO Soviet Aviation of Air Defense
APWG AFSCN prioritization working group
APZ above the promotion zone {AFMPC}Þ accident potential zone {EPA}
AQAE area quality assurance evaluator
AQAP air quality attainment plan {EPA}
AQCR air quality control region {EPA}
AQMP air quality management plan {EPA}
AR ArkansasÞ attack response
Arabsat Medium-sized multimission C/S-band comsat for ASCO. Solid apogee rocket and 12 thrusters for orbit control. Used for telecommunications relay by the Arab League nations. Encrypted primary ground control transmissions from Dihrab, near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Secondary ground control in Tunis.
- Arabsat-1A was launched 8 Feb 85 on an Ariane 3 to a 19°E longitude position. 25-5/6 GHz, 1-4/2.5 GHz transponders. Experienced multiple gyro failures.
- Arabsat-1B was launched Jun 85 on STS 51-G to a 26°E longitude position. 25-4/6 GHz, 1-4/2.5 GHz transponders.
ARAR accident risk assessment report
ARAT AFSCN ranking assessment tool...used in the APWG deficiency ranking process
ARB acquisition review board {NAVSPACECOM}Þ award fee review board
ARBC Army brigade center
ARBMDCC Army ballistic missile defense command center
ARC advanced research centerÞ aggregation of red cells...Shuttle study of red cells and blood viscosity under low-G conditionsÞ air reserve component {AFSPC/DP}Þ alcohol rehabilitation center {AFSPC/DP}Þ American Red CrossÞ Ames Research Center {NASA}Þ acquisition/report back/crosslink processor {Milstar}
ARCCC Army component command center
ARDC Air Research and Development Command...AFSC predecessor
ARDU advanced RADEC data unit {DSP}
ARE alert readiness exercise {20 AF}Þ analog ranging with the DRE (digital ranging equipment) to measure the slant range to a satelliteÞ atmospheric research equipment
AREFW air refueling wing
ArF argon fluoride
ARF aquatic research facility {NASA}Þ ASTRO report form {22 SOPS}
Argensat Argentine communications satellite
Argos Joint NASA/NOAA/CNES satellite-based location and data collection and relay system. Uses repeater equipment carried by Tiros-N.
ARGS advanced RADEC ground system {DSP}
argument of perigee - The angular measurement made from the ascending node, in the direction of satellite travel, to the point of perigee on the orbital path. This orients the orbit within the orbital plane.
ARH antiradiation homing
ARI Airpower Research Institute (CADRE), Maxwell AFB AL
ARIA advanced range instrumentation aircraft {14 AF}
Ariane Family of French launch vehicles launched from French Guiana Space Centre, Kourou, French Guiana. Aerospatiale rocket, first launch 24 Dec 79. First follow-on Ariane 3 launched 4 Aug 84. Second launch pad operational 1985. First Ariane 4 launch (15 Jun 88) carried Meteosat P2, Pan American Satellite-1 (PAS-1) and Amsat 3C stacked on a Spelda using an AR 44L. Ariane 5 (IOC 1996; 6,800 kg to GTO) is a follow-on to Ariane 4. Ariane 4 series:
- AR 40: core, no strap-ons (1,900kg to GTO)
- AR 42P: two solid strap-ons (2,600 kg to GTO)
- AR 44P: four solid strap-ons (3,000 kg to GTO)
- AR 42L: two liquid strap-ons (3,200 kg to GTO)
- AR 44L: four liquid strap-ons (4,200 kg to GTO)
Arianespace SA - Evry, France, firm that took over Ariane operations from European Space Agency (ESA) May 84 (launch of Ariane 9).
Arinc Aeronautical Radio, Inc...jointly owned by U.S. air carriers. Provides air-ground voice communications and data link services. Studying future use of integrated communication satellite system.
ARM anti-radiation missileÞ automatic reconfiguration maneuver {NATO IVB}
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency...formerly DARPA
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency network
ARR alert readiness rate {20 AF}
ARROC Army regional operations center
ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
ARS Alaskan radar system {TW/AA}Þ ALTAIR recording systemÞ associate reserve squadron {7 SOPS}Þ attitude reference system
ARSA airport radar service area {AFSPC/DOG}
Arsene French amateur spacecraft
ARSPACE Army Space Command...component of USSPACECOM and operational advocate for U.S. Army space activities
ARSPOC (U.S.) Army Space Command operations center {TW/AA}
ARSR air route surveillance radar
ART air reserve technicianÞ alarm response team {50 SPS}Þ alert readiness test {20 AF}Þ amateur radio transceiver...establishes communications between Shuttle radio operator and operator on the ground
ARTCC air route traffic control center {FAA}
ARTIS automatic terminal information system {AFSPC/DOG}
ARTS automated remote tracking station...two-part acquisition program to cut operating costs and manpower requirements for remote tracking stations (RTSs) worldwide
ARU acknowledge receipt and understanding {AFSPOC}Þ associate reserve unit {1 SOPS}Þ attitude reference unit
AS air station, e.g., San Vito AS, Italy
A-S antispoofing {GPS}
A/S air-to-surface {TAB93-1}
AS3 advanced safety sensor suite {14 AF}
ASA Army Space Agency...activated Aug 86, replaced by Army Space Command Apr 88Þ Austrian Space Agency...coordinates national space program under aegis of Federal Ministry for Science and Research
ASALM advanced strategic air-launched missile {NAVSPACECOM}
ASAP aerospace safety automation programÞ Ariane structure for auxiliary payloadsÞ as soon as possible
ASAR advanced synthetic aperture radar
ASAT antisatellite
ASB Army science board
ASC advanced satellite control {AFSCN}Þ Aeronautical Systems CenterÞ allied support completionÞ allowance source code {AFSCN}Þ American Satellite Company {Contel ASC}...provides commercial communications via satellite to CONUS, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico; operates in C and Ku bandsÞ area surveillance centerÞ AUTODIN switching center
- ASC-1 launched 27 Aug 85 on STS-5lI, used a PAM upper stage to 128°W longitude; C/Ku-band, first commercial comsat to use encrypted command links
- ASC-2 launched Dec 88 to 81°W longitude
ASCAS automated security clearance approval system {50 SPS}
ascending node - The point on the equatorial plane where an earth-orbiting body passes from south latitude to north latitude. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
ASCII American standard code for information interchange
ASCM antiship cruise missile
ASCN Ascension Island...GPS site maintained by 45 SW (CSR's "Center Technical Service Contract")
ASCNG Ascension Island ground antenna {GPS}
ASCNM Ascension Island monitor station {GPS}
ASCO Arab Satellite Communication Organization...two-nation organization headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Arabsat sponsor
ASCON associate contractor
ASCS advanced satellite control segment {NAVSPACECOM}
ASD Aeronautical Systems Division (AFMC), Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433Þ assistant secretary of defense {DOD}
ASDIS automated sample data instrumentation system
ASDPC advanced satellite data processing and control {CSOC}
ASDS air situation display system {C4SMP}
ASE airborne support equipment...reusable electronics mounted on a payload cradle, provides an interface to the ShuttleÞ allowable steering error {TAB93-1}
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASEM assembly of space stations by EVA (extravehicular activity) methods
ASETA Andean State Telecommunications Enterprises Association...providers of telecommunications services for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela; Condor sponsor
ASEU advanced sensor emulation unit
ASF activation support facility {CSOC}Þ auxiliary storage facility...obsolete, now TDC
ASG advanced sensors group
ASGLS advanced space-ground link subsystem
ASGP avionics single ground point
ASH alternate support headquarters
ASI Army Space Institute
ASIC application-specific integrated circuit
ASIP aircraft structural integrity program
ASLBM anti-submarine-launched ballistic missile
ASM air-to-surface missileÞ anti-ship missile {NAVSPACECOM}
ASMC American Society of Military Comptrollers
ASMD air-surface missile defense
ASMS advanced strategic missile systems...ABRES successor
ASO air surveillance officerÞ Australian Space Office...executive body for space industry policy and programs execution
ASOC air support operations center {C4SMP}Þ MMC Satellite Operations Center, East Windsor NJ
ASP acquisition strategy panel {AFSPC/PK}Þ AFSCN scheduling programÞ airborne surveillance platformÞ altitude sensor package...reimbursable Hitchhiker-G Shuttle payload
ASPADOC alternate SPADOC (Space Defense Operations Center) NAVSPASUR, Dahlgren VA
ASPO Army Space Program Office
ASPS annular suspension and pointing system
ASR acquisition strategy report {AFSPC/XP}Þ activation status review {CSOC}Þ airport surveillance radar {AFSPC/DOG}Þ AMOS spectral radiometer {NAVSPACECOM}Þ automatic send/receive {AFSCN}Þ automatic speech recognition
ASRM abort solid rocket motor {Shuttle}Þ advanced solid rocket motor...proposed Shuttle SRM upgrade, LMSC the prime contractor, Aerojet's ASRM Division the subcontractor
{Aerospace Daily, 21 Oct 91}
ASSC alternate SSC (Space Surveillance Center) NAVSPASUR, Dahlgren VA
ASSPU advanced sensor signal processing unit
AST above-ground storage tank {ECAMP}Þ airborne sensor testbed
ASTAC aerospace technology applications {AFSPC/DOX}
ASTEC advanced satellite technology EHF communications
ASTEX automated storage expert...IBM-proprietary MCC DASD software being incorporated in ECP 5126
ASTM American Society for Testing and Material
ASTP advanced satellite technology program {NAVSPACECOM}Þ Apollo/Soyuz Test Project
ASTRA-1 Mass-spectrometer instrument on Salyut-7.
ASTRO (U.S.) Army space technology research office {ARSPACE}Þ astronomy...program to obtain ultraviolet data on astronomical objects using an ultraviolet telescope. ASTRO 1 was launched Nov 89 on Shuttle. ASTRO 2 (ASTRO SPAS) was a free-flyer launched and retrieved by Shuttle.Þ automatic scheduling tools for range operations...Paramax scheduling software replacing BASCH
ASTRON CIS flying observatory.
Astros advanced star/target reference optical sensor
Astrotech Astrotech Space Operations Co...first U.S. commercial satellite processing facility, opened Apr 84
ASTS advanced surveillance and tracking system {NAVSPACECOM}
ASTT airborne surveillance and tracking technology {NAVSPACECOM}
ASUW antisurface warfare
ASW antisubmarine warfare
ASWOC antisubmarine warfare operations center {C4SMP}
ASYS annunciator subsystem {CSOC SCS}
AT Appalachian Trail {BOSS}
ATA Applied Technology AssociatesÞ avionics test article
ATB air target board {C4SMP}
ATBM anti-tactical ballistic missile
ATC air traffic controlÞ Air Training Command...obsolete, now AETC
ATCALS advanced traffic control and landing systems
ATCH attachment
ATDL advanced tactical data link {C4SMP}Þ autotune decision level {GPS}
ATDS airborne tactical data system {C4SMP}
ATE automated test equipment
ATG aerospace test group, e.g., 6595 ATG
ATH above the horizon {TW/AA}Þ autonomous terminal homing
Athos French experimental comsat to test 30/20 GHz comm payloads for future spacecraft, and to study EHF propagation effects. Derivative of Eurostar broadcast spacecraft.
Atlas General Dynamics-Convair launch vehicle. Launches DMSP and COMSATs. Atlas-E is a refurbished Atlas ICBM with radio guidance and liquid rocket engines. Atlas-G/Centaur can put 5200 lb into GTO. Atlas II (for DSCS) is a growth version of Atlas Centaur, capable of 5900 lbs to GTO.
ATLAS atmospheric laboratory for applications and science...measures long-term variability in the total energy radiated by the sun and determines the variability in the solar spectrum. ATLAS-1 through ATLAS-5 launched 1989-1992 on Shuttle.
ATM antitactical missileÞ Apollo telescope mountÞ architecture trade modelÞ asynchronous transfer modeÞ automated teller machine
ATMOS atmospheric trace molecules spectroscopy...JPL-sponsored STS-51B instrument that recorded atmospheric constituents in great detail by observing the atmosphere through about 250,000 spectral lines
atmospheric drag - A satellite below 600 NM experiences atmospheric drag that causes the orbit to decay.
ATN advanced instruments include a solar backscatter UV radiometerÞ astro-geophysical teletype network
ATO abort-to-orbit...preplanned Shuttle abort mode used when a single engine shutdown occurs at a point where the vehicle has attained sufficient altitude and velocity to allow the remaining two engines to propel the Shuttle into an orbit from which the flight can continueÞ air tasking order
ATOMS administrative telephone operations and maintenance...Falcon AFB telephone contract
ATP acceptance test procedure {NASA}Þ acceptance test programÞ acquisition, tracking and pointingÞ advanced technology panel {NAVSPACECOM}Þ advanced tracking prototype {AFSPC/DOX}Þ authority to proceed
ATP&FC acquisition, tracking, pointing and fire control
ATS acquisition track sensorÞ advanced technology satellite {NASA}Þ advanced telemetry system {CSOC}Þ advanced tracking system {C4SMP}Þ applications technology satellite...R&D geostationary weather satellite and communications test bed; evolved to GOESÞ axial thrust system
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry {Public Health Service}
ATSIM acquisition and track simulation
ATSS automatic train surveillance system
ATT all-thrust termination
AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph
ATTU Atlantic-to-the-Urals (region)
ATWC atmospheric tactical warning connectivity
AU Air University, Maxwell AFB AL 36112-5000Þ assessable unit {AFR 15-1}Þ astronomical unit...a measure of distance (1 AU = 92,790 miles)
AUCV advance unmanned cargo vehicle
AUI attachment unit interface {AFSC2S}
AUM AA (attack assessment) update module
Aurora RCA comsat launched 27 Oct 82. SATCOM V sold to ALASCOM and renamed AURORA I.
aurora borealis - A luminous phenomenon that occurs in the northern hemisphere and consists of streamers or arches of light. Caused by emission of light from atoms excited by electrons accelerated along the earth's magnetic field lines. Similar phenomenon in the southern hemisphere is called aurora australis.
AUSSAT Australian Satellite Company...comsat using an HS-376 bus, provides 15 14/12 MHz channels to service continental Australia and off-shore territories
- Aussat A1 was launched 27 Aug 85 on STS 51-I to 160°E longitude
- Aussat A2 was launched 26 Nov 85 on STS 61-B to 156°E longitude
- Aussat A3 was launched 15 Sep 87 on Ariane 3 to 164°E longitude
AUTODIN automated digital interface network
AUTONAV autonomous navigation
AUTOSEVOCOM - automatic secure voice communications
AUTOVON automatic voice network...obsolete, now DSN
aux auxiliary
AV air vehicleÞ attack verificationÞ audio-visual
A/V audio and video {C4SMP}
AVCS air vehicle control systemÞ attitude and velocity control subsystem {GPS}
AVD alternate voice/data {AFSCN}
AVE aerospace vehicle equipment {20 AF}
AVHF adaptive VHF (very high frequency)
AVHRR advanced very high resolution radiometer...DMSP and Tiros-N sensor
AvSat aviation satellite (system)
AVSM audio/video switch matrix {C4SMP}
AW air warfare {C4SMP}
AWA awaiting analysis
AW/AA attack warning/attack assessment {TW/AA}
AWACS airborne warning and control system...E-3 aircraft
AWASP advanced warning and surveillance program
AWC Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-5000
AWDS advanced weather distribution system {DMSP}Þ automated weather distribution system {C4SMP}
AWDDS automatic weather display/distribution system
AWE alarm/warning/event {AFSCN}
AWG activation working group {CSOC}Þ American wire gauge
AWM awaiting maintenance {AFSCN}
AWN automated weather network {AFSPC/DOG}
AWO attack warning officer
AWOL absent without leave {UCMJ}
AWP awaiting parts {DLA}
AWPDS attack warning, processing and display system
AWS advanced warning systemÞ Air Weather ServiceÞ alternative work schedule
AW&ST Aviation Week and Space Technology...Aerospace periodical
AXAF advanced X-ray astrophysics telescope that will make high-resolution images of X-ray sources in deep space; Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) replacement for high energy astronomy observatory (HEAO)
AZ ArizonaÞ azimuth


B billion(s)_ International space object designator normally assigned as suffix for "rocket body." Multiple payloads are catalogued before rocket body, platform and debris._ BRAVO {military phonetics alphabet}
BA British Aerospace Corp...see "BADG"_ budget authority...obligation of funds for immediate and future disbursement, associated with the year the authority takes effect
B/A booster adapter
BACA booster adapter control electronics
BACU baseband assembly control unit {AFSCN}
BADG British Aerospace Dynamic Group
BAe British Aerospace {NATO IVB}
BAFO best and final offer
Baikonur Cosmodrome - CIS shuttle launch site...see "CIS launch sites"
Baker-Nunn - Deep-space optical tracking system developed in the late 1950s by Dr. Howard Baker and Mr. Joseph Nunn. Three-ton camera's optical sensor can photograph a star 200 times fainter than is visible to the naked eye. Ten sites originally, none operational today.
BALLIS ballistic...trajectory program in OSC
BAQ basic allowance for quarters
BAS basic allowance for subsistence
BASCH basic scheduling...RCC ASTRO predecessor
BAU baseband assembly unit {AFSCN}
baud (rate) Transmission rate of a communications channel or device, usually bits per second. {Computer Glossary, 1983}
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation {ASCN}
bbl barrel
BBM boost battle management
BBN backbone network
BBO booster burnout
BBS battery backup system {CSOC SCS}
BBXT broad band X-ray telescope...a Shuttle pallet telescope that uses a two-axis pointing system
BC before Christ_ British Columbia
BCAS base contracting automated system {AFSPC/PK}
BCC base communications center_ block check character_ boost converter current {GPS}
BCD bad conduct discharge {UCMJ}_ binary coded decimal {AFSCN}
BCE base civil engineer...double oxymoron!
Bcf billion cubic feet {EIS}
BCF backup communications facility...Dahlgren VA
BCI binary coded information
BCM baseline correlation matrix {CSOC}
BCO base communications officer {50 MS}_ base contracting officer_ broad concept of operations
BCP base comprehensive plan {AFR 86-4}
BCS ballistic camera station
BCSi Computer simulation company spun off from Logicon in 1993. The name is from a frequency histogram of the initials of the founders. 102 S Tejon #400, Colorado Springs CO 80903.
BDA Bermuda_ battle damage assessment_ bomb damage assessment
BDD burst detector dosimeter {NDS}
BDM bomber defense missile_ Braddock, Dunn and McDonald International, Inc., 3005 Center Green Drive, Boulder CO 80301
BDP burst detection processor {NDS}
BDU battle dress uniform {AFR 35-10}
BDX burst detector X-ray {NDS}
BDY burst detector optical {NDS}
BE basic encyclopedia (targets)_ brilliant eyes...BMDO space-based post-boost vehicle and midcourse surveillance, tracking, and discrimination element
BEAR beam experiment aboard rocket {NAVSPACECOM}
BEC bulk encrypted communications
BECO booster engine cutoff
BEE bioenvironmental engineering
BEEF base engineering emergency force, e.g., Prime BEEF
BELT AFSCN call sign for SOC-35 (6 SOPS), Offutt AFB NE
BEP bit error probability_ break-even point
BER bit error rate
BERT bit error rate tester {AFSCN}
BES bioenvironmental engineering services_ boost engine start_ budget estimate submission...Service input to OSD revising the Service's Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) per Program Decision Memorandum (PDM) decisions
BET best estimate of trajectory {NASA}
beta (ß) ballistic coefficient...a parameter that describes the behavior of a body reentering the atmosphere from space. The ratio of vehicle weight (W) to a factor describing the degree of streamlining (CD, the coefficient of drag) and the effective frontal area (A) of the vehicle, i.e., ß = W/(CD/A).
BETT best estimate trajectory tape
BFEC Bendix Field Engineering Corp...AFSCN depot support contractor
BFO backhaul follow-on_ blinding flash of the obvious {ACC QAF}
BFS backup flight system {Shuttle}
BG brigadier general
BGEN brigadier general
B/H backhaul {AFSCN}
Bhaskara Indian remote sensing satellite
- Bhaskara-1 launched 7 Jun 79 on a CIS booster
- Bhaskara-2 launched 20 Nov 81 on a CIS booster
BI background investigation
BIA boresight inertial angular
BIBD blocked impurity band detector
BIC Braduskill interceptor concept
BIDDS base integrated digital distribution system...50 SW telephone switch contract with NTI
BIDS backup information display system
Big Communicator - Family of comsats designed to operate in clusters to provide more adequate coverage over continental areas.
BILS ballistic impact locating system
BIND Berkeley internet name domain {AFSC2S}
biochip Microminiaturized electronic circuitry using biological phenomena to condense electronics up to three orders of magnitude beyond what is predicted for VHSIC technology. The objective is to apply the circuitry densities and 3-dimensional logic function inherent in living organisms.
Biogravistat - Equipment used on Salyut-7 to grow plants under conditions of simulated gravity.
BIOT British Indian Ocean Territory {DGS}
biotech biotechnology...the integration of biology in technical and engineering applications
bipolar A type of (epitaxial) semiconductor device architecture.
BIPS backup impact prediction system_ billions of instructions per second
BIR ballistic inflight reliability {20 AF}
bit binary of the two numbers (0 and 1) used to store computer data {Sandia}
BIT built-in test
BITE built-in test equipment
BIU bus interface unit
B/L baseline
Black Sea 85 - Intercosmos-sponsored experiment jointly conducted on Salyut-7, ships, and aircraft to determine the size of the mineral and biological resources of the Black Sea area. Scientists from the CIS, Bulgaria, Poland and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) participated.
blackout A severe absorption of RF signals near a nuclear fireball.
BLADES BMD LWIR advanced exoatmosphere sensor
BLDG building
BLAT blast, dust-thermal
blip Slang for radar return displayed on operator's scope.
BLIP background-limited IR photoconductor
BLK block
BLOS beyond line of sight {TW/AA}
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
BLSS base level self-sufficiency spares
BLT baseline threat
blue U.S. and its allies.
BM ballistic missile_ battle management
B/M benchmark
BMAR backlog of Air Force maintenance and repair {AFSPC/CE}
BM/C3 battle management and command, control and communications...SDI architecture component
BMD ballistic missile defense
BMDATC ballistic missile defense advanced technology center
BMDCCC ballistic missile defense command and control center
BMDE ballistic missile defense enhancement
BMDO ballistic missile defense organization...formerly SDIO
BMDOC ballistic missile defense operating center
BMDSCOM - U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Defense Systems U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command
BMEWS ballistic missile early warning system...provides tactical warning of ballistic missile attacks; also part of the SPACETRACK system (see "SSN"). Three components:
- A two-faced phased array radar at Thule AB, Greenland
- Three detection radars and one tracking radar at Clear AFS AK
- A three-faced phased array radar at RAF Fylingdales, UK
BMFT West German ministry of research and technology.
BMI bismaleimide...a heat-resistant composite material showing greater strength at temperatures between 259_F and 450_F than titanium or carbon-epoxy composite materials
BMILS bottom-mounted impact location system
BMO Ballistic Missile Office, Norton AFB CA
BMOPS battle management operations
BMP battle manager processor
BMRS ballistic missile reentry system
BMS balanced magnetic switch {CSOC SCS}
BMT ballistic missile technology {Phillips Lab}_ ballistic missile threat_ beam management terminal {Milstar}
BMT/SS ballistic missile transporter/storage and shipping
BN battalion
BNA Bureau of National Affairs {ECAMP}
BnOC battalion operations center
BNR build not received {AFSCN}
BNSC British National Space Center
BO burnout
BOA basic ordering agreement_ broad ocean area
BOD beginning of orbit determination_ beneficial occupancy date_ biochemical oxygen demand {ECAMP}
BOE basis of estimate
BOIR based on information revealed
BOL bill of lading...see "GBL"
BOM backup operations manual {50 OPG}_ bill of materials
bona fide Latin, "in good faith"
BOPS base operations_ billion operations per second
BOQ bachelor officer quarters
BORAM block-oriented random access memory
BORD basis of operational requirements document
BOS base operating support
BOSS AFSCN call sign for New Hampshire Tracking Station (NHS). The largest of nine RTSs in the AFSCN, BOSS (2826 acres, 43_N latitude, 72_W longitude) is at New Boston Air Station, 54 miles north of Boston, near Manchester NH. BOSS's 60' high-power uplink antenna ("NHS-A"), installed in 1961, is the oldest antenna in the network and uses a converted hydraulic drive system. NHS-A height (at zenith) is 81 feet, antenna pedestal height 49 feet, antenna weight approximately 110 tons on the azimuth bearing, slew rate 8_/sec minimum, acceleration 2_/sec2; ARTS II turnover Feb 93. The radome on BOSS's 46' antenna ("NHS-B") was installed in 1970; ARTS II turnover with DMSPE ("Site 56" SCU and communications hardware provide interconnectivity between DMSPE and the DMSP network) May 91. BOSS's 10m DLT antenna ("NHS-C") is used for M2P1 communications. The DLT radome, operational in 1988, has a 53-ft diameter and is designed to withstand 134 mph winds. BOSS's SATCOM AN/FSC-78 heavy terminal has been operational since Sep 77 (the Defense Communications Subsystem (DCSS) was installed Sep 80). The SATCOM radome (93-ft diameter) can withstand 150-mph winds. On-site DSCS antenna maintenance conducted by 23 SOPS. Local standard time is Z-5 hours.
BOT beginning of tape {AFSCN}
BOTACHA bombs on target and come home alive {USCINCSPACE}
BOU breakout unit {AFSCN}
BP bandpass_ brilliant pebbles...a distributed, highly autonomous, space-based interceptor and sensor system {BMDO}
BPA blanket purchase agreement {AFSCN}
BPAC budget program activity code {AFR 172-1}
BPBM boost-phase battle management
BPE best preliminary estimate_ budgetary price estimate
BPI BMEWS predicted impact_ boost-phase interceptor
BPIE base procured investment equipment {AFSPC/LG}
BPL boost-phase leakage {BMDO}
BP-L bi-phase-level...AFSCN modulation
BP-M bi-phase-mark...AFSCN modulation
BPPBS biennial planning, programming and budgeting system
bps bits per second
Bps bytes per second
BP-S bi-phase-space...AFSCN modulation
BPSK bi-phase shift key(ing)
BPTF brilliant pebbles task force
BPTS boost-phase tracking system
BPX battle plan execution
BPZ below the promotion zone {AFMPC}
BQ beam quality
BR boost reliability {20 AF}_ bridgewire resistance
BRAC base realignment and closure
BRAT battle management requirements analysis tool
BRAVO Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "B."
Brazilsat Brazilian comsat, also called SBTS (Sistema Brasileiro de Telecommunicacoes por Satelite). 24-channel modified C-band spacecraft using an HS-376 bus. Weighs 670 kg. TT&C station in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
- Brazilsat-1 launched 8 Feb 85 on Ariane 3
- Brazilsat-2 launched 28 Mar 86 on Ariane 3
BRDF bi-directional reflectance distribution analysis tool
BRE blood rheology experiment...Shuttle technology demonstration of aggregation of red cells (ARC) apparatus
BRG budget review group {SAF/FM}
BRV ballistic reentry vehicle
BS battle staff...oxymoron_ battle station_ Japanese direct TV broadcast satellite (also called "Yuri," which means "lily"). Launched from Tanegashima by NASDA.
- BS-E launched 7 Apr 78 on Delta 2914; experimental, failed in 27 months
- BS-2A launched 23 Jan 84 on N-2; transmission ceased 1 Aug 85 apparently due to a telemetry command system failure
- BS-2B launched 12 Feb 86 on N-2; backup
- BS-3A launched 1990 on H-1A
- BS-3B launched 1990 on H-1A
BSB brassboard
BSC backup security control {SCS video}_ base security council
BSD Berkeley software distribution {AFSC2S}
BSE broadcast satellite experiment
BSL basic system list {AFSCN}
BS/L bulk storage/loader {AFSPC/DOM}
BSM beam steering mirror
BSOB blue space order of battle
BSP business strategy panel
BSPP backup support pass plan {50 OPG}
BSS briefing support system {AFSC2S}
BSSC battle staff support center {AFI10-1208}
BST boresight tower {AFSCN}
BSTS boost surveillance and tracking system...a system to detect missiles during their boost phase
BSU baseband separation unit {AFSCN}_ bulk storage unit
BSVS backup secure voice system {AFSCN}
BT British Telecom {BMEWS Site III}
BTC black tech control {NORAD}_ block transfer controller
BTDC before top dead center
B-term Part of a NORAD element set used to compute satellite drag. {SPACETRACK Rpt #3, Dec 80}
BTF baseline test facility
BTH below the horizon {C4SMP}_ beyond the horizon {TW/AA}
BTI British Telecom International...UK agency providing terrestrial circuits from the Intelsat gateway earth stations to Federal Express courier affiliates...see "FedNet"
BTL black telemetry {AFSCN}
BTR booth through-put rate {CSOC SCS}
BTRY battery
BTU British thermal unit
B/U backup
BUF backup facility
BUFF buffer {AFSCN}
BUMCS backup master control station...Gaithersburg MD emergency GPS backup mission support facility
bus A satellite's "bus" usually includes everything on the satellite except the mission payload itself. The bus normally includes the structural frame as well as the subsystems responsible for housekeeping functions such as TT&C, communications, system status monitoring, position keeping, attitude control, thermal control and electric power.
BUSTC backup satellite test center...located in Camarillo CA
BV boost vehicle
BVF buffer number {20 AF}
BVR beyond visual range {TAB93-1}
BW bandwidth_ biological warfare_ bridgewire
BWS base weather station {AFSPC/DOG}
BX base exchange {AAFES}
BY base year_ budget year
byte A group of bits (usually eight) used to encode a single letter, number or symbol. {Sandia}
BZ BRAVO ZULU...Navy term for "good job"


c circa...Latin, "about"_ the speed of light...3x108 m/sec_ linear eccentricity...the distance between the two foci of the elliptical path traced by a satellite in orbit about earth is 2c; see "e"
C Celsius...C = (5/9)(F-32); see "K"_ CHARLIE {military phonetics alphabet}_ cold_ confidential_ contract, e.g., 704701-91-C-0108_ Normal international space object designator suffix for "platform."
C2 command and control
C3 command, control and communications
C4 command, control, communications and computers
C4I command, control, communications, computers and intelligence
CA California_ controlling authority {Milstar}_ covert attack
C/A coarse/acquisition...Global Positioning System (GPS) signal
CAA Center for Aerospace Analysis_ Clean Air Act
CAAS contracted advisor and assistance services...those services acquired by the Department of Defense from nongovernmental sources to support or improve agency/policy development on decision making, or to support or improve the management of organizations on the operation of weapon system, equipment, and components
CAATS Canadian automated air traffic system {C4SMP}
CAC complex advisory council {Peterson AFB}_ cost account code {AFSCN}
CA/CRL custodian authorization/custody receipt listing {BMEWS Site III}
CACS command and control squadron, e.g., 1 CACS
CAD coherent amplitude detector {AFSCN}_ computer-aided design
CADE combined allied defense experiment
CADRE Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, Maxwell AFB AL
CADS common automated decision support
CADST Committee for Defense Space Technology
CAE computer-aided engineering_ contractor-acquired equipment {50 CTS}
CAGE commercial and government entity {AFSCN}
CAI computer-aided instruction {50 CTS}
CAL calibration
CALS computer-aided acquisition and logistics system_ continuous acquisition and life-cycle support {USSPACECOM/J6N}
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
CAMO computer-aided manual operation
CAMS core-automated maintenance system {AFR 66-1}
CANR Canadian NORAD region {TW/AA}
CANUS Canada-United States
CAO contract administration office(r)
CAP civil air patrol_ combat air patrol_ contractor-acquired property {50 CTS}_ crew activity plan...schedule of Shuttle crew activities
CAPCOM capsule communicator {NASA}
CAPE Cape Canaveral FL {GPS}
CAPEG Cape Canaveral ground antenna {GPS}
CAPEM Cape Canaveral monitor station...proposed GPS monitor station
CAPL capillary pump loop...experimental heat transfer system in microgravity
CAPOE civilian aerial port of entry {BMEWS Site III}
CAPT captain
CAR command assessment review_ contract action request {NSP contract}_ correct acceptance rate {CSOC SCS}_ customer account representative {AFSCN}
CARD cost analysis and requirements document {USSPACECOM/J6N}
CARDA continental United States airborne reconnaissance for damage assessment {NORAD}
Carib Caribbean direct broadcast satellite
CARIBROC - Caribbean regional operations center {C4SMP}
CARR corrective action request and report {AFSCN}
CARS contractors automatic resupply system {BMEWS Site III}
CART control and alert reporting terminal {NAVSPACECOM}
CAS close air support_ collision avoidance system_ contract administration services_ cost accounting standard_ crisis action system_ critical actions system {AFSCN}
CASA Construcciones Aeronauticas SA...Spanish aerospace manufacturer
CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board
CASE common automated system execution_ computer-aided software engineering_ computer-aided system engineering
CASREP casualty report
Cassini Proposed NASA mission to land a probe on Titan, one of Saturn's moons...slated for 15 Mar 95 out of Eastern Range on Titan IV/Centaur for a Jan 2002 landing
CAST Chinese Academy of Space Technology...China's equivalent of NASA
Castor-4 Thiokol-developed solid rocket motor used on Delta.
CAT Capsule Ariane capsule used as payload in Ariane test flights_ category_ cluster assignment threshold_ computer adaptive testing_ computerized axial tomography, e.g., CAT scan_ crisis action team
CATC computer assist to tech control {AFSC2S}
CATCODE category code {CFA}
CATEX categorical exclusion {ECAMP}
CATV cable television
CAU crypto ancillary unit {AFSCN}
CAV collision avoidance
CAVU ceiling and visibility unlimited
CAWGS covert all-weather gun system
CB citizens band_ counter-battery (radar)_ cumulonimbus {AWS}
CBA collective bargaining agreement
C-band radio frequency band...4-8 GHz
CBC combined BMEWS conference
CBD Commerce Business Daily...procurement newsletter
CBI cleared before isolation...also called CWC (cleared while checking) {AFSCN}
CBL commercial bill of lading {AFSCN}
CBM central battle management
CBN correlated bivariate normal {20 AF}
CBPO consolidated base personnel office
CBR chemical, biological, radiological
CBRN Caribbean Basin radar network {TW/AA}
CBRT centroid bias ratio test
CBT combat_ computer-based training {50 CTS}_ CSP (communications support processor) backside terminal
CBTS computer-based training system {AFSCN}
CBW chemical and biological warfare_ constant bandwidth
CBWG combined BMEWS working group
CC cause category {AFSCN}_ command and control_ command center {C4SMP}_ commander_ computer controller {AFSCN}_ cost center...budget term
CCA circuit card assembly {COBRADANE}_ combat capability assessment {20 AF}
CCAF Community College of the Air Force
CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station...obsolete, now CCAS
CCAR cost change action request
CCAS Cape Canaveral Air Station, Florida...formerly CCAFS
CCB change control board_ configuration control board
CCBD configuration control board directive
CCC central computer complex_ communications control complex {AFSCN}_ (USSPACECOM/NORAD) consolidated command center {AFI10-1208}_ contract category code
CCCB configuration control coordination board
CCC-F communications control complex-Falcon (AFB)
CCD charge-coupled device_ Conference of the Committee on Disarmament
CC&D camouflage, concealment and deception
CCDD command center description document
CCDS Center for the Commercial Development of Space
CCF first sergeant
CCFF Cape Canaveral forecast facility
CCDR contractor cost data requirement
CCDS console control distribution system
CCE charge compositive explorer_ command and control element
CCEV control center experimental version
CCF collection coordination facility
CCH crew chief {50 SW}
CCIRC CONUS (continental U.S.) cable installation and removal contract...Griffiss AFB telephone cable contract
CCIRID charge-coupled infrared imaging device
CCITT consultative committee International Telegraph and Telephone {AFSC2S}
C3CM command, control and communications CCW
CCM configuration change manager {USSPACECOM/J6N}_ counter-countermeasures
CCMF consolidated collection management facility {C4SMP}
CCO circuit control office {AFSCN}
CCOMS correlation center output message set {C4SMP}
CCP command center processor {C4SMP}_ configuration control panel {AFSPC/DOT}_ protocol
CCPDS command center processing and display system {TW/AA}
CCPDS-R command center processing and display system replacement {TW/AA}
CCPO central civilian personnel office {AFSPC/DP}
CCR command communications reliability {20 AF}_ command control receiver_ commander's conference room (room 304, building 500, Falcon AFB)_ contract change request
CCRB communications-computer requirements board {AFSCN}_ configuration control review board {ITW/AA}
CCRD communications-computer requirements document {AFSCN}
CCRS Canada Center for Remote Sensing...ground station at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; proposed station near Ottawa, Ontario_ Canadian coastal radar system {TW/AA}
CCS command and control segment...this segment of DSM includes all functions that control data during satellite supports: the MCCs (mission control complexes), the DDE (data distribution equipment), the RCS (resource control system), the OSMC, the SDTL, and the RCSE at the RTSs (remote tracking stations)_ configuration control system_ constellation control station {Milstar}
C-CS communications-computer system {50 LG}
C/C/S command/control/status {AFSCN}
CCSB configuration control screening board {GPS}_ configuration control sub-board {ITW/AA}
CCSD configuration control system directive
CCSE command and control sustaining engineering...SMC Det 5 contract with IBM_ command and control system element {AFSCN}
CCSEG command contact support equipment group {Milstar}
CCSU command configuration switching unit {AFSCN}
CCT command control transmitter
CCTS combat crew training squadron...obsolete, now CTS
CCTV closed circuit television
CCV code change verifier {20 AF}
CCW command and control warfare...formerly C3CM, the integration of OPSEC, military deception, PSYOPS, EW and physical destruction (mutually supported by intelligence) to deny information from an adversary, and to influence, degrade or destroy adversary C2 capabilities while protecting friendly C2 capabilities {AFSPC/XPXS}
CD command director_ compact disk_ concept definition_ deputy commander {AFSPC}
C&D command and decision_ cover and deception
CDA central distribution amplifier {AFSCN}_ central dynamic amplifier {BFEC}_ central software design authority {50 SSYS}_ Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) {FAIR}_ command and data acquisition {DMSP}_ compound document architecture {AFSC2S}
CDAB command data acquisition buffer_ computer dual access buffer {AFSCN}
CDAD computer dual access display {AFSCN}
CDB command data buffer {20 AF}
CDC child development center {50 SW}_ command destruct control_ confined detonating cord_ Control Data Corporation
CDD concept and development definition
C&DH communications and data handling
CDI compressed data interface
CDIS Canadian Defence Intelligence Staff
CDLF consolidated domestic launch forecast
CDM central display modification {DMSP}
CDMA code division multiple access
C&DP command and data processing...SMC $617K contract with IBM and Paramax (formerly Unisys)_ control and display panel {AFSCN}
CDPA command and data processing area {AFSCN}
CDR command destruct receiver_ commander_ critical design review
CDRL contract data requirements list {DD Form 1423}
CD-ROM compact disk, read-only memory
CDRS container design retrieval system {CSOC}
CDS Canadian Defence Staff_ Chief of the Defence Staff_ control description sheet_ current data system...CCS predecessor
CDSM COBRA DANE system modernization {ESC}
CDT Central Daylight Time_ cutdown test {AFSCN}
CDU control display unit
CE Canada east {C4SMP}_ civil engineer(ing)
C-E communications-electronics
C2E command and control element {GPALS}
CEA control electronics assembly {DSP}_ cost and economic analysis
CEAP change evaluation and approval process {50 SSYS}
CECOM U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command (Fort Monmouth)
CECORS civil engineering contract operations reporting system {50 CES}
CEF candidate environmental findings {ECAMP}
CEI contract end item
CELV complementary expendable launch vehicle
CEM communications-electronics equipment maintenance {AFSCN}
CEMA Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
CEMIRT civil engineering maintenance, inspection and repair team {AFSCN}
CENTAG Central Army Group
Centaur General Dynamics-Convair liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen upper stage...Centaur D-1A is used with Atlas boosters, Centaur-G with Titan IV can put 10,000 lbs into GTO
CENTCOM Central Command
CEO chief executive officer_ common element objective {50 SW}
CEOI communication-electronics operating instruction
CEOS Committee on Earth Observation of two groups formed to increase sharing of satellite data and to promote the use of earth observation satellites (the other is IPOMS)
CEP circular error probable
CEPT Conference European des Administrations des Postes et des Telecommunications...membership consists of 26 European post and telecommunications authorities
CEQ council on environmental quality {EPA}
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
CERES center for research support {BMDO}_ correlation, environment, requirements evaluation
CES civil engineering squadron, e.g., 50 CES
CESD Continental Electronic Security Division...obsolete, now 693d IW
CF Canadian Forces_ center frequency_ compression fitting_ computer facility {CSOC}
CFA commanders' facility assessment {HQ USAF/CE}_ crossed field amplifier
CFAE contractor-furnished aeronautical equipment
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFC chlorofluorocarbons {ECAMP}_ combined federal campaign
CFD computational fluid dynamics {NAVSPACECOM}
CFDP control files data base {DMSP}
CFE contractor-furnished equipment_ Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (agreement)
CFES continuous flow electrophoresis system...Shuttle experiment to demonstrate the technology of pharmaceutical processing in space
CFEN contractor-furnished equipment notice {COBRADANE}
CFEP communications front-end processor {DMSP}
CFFG Canadian Forces fighter group
CFM computer facility manager {50 SWR 56-1}_ cubic feet per minute
CFMF cryogenic fluid management facility...reusable research facility to establish a technology base for zero-gravity cryogenic fluid management systems
CFN control flow network
CFOV center of the field of view
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFS Canadian Forces Station_ cesium frequency standard {GPS}
CFSR contract funds status report
CFT cockpit familiarization trainer {TAB93-1}
CFWC Canadian Federal Warning Centre, Carp, Ontario {NORAD}
CG center of gravity_ command guide_ commanding general_ communications group
CGDOR current grade date of rank {AFMPC}
CGF Central Group of Forces {CIS}
CGIS Comsat General Integrated Systems...comsat computer-aided design subsidiary
CGN guided-missile cruiser, nuclear-powered {USN}
CGO company grade officer
CGOC company grade officers council
CGS CONUS (continental United States) ground station {DSP}_ continental ground site
CGWIC China Great Wall Industry Corporation...division of Ministry of Astronautics
CH channel
CHAMPUS civilian health and medical program of the uniformed services
Changzheng Chinese launcher series...see "CZ"
CHARLIE Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "C."
CHARM composite high-altitude radiation model
Chase coronal helium abundance spacelab experiment...Spacelab-2 solar experiment, proposed for Sunlab, sponsored by Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and University College
Chemsat Proposed small, Getaway Special-deployable satellites containing gas-release canisters...resulting gas clouds would be used as targets for BMD laser tests; see "Multiprobe" and "GAS"
cherry picker A work station mounted on a manipulator arm or crane to position crew members at a work area...cherry pickers may be closed (for a shirt-sleeve environment) or open.
CHG change
chi One of the F&G orbital elements...see "F&G elements"
Chibis Pneumatic vacuum suits carried on CIS space stations...used to simulate terrestrial gravitation prior to reentry.
China Tech Consortium of U.S. investors and the Chinese government.
chip A small piece of silicon that is a complete semiconductor device or integrated circuit. {Sandia}
CHRMS civilian human resource management system
CI configuration inspection {NASA}_ configuration item {CSOC}_ counterintelligence
C/I communication/instrumentation
C2I command, control and intelligence {CSOC}
C3I command, control, communications and intelligence
C4I command, control, communications, computers and intelligence {SR 27-2}
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIAET combined initial and annual ethics training {OGE}
CIAOC Central Intelligence Agency operations center
CIASC CSOC integration and activation support contract...50 LG $1.5M contract (#F04701-C-92-0036) awarded to Loral May 92, displacing 10-yr incumbent TRW
CIC (NORAD/USSPACECOM) combined intelligence center_ commander's information center (room 302, bldg 300, Falcon AFB)_ configuration and interface controller_ crew instructor course {50 CTS}
CICA Competition in Contracting Act
CID charge-injection device_ comprehensive interior design {AFSPC/CE}
CIE critical information element
C3IE command, control, communications and intelligence, east {C4SMP}
CIEF consolidated imagery exploitation facility
CIF crew information file {50 SW}
C4IFTW command, control, communications, computers and intelligence for the warrior {C4SMP}
CIL critical items list {NASA}
CIM corporate information management {ASD/C3I}
CINC commander-in-chief
CINCLANT Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Command
CINCNORAD Commander-in-Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command
CINCPAC Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command
CINCSTRAT Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Command
CINF community imagery needs forecast {DIA}
CIO central imagery office
CIP capital investment plan {AFSPC/DOG}_ component improvement program_ critical intelligence parameter
CIR Compagnie Industrielle Radio Electrique...Swiss aerospace manufacturer
Cirris cryogenic infrared radiance instrument for Shuttle
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States...formerly USSR. The Ministry of Defense coordinates the military's role in space programs, cosmonaut training, and spacecraft recovery. The Strategic Rocket Forces control launches and provide TT&C._ communications and information systems {ACDS, MOD}
CIS ASAT An SL-11 booster used to launch co-orbital antisatellite interceptors. The nuclear-armed GALOSH interceptor deployed around Moscow has an inherent ASAT capability against satellites in low earth orbit. A directed energy weapon ASAT capability is suspected for sites at Sary Shagan and Dushanbe space tracking facility.
CISC CSOC integration support contract(or)...SMC $10.3M contract with TRW
CISCO consolidated intelligence support to combat operations
CISF centralilzed integrated support facility...Det 25 software facility at Peterson AFB
CIS launch sites
- Plesetsk...PK, or Northern Cosmodrome
- Tyuratam...TT, or Baikonur Cosmodrome
- Kapustin Yar...KY, or Volgograd Station
CISS Centaur integrated support structure...cradle and support system for Centaur upper stage and payload
CIT consumable item transfer {DLA}_ current injection test
CIU classified interface unit {AFSCN}_ Cyber interface unit
CIV code inserter verifier {AFSPC/DOM}
CIW combined intelligence watch {C4SMP}
C3IW command, control, communications and intelligence, west {C4SMP}
CIWC combined intelligence watch commander {USSPACECOM}
CIWG counterintelligence working group
CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJFET complementary junction field effect transistor
CJTF commander, joint task force {NAVSPACECOM}
CKT circuit {50 SPCS}
CL chemical laser_ closed loop
C/LAMP comprehensive low-altitude multiburst phenomenology
Clarke Orbit A particular orbit named for Arthur C. Clarke...see "geostationary"
CLE command and launch equipment {20AF}
CLEO contingency launch and early orbit {operations plan 3410}
CLI command language interpreter {DMSP}_ contract line item
CLIN contract line item number
CLIP cancel launch in progress {20 AF}
CLK clock
Clouds Shuttle structures photography experiments to observe cloud formation, dissipation and opaqueness.
CLPSB CINC logistics procurement support board {NAVSPACECOM}
CLS contractor logistics support {CSOC}_ cooperative launch switches {AFSPC/DOM}
CLSA combined logistics support agreement {BMEWS Site III}
CLT/RTL Compagnie Luxembourgeois de Telediffusion/Radio-Tele Luxembourg...Luxembourg's television organization; one of many sponsors of TDF-1
CLTB communications link testbed
Cluster Proposed European Space Agency (ESA) Shuttle-launched satellite that will make interactive measurements on how energy is transferred across magnetospheric boundaries.
CLVU command loop verification unit {AFSCN}
CLWG combined logistics working group {BMEWS Site III}
CM centimeter(s)_ change management {USSPACECOM/J6N}_ configuration management {DODD 5010.19, AFR 14-1, AFR65- 3}_ configuration manager_ corrective maintenance {BMEWS Site III}_ countermeasure
C&M control and monitor {CSOC}
CMAFB Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base...obsolete, now CMAS
CMAH CINC mobile alternate headquarters {Milstar}
CMAS Cheyenne Mountain Air Station...formerly CMAFB (CMAFS before that, and CMC or NCMC before that), refers to the base and all its tenant activities
CMB CAAS (contract advisory and assistance services) management board_ configuration management board {BMEWS Site III}
CMC Cheyenne Mountain Complex {NORAD}_ command management center
CMCC CINC's mobile command center
CMCP combined management control plan {BMEWS Site III}
CMCS common mobile control system
CMD command_ countermeasures dispenser {TAB93-1}
CMDP communications management development plan {Milstar}
CMDPE command processing and evaluation {CPCI 204}
CMDR commander
CMEWS Concrete missile early warning system...PARCS, Cavalier AS ND
CMF conjugate matched filter
CMG control moment gyro...a gyroscope, usually much larger than a gyro sensor, mounted on a single or double gimbal and used to generate control torques. The torques are generated by commanding gimbal angle rates that result in inertial motion of the CMG spinning wheel and accompanying gyroscopic reaction torques on the vehicle structure. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
CMI California Microwave, Inc._ computer-managed instruction {50 CTS}
CMIS Cheyenne Mountain interface subsystem {C4SMP}
CMM contractor minor modification
CMOP Chairman (JCS) memorandum of policy
CMOS complementary metal-oxide semicondutor...MOS technology used in very low power applications, popular in space and military systems {Sandia}
C2MOS closed complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
CMOSG Cheyenne Mountain operations staff group {N/U/S HOI 55-1}
CMP common multipurpose processor_ configuration management plan {AFR 65-3}_ counter-military potential
CMPG command message processing group {20 AF}
CMRL command and measurement requirements list {GPS}
CMRS calibration measurement requirements summary {CSOC}
CMS chief master sergeant_ Colorado monitor station {GPS}_ common MCG&I (mapping, charting, geopositioning and imagery) system {AFSC2S}_ cost management system {AFSCN}_ current message set {C4SMP}
CMSC control monitor station controller {AFSCN}
CMSG Cheyenne Mountain Support Group...obsolete, now 721 SGP
CMSGT chief master sergeant
CMSR commander's monthly status report
CMT critical mobile target {SDI}
CMTS CMC (Cheyenne Mountain Complex) training system {AFSPC/DO}
CMU Cheyenne Mountain upgrade {AFSPC/SC}
CMU/SEI Carnegie Mellon University/Software Engineering Institute
CN communications network {CSOC}_ counter-narcotics {C4SMP}
C2N command, control and communications network
CNA Center for Naval Analyses...Navy FCRC
CNAAS counter-narcotics air analysis system {C4SMP}
CNC computerized numerical control
CND could not duplicate
CNE communications network environment_ communications node emulator
CNEP command nuclear environment protection
CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales...French national space agency, lead technical agency for Ariane
CNET Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications...French telecommunications agency
CNIE Commission Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales...manager of Argentina's space research program
CNM communication network management
CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands {73 SGP}
CNN Cable News Network
CNO casualty notification officer {AFR 30-25}_ Chief of Naval Operations
CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche...Italian national research agency
CNRADL Canadian RADIL (ROCC/AWACS digital information link) {TW/AA}
CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives, Reston VA
CNRS French national center for space research.
CNS communications, navigation and surveillance
CNSC Commander, Naval Space Command
CNTB communications network testbed
CNWDI critical nuclear weapon design information
CO carbon monoxide {EPA}_ central office {AFSCN}_ change order_ Colorado_ commanding officer_ contracting office(r)
C/O checkout
COA central operating authority {AFSCN}_ course of action
COB close of business_ collocated operating base {NATO}
COBE cosmic background explorer...Shuttle experiment to study the diffuse radiation of the universe
COBRA DANE Phased array radar at Eareckson AFS AK.
COCOM combatant command_ Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls...informal committee in Paris that supervises Western alliance exports
COD cash on delivery_ cooperative opportunities document {AFSPC/XP}_ correction of deficiencies {TW/AA}
COE (U.S. Army) Corps of Engineers
COEA cost and operational effectiveness analysis
CoFR certification of flight readiness {NASA}
COI critical operational issue {CSOC SCS}
COIL chemical oxygen-iodine laser
COL colonel
COLA collision avoidance {NASA}_ cost-of-living allowance
COLD-SAT Cryogenic infrared radiance instrument for cryogenic fluids transfer experiment
Columbus Free-flying version of European Spacelab, offered as the European contribution to the U.S. space station.
COM chief of maintenance_ combined USAF/RAF operations manual {BMEWS Site III}_ computer-output microfilm
COMACC Commander, Air Combat Command
COMAFSPACE Commander, Air Force Space Command
COMARSPACE Commander, U.S. Army Space Command
COMBO computation of miss between orbits...NORAD computer program for collision avoidance calculations
COMET Collecte en Orbite de Matiere Extra Terrestie...French cometary dust collector_ commercial experiment transporter...three NASA-sponsored launches in 1992, 1994 and 1995.
COMIFS communication interface specification
COMINT communications intelligence {OPSEC}
COMJSOTF Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force
COMM communications
COMNAVCOMTELCOM - Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command
COMPASS complementary active sensor system {NAVSPACECOM}
COMPUINT computer intelligence {AIA}
compulsator compensated pulsed alternator
COMPUSEC computer security
comsat generic communications satellite
Comsat Communications Satellite Corporation
COMSEC communications security
Comstar Commercial domestic telephone comsat...uses an Atlas-Centaur booster; control center in Washington DC, TT&C stations in Southbury CT and Santa Paula CA.
- D2 launched 22 Jul 76
- D4 launched 21 Feb 81
Condor Proposed ASETA comsat.
Conestoga Space Services, Inc. solid propellant booster...successful suborbital test flight Sep 82
CONEX CONOPS (concept of operations) exercise
CONFIG configuration
CONOPS concept of operations
CONPLAN contingency plan
CONR CONUS (continental United States) NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence) Command region {C4SMP}
CONS contracting squadron, e.g., 1000 CONS
Contel Contel Federal Systems...CSOC comm segment contractor
contrail condensation trail
CONUS continental United States...oddly enough, "CONUS" excludes Alaska
COO chief of operations {AFSCN}
COOK AFSCN call sign for Vandenberg Tracking Station (VTS) of nine RTSs in the common user AFSCN, COOK (35_N latitude, 121_W longitude) also provides two-sided support for 30th Space Wing launches and is the alternate 750 SGP command post. COOK's 60' high-power uplink antenna ("VTS-A") was installed in 1967; ARTS II turnover May 92. COOK's 46' antenna ("VTS-B") was installed in 1973; ARTS II turnover Jul 91. COOK's 10m DLT (receive only) antenna ("VTS-C") was installed in 1981 for M2P1 communications; TT&C upgrade IOC Apr 93. Local standard time is Z-8 hours.
Copernicus German communications relay satellite...see "DFS Kopernikus"
COPES CCS (command and control segment) operating procedures, engineering and simulations {50 CTS}
COPS commodity-oriented procurement system {DLA}
COR consolidated operations room {Lights Out}
CORESAT constitution/reconstitution satellite {NAVSPACECOM}
Coronet Luxembourg's proposed 16-channel TV broadcast satellite.
COS certificate of service {NSP}_ chief of support_ Colorado Springs (Colorado)_ combat operations staff
COSEPUP Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy...a joint committee of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine
Cosmos CIS satellite series_ European aerospace manufacturers' consortium
COSPAR United Nations Committee on Space Research...originally chartered SPADATS to assign satellite international designators and keep the satellite catalogue for the UN
COSPAS Cosmicheskaya Sistyema Poiska Avariynych Sudov...CIS portion of COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue program; see "SARSAT-COSPAS"
COSPM Colorado Springs monitor station {GPS}
COSSCASP Consortium of Small Satellite Constructors and Service Providers
COT changeover time {Milstar}
COTR contracting officer's technical representative
COTS commercial off-the-shelf
CP command post_ communications processor {C4SMP}_ conduit penetration_ control processor {Milstar}
C2P command and control prototype
CPAF cost plus award fee
CPAFSK continuous phase amplitude frequency shift key
CPB charged particle beam
CPC ceramic printed circuit {20AF}_ computer program component {Milstar}
CPCA Camp Parks Communications Annex, Pleasanton CA (21 SOPS)...was briefly called CPTF
CPCI (C&DP contract) computer program configuration item {SMC Det 5}
180 NASA command formatter 234 command reformatter interface
201 ops planning 235 DSM simulation
202 TRD 236 interface adapter control
203 TLMPE 350 basic scheduling
206 CCS-3800 interface M04 NATO III communications
209 common services M05 command maneuver program
210 display management M09 DSP
217 unclassified isolated interface M10 GPS
218 classified interface control M13 CRRES
219 telemetry interface M15 Milstar
220 isolation review M16 UFO
221 RCSE control M18 GPS
225 astrodynamics common H/W hardware
230 mission orbit planning DB data base
231 external interface unit COM communications
232 downgrade interface control RTX operating system
233 formatter interface control
CPCSB computer program configuration sub-board {SR 27-2}
CPDC computer program development center {AFSCN}
CPE collocated program element...CSOC CPEs include GPS MCS, mission ops center, DSCS comm terminals, CTS, SEFC, and NTF_ computer performance evaluation {50 SSYS}
CPER contract performance evaluation report {NSP}
CPFF cost plus fixed fee
CPG control processor group {Milstar}
cpi characters per inch
CPI consumer price index
CPIC computer program integration contract...SMC Det 5 $2.7M CCS contract with Paramax (formerly Unisys)
CPIF cost plus incentive fee
CPIN computer program identification number {TO 00-35D-54}
CPLE capillary pump loop explorer...Shuttle experiment to determine zero-gravity performance of a capillary pump loop heat acquisition system; see "CAPL"
CPMR Cape Parry Missile Range, Canada...70.1_N latitude, 124.4_W longitude_ CSOC program management review
CPN colored petri-net
CPO chief petty officer {US Navy}_ civilian personnel office
CPR cardio-pulmonary resuscitation_ cost performance report
CPS characters per second_ competitive prototyping strategy {AFSPC/XP}_ core processing system {C4SMP}
CPSMR contractor's progress, status and management report {50 CTS}
CPT captain {U.S. Army}
CPT&E computer program(mer) testing and evaluation {50 SSYS}
CPTF Camp Parks Test Facility...see "CPCA"
CPU central processing unit
CPV common pressure cessel
CPX command post exercise
CQAE chief quality assurance evaluator
CR carriage return_ change request_ change requirement {NASA}_ clarification request_ continuing resolution_ coupling reduction...SGEMP hardening technique that reduces the injection current in a cable, reduces the replacement current flowing onto a cable, and reduces the cavity field coupling to a cable_ crossrange {20 AF}
C&R circumvention and recovery
CRA Centro Richerche Aerospaziale_ continuing resolution authority
CRAF civil reserve air fleet_ comet rendezvous asteroid fly-by
CRC control and reporting center {C4SMP}_ cyclic redundancy check {AFSCN}
CRIS crisis response imaging system {Ball Aerospace}
CRISP computer resources integrated support plan
CRISTA cryogenic infrared spectrometer telescope {NASA}
CRITIC critical intelligence
CRITICOM CRITIC (critical intelligence) communications (system) {TW/AA}
CRLCOMP computer resources life cycle management plan {CSOC}
CRM contract requirements monitor {50 CTS}
CRO change of reporting official_ COMSEC responsible officer
CROSS combined RF (radio frequency) and optical space surveillance {AFSPC/DO}
CRP command and reporting post_ command release point
CRPA controlled radiation pattern antenna
CRR calibration, repair and return {AFSCN}_ Churchill Research Range, Canada...58.48_N latitude, 93.48_W longitude_ correct rejection rate {CSOC SCS}
CRRES combined radiation and release effects satellite...built by Ball Aerospace for NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center; will release tracer chemicals to study atmospheric structures and dynamics, and will monitor the earth's radiation belts and their effects on the latest generation of microelectronics
CRS central radar system {TW/AA}_ command readout station {DMSP}_ Congressional Research Service
CRT cathode ray tube_ computer remote terminal
CRTC Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CRTI computer real-time interrupt
CRU command reformatter unit {CSOC}
CRWG computer resources working group {CSOC}
CS combat support {NAVSPACECOM}_ communications segment {CSOC}_ communications squadron, e.g., 750CS_ CONSTANT SOURCE_ contact success {CSOC}_ Japanese medium capacity communications satellite for experimental purposes. NATO III design, launched 15 Dec 77 on a Delta 2914, called Sakura ("cherry blossoms") following custom of naming successful satellites after flowers. Control center at Tsukuba, Japan.
- CS-2 launched on an N-2 booster from Tanegashima by NASDA; 750 lb, 4,000 telephone circuit capacity, control centers at Kimitu and Tateyama, Japan
- CS-2A launched 4 Feb 83
- CS-2B launched 6 Aug 83
- CS-3 is an 1100 lb-class comsat; 12 transponders each (6000 simultaneous telephone calls capacity)
CS-203 Star scanner for Venus radar mapper.
CS-207 Star scanner for Japanese MS-T5 Explorer and Planet A Explorer.
C&S control and status...ARTS computer
C3S command, control and communications segment {DMSP}
C4S command, control, communications and computer systems {NAVSPACECOM}
CSA Chief of Staff, United States Army_ combat support activity {DLA}_ contracted support activity {IG}
CSAF Chief of Staff, United States Air Force
CSAI contracted support activity inspection {50 CTS}
CSAR combat search and rescue {NAVSPACECOM}
CSAT constellation sustainability assessment team {GPS}
CSB computer support base {AFSCN}
CSC central security control {CSOC SCS}_ central switching controller_ Computer Sciences Corp., El Segundo CA_ computer software component {50 CTS}_ configuration software component {Milstar}_ core support capability
CSCE conference on security and cooperation in Europe
CSCI computer software configuration item {BMEWS Site III}
CSD Chemical Systems Division_ command signals decoder {20 AF}
CSDR CSOC service deficiency reporting
CSE common support equipment_ communications security establishment {C4SMP}_ control and status element
CSEE Compagnie de Signaux et d'Entreprises Electriques...French aerospace manufacturer
CSEG contact support equipment group {AFSCN}
CSEL combat survivor evader locator {ACC}
CSEP COMSEC education program...obsolete, now ETAP
CSF commanding support function {DMSP}
CSG Centre Spatiale Guiana...see "French Guiana Space Centre"_ combat support group_ command system generator {Milstar}
CSI commercial satellite interconnectivity program...NCS (National Communications System) program to establish a network of 22 commercial ground stations capable of finding and using surviving satellites in times of war or extraordinary emergency
CSIN computer software identification number
CSIP component sponsored investment program {AFSPC/XP}
CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies...Georgetown University think tank
CSK code shift key(ing)
CSL-2 U.S. designation for PRC FB-1 booster.
CSLA commercial space launch act {AFSPC/DOP}
CSLBM conventional submarine-launched ballistic missile
CSM command service module_ computer software management
CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access with collision detect
CSMO command supply and movement office {BMEWS Site III}
C3SMP command, control and communications system master plan {SR 27-2}
C4SMP command, control, communications and computers system master plan {C4SMP}
CSMR coarse spatial-resolution multispectral radiometer
CSO closely spaced object_ commanding systems operator {DMSP}_ communications-computer system officer {50 LG}_ Composite Signals Organization {ASCN}_ critical satellite operations...Harris DMSP contract; GE, WEC, OAO subcontractors_ critical space operations...budget term
CSOC consolidated space operations center {50 SW}
CSOT CONSTANT SOURCE operator's terminal
CSP channel substrate planar_ coherent signal processor_ command support plan {AFSCN}_ communications support processor {C4SMP}_ contact support plan {CSOC}_ contact support processor {AFSCN}_ control and status panel_ CSTC (Consoli dated Space Test Center) support program
CSPAR Commander-in-Chief's preparedness assessment report {C4SMP}
CSPR contact support procedure {DSCS}
CSR Computer Sciences Raytheon...ASCN O&M contractor {45 SW}_ contact success rate {CSOC}
CSRB communications/computer systems requirements board {SR 27-2}
CSRD communications/computer systems requirements document {AF Fm 3215}_ communications system reference document {C4SMP}
CSRO Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization...STS 51-C blood research payload participant
CSS communications system segment {CMAFB}_ concept of software support {IWSM}
CSSO computer system security officer {AFSCN}_ contractor special security officer {50 SPS}
CSSR communications system segment (CSS) replacement {CMC}
C/SSR cost/schedule status report {50 CTS}
CST Central Standard Time
CSTC Consolidated Space Test Center...formerly AFSCF, now SMC/CU Det 2
CSTGS CSTC transportable ground station
CSTI civilian space technology initiative {NAVSPACECOM}
CSU channel service unit {AFSCN}_ Colorado State University
CSV control step verification
CSVCS common services {CPCI 209}
CSWG communications-computer system working group {50 LG}
CT command transmitter {20 AF}_ Connecticut
CT-411 Star tracker used on all Shuttle flights for fine alignment of the navigation system and for attitude verification before releasing payloads.
CTAPS contingency TACS (tactical air control system) automated planning system {C4SMP}
C2TAS command and control timeline analysis system
C/TAV crossover/transatmospheric vehicle
CTC central telecommunications cabinet {AFSCN}
CTCC critical technology coordinating committee
CTD charge transfer device
CTDF contracting technical data file {DLA}
CTE coefficient of thermal expansion...the change in length per unit length per degree in temperature {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}_ command transmitter controller_ crew training emulator {50 CTS}
C2TED command and control tactical exploitation demonstration {BMDO}
C-TGT calibration target
CTI concept and technology integration
CTIS commander's tactical information system {TW/AA}
CTLI combat training launch instrumentation
CTLR controller {AFSCN}
CTM collapsible tube mast...Hitchhiker-G Shuttle payload
CTO central telephone office {AFSCN}
CTOL cataloging tools on line {DLA}
CTP communications task plan {USSPACECOM/J6N}
CTS center technical services...45 SW range O&M contract_ Colorado Tracking Station...see "PIKE"_ communications technology satellite_ component tracking system_ COMSEC/TRANSEC subsystem {Milstar}_ crew training squadron, e.g., 50 CTS...formerly CCTS
CTSC center technical services contractor
CTSG central timing signal generator
CTT commander's tactical terminal
CTV corona test voltage
CU cumulus {AWS}
Cub-A Cuban C-band communications satellite
CUBE AFSCN call sign for CDS ops area at Onizuka AS.
CUE common user element...AFSCN resources shared by everyone who uses the network -- the communications, the RTS antennas, and both RCC scheduling nodes
Cupola Experiment conducted on Salyut-7 space station to evaluate industrial pollution over large industrial centers (Zaporozhye) using photographic, spectrometric and radiometric equipment.
CUR current
CUS common user software
CV aircraft carrier {USN}_ carrier vehicle_ crypto variable {GPS}_ vice commander
CVBG carrier battle group {USN}
CVD chemical vapor deposition
CVHG VSTOL aircraft carrier {USN}
CVSD continuously variable slope delta...modulation technique for digital communications_ continuously variable slope detector {DMSP}
CW Canada west {C4SMP}_ chemical warfare_ continuous wave_ AFMC SMC satellite control and data handling program office, i.e., SMC/CW.
C&W Cable and Wireless {AFSCN}
C2W command and control warfare {CJCS MOP 30}
CWBS contract work breakdown structure
CWC cleared while checking...also called CBI (cleared before isolation) {AFSCN}_ composite warfare commander
CWDE chemical warfare defense equipment {AFSCN}
CX cancel(led)
CY calendar year_ current year
CYSICYG color you see is color you term, pronounced "sissy-sig" {GT}
CZ PRC Long March launcher series:
- CZ-1C is a 3-stage booster with a 100-400 kg capability to sun-synchronous orbit
- CZ-2 (Long March 2) is a 2-stage liquid propellant booster with a 1250 kg capability to sun-synchronous orbit (3,900 kg to 200 km orbit inclined 28.5_)
- CZ-3 (Long March 3) is a 3-stage booster (third stage is liquid oxygen and hydrogen) with a 1400 kg GTO capability
CZCS costal zone color of the sensors on Nimbus 7


D Normal international space object designator suffix for "debris."_ DELTA {military phonetics alphabet}_ Democrat, e.g., Sen. Biden (D-DE)
D3 detection, designation and discrimination
3-D three dimensional
5D demand-driven direct digital dissemination {FSST}
DA administration...obsolete, now IM_ damage assessment_ Department of the Army_ district attorney
D/A digital to analog
DAA defense activation authority_ designated approving authority {AFR 205-16}
DAASAT direct ascent anti-satellite
DAB (Department of) Defense Acquisition Board
DABM defense against ballistic missiles...changed to SDI, then to BMD
DAC detailed attack characterization_ discriminating attack capability_ duty air controller
DACOWITS - (Department of) Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
DAD dual air density...measure of global density of upper atmosphere and lower exosphere
DAE defense acquisition executive {DOD}
DA&E data analysis and evaluation
DAF Department of the Air Force_ discriminator amplifier filter {AFSCN}
DAFC Department of the Air Force civilian
DAHAP data acquisition, handling and analysis plan
DAIS digital avionics instruction set
DAL daily activity log {AFSCN}_ defended asset list
DAMA demand-assigned multiple access
DANASAT direct-ascent nuclear anti-satellite
DAPS display and acquisition
DAR daily activity report {AFI10-1204}_ defense acquisition regulation...obsolete, now FAR
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency...formerly ARPA, now ARPA again
DARTS Delta Astrotech reusable transfer stage
DAS data acquisition subsystem {DMSP}_ date arrived station {CBPO}
DASC defense administrative support center {DLA}
DASD direct access storage device
DASS doppler acoustic sounding system
DAT digital audio tape_ direct ascent threat
DATAB data table {DMSP}
dB decibel(s)...a unit for describing the ratio of two powers or intensities, or the ratio of a power to a reference power
DB daily bulletin_ data base_ dry bulb
dBA decibel on the A-weighted scale {EPA}
DBA data base administrator {AFSCN}_ direct budget authority
DBCCD data base change control directive
DBCM data base configuration management
DBCR data base change request {AFSCN}
DBDS data base development standard
DBFAT data base functional area team
dBm decibels referenced to one milliwatt
DBMS data base management system
DBOF (Department of) Defense business operations fund
DBP direct buy program {DLA}
DBS direct broadcast satellite
DBSC double sideband compressed carrier
dBsm decibels relative to one square meter
DBSSL database software support library {Det 5, SMC/CW}
DBT database transfer {50 CTS}_ dual band translator {20AF}
dBW decibels above one watt...a measure of power equal to 10 times the common logarithm of the ratio of a given power to one watt
DBWG data base working group {AFSCN}
DC data controller {AFSCN}_ direct current_ District of Columbia
DCA Defense Communications Agency...obsolete, now DISA_ defensive counterair {AFM 1-1}
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAC Defense Communications Agency circular
DCAOC Defense Communications Agency Operations Center {DSCS}
DCAS Defense Contract Administrative Services
DCBSY MGS (missile guidance set) computer busy {20 AF}
DCC damage control center {50 CES}_ data control center_ Digital Communications Corporation
DCCL digital charge-coupled logic
DCCP DC/DC converter inverter power supply {GPS}
DCCS designated constellation control station {Milstar}
DCD dual command decoder {GPS}
DCDS distributed computer design system
DCE dichloroethylene {EPA}
DCEA digital control electronics assembly {GPS}
DCEC Defense Communications Engineering Center
DCF DSCS certification facility (Army Space Command)...formerly PACCE
DCG disaster control group {AFSPC/IG}
DCI Director of Central Intelligence
DCINCNORAD - Deputy Commander in Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command
DCLS data collection and location system...Tiros-N sensor
DCM data communications multiplexer_ defensive countermeasures_ deputy commander of maintenance
DCMC Defense Contract Management Command
DCMDR deputy commander
DCN defense communications network {C4SMP}_ digital communications network_ DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) corporate network_ document change notice {NASA}
DCO document change order {AFSCN}
DCP data collection platform_ decision coordinating paper
DCR design change request {AFSCN}
DCS Defense Communications System...controlled by DISA and the Department of the Army, the DCS uses DSCS as well as leased channels on commercial comsats_ deputy chief of staff
DCSC Defense Construction Supply Center {DLA}
DCSS digital communications subsystem
DCT digital communications terminal
DCTE data circuit terminating equipment
DCTN defense commercial telecommunications network
DCU digital control unit {20 AF}
DD Department of Defense, e.g., DD Form 1423_ detailed design {50 SSYS}
DDB display data base {DMSP}
DDC data distribution center {TW/AA}
DDCP data decommutator command processor {DMSP}
DDD direct distance dialing
DDE data distribution element {AFSCN}_ data distribution equipment {AFSCN}_ desired damage expectancy_ digital data element {AFSCN}_ Dwight David Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States, 1953-1961
DDG guided-missile destroyer {USN}
DDIF DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) digital image format {AFSC2S}
DDL delegation of disclosure letter_ direct downlink {NAVSPACECOM}
DDMS Department of Defense Manager, Space Transportation System...Patrick AFB FL office that cordinates DoD responsibilities for Shuttle takeoffs and landings
DDN defense data network {AFSCN}_ defense dissemination network_ distributed data network
DDP discrete display panel
DDPAT distributed database performance analysis tool
DDR-C Defense Distribution Region-Central {DLA}
DDR-E Defense Distribution Region-East {DLA}
DDR&E Director of Defense Research and Engineering
DDR-W Defense Distribution Region-West {DLA}
DDS data display subsystem {DMSP}_ data distribution system {AFSCN}_ defense dissemination system_ digital display system {C4SMP}
DDT design development test
DDU data distribution unit {AFSCN}_ digital distribution unit
DE damage expectancy_ Delaware_ directed energy_ dynamics explorer
DEC declination_ Digital Equipment Corporation, PO Box 9501, Merrimack NH 03054-9501
DeCA Defense Commissary Agency
DECA defense, economic cooperation agreement {73 SGP}
DECCO Defense Commercial Communications Office
DECOM decommutation unit {DMSP}
DED data entry display {TW/AA}
deep space Operationally defined as the region of space where an object has an orbital period of at least 225 minutes.
DEERS (Department of) Defense enrollment eligibility reporting system
DEFCON defense readiness condition...the stage of alert for U.S. military forces, ranges from 5 (peacetime) to 1 (global thermonuclear war):
- 5 (exercise term FADE OUT): Normal peacetime situation exists
- 4 (exercise term DOUBLE TAKE): Increased intelligence watch and strengthened security measures
- 3 (exercise ROUND HOUSE): An increase in force readiness above normal readiness
- 2 (exercise FAST PACE): A further increase in force readiness but less than maximum readiness
- 1 (exercise COCKED PISTOL): Maximum force readiness {CBTS}
DEFSIM defense simulation
DEFSMAC Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center
DEG degree
DEI data exchange interface_ directed energy intercept
DEIS draft environmental impact statement
Delta McDonnell Douglas booster...Delta II, the growth version, entered the Air Force inventory in Feb 88 and was first launched 14 Feb 89
- Delta 3920 with PAM-D upper stage can boost 2450 lb to GTO
- Delta 6925 can take 8780 lbs to LEO and 3190 lbs to GTO; the Delta 6925 has carried nine GPS satellites into orbit
- Delta 7925 can take 11,110 lbs to LEO and 4010 lbs to GTO; the Delta 7925 has boosted all GPS satellites into orbit since its first launch in Nov 90
DELTA Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "D."
Delta 180 5 Sep 86 BMDO sensor and interceptor experiment
Delta 181 8 Feb 88 BMDO test to discriminate warheads from decoys in space
delta V Change in velocity...the ideal delta V (pronounced "delta vee") is the velocity change a rocket would attain if there were no gravity and no drag, and if the earth did not rotate. {Space Handbook, Aug 77}
DEM digital event marker
DEMOD demodulator {AFSCN}
DEMUX demultiplex(er)
DEMVAL demonstration and validation
DEN Denver (Colorado)
DENC disenabled commanded {20 AF}
DEO defense employment option_ designated escort official {50 SPS}
DEP delayed enlistment program {AFMPC}
DEPCINCSPACE - deputy commander in chief, U.S. Space Command
DEPCJTF deputy commander, joint task force {NAVSPACECOM}
DEPSECDEF - Deputy Secretary of Defense
DERA defense environmental restoration account {ECAMP}
DERP (Department of) Defense environmental restoration program
DES data encryption standard
DESC Defense Electronics Supply Center...this DLA organization buys and manages electronics for the U.S. military services and federal civil agencies such as NASA and the FAA {DS&E, Feb 85}
descending node - The point on the equatorial plane where an earth-orbiting body passes from north latitude to south latitude. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
DESTA DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) thin-wire Ethernet station adapter {AFSC2S}
DET detachment...selected Air Force Space Command and other detachments:
- 2 SOPS Det 1, 39761 Old Press Site Rd, Cape Canaveral AFS FL 32925-6577...formerly 2SCS, operates and maintains a GPS ground antenna, and supports 45th Space Wing launches of GPS satellites
- 4 SPSS (73 SGP) detachments:
-- Det 1: San Vito Dei Normanni AS IT...inactivated 1 Apr 94
-- Det 2: inactivated Nov 93, now 17 SPSS
-- Det 3: Osan AB, Korea, APO San Francisco 96366-5000
- 6 SOPS Det 1, Fairchild AFB, 11604 West Newkirk Rd, Spokane WA 99204-0201...formerly 5 SOPS, also called Spokane Satellite Tracking Station; includes two dedicated DMSP tracking antennas and a backup C2 node (SOC-36, called FAIR, the Fairchild satellite operations center)
- 12 SWS Det 1 (21 SW), Sondrestrom AB GL, APO NY 09121-5000...formerly 1015 ABS
- 18 SPSS (73 SGP) detachments:
-- Det 1: PO Box W, Socorro NM 87801-5000
-- Det 2: Choe-Jong San, Korea, APO SF 96218-0177
-- Det 3: PO Box 1075, Puunene, Maui HI 96784-1075
-- Det 4: Diego Garcia, BIOT, Box 50, FPO AP 96464-0050
-- Det 5: PO Box 5786, Saipan, CNMI, MP 96950-5786
- 45 OPG (45 SW) detachments:
-- Det 1: Antigua; Maj Lee Winters, commander; Tim deGavre, CSR station manager
-- Det 2: Ascension AAF, Ascension Island; LC Geno Cuomo, commander; Jack Whitaker, CSR station manager; local standard time is Z hours
- 73 SGP Det 3...obsolete, now 3 SPSS
- 750 SGP (formerly 2 STG) detachments:
-- Det 1: Vandenberg Tracking Station (VTS), Bldg 23225, Room 159, 747 Nebraska Ave, Suite 10, Vandenberg AFB CA 93437-6270...see "COOK"
-- Det 2: New Hampshire Tracking Station (NHS)..."Det 2" is obsolete; now 23 SOPS; see "BOSS"
-- Det 3: Thule Tracking Station (TTS), Unit 82501, APO AE 09704-5000...see "POGO"
-- Det 4: Indian Ocean Tracking Station (IOS), PSC #1215, Unit 62500, APO AE 09815...see "INDI"
-- Det 5: Guam Tracking Station (GTS), Unit 14023, APO AP 96543-5000...see "GUAM"
-- Det 6: Hawaii Tracking Station (HTS), PO Box 868, Waianae HI 96792-0868...see "HULA"
-- Det 7: Colorado Tracking Station (CTS), Galileo Ave, Suite 54, Falcon AFB CO 80912-4154..."Det 7" is obsolete; CTS is now part of 22 SOPS...see "PIKE"
-- Det 8: Diego Garcia Tracking Station (DGS), Box 52, FPO AP 96464-0052...see "REEF"
-- Det 9: "Det 9" is obsolete; now 22 SOPS
- AFMC Det 25, Colorado Springs CO
- AFTAC Det 46: Obsolete, now OL-CO
- SMC (AFMC) detachments:
-- Det 4: CSOC SATAF, Falcon AFB CO 80912-5000
-- Det 5: CWF, Falcon AFB CO 80912-5000
-- Det 6: CWO, Onizuka AFB CA
DEW directed energy weapon_ distant early warning
DF data formatter {DMSP}_ deuterium fluoride_ direction finding_ doozlefustus {S/DDO}
D&F determination and findings
DFAR DOD supplement to the Federal Acquisition Regulation
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service, 6760 E Irvington Pl, Denver CO 80279 {DMRD 910}
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross_ doppler frequency converter {AFSCN}
DFD directive format directory {50 CTS}
DFDS data file distribution system
DFHSM data facility hierarchical storage manager...IBM-proprietary MCC DASD software being incorporated through ECP 5126
DFMR dual frequency MEECN receiver...SLFCS replacement {AFSPC/DOM}
DFOV dual field of view (wide and narrow)
DFRC Dryden Flight Research Center {NASA}
DFRF Dryden Flight Research Facility {NASA}
DFS developmental flight satellite {Milstar}_ digital facsimile system {DMSP}
DFSC Defense Fuels Supply Center
DFS Kopernikus - 17-transponder German relay satellite for TV and telephone signals, built by a four-firm consortium headed by Siemens, A. A.
DFT discrete Fourier transformer
DFVLR Deutsche Forschungs und Versuchsanstalt fuer Luft und Raumfahrt...West German national aerospace research establishment
DG defense guidance_ Diego Garcia {REEF}_ display group {Milstar}_ distinguished graduate {AU}_ done graduated
DGAC (formerly West) German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics
DGCEEM director, general communications and electronics engineering and maintenance
DGE digital ground equipment
DGPS differential GPS (global positioning system)
DGS dedicated ground site {DSP}_ Diego Garcia Tracking Station...see "REEF"
DGSC Defense General Supply Center {DLA}
DGT Direction Generale des Telecommunications...French Telecom manager
DGZ designated ground zero
DHC data handling center
DHS data handling subsystem {Milstar}_ Defense HUMINT Service
DI data item_ design intent {AFSPC/DOT}_ dielectric isolation
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency, Bolling AFB DC
DIAL differential absorption lidar...a sensor under development by MMC Astro Electronics that uses lasers to measure temperature and humidity
DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency manual
DIB data interface buffer
DIC data insertion converter_ document identifier code {DLA}
DICE AFSCN call sign for Onizuka AFB mission control complexes.
DID data item description
DIDS dynamic interdiction discrimination system
DIDSIM defense-in-depth simulation
DIEGO Diego Garcia Island, BIOT {REEF}
DIEGOG Diego Garcia (Island) ground antenna {GPS}
DIEGOM Diego Garcia (Island) monitor station {GPS}
DIFFA Design Industries Foundation for AIDS {GT}
DIFM due in from maintenance {AFSCN}
DIG digital
DIIP defense inactive item program {DLA}
DIM double interpolation method
DIN document identification number
DINK dual-income, no kids
DINS dormant inertial navigation system (INS)
DIOCU digital input/output control unit
DIP display information processor {BMEWS}_ dual in-line package
DIPEC Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
DIPS dynamic isotope(s) power system
DIR director {SR 27-2}
DIRFT do it right the first time {QAF}
DIRLAUTH - direct liaison authorized {NAVSPACECOM}
DIRNSA Director, National Security Agency
DIS Defense Investigative Service
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency, 701 S Courthouse Rd, Arlington VA 22204-2199...formerly DCA
DISAMO DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) management organization
DISAOC DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) operation center
DISC Defense Industrial Supply Center {DLA}
DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISEN disenabled state {20 AF}
DISN (Department of) Defense information systems network {C4SMP}
DISOB (Department of) Defense intelligence space operations bulletin {AFSPC/DOY}_ defense intelligence space order of battle {Cheyenne Mountain CIC}
DISNET (Department of) Defense integrated secure network
DISP (Department of) Defense industrial security program
DISPEWT (Department of) Defense intelligence space electronic warfare threat
DISS digital ionospheric sounding system {AFSPC/DOG}
DIU data insertion unit {AFSCN}
DL data link
D/L downlink
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAH Defense Logistics Agency handbook
DLAM Defense Logistics Agency manual
DLAR Defense Logistics Agency regulation
DLEA drug law enforcement agency {C4SMP}
DLI data link interface
DLIS defense logistics information system {DLA}
DLL data link level
DLM depot level maintenance
DLMS defense logistics management system {DLA}
DLR depot level reparables {DMRD 904}
DLSA Defense Legal Services Agency
DLSC Defense Logistics Service Center
DLSP downlink signal processor {AFSCN}
DLT (10m M-22) data link terminal
DM data management_ data monitor_ danger mouse_ decision making {USSPACECOM/J6}_ defense missile
DMA Defense Mapping Agency, Washington DC...provides MC&G support and services to the armed forces; produces and distributes maps, charts, precise positioning data, and digital data for strategic and tactical military operations and weapons {AW&ST, 16 Jul 84}_ degraded mode assessment_ deployed mechanical assembly_ direct memory access {AFSC2S}
DMAAC Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
DMATC Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center
DMCCC deputy missile combat crew comander {AFSPC/DOM}
DMCO Delta mission checkout {45 SW}
DMD duty mission director {DSCS}
DME distance measuring equipment
DMGE depot maintenance ground equipment {20 AF}
DMI deployment mapping instrument
DM-M delay modulation-mark {telemetry Miller code}
DMMD dual magnet momentum dump {GPS}
DMO data management office(r)
DMOS diffusive mixing of organic solutions...3M Corporation's experiment on STS 51-A, to grow crystals of organic compounds for research programs
DMPA Defense Medical Programs Activity
DMPALS doppler mission performance algorithm system {DSCS}
DMR defense management reduction_ defense management review
DMRD defense management review decision...budget term
DMS digital microwave system
DM-S delay modulation-space {telemetry Miller code}
DMSM (Department of) Defense meritorious service medal
DMSO defense modeling and simulation office {AFSPC/DOP}
DMSP defense meteorological satellite program...military weather satellite controlled by 6 SOPS (formerly 1000 SOG); Det 1, 6 SOPS; and 1 SOPS (formerly 1 SCS); circular polar orbit, 450 NM altitude (commercial METSATs are at synchronous), 101-minute period (14 times over POGO daily)
- F-6 20 Dec 82 Ops 40 Residual...R&D satellite under AFMC control
- F-8 19 Jun 87 Ops 43 Special sensor data only...OLS failed Aug 91
- F-9 3 Feb 88 Ops 42 Residual...R&D satellite under AFMC control
- F-10 1 Dec 90 Ops 44 Strategic/tactical support...anomalous orbit
- F-11 28 Nov 91 Ops 46 Strategic/tactical support
DMSPE DMSP enhancement
DMSP-O DMSP-other...allows limited use of TTS C-side DMSPE on B-side
DMTS digital maintenance test set {COBRADANE}
DMU dual modem upgrade {AFSPC/DOM}
DMUX demultiplex(er) {AFSCN}
DN discrepancy notice {AFSCN}
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency, Washington, DC 20305-5000_ deoxyribonucleic acid
DND Department of National Defence {Canada}_ duty network director {AFSCN}
DNIF duties not involving flying {50 OPG}
DNM distributed network management
DNMS distributed network management system
DNOA dual-node operations agreement {50 OPG}
DNSC Defense National Stockpile Center {DLA}
DNSO defense network systems organization {DISA}
DO operational dependability {AFR 57-9}
DO deputy commander for operations_ director of operations {AFI 10-1204}_ MCC-III {OD-1}
DOA dead on arrival
DOB date of birth_ depth of burst_ deployment operating base {C4SMP}
DOC Command and Control Systems Division, Directorate of Operations, Air Force Space Command_ Department of Commerce_ designed operational capability {MCCC}_ drift orbit correction {GPS}
DOCS DSCS operational control system...Army DCF building at Falcon AFB
DOD (U.S.) Department of Defense...OSD uses a lower case "o," e.g., "DoD"
DODAAC (U.S.) Department of Defense address activity code
DODD (U.S.) Department of Defense directive
DODEA (U.S.) Department of Defense education activity
DODEE (U.S.) Department of Defense element of expense (/investment code, i.e., EEIC)
DODI (U.S.) Department of Defense instruction
DODIIS (U.S.) Department of Defense intelligence information system
DODSI (U.S.) Department of Defense security institute
DOE (U.S.) Department of Energy
DOF degrees of freedom
3DOF three degrees of freedom
6DOF six degrees of freedom
DOG Current Operations Division, Directorate of Operations, Air Force Space Command
DOI detachment operating instruction {AFSCN}
Dolphin Suborbital rocket under development as a precursor to four-stage Constellation orbital booster, designed as a low-cost launcher; first launch 3 Aug 84
DOM German (FRG) orbiting laboratory...sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Research (BMFT) to explore near-earth space for scientific and technological research, complementing the German Spacelab-D program and contributing to Space Station Columbus preparation. DOM carrier (derived from SPAS design) is a reusable multipurpose platform designed for a minimum of five missions.
DOMSAT (generic) domestic (U.S. commercial communications) satellite
DOOI DO operating instruction {Milstar}
DOP development options paper {NAVSPACECOM}
DOR daily operations report {AFI 10-1204}_ daily outage report {AFSCN}
DORS data output recording system_ (Department of) Defense outplacement referral service
DOS date of separation_ Department of State (aka Foggy Bottom)_ disk operating system
DOT (U.S.) Department of Transportation...designated by President Reagan Nov 83 to administer commercial space launch vehicle policy (through its Office of Commercial Space Transportation)_ designated operational tracker {20 AF}_ operations training branch {50SW}_ Space Operations Training, Testing, Standardization/Evaluation and Configuration Control Division, Directorate of Operations, Air Force Space Command
DOTM due out to maintenance {AFSCN}
DOTS dynamic ocean tracking system {AW&ST, 19 Oct 92}
downlink Communication from a satellite to a ground station.
DOY Space Control Division, Directorate of Operations, Air Force Space Command {AFI 10-1204}
DP data processing_ data processor_ definitely promote
DPA Defense Production Act
DPAS Defense Priorities and Allocations System...Department of Commerce system to police delivery schedules for government- contracted defense goods; formed by merging 31-year old defense priorities and defense materials systems (DPS/DMS)
DPBIT data processor built-in test
DPC data processing center {BMEWS Site III}_ defense planning committee
DPDO defense property disposal office {AFSPC/IG}
DPE data processing equipment_ DMSP playback enhancement {BOSS}
DPF data processing facility
DPLP demonstration performance lesson plan {50 CTS}
DPML deputy program manager for logistics {SMC}
DPOP data processing operating procedure
DPRB Defense Planning and Resources Board
DPRO (Department of) Defense plant representative office
DPS data processing (sub)system {Milstar}_ (Department of) Defense Printing Service
DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center {DLA}
DPSK digital phase shift key(ing)
DPSO (Department of Defense) data products standards office
DPU digital processor unit {20 AF}
DPW Directorate of Public Works {USASCH}
DR deficiency report {AFSCN}_ detection radar, e.g., AN/FPS-17 (Pirincilik) and AN/FPS-50 (Clear)_ discrepancy report {GPS}_ discrimination radar_ downrange {20 AF}
DRA(AD) Defence Research Agency, Aerospace Division {MOD}
DRAM dynamic random access memory
DRAMA data review, analysis and monitoring aid {DLA}
DRB defense resources board...SECDEF's corporate review body for the PPBS and systems acquisition process; chaired by DEPSECDEF, the DRB makes final decisions on program issues resulting from Service and Agency POM inputs
DRD duty range director {AFSCN}
DRE digital ranging equipment {AFSCN}
DRED detection radar environment display {50 CTS}
DREP data replanner...German Spacelab payload control center position
DRF data reduction facility_ discrepancy report form {AFSCN}
DRG data routing group {AFSCN}_ degrees, radians, gradients_ document reference guide {AFSCN}
DRIS defense retail interservice support {DODD 4000.19M}
DRMO Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office(r)
DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service {DLA}_ distance root mean square
DRO direct readout
DRPP data routing patch panel {AFSCN}
DRS data reconstruction system {DMSP}
DRSP defense reconnaissance support program
DRSS data recording subsystem_ depot repair and statusing system {AFSCN}
DRT DSM (data systems modernization) recovery team {AFSCN}
DRU direct reporting unit
Druzhba Czech-developed light, compact, transportable space ground station...Druzhba is a Czech term meaning "Friendship"
DS digital switch {AFSCN}_ disk system {Milstar}
3DS digital decision display system {C4SMP}
DSA Defense Supply Agency
DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency
DSAC DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) systems automation center
DSARC defense systems acquisition review council...the highest level DOD corporate body for system acquisition
DSAT defensive satellite
DSB Defense Science Board_ digital slave bus {AFSCN}
DSC data systems controller {AFSCN}_ defense space council {NAVSPACECOM}_ Defense Supply Center {DLA}_ depot support contract...Bendix AFSCN contract
DSCS defense satellite communications squadron, e.g., 5 DSCS_ defense satellite communications system...geostationary military comsats that provide high data rate comm for military forces, diplomatic corps, and the White House. DSCS provides long-haul SHF 7/8 GHz voice and high data rate communications for fixed and transportable terminals, and extends mobile service to a limited number of ships and aircraft. The user segment includes the DCA Operations Center (DCAOC) and several DSCS Operations Centers (DSCS-OCs). DSCS II and III are controlled by 3 SOPS from SOC-33 (formerly MCC-2). Operational DSCS satellites include the following (an additional test location is at 123_W):
- Flt 14 II 175_E longitude WPAC
- Flt 15 II 175_E longitude WPAC
- Flt 16 III-A1 130_W longitude EPAC reserve
- Flt 17 III-B4 42_W longitude WLANT reserve
- Flt 18 III-B5 52_W longitude WLANT prime
- Flt 19 II 60_E longitude INDI reserve
- Flt 20 III-A2 57_E longitude INDI prime
- Flt 21 III-B14 135_W longitude EPAC prime
- Flt 22 III-B12 12_W longitude ELANT prime
- Flt 23 III-B9 175_E longitude WPAC prime
- Flt 24 III-B10 52_W longitude WLANT prime (after testing)
DSCSOC DSCS (defense satellite communications system) operations center {ARSPACE}
DSD direct support duty
DSDIO Director, Strategic Defense Initiative Office...obsolete; SDIO is now BMDO
DSE depot support equipment {20AF}
DSI (Department of) Defense simulation internet {USSPACECOM}_ depot support integrator...Bendix term for site integrator
DSIS DCS (Defense Communications System)/SCF (Satellite Control Facility) interface system...DSIS provides full-duplex wideband comm between CSTC, CSOC and the RTSs
DSM data systems modernization...a CCS development program to replace computers and software for controlling satellites, DSM provides new computer hardware and software, and new operational concepts for the 50 SW satellite operations complexes (SOCs). It also provides the data processing capability for the network control system segments of the AFSCN, centralizes command and control of the AFSCN, and uses resources more efficiently. IBM is the contractor.
DSMC Defense Systems Management College, Ft Belvoir VA
DSN deep space network {NASA}_ defense switched network...replaced AUTOVON in 1990
DSNET defense secure network {C4SMP}
DSP defense support program...satellites that provide early warning of missile launches; the first line of defense against missile attack on the U.S. Supported by 1 SOPS (SOC-31B).
DSR development service report {AFSCN}
DSSCS defense special security communication system
DSSO defense systems support organization {DISA}
DSSP (Department of) Defense standards and specifications program {DNA}
DSSR deep space surveillance radar {TW/AA}
DST defense suppression threat
DSTASK deep space tasking {AFSPC/DOY}
DSTC DOD space test capability
DSTS deep space tracking system {AFSPC/DO}
DSU data select unit_ digital service unit {AFSCN}_ direct support unit_ disk storage unit_ dual storage unit
DSWR deep space warning radar {NAVSPACECOM}
DSWS deep space warning sensor {TW/AA}
DT delay time {20 AF}_ discrimination technique(s)_ downlink transmitter
D&T detection and tracking
DTAPS DSCS telemetry analysis and processing system
DTAT design-to-threat and attack tape
DTB data terminal buffer
DTC data transmission center_ delivery term code_ design to cost
DTDMA distributed time division multiple access
DTE data terminal equipment {AFSCN}
DT&E development(al) test(ing) and evaluation
DTED digital terrain elevation data {DMA}
DTF development test facility
DTG date-time group
DTI doppler time intensity
DTIC (Department of) Defense Technical Information Center
DTL drift tube Linac
DTM data transfer module {TAB93-1}_ deflection transformation matrix
DTO data take off {50 CTS}
DTS data transmission system_ defense technologies study_ defense transportation system {AFSCN}_ direct transmission system
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration {AFI 10-1210}
DTST defensive technologies study team...a panel headed by James C. Fletcher, tasked by NEED 6-83 to identify new and innovative BMD concepts
DTT design to threat
DTU digital tape unit
DTV development test vehicle_ digital television
DU display unit {Milstar}
DUCMA dust particle counter and mass analyzer...carried on Vega spacecraft, developed by J.A. Simpson, University of Chicago
DUI driving under the influence
DUNS data universal numbering system
Dushanbe CIS space tracking facility located in Tadzhiksyaya
DV design verification_ distinguished visitor {50 SW/CCP}
D/V demonstration/validation
D&V development and validation
DVAL datalink vulnerability analysis
DVFR defense visual flight rules {C4SMP}
DVIP digital video integrator and processor
DVITS digital video imaging transmission system...Harris product
DVT design verification test
DVU digital voice unit {AFSCN}
DWD dispersed weapons director {C4SMP}
DWI driving while intoxicated
DZ drop zone


e Base of the natural logarithm_ eccentricity...describes the shape of an orbit; for a circular orbit, e= 0. Mathematically, e = 2c/2a, or the ratio of the distance between the two foci (2c) and the major axis (2a)...see "Keplerian elements"_ empty
E east_ ECHO {military phonetics alphabet}
EA emergency action {C4SMP}_ engagement authorization_ environmental assessment
E&A Engineering and Administration...building 300, Falcon AFB
EAC early attack characterization_ (President's) Economic Adjustment Committee_ emergency action console_ estimate at completion {50 CES}
EACC electronic asset control center {AFSCN}
EAD extended air defense
EADSIM extended air defense simulator
EAGLE VISION SPOT imagery direct downlink prototype.
EAID equipment authorized in-use detail {AFSCN}
EAIM end article item manager
EAL entry access list {50 SWR 56-1}
EAM emergency action message
EAP emergency action plan_ emergency action procedure {USSPACECOM/J6}
EAR engineering analysis report {AFI10-1208}_ export administration regulation
EAROM electrically alterable read-only memory {GPS}
EASE/ACCESS experimental assembly of structures in EVA (extra-vehicular activity)/assembly concept for construction of erectable space structures...Shuttle experiment to measure human factors while assembling structures during EVA
EASTLANT east Atlantic...DSCS III satellite at 12_W longitude; also called ELANT
EASTPAC east Pacific...DSCS III satellite at 135_W longitude; also called EPAC
EAWG element architecture working group
EBB electronic bulletin board {AFMPC}
EBC emulated buffer computer {AFSCN}
EBCDIC extended binary-coded decimal interchange code {AFSC2S}
EBIS electron-beam imaging system
EBM engagement battle manager
EBR electron beam recorder
EBS emergency broadcast system_ European business satellite...a Swedish commercial effort to build and operate two Ku-band comsats
EBU European business union...Geneva-based organization that distributes television programming among European nations
EBW exploding bridgewire
EC earth coverage_ electronic combat_ environmental compliance {ECAMP}_ European Community_ evaluation criterion {CSOC SCS}
ECA electronic and computer assembly_ European community agency
ECAC electromagnetic compatibility analysis center
ECAMP environmental compliance assessment and management program {AFR19-17}
ECB engineering change board_ engineering control board
ECC element command center_ entry control card {Falcon AFB}_ exception code card {AFSCN}
eccentricity see - "e"
ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures
ECD element control directive_ estimated completion date
ECF entry control facility {CSOC SCS}
ECHO Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "E."
Echo 1 Launched 12 Aug 60, the first passive comsat (a mylar balloon 30m in diameter).
ECI earth-centered inertial_ error cause identification
ECL emitter-coupled logic...a type of semiconductor microcircuit device
ecliptic plane The plane defined by the circle on the celestial sphere traced by the sun's path. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
ECM electronic countermeasures
ECN engineering change notice
ECO engineering change order
ECP engineering change proposal_ entry control point {50 SPS}
ECR earth-centered relative_ engine concept review {NAVSPACECOM}
ECRS East Coast radar system {C4SMP}
ECS energy conversion station power system component_ entry control subsystem {CSOC SCS}_ environmental control system_ European communications satellite...controlled by Eutelsat, sponsored by ESA; first satellite of second series (Eutelsat 2), 16 transponders per satellite. The generic ECS spacecraft design is a cylindrical central thrust cone surrounded by an equipment platform. Two co-rotating momentum wheels provide attitude control. ECS uses a solid rocket motor for apogee impulse and 16 thrusters for station-keeping. Next-generation ECS called Eurostar._ external control system...random buzzword generator product
ECSP electronics command signals programmer {20 AF}
ECT entry control terminal {CSOC SCS}
ECTF eastern corridor task force {Falcon AFB}
ECU environmental control unit
ECUZ electromagnetic compatible use zone
EDAC error detection and correction
EDE expected duration of exposure
EDI European defense initiative...proposal to defend Western Europe against CIS medium range ballistic missiles
EDL electric discharge laser_ electronics development laboratory
EDLM emergency depot-level maintenance
EDM emergency defense message_ engineering development model
EDO extended duration orbiter
EDP electron density profile {AFSPC/DOG}_ electronic data processing
EDR ECP (engineering change proposal) design review_ environmental data record {DMSP}
EDS environmental display system {C4SMP}
EDSC early deployment system concept
EDT Eastern Daylight Time
EDX exo-discrimination experiment
EEA environmental enforcement action {ECAMP}
EED electro-explosive device
EEE electrical, electronic, electromechanical
EEFI essential elements of friendly information {OPSEC}
EEI electro-explosive initiator_ elements of essential information {AFSCN}
EEIC element of expense/investment code...budget term
- EEIC 554: critical space operations (CSO) -- direct mission
- EEIC 555: non-critical space operations (non-ops) -- support
E/EL electromagnetic/electrothermal launcher
EEO equal employment opportunity
EEP expanded execution plan {AFSPC/DOM}
EEPROM electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
EES earth elevation sensor_ electro-explosive subsystem_ enlisted evaluation system {MPC}
EET exercise evaluation team {50 SW}
EEVT electrophoresis equipment verification test...Shuttle technology demonstration of apparatus to evaluate the effects of electrophoresis of biological cells in zero gravity
EFG earth-fixed Greenwich
EFI exploding foil initiator
EFIA electric field intensity analysis
EFIS electronic flight instrument system
Efo-1 Electronic photometer used on Salyut-7 to measure the brightness of stars as they cross the earth's horizon.
EFP excellence facilities plan {50 CES}
EFT electronic funds transfer {21 SW/FMFP}
EFTO encrypted for transmission only
Efu-Robot Device on Salyut-7 to conduct biotechnological experiments.
e.g. exemplia gratia...Latin, "for example"
EGATR end-game automatic target recognizer
EGF earth-Greenwich fixed
EG&G Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier
EGP end-game processor_ equipotential ground plane_ experimental geodetic payload...Japanese satellite (aka "Ajisai," which means hydrangea) launched 12 Aug 86 to obtain earth crustal movements and other geodetic data. 2.15m-diameter sphere carrying 120 sets of corner cube reflectors and mirrors. Approximately 1500 km circular orbit. Two-stage H-1 launch vehicle.
EGPR excess government property report {AFSCN}
EGS European Ground Site {FEWS}_ European ground station {C4SMP}
EHF extremely high frequency...30-300 GHz
EHFS extremely high frequency subsystem {Milstar}
E2I endoatmospheric/exoatmospheric interceptor {BMDO}
E&I engineering and installation
EIA electrical integration assembly {Milstar}_ Electronic Industries Association
EIAP environmental impact analysis process
EID electronic identification {TAB93-1}_ Engineering Integration Division, Griffiss AFB NY 13441-5000 {ECAMP}
EIE external interface element...DSM command and control segment
EIF entry into force {START}
EIL electronic integration laboratory
EIM engine item manager
EIOS equations in order of solutions
EIP equipment inoperative for parts {AFSCN}
EIR economic impact region
EIRP equivalent isotropically radiated power...the power that would need to be fed into an isotropic antenna to match the flux level from an actual antenna {Satellite Notebook #19}
EIS environmental impact statement_ explosive initiation system
EIU external interface unit {AFSCN}
EJW engine jacket water {AFSCN}
EKMS electronic key management system {C4SMP}
Ekran CIS geosynchronous television relay satellite series.
Ekstinktsia Geophysical experiment on Salyut-7 to determine the density of aerosol layers in the atmosphere.
EKV electromagnetic kill vehicle
EL electroluminescent_ elevation
ELA-2 Launch pad at Kourou, French Guiana.
ELANT east Atlantic...DSCS III satellite at 12_W longitude; also called EASTLANT
ELC execute launch command {20 AF}
ELDO European Launch and Development Organization...obsolete; formed in 1964, combined with ESRO in 1975 to form European Space Agency (ESA). Used the Woomera Test Range. The Eldo Hotel is still active as the only temporary quarters in the area.
ELEC electronics
Elekrotopo-graf Materials in space experiment carried on Salyut-7.
ELEV elevation
ELF Eastern Launch Facility, Florida_ extremely low frequency...30-300 Hz
ELINT electronic intelligence {OPSEC}
Elli Mono-ellipsoid metal-melting furnace used on Spacelab D-1.
Eload executable load {AFSPC/DOT}
ELRAD earth-limb radiance equipment...experiment to measure earth-limb radiance for various positions of the sun from near-limb up to 9_ below earth horizon
ELS earth limb sensor_ Eastern Launch Site, Florida
ELSEC electronics security
ELSET element set
ELSI enhanced long-wave spectrometer/imager {NAVSPACECOM}
ELT emergency locator transmitter
ELV expendable launch vehicle, e.g., Atlas/Centaur, Titan IV, Scout, Conestoga, Delta II
EM electromagnetic
EMA equipment modification acceptance
E-MAIL electronic mail
EMARV evader maneuvering reentry vehicle {NAVSPACECOM}
Embratel Empresa Brasileira de Telecommunicacoes...Brazil's telecommunications operator; see "Brazilsat"
EMC electromagnetic compatibility_ equipment management code {AFSCN}
EMCO early midcourse option
EMCON emission control
EMCP electromagnetic compatibility program
EMCS energy management control system {50 CES}
EMCTP electromagnetic compatibility test program
EMD engineering manufacturing development
EME electromagnetic environment
EMF electromagnetic field_ electromotive force
EMG electromagnetic gun
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMIC electromagnetic interference control
EMICP electromagnetic interference control plan
EMINT emissions intelligence
EMISM electromagnetic interference safety margin
EML electromagnetic levitation payload...Shuttle experiment to observe the flow of the surface of a containerless molten metal_ electromagnetic launcher (rail gun)
EMP electromagnetic pulse...a lightning-like phenomenon associated with nuclear explosions, which can damage electronic components over great distances
EMPRESS expert mission planning and replanning scheduling system...AI-related planning and scheduling system for Shuttle cargo operations
EMR electromagnetic radiation
EMRLD excimer mid-range Raman-shifted laser spectrum repetitively pulsed laser device using xenon, nitrogen- trifluoride and neon
EMS equipment management section {50 LG}
EMSP enhanced modular signal processor
EMT electrical metallic tubing_ electromechanical team {20 AF}_ emergency medical technician_ external momentum trap
EMUT enhanced manpack UHF (ultra high frequency) terminal {Army}
EMV electromagnetic vulnerability
EN enabled state {20 AF}
ENCAP-C enhanced capability-communications {NAVSPACECOM}
endo endoatmospheric
ENDOSIM endoatmospheric simulation
ENDS enhanced nuclear detonation safety {20AF}
ENE east-northeast
Energia CIS HLV (SL-X-17) used for Shuttle-class launches...four main engines and four strap-on liquid fuel rockets generate about 8.8 million lbs of thrust.
ENG engineering
ENN emergency notification net {50 SW/CP}
ENNK endoatmospheric non-nuclear kill...also called endo-NNK
ENS ensign {USN}
ENSS experiment network surveillance system
ENTNAC entrance national agency check {50 SPS}
EO escape orbit_ executive order
E-O electro-optic(al)
EOA early operational assessment
EOB enemy order of battle
EOC early operational capability_ element operations center {GPALS}_ end of contact
EOCT end-of-course test
EOCM electro-optical countermeasure
EOD end of day_ explosive ordnance disposal
EODET early orbit determination...part of USSPACECOM's space surveillance mission
EOIM evaluation of oxygen interaction with materials
EOL end of life_ end of line
EOM end of mission {NASA}_ end of month_ environmental observation mission...a short Spacelab pressurized module designed to refly experiments whose scientific value degraded because of delays in the launch of Spacelab 1
Eo/No energy (per bit)-to-noise ratio
EOQ economic order quantity
EORSAT ELINT (electronic intelligence) ocean reconnaissance satellite...CIS constellation used to detect and target naval forces
EOS earth observing system {NASA}_ electrophoresis operation in space...McDonnell Douglas production prototype space drug processing unit
Eosat Earth Observing Satellite Co...joint venture of MMC Astro Electronics Division and Hughes, selected by Department of Commerce to operate Landsat {AW&ST, 24 Sep 84}
EOT end of tape {AFSCN}
EOTDA electro-optical tactical decision aid {AFSPC/DOG}
EOTF early on-orbit test facility {AFSCN}
EOY end-of-year
EP emergency procedure {TAB93-1}_ engagement planning {USSPACECOM/J6N}_ extraction procedure {ECAMP}
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPABX electronic private automated branch exchange {AFSCN}
EPAC east Pacific...DSCS III satellite at 135_W longitude; also called EASTPAC_ electronics package
EPAF European participating air force
EPAT experiment planning and analysis team
EPC early Pentagon connectivity_ environmental protection committee {AFSPC/DEPV}
EPDCC entry portal display control console {CSOC SCS}
EPDS electrical power and distribution subsystem
EPG electronic proving ground_ European participating government
EPHCLK ephemeris clock {DMSP}
ephemerides A table showing the positions of an object in space at regular intervals in time. Plural, pronounced "eff-eh-'mare-ih-deez" (singular form is "ephemeris").
EPI environmental practice issue {ECAMP}
EPIRB emergency position-indicating radio beacon
EPM external protection material
EPN engineering project number {BMEWS Site III}
EPO emergency power off {50 CES}_ engineering project office
epoch An instant of time or a date selected as a point of reference.
EPR enlisted performance report
EPRCO Exxon Production Research Company {Shuttle}
EPS electrical power (sub)system_ encapsulated PostScript {sic} {AFSC2S}
EPW earth protection weapon
EPWG engagement planning working group {USSPACECOM/J6N}
EQUAL enlisted quarterly assignments listing {AFMPC}
Equator NASA ISTP-related satellite to study how plasma blows into the earth's atmosphere.
equatorial orbit A satellite in an equatorial orbit passes only over the equator and not over the northern or southern hemisphere. Its field of view depends on its altitude. A nominal 22,300 mile altitude equatorial orbit will yield a field of view between 60_N and 60_S latitudes.
equinoctial elements - see "F&G elements"
ER Eastern Range (45 SW), Patrick AFB FL 32925-5000...includes Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral AFS, and downrange stations; hosts DDMS...formerly ESMC_ emergency room_ enhanced radiation_ environment reduction...SGEMP hardening technique that reduces photon intensity incident on a surface or reduces electron emission efficiency of the surface_ established reliability
ERBE earth radiation budget experiment...NOAA-8 payload
ERBI earth radiation budget instrument...see "Tiros-N"
ERBS earth radiation budget satellite...Goddard Space Flight Center 500 lb satellite deployed 5 Oct 84 on STS 41-G; built by Ball Aerospace, see "ESSA"
ERCS ECM (electronic countermeasures)-resistant communications_ emergency rocket communications system
ERD estimated range deviation {GPS}
ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration
ERG executive review group {AFSPC/DOM}
Erinsat Ireland's Ku-band direct broadcast satellite.
ERINT extended-range interceptor {BMDO}
ERIS economic resource impact statement {AFR 170-4}_ exoatmospheric RV (reentry vehicle) interceptor system...part of the Army's non-nuclear ground-based BMD program, probably a multi-stage lightweight ground-launched interceptor; see "HEDS" and "AOA"
ERM envirnomental resources management {ECAMP}
EROM erasable read-only memory
EROS earth resources observation system
ERP effective radiated power
ERRC expendability-recoverability-repairability code {BMEWS Site III}
ERS emergency relocation site_ European remote sensing {NASA}_ earth resources satellite...two different ERS programs:
- ESA-sponsored proposed microwave ocean monitoring satellite
- Japanese program to carry synthetic aperture radar and a visible/near infrared radiometer; also called J-ERS-1
ERT estimated response time {50 SPS}
ERTS earth resources technology satellite
ERU equipment replacement unit {GPS}
ES equipment specialist
E/S earth station {AFSCN}
ESA earth sensor assembly {DMSP}_ electronically scanned array_ emergency sun acquisition {NATO IVB}_ European Space Agency; 14 member nations: Austria, Belgium, Demark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (Canada is not technically a member but has a special relationship as a non- member contributor). Provides for and promotes cooperation among member states in space reseach and technology and its applications. Satellite test and integration centers at Toulouse, France; Ottobrunn, West Germany; and Noordwijk, Netherlands.
ESAT escort satellite {NAVSPACECOM}
ESC Electronic Security Command...obsolete, now AIA_ Electronic Systems Center (AFMC), Hanscom AFB MA 01731- 5000...formerly ESD_ environmental support center
escape velocity The velocity that an orbiting object must possess, at a given orbital position, to escape from the gravitational field of a central body. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
ESD Electronic Systems Division...obsolete, now ESC_ electrostatic discharge {BMEWS Site III}_ environmental sensing device {20AF}
ESE east-southeast
ESI Electro Space Inc._ environmental severity index {20 AF}
ESLU equivalent STS launch unit
ESM EW (electronic warfare) support measure_ experiment support module
ESMC Eastern Space and Missile Eastern Range_ emulated system master clock_ engineering services and modification contract...SMC Det 5 ARTS contract with Loral
ESOC earth station ownership committee...established by the FCC in 1966, provided that Comsat Corp., AT&T Co., RCA Corp., and ITT Corp. would jointly own multipurpose stations that handle U.S. traffic on Intelsat satellites_ emergency supply operations center {DLA}_ European space operations center {ESA}
ESP EHF signal processor {Milstar}_ emergency and special projects {AFSCN}_ encryptor support package_ error someplace {AFSPC/FM}_ extra sensory perception
ESR equipment status report (AFSCN)
Esrange Swedish Space Corp. sounding rocket facility (at 68_N latitude) being considered as launch facility for polar orbiting satellites.
ESRO European Space Research Organization...predecessor to ESA
ESS electronic security system_ energy storage station power system component_ environmental stress screening_ equipment support system
ESSA electronically switched spherical array...carried on ERBS (earth radiation budget satellite) for use with TDRSS, also being built for Cosmic Background Explorer and for use as GPS ground terminals_ environmental satellite service administration...second-generation near-polar weather satellite using TV vidicon cameras to provide global cloud coverage data every 24 hours. Preceded by TIROS, followed by ITOS.
ESSC emulated system slave clock
EST Eastern Standard Time_ equipment status telemetry {DMSP}
ESTA ERIS system test area
ESTO engineering/service test office
ESTEC ESA's European Space Research and Technology Center, Noordwijk, Netherlands
ESV earth satellite vehicle
ET European terminal...a warning display terminal upgraded with limited processing capability; renamed theater display terminal (TDT)_ external tank...the propellant tank that supplies liquid hydrogen and oxygen to the Shuttle during boost {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}_ extraterrestrial
ETA estimated time of acquisition {AFSCN}_ estimated time of arrival
ETAC environmental technical applications center {AFSPC/DOG}
ETAP education training and awareness program...formerly CSEP
etc et cetera...Latin, "and all the rest"
ETC Eastern Telegraph Company...C&W predecessor {ASCN}
ETCA Etudes Techniques et Constructions Aerospatiales...Belgian aerospace manufacturer
ETIC estimated time in commission {AFSCN}
ETM+ enhanced thematic mapper plus {LANDSAT}
ETO earth to orbit
ETPS Ennylabegan telemetry processing system {KWAJ}
ETR Eastern Test Range...obsolete, now Eastern Range
ETRO estimated time of return to operations
ETS engineering test satellite...Japanese design to test communication systems used on aircraft and ground vehicles; also called "Kiku." First launch 11 Feb 81.
ETT evaluate-to-threat_ extended target track
ETWG EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)/TEMPEST working group {CSOC}
EU electronic unit {Milstar}
EUAPS external user antenna pointing system {AFSCN}
EUC engineering unit conversion
EUCOM European Command
Eumetsat European management organization to oversee space and ground segments of Meteosat.
EUMR emergency unsatisfactory material report {BMEWS Site III}
EUR Europe
Eureca European retrievable carrier...ESA free-flying, self-sufficient, industrial/scientific spacecraft launched from and retrieved by the Shuttle; MBB/ERNO is the prime contractor
Eureka European research coordinating program...does research in areas such as high-powered computers, lasers, artificial intelligence and microprocessors. Viewed as a peaceful, high-technology program in contrast to U.S.-European cooperation on BMD.
Europesat Proposed European-wide direct broadcast satellite (DBS)...successor to individual country DBS satellites currently under development.
Eurosatellite German-French industrial consortium...includes ANT-Nachrichtentechnik, GmbH; Thompson-CSF; MBB; AEG-Telefunken; and SNIAS. Headquartered in Munich.
Eurostar Next-generation ECS, designed for Ariane 4 or Shuttle/PAM-D2 launch; direct TV broadcast, initial applications include UK's Unisat and French Athos.
Eutelsat European telecommunications satellite organization...formed in 1977 to establish telecommunications for intra-European and national relay services, responsible for ECS-series spacecraft; 24 countries participating.
EUV extreme ultraviolet...electromagnetic spectral band between ultraviolet and X-ray
EUVE extreme ultraviolet explorer...JPL project to make the first all-sky map in the EUV band (100-1000 angstroms)
eV electron volt...the energy acquired by an electron when it travels from the negative to the positive terminal of a one-volt battery {Scientific American, Dec 92}
EV experimental version
EVA extravehicular activity...any task performed by astronauts while wearing a pressurized spacesuit outside the confines of a pressurized compartment {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
EVCF Eastern Vehicle Checkout Facility, Patrick AFB FL...was a line item in the Loral NSP contract for FY92 but is being pulled in favor of a mobile TT&C unit
EVPA experimental version performance assessment
EW early warning_ electronic warfare
EWN European warning network {TW/AA}
EWO emergency war order {20 AF}
EWR early warning radar {USSPACECOM/J6N}
EWS early warning system
EWTTY European warning teletype {TW/AA}
Excel Repetitively pulsed multi-joule output xenon-chloride laser being developed under a Navy contract as part of SlcSat (submarine laser communications satellite).
exo exoatmospheric
EXOS experimental observation satellite...Japanese series of satellites for scientific research. The first satellite (Mu-3H, called "Kyokkoh") was launched 4 Feb 78 to observe auroral phenomena.
Exosat ESA X-ray satellite...launched 26 May 83 from Vandenberg AFB on a Delta 3914 booster, provides continuous observations of X-ray sources
exp The exponential function "e."
Explorer Launched 31 Jan 58, the first U.S. satellite (Army); Jupiter C booster.
Express Star Federal Express Ku-band communications satellite.
EXT external
EXUS external user {AFSCN}


F chi-square cumulative distribution functionÞ Fahrenheit...F = (9/5)(C) + 32Þ failure {20 AF}Þ fixed, e.g., AN/FPSÞ FOXTROT {military phonetics alphabet}Þ full
F3 form, fit and function
FA false alarm
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAC functional account code {AFSPC/PK}
FACCS Falcon AFB activation coordination and control system {SMC}
FACI first article configuration inspection {NASA}
FACSFAC fleet area control and surveillance facility {C4SMP}
FAD fighter alert detachment {C4SMP}Þ first article delivered {20AF)Þ flexible adaptive defenseÞ force/activity designator: {AFM 67-1, Vol II Part 2, 1 Mar 82}
- FAD I Combat
- FAD II Combat readiness
- FAD III Deploy readiness
- FAD IV Active and Reserve
- FAD V Other
FADVIG Confederation of Danish Employers in Greenland
FAFB Fairchild AFB, Spokane WA...DMSP FSOC siteÞ Falcon AFB (formerly Falcon AFS), Colorado Springs CO. The newest AFB in CONUS since Minot and Grand Forks were completed in Jan 57. 5320 acres, home of the 50th Space Wing and the NTF. Handles 40% of the 33,000 AFSCN contacts quarterly (Onizuka AFB handles the other 60%). 450,000 meals annually in the Air Force's largest ala carte dining hall. The largest standby power plant in the Air Force.
FAFS Falcon AFS...obsolete, now Falcon AFB
FAIR AFSCN call sign for 6 SOPS Det 1 (formerly 5 SOPS), Fairchild AFB WA. {DMSP}
FAM functional area manager {SIP}
FAR federal acquisition regulationÞ federal aviation regulation
FARM functional area records manager {CSOC}
FAR/NAR false alarm rate/nuisance alarm rate
FARR FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)/Air Force radar replacement {C4SMP}
FARRWG future AFSCN requirements review working group
FAS Federation of American ScientistsÞ forward acquisition sensors
FASCAP fast payback capital investment program {AFSPC/XP}
FASTC Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center...obsolete; formerly FTD, now NAIC
FASTSIG fast signature generation code
fast transfer - A method of changing orbit altitude using two applications of thrust
FAT functional area team {SMC Det 5}
FAV facilities assessment visit {50 CES}
FAX facsimile
FB facilities board {SR 27-2}
FB-1 Fengbao-1 ("Storm-1")...a 2-stage PRC launch vehicle also called CZ-2; a derivative of the CSS-X-4 ICBM, can put 2600 lb in low earth orbit
FBAT force balance acceleration transducer {20 AF}
FBB fast burn missile
FBCS fixed base crew station
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIS foreign broadcast information service
FBM fleet ballistic missile {USN}
FBO fixed base operator
FBV frequency bias value {GPS}
FCA functional configuration audit
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCCM flight code controller manager {DMSP}
FCCR flight code change request {DMSP}
FCFS first come, first served
FCMDR flight commander {50 SW}
FCO field change order {BMEWS Site III}Þ flight control officer
FCR fire control radar {TAB93-1}Þ flight control room (at JSC for Shuttle operations)
FCRC federal contract research center...government-sponsored nonprofit research centers; four support the Air Force: Rand Corp. (broad perspectives), Lincoln Laboratory of MIT (experimental satellites), MITRE Corp. (C3), and Aerospace Corp. (national space programs). OSD uses the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA).
FCS federal catalog system {DLA}Þ flight control systemÞ full communications service/encryption {C4SMP}
FD first deploymentÞ force direction {USSPACECOM/J6}
FDDI fiber distributed data interface {ACEM}
FDE fluid dynamics experiment...Shuttle payload simulating the behavior of liquid propellants in low gravity
FD/FI failure detection/fault isolation {20AF}
FDIN Falcon digital integrated network...T3 backbone
FDIO flight data input/output {AFSPC/DOG}
FDM frequency division multiplex
FDMA frequency division multiple access
FDO fee determining officialÞ flight dynamics officer {NASA}Þ foreign disclosure office {BMDO}
FDOB fighter deployed operating base {C4SMP}
FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32d president of the United States, 1933-1945
FDS flight design systemÞ flight dynamics software {NATO IVB}
FDU fiber distribution unit {AFSCN}Þ frequency distribution unit {Milstar}
FDX full duplex {AFSCN}
FE failure-excluded {20 AF}
FEA front-end analysis
FEBA forward edge of the battle area
FEC forward error correction
FedEx Federal Express
FedNet Proposed Federal Express Ku-band comsat...expansion of Zap-Mail 2-hr delivery service
FEE French Echocardiograph Equipment...Shuttle experiment to get on-orbit cardiovascular system data (formerly ECHO)
FEIS final environmental impact statement
FEL free electron laser
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Administration
FEO Federation of Economic Organizations...Japanese national management-industrial participant in NASA space station program
FEP facilities excellence planÞ flight experiment programÞ FLTSATCOM EHF packageÞ front end processor
FER final experiment reportÞ funds expenditure report
FERT force enhancement resource team {AFSPC/XP}
FEST Falcon (AFB) engineering support team
FET field effect transistor
FETA field effect transistor amplifier
FEV flight experiment vehicle
FEWS follow-on early warning system...DSP follow-on cancelled in late 1993
FFA federal facility agreement {EPA}
FFCA Federal Facility Compliance Act (EPA)...pending Congressional approval
FFG fixed frequency generator {Milstar}
FFI frame format identification
FFOV full field of view
FFP firm fixed price
FFRDC federally funded research and development center...there are more than 30 FFRDCs chartered to support federal agencies, and three types of military FFRDCs: study and analysis centers (e.g., RAND), research and development (e.g., Lincoln Labs), and systems engineering/systems integration (e.g., The Aerospace Corporation)
FFS fee for service {DBOF}Þ formatted file system
FFT fast Fourier transform(ation)Þ fixed flyaway terminal
FG foreign government {BMDO}
F&G elements - Equinoctial elements...a system of orbital elements used to avoid low eccentricity and low inclination difficulties with the Keplerian element set; includes AF, AG, c (chi), y (psi), L and N (also see "Keplerian elements"):
- "AF" and "AG" are each functions of both eccentricity (e) and argument of perigee (w). AF and AG are used because the Keplerian argument of perigee is ambiguous for nearly circular orbits (where e approaches zero).
- c and y are each functions of both inclination (i) and right ascension of the ascending node (W). c and y are used because the Keplerian right ascension is ambiguous for low inclination orbits (where i approaches zero).
- "L" contains a satellite's mean anomaly, "N" is its mean motion.
FGEP fixed ground entry point
FGS fixed ground segment {AFSPC/DOP}Þ fixed ground site {FEWS}
FGSt fixed ground station {AFSPC/DOP}
FIBC filtered image brightness corrected
FIC FORSCOM (Forces Command) intelligence center {C4SMP}
FIFO first in, first out
FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
FIG figure
FIIG federal item identification guide {DLA}
FILE feature identification and location experiment...OSTA-3 package
Finansat financial satellite...proposed private satellite system owned and operated by Financial Satellite Corp
Finegayan U.S. Navy DSCS facility at Guam
FINESS fast-running nuclear weapon effects statistical signal processor simulation
FIPS federal information processing standards
FIR finite impulse response
FIREX far infrared balloon experiment {NASA}Þ free-flying imaging radar experiment
firmware A computer term referring to software incorporated within hardware.
FIS facility installation standardsÞ foreign intelligence service {AFSPC/IN}
FISC Falcon (AFB) integration support contract
FISINT foreign instrumentation signals intelligence {OPSEC}
FIST fleet imagery support terminal {NAVSPACECOM}
FITW federal income tax withholding {IRS}
FL Florida
FLAGE flexible lightweight agile guided experiment...Army experimental ground-based anti-missile interceptor successfully tested 27 Jun 86 against an F-4-launched drone target traveling three times the speed of sound at impact
FLF fine line filter
FL/FI fault localization/fault isolation
FLIP foreign launch information program {NAVSPACECOM}
FLIPS flight information publications {AFSPC/DOG}
FLIR forward-looking infrared {TAB93-1}
Flops floating-point operations per term
FLR forward-looking radar
FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority
FLSC flexible linear-shaped charge
FLT flight
FLTSAT fleet satellite...see "FLTSATCOM"
FLTSATCOM - fleet satellite low data rate communications for tactical mobile units; used by the Navy for fleet operations, and for contingency operations and special requirements. The three-axis stabilized satellite has 23 UHF and SHF channels: 10 exclusively for Navy use, 12 for AFSATCOM, and one 500 KHz channel for the NCA. Spacecraft weight approximately 4100 lb going into transfer orbit. SPAWAR is the SPO; SMC acquires the launch segment. TT&C provided by 3 SOPS through SOC-33. To be replaced by UFO.
- F-1, launched Feb 78, provides Atlantic Ocean coverage
- F-4, launched Oct 80, provides Pacific Ocean coverage
- F-7, launched Dec 86, provides CONUS coverage
- F-8, launched Sep 89, provides Atlantic Ocean coverage
Fm form, e.g., DD Fm 1423
FM fighting mirrorÞ force management {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ frequency modulationÞ friendly magic {GPS}
FMB financial management board {AFSPC}
FMC fully mission capable
FMDS flight model discharge system...charge-control system being developed by Hughes to overcome electrical charge build-up on satellites
FMEA failure modes and effects analysis
FMECA failure modes, effects and criticality analysis {USSPACECOM/J6N}
FMFIA Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (of 1982)...Public Law 97-255
FMI functional management inspection...obsolete, now FMR
FMIS force management information system {AFSPC/DOC}
FMLN Farabundo Murti National Liberation Front
FMOF first manned orbital flight {NASA}
FMP false message probability {USSPACECOM/J6}
FMPT first material processing test...34 Japanese space experiments to be flown on Shuttle
FMR ferromagnetic resonanceÞ functional management review...formerly FMI {AF/IG}
FMS facility monitoring system {9 MWS}Þ fixed/mobile standardÞ flight management systemÞ force management system {C4SMP}Þ foreign military sales
FNG friendly new guy/gal
FNOC Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center, Monterey CA {USN}
F/O fiber optic (cable)Þ follow-on
FOA field operating agency...formerly SOA
FOB follow-on buy {AFSPC/XP}Þ forward operating baseÞ found on baseÞ freight on board
FOBS fractional orbit bombardment system
FOC final operational capability {C4SMP}Þ full operational capability
FOD foreign object damage
FOFA follow-on forces attack {NATO}
FOG fiber optic gyro
FOHM Falcon and Onizuka hardware maintenance...proposed (and cancelleld) contract previously called Falcon (AFB) organizational hardware maintenance contract
FOIA Freedom of Information Act {AFR 175-4}
FOL fiber optic linkÞ forward operating location {C4SMP}
FOLAN fiber optic LAN (local area network)
FOM fiber optic modem {AFSCN}Þ figure of merit
FON fiber optic network
FONSI finding of no significant impact {ECAMP}
footprint The area on the surface of the earth within a satellite's transmitter or sensor field of view.
FOR field of record
Fordsat 54-transponder comsat being developed for Ford Aerospace Satellite Services Corp.
FORSCOM Forces Command
FOSIC fleet ocean surveillance information center {TW/AA}
FOSIF fleet ocean surveillance information facility {C4SMP}
FOT&E follow-on operational test and evaluation
FOUO for official use only
FOV field of view {TAB93-1}
FOXTROT Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "F."
FPA focal plane array
FPE French postural experiment...Shuttle experiment to study sensory-motor adaptation in
FPH frames per hour
FPI fixed price incentive...contract type
FPIF fixed price incentive fee...contract type
FPM frames per minute
FPP facility program panel {AFSPC/CE}
fps feet per second
FPS fence protection system {CSOC SCS}Þ fixed position search (radar)
FQ fiscal quarter
FQR formal qualification review
FQT formal qualification test
FRAC forward reaction attitude control
frag fragment...satellite debris
frag order fragmentary abbreviated operations order
FRAM fast random access memory
FRCI fibrous refractory composite insulation...lighter Shuttle tile material first used on Discovery
FRD formerly restricted dataÞ functional requirements document
French Guiana Space Centre - CNES/ESA launch facility located near Kourou, French Guiana (5.1409°N latitude, 52.4629°W longitude). Ariane launch site; three launch complexes (ELA-1-3).
FREQ frequency
FRF flight readiness firingÞ full rate firing
FROG free rocket over ground {CIS}
FRP Federal Radionavigation Plan {DOD/DOT}Þ fire-resistant plutonium pits {20AF}
FRR flight readiness review {NASA}
FRS fleet replacement squadron
FS facilities segment {CSOC ILSP}Þ frequency standard {GPS}
FSA fuel storage area {CCAS}Þ functional system audit {AFSCN}
FSC Federal Service Corporation {30 SW}Þ federal supply classÞ fleet support cell {NAVSPACECOM}Þ flight support computer {CDC3800}
FSD IBM's Federal Systems Division, 800 N Fredrick Ave, Gaithersburg MD 20879...FOR SALE {P1BMCS}Þ full-scale development
FSDU frequency synthesizer and distribution unit {GPS}
FSED full-scale engineering development
FSK frequency shift key(ing)
FSL flight simulation laboratoryÞ forward supply locationÞ full system list {AFSCN}
FSN federal stock number
FSO facility security officer
FSOC Fairchild Satellite Operations Center, Fairchild AFB WA {DMSP}
FSP force structure panel {PRC}
FSR frequency shift reflector
FSS federal supply scheduleÞ fixed satellite serviceÞ fixed service structure {Shuttle}Þ flight service station {AFSPC/DOG}
FSSC Fleet Surveillance Support Command (FLTSURVSUPPCOM)...third-echelon activity under the administrative control of NAVSPACECOM. Maintains and operates Navy ROTHR (relocatable over-the-horizon radar). OPCOM rests with Fleet Commanders...see "ROTHR"
FSST forward space support in theater {SWC}
FT feet/footÞ fort
FTAM file transfer and access management
FTC fast time constantÞ fault tolerant computing
FTD Florists' Transworld Delivery (since 1910)Þ Foreign Technology Division...obsolete, now NAIC
FTDI fluid transfer dynamic investigation...Shuttle experiment to evaluate fluid dynamics associated with filling capillary/screen retention propellant tanks
FTI fixed target indicator
FTL Falcon Technical Library
FTM flight test missile
FTP file transfer protocol {AFSC2S}
FTS Federal Telephone Service {50 MS}Þ flight termination system {Titan IV}
FTSDM fleet tactical space defense missile {NAVSPACECOM}
FTS-DTF flight telerobotic servicer-demonstration test flight...the demonstration test flight of a telerobotic system being developed for the Space Station to assist in attached payload assembly and maintenance, in-situ platform and satellite servicing, assembly and inspection
FTV flight test vehicle
FTX field training exercise {USSPACECOM}
FUB facilities utilization board {50 SW}
FUBAR fouled up beyond all recognition
Fucino Ground station for Sirio Telespazio, SpA.
Fuji see "JAS"
FUN fantastically unbelievable nonsense {OD-4/CC}
FUSE far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer {NASA}
FUSSR former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
FW firmware
FW&A fraud, waste and abuse
FWC filament-wound case {NASA}
FWD forward
FWG financial working group
FWP Federal Women's Program
FWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control Act
FY fiscal year
FYDP future years defense program...the basic DOD programming document, the FYDP summarizes the SECDEF-approved programs and is updated three times a year (by the POM, the BES and the President's Budget). Was previously called the "five year" defense program, but name was changed when the budget was extended to cover six years.
FYI for your information
FYP five year plan {CIS}
FYS fixed yaw stabilizer


g Force of gravity at the earth's surface, equal to 9.8 m/sec2 or 32.174 ft/sec2.

G giga-...prefix, equals one billion (109)Þ GOLF {military phonetics alphabet}Þ Universal gravitation constant...equal to 6.67x10-11 N-m2/kg2 or 10.69x10-10 ft3/lbm-sec2.Þ green
G2 intelligence
GA GeorgiaÞ ground antenna...10m GPS antennaÞ ground segment {AFSPC/DOP}
G&A general and administrative
GaAs gallium arsenide...semiconductor material
GAC The President's General Advisory Committee on arms control.
GAG ground/air/ground {C4SMP}
G/AIT ground/airborne IONDS (integrated operational NUDET (nuclear detonation) detection system) global segment terminal
Galaxy Hughes Ku-band cable TV programming satellite, uses a Delta 3920 booster, a PAM-D2 upper stage, and an HS-376 spacecraft bus. Weighs 1222 lb, receives/transmits at 6 GHz up/4 GHz down. Control center in El Segundo CA, TT&C stations in Brooklyn NY and Fillmore CA. First satellite launched 28 Jun 83.
Galileo NASA exploratory probe scheduled to encounter Jupiter.
GALOSH CIS exoatmospheric ABM.
Gamma 1 CIS heavyweight gamma ray observatory; modified version of Progress resupply vessel; France participated in payload development.
GAO General Accounting Office...Congressional watchdog agency
Gapfiller Navy terminology for leased UHF channels on Marisat...fills "gaps" in Navy communication satellite coverage.
GAPP geometric arithmetric parallel processor
GAR ground system anomaly report {AFI10-1208}
GARD gamma radiation detection...experiment to measure gamma radiation levels in Shuttle environment
GARP global atmospheric research project
GAS getaway special...small self-contained payload containers for supporting Shuttle experiments
GAS bridge - getaway special bridge...structure in Shuttle payload bay that can hold up to 12 GAS canisters
GASS Greenland air surveillance system {TW/AA}
GASWG global positioning system (GPS) assured security working group
GATR ground-to-air transmitter/receiver {C4SMP}
Gazelle CIS endoatmospheric ABM.
GBA ground-based architecture
GBD global burst detector {GPS}
GBFEL ground-based free electron laser
GBHRG ground-based hypervelocity rail gun
GBI ground-based interceptor {BMDO}Þ gyro bottoming indicator {20 AF}
GBL government bill of lading {TMO}Þ ground-based laser
GBM global battle manager
GBps gigabits (109 bits) per second
GBR ground-based radar {TW/AA}
GBRI ground-based rocket interceptor
GBR-T ground-based radar--terminal
GBS group battle staff {750 SGP}
GBTS ground-based tracking system
GBWA ground-based weapon architecture
Gbyte gigabyte (109 bytes)
GC general counselÞ Greenland contractorsÞ ground controller...the copilot for a satellite
G&C guidance and control
GCA guidance and control assemblyÞ gyro compass assembly {20AF}
GC4A global C4 (command, control, communications and computers) assessment {C4SMP}
GCC Greenland Commanders' Conference {POGO}
GCCU guidance and control coding unit
GCD global connectivity demonstration {DSP}
GCI ground-controlled intercept {TAB93-1}
GCM guidance and control module
GCN ground communications network {C4SMP}Þ ground control network {AFTAC}
GCO ground systems control officer {3 SOPS}
GDB Database management software CPCI. {Milstar}
GDC General DataComm Systems, Inc.Þ General Data CorporationÞ General Dynamics Convair Aerospace DivisionÞ graphic display console {C4SMP}
GDE operational database executive. A Milstar configuration software component.
G-DEST general destination...Department of Commerce export license
GDIP general defense intelligence program
GDL gas dynamic laser
GDOP geometric dilution of precision
GDSSC General Dynamics Space Systems Division
GE General Electric Co, Space Systems Division, Valley Forge PA...aerospace manufacturerÞ Germany
GE-ASD General Electric Aeronautical Systems Division
GED global event detector
Gehiels comet
GEM graphite epoxy motor...GPS Delta II 7925 strap-ons
GEMS general energy management system
GEN general
GENESSIS generic scene simulation software
GENSER general service
GENTEL General Telephone Company
GEO geosynchronous earth orbit...see "geosynchronous"
GEODSS ground-based electro-optical deep space to identify and track orbiting objects; IOC 1983. Includes sites at Socorro, NM; Maui, Hawaii; and Diego Garcia. Can see a soccer ball-size object at geosynchronous orbit; has discovered about 40,000 1cm-size objects in low and medium earth orbit. Contractor O&M with USAF quality assurance evaluators (QAEs). Limited to night-time operations.
GEOEX.86 Intercosmos-sponsored experiment conducted Jun 86 in East Germany to study dynamics of different types of geosystems.
GEOS geodynamic experimental ocean satelliteÞ geomagnetic earth observation system...ESA geomagnetic field study spacecraft launched in association with the International Magnetospheric Study. Launched from ETR on a Delta into a Molniya orbit. 573 kg each. First GOES satellite launched 20 Apr 77.
geosat generic geodetic satellite
Geosat U.S. Navy ocean survey satellite. Naval Research Lab-funded 1400 lb spacecraft built by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Launched 12 Mar 85 on an Atlas-E from Vandenberg AFB.
Geostar Commercial satellite to provide position information and two-way message service. Three-satellite constellation being designed by Geostar (Sony/Hughes). Accuracy within 0.5 mi CEP.
geostationary - A particular geosynchronous orbit. The geostationary orbit is circular at an altitude of 35,786 km (orbital radius of 42,164 km) with zero inclination (in the plane of the earth's equator) and direct (in the same direction as the rotation of the earth). It is characterized by the apparently stationary position of the orbiting body above a fixed point on the equator. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
geosynchronous - An orbit where the period equals the earth's rotation, approximately 35,786 km, 22,300 mi or 19,325 NM above the surface of the earth. Also called "GEO."
Geotail Japanese ISTP-related scientific satellite to be launched into the earth's geotail to provide energy measurements.
GEP ground entry point
GESAT Munich consortium to design, develop, and market versions of DFS Kopernikus.
GETS government emergency telecommunications service {TW/AA}
GeV giga-electron volt(s) (109 eV)
GEX Executive services software CPCI. {Milstar}
GFAE government-furnished aerospace equipment
GFE government-furnished equipment
GFI government-furnished information
GFM government-furnished material
GFP government-furnished part {20 AF}Þ government-furnished property
GFY government fiscal year
G&G geodetic and geophysical {20 AF}
GHz gigahertz...109 cycles per second
GI government issue
Giacobini-Zinner - Comet named after its two early 20th century discoverers. Target of the first rendezvous of a man-made object with a comet on 11 Sep 85.
GIB guy in back...pilot term
GIDEP government/industry data exchange program
GIF graphics interchange format {AFSC2S}
GIFAS Groupement des Industries Francaises Aeronautiquest et Spatiales...French industry organization
gigabits A computer term meaning one billion bits.
gigaflops A computer term meaning one billion floating-point operations per second.
GIGO garbage in, garbage term
G-I-N Greenland-Iceland-Norway {TW/AA}
Giotto ESA spacecraft launched Jul 85 for Halley's Comet rendezvous Mar 86.
GIS geographical information system {FAFB}
GITIS government integrated technical information system {USSPACECOM/J6N}
G-I-UK Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom {TW/AA}
GL Greenland
GLASAT ground-launched anti-satellite {NAVSPACECOM}
Glavkosmos - CIS civilian space agency. Main administrator for the creation and use of space technology for the economy and for scientific research. Responsible for commercial activities; coordinator between space-related agencies and procedures of space hardware; main point of contact with other countries for cooperative space missions.
GLC great little car {Mazda}
GLCM ground-launched cruise missile
Glomr global low-orbiting message relay...62-sided, 150 lb DARPA experimental data relay satellite designed to communicate with sensors left in remote areas. Failed to eject from a GAS canister on STS 51-B. Launched 31 Oct 85 on STS 61-A.
GLONASS global navigation satellite system...CIS navigation satellite constellation. Three to four satellites in each of three orbital planes, all in 20,000 km circular 12-hour orbits inclined 63°.
Glow Shuttle experiment to investigate atmospheric luminosities.
GM general managerÞ ground mobile {Milstar}
GMBMDOC - ground-mobile ballistic missile defense operations center
GMCC ground-mobile command center
GMD global missile defense {USSPACECOM/J6N}
GMF ground-mobile force
GMFSC ground-mobile force satellite communications
GMI ground maintenance interrogation {20 AF}
GMR ground maintenance response {20 AF}Þ ground mobile radar {C4SMP}
GMROC ground-mobile regional operations center
GMS geostationary meteorological satellite...Japanese weather satellite (also called "Himawari," which means sun flower) developed by Nippon Electronics Company (NEC)/Hughes. Launched from Tanegashima Space Center.
GMT Greenwich mean time...ZULU time
GNC guidance and navigation computer {NASA}Þ guidance, navigation and control
GNP gross national product
GNSS global navigation satellite systems {AW&ST, 19 Oct 92}
GNT ground NDS (NUDET (nuclear detonation) detection system) terminal {ICADS}
GNW general nuclear war {C4SMP}
GO general officer
GOAL ground operations aerospace language...high-level computer language used at Cape Canaveral in all ground checkouts of Shuttle program
GOCESS government-operated civil engineering supply store
GOCO government-owned, contractor-operated
GOES geostationary operational environmental satellite...geostationary weather satellite operated by NOAA; first launch 17 May 74. Primary data acquisition station at Wallops Island VA. Proposed follow-on is "GOES Next" with a design life of 5 years; Atlas-Centaur launch.
GOF group of forces {CIS}
GOFR geolocation of RFI (radio frequency interference) {NAVSPACECOM}
GOGO government-owned, government-operated
GOJ Government of Japan
GOLF Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "G."
GOMS geostationary operational meteorological satellite...proposed CIS meteorological satellite
GONETZ Low-orbit digital store-and-forward system.
GOR general operational requirement...vice ROC
GORDY CIS monkey launched 10 Jun 85 on COSMOS 1667.
GORG general officer review group {NAVSPACECOM}
Gorizont CIS geosynchronous comsat series. Gorizont-5 (15 Mar 82) tested the Luch (11-14 GHz) and the Volna (1.5-1.6 GHz) SHF transponders.
GOS global ozone sensorÞ Government of the Seychelles {INDI}
GOSG general officer steering group
GOSIP government open systems interconnection software protocol
GOWG GPS operations working group
GP general perturbationÞ general practitionerÞ groupÞ gravity probe...scientific probe to test Einstein's theory of relativity:
- GP-81 will test precision gyroscopes and support systems; Shuttle launch
- GP-92 will be a free-flying payload to verify aspects of Einstein's theory using sensitive, superconducting gyroscopes
G-P Grubbs-Patnaik formula for CEP calculation {20 AF}
GPALS global protection against limited strikes {BMDO}
gpcd gallons per capita per day {EPA}
GPIB general purpose interface bus {AFSCN}
GPM gallon(s) per minute
GPO (U.S.) Government Printing Office
GPR Procedure generator; a Milstar configuration software component.
GPS global protection systemÞ global positioning system...a satellite constellation that provides highly accurate position, velocity and time navigation information to users. LEO and anomaly resolution provided by 1SOPS through SOC-31A. Mission ops provided by 2 SOPS through MCS. 24 satellites in six planes: four R&D spacecraft (smaller, curved solar panels) still operational, 20 production spacecraft (larger, flat panels). Launched from Cape Canaveral (LC-17) on a McDonnell-Douglas Delta II 7925 booster with nine Hercules GEMs (graphite epoxy motors) and a PAM-D (McDonnell-Douglas) upper stage. OIS burn uses 1940 lb fuel in 58 sec. 10,998 NM circular, 55° inclined orbits; 12-hr (semisynchronous) period. Times of ground tracks, nodal crossings and coverage gaps advance four minutes a day. The 24-satellite constellation provides 24 hrs/day 3-D coverage (four satellites in view at all times). F-16s and B-52s must have 3-D GPS coverage to be operational; PAVE LOW helicopters need only 2-D.
- Block I launches:
-- Flt 1 22 Feb 78 Not operational Disposal 5 Nov 91
-- Flt 2 13 May 78 Not operational Disposal 30 Oct 91
-- Flt 3 6 Oct 78 Not operational Disposal 14 Aug 92
-- Flt 4 10 Dec 78 Not operational Disposal 9 Jan 92
-- Flt 5 9 Feb 80 Not operational Disposal 17 Oct 84
-- Flt 6 26 Apr 80 Not operational Disposal 11 Apr 91
-- Flt 7 18 Dec 81 Booster failure
-- Flt 8 14 Jul 83 Not operational Disposal 8 May 93
-- Flt 9 13 Jun 84 SVN-9 C1 position
-- Flt 10 8 Sep 84 SVN-10 A1 position
-- Flt 11 9 Oct 85 SVN-11 C4 position
- Block II launches:
-- Flt 12 14 Feb 89 II-1, SVN-14 E1 position
-- Flt 13 10 Jun 89 II-2, SVN-13 B3 position
-- Flt 14 18 Aug 89 II-3, SVN-16 E3 position
-- Flt 15 21 Oct 89 II-4, SVN-19 A4 position
-- Flt 16 11 Dec 89 II-5, SVN-17 D3 position
-- Flt 17 24 Jan 90 II-6, SVN-18 F3 position
-- Flt 18 24 Mar 90 II-7, SVN-20 B2 position
-- Flt 19 2 Aug 90 II-8, SVN-21 E2 position
-- Flt 20 1 Oct 90 II-9, SVN-15 D2 position
- Block IIA launches:
-- Flt 21 26 Nov 90 II-10, SVN-23 E4 position
-- Flt 22 3 Jul 91 II-11, SVN-24 D1 position
-- Flt 23 23 Feb 92 II-12, SVN-25 A2 position
-- Flt 24 10 Apr 92 II-13, SVN-28 C2 position
-- Flt 25 7 Jul 92 II-14, SVN-26 F2 position
-- Flt 26 9 Sep 92 II-15, SVN-27 A3 position
-- Flt 27 22 Nov 92 II-16, SVN-32 F1 position
-- Flt 28 18 Dec 92 II-17, SVN-29 F4 position
-- Flt 29 3 Feb 93 II-18, SVN-22 B1 position
-- Flt 30 30 Mar 93 II-19, SVN-31 C3 position (repl Flt 8)
-- Flt 31 13 May 93 II-20, SVN-37 C4 position (repl Flt 11)
-- Flt 32 26 Jun 93 II-21, SVN-39 A1 position (repl Flt 10)
-- Flt 33 30 Aug 93 II-22, SVN-35 B4 position
-- Flt 34 26 Oct 93 II-23, SVN-34 D4 position
-- Flt 35 (Mar 94)
GPSCS general purpose satellite communications system
GPSE GPS enhancement (to ARTS)
GPU general processor unit
GRANAS global radio navigation satellite...West German navsat concept proposing six satellites in GEO and 12 in highly elliptic orbits with 12-hour periods
GRANCAP global range capability (DOD PE 6494OD)...formerly STR
GRARE ground receiving and analog ranging equipment
gravity gradient torque - Torque on a vehicle or structure resulting from the fact that the gravity force distribution is not uniform in direction and magnitude throughout the vehicle or structure. For example, the lower end of a beam tipped from the horizontal has stronger gravity pull than the upper end, resulting in a torque tending to rotate the beam vertically. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
GRD ground-resolved distance
GRE graduate record examination
GRID graphic interactive display
Grille Belgian Spacelab 1 spectrometer atmospheric instrument scheduled to be reflown on EOM-1.
GRO gamma ray observatory. NASA GSFC satellite to observe and measure extraterrestrial gamma ray sources.
ground trace Projection of a spacecraft's path (in space) on the earth's surface. {AIAA, 12 Jun84}
GRS global resource serialization {GPS}Þ guidance replacement system {20AF}
GRT Command and control software CPCI. {Milstar}
GRTAD GPS Block IIR TAD (training augmentation device)
GRU General Staff Intelligence Service {CIS}
GS general schedule {DLA}Þ glideslope {AFSPC/DOG}Þ government service
GSA General Services Administration
GSAC ground support associate contractor {45 SW}
GSBCA General Services Administration Board of Contracts Appeal
GSC ground systems controller
GSCO ground systems control officer {AFSCN}
GSD general support division {DMRD 904}
GSE ground support equipment
GSF GPS support facility
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA), Greenbelt MD 20771...named for Dr. Robert H. Goddard
GSI government source inspection
GSM global support message
GSMF ground system management facility {DMSP}
GS/MST ground station/mixed simulator tester {UFO}
GSO geostationary orbit...see "geostationary"Þ ground systems operator {50 SW}
GSOC German space operations center...located at Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich; controls German space probes, satellites and Spacelab experiments {Spacewatch, 15 Jun 85}
GSP gyro stabilized platform {20 AF}
GSRD ground support requirements document
GST ground system test
GStar Comsat carrying 16 transponders...weighs 715 kg, TT&C station in McLean, VA. First GStar launched 7 May 85.
GSTDN ground spaceflight tracking and data network...NASA backup (behind TDRSS) C2 net
GSTS ground-based surveillance and tracking system...a BMDO defensive system to track missiles in mid-course and through atmospheric re-entry
GSU geographically separated unit
GT Gazette Telegraph...Colorado Springs CO newspaperÞ Glory Trip {20 AF}
G/T "G over T"...antenna gain divided by antenna noise temperature. Communications satellite antenna performance parameter M = G/T or, logarithmically, M(dB) = 10 log10 G - 10 log10 T
GTAD GPS TAD (training augmentation device)
GTE General Telephone and Electronics Corp...U.S. telecommunications manufacturerÞ GEODSS (ground-based electro-optical deep space surveillance) transportable eraÞ global tropospheric experiments {NASA}Þ government test equipment
GTES GTE Service Corporation
GTO geosynchronous transfer orbit
GTOC geosynchronous transfer orbit capability
GTM ground test missile
GTP ground test projectile
GTR government transportation request
GTS global timing systemÞ ground test station {20 AF}Þ Guam Tracking Station...see "GUAM"
GTSim generic telemetry simulator...DSCS III LEO simulator
GUAM AFSCN call sign for Guam Tracking Station (GTS), one of nine RTSs in the common user element of the AFSCN. GUAM (14°N latitude, 145°E longitude) is near the island's northernmost tip on a deactivated airstrip at the old Northwest Field, approximately seven miles from Andersen AFB. GUAM's 60' high-power uplink antenna ("GTS-A") was installed in 1967; ARTS II turnover May92. GUAM's 46' antenna ("GTS-B") was installed in 1978; ARTS turnover Aug92. An unincorporated territory of the United States, Guam is in the micronesian area of the western Pacific, about 3200 miles west of Hawaii, 1500 miles south of Tokyo, and 1300 miles east of Manila. The largest and southernmost island of the Mariana Archipelago, the island is approximately 30 miles long and between four and 12 miles wide, resembling a left foot print. Total land area is 212 square miles. The capital city of Agana is located near the middle of the island's western coast, 15 miles southeast of Andersen AFB. The population of the island is estimated at 142,000, including approximately 20,000 active duty military personnel and their dependents. Local standard time is Z+10 hours.
Guiana see "French Guiana Space Centre"
GWEN ground wave emergency network...VLF overlay to the U.S. telephone system for linking the NCA with USSPACECOM, NORAD, STRATCOM, all strategic bomber and ICBM wings, and PAVE PAWS costal radars
Gyunesh-85 International aerospace experiment conducted under the Intercosmos program, involving space-based, air-based and land- based spectrometry and photography of land formations in the Transcaucasian area.


H high, as in low-medium-highÞ hotÞ HOTEL {military phonetics alphabet}
H-1/H-1A Japanese LH2-LOX three-stage booster, 550 kq-class payloads, first launch Aug 86.
H-2 Proposed Japanese booster for heavy (1500 kq-class) GEO payloads. First launch in early 1992.
H10 High-energy upper stage being designed for Ariane 5. In the same class as Titan IV.
HAB high-altitude burst
HAC higher authority communications {20AF}Þ House Appropriations CommitteeÞ Hughes Aircraft Company...see "Hughes"
HADG high-altitude debris gamma
HADS high-altitude defense system
HADZ Hawaiian Telco {HULA}
HAF Headquarters Air ForceÞ high altitude fuzing {20 AF}
HAFB Holloman AFB NM
HAIR high-accuracy instrumentation radar...29-ft diameter radar at SLC-1 that would have been used to track Shuttle launches from Vandenberg AFB
HAL high-order assembly term
Halley's Comet International fly-by Mar 86...see "Giotto," "MS-T5," "Planet A," "Spartan," and "Vega"
HALO high-altitude large optics
Hammaguir The first French launch facility, located in Algeria's Sahara Desert. The French moved operations to Kourou in 1967.
HANE high-altitude nuclear effects {C4SMP}
HANU high accuracy navigation user {GPS}
HAP high accident potentialÞ high-altitude probe
HARDS high-altitude radiation detection system
HASC House Armed Services Committee
HASP high-altitude sounding probe
HAWAIM Hawaii monitor station {GPS}
HAWK AFSCN call sign for Falcon AFB MCCs.
HAX Haystack auxiliary radar...see "Haystack"
HAY see "Haystack"
Haystack Haystack Observatory. LRIR owned by MIT, operated by Lincoln Laboratory, located in Tyngsboro MA. Augments Space Surveillance Network, provides radar images of near-earth and deep-space satellites. 0.25m resolution of 1 m2 targets at geosynchronous altitude.
HAZCOM hazardous communication
HAZCON hazardous condition
HAZMAT hazardous material
HBT Heflex bioengineering test...Shuttle experiment to determine proper soil moisture content for maximum growth in zero gravity
HC hydrocarbons
HCI horizon crossing indicator {IABS}Þ Hughes Communications IncÞ human-computer interface {50 SSYS}
HCL hyperchannel communications link
HCMM heat capacity mapping mission...a sensor launched in 1978 to make precise radiometric measurements of the earth at coarse spatial resolutions
HCS hazard communication standard {AFSPC/CE}
HCSI Hughes Communications Services, Inc.
HDA head and disk assembly...MCC DASD component
HDBK handbook
HDD high-density digital
HDI/WSI high-density interconnection/wafer-scale integration
HDL high-density lipoprotein
HDOP horizontal dilution of precision {GPS}
HDR high data rate
HE high energyÞ high explosive {20 AF}
HEA hard earth angle
HEAO high-energy astronomical observatory...satellite to study energetic radiation from space
HECO Hawaiian Electrical Company {HULA}
HEDI high endoatmospheric defense interceptor {BMDO}
HEDRB high-energy deep-rechargeable battery
HEDS high endoatmospheric defense system...part of the Army non-nuclear ground-based BMD program; see "AOA" and "ERIS"
HEFU high-energy firing unit
HEL high-energy laser
HELAPS high-efficiency linear amplification by parametric used in developing transponders to link spacecraft to automobiles
HELS high-energy laser system {NAVSPACECOM}
HELSTF high-energy laser systems test facility...located in White Sands Missile Range NM
HEMP high-altitude electromagnetic pulse
HEMT high-electron-mobility transfer
HEO high earth orbitÞ highly elliptical orbit
HERE hazards of electromagnetic radiation to equipment
HERF hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuels
Hermes Proposed French Ariane 5-compatible small (59 ft-long, 33 ft wing span) manned flight vehicle. CNES Toulouse Space Center the program coordinator between ESA and CNES. Aerospatiale industrial prime contractor; Dassault-Breguet prime for aerodynamic configuration.
HERP hazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel
Hestia Asteroid scheduled for 1995 fly-by by Tempel-2 comet rendezvous mission.
HEX hexadecimal
HF harmonic filterÞ height findingÞ high frequency (3-30 MHz)Þ hydrogen fluoride
HFAJ high-frequency antijam
HF/DF high frequency/direction findingÞ hydrogen fluoride/deuterium fluoride
HFE human factors engineering
HgCdTe mercury-cadmium-telluride...typically referred to as "mercad-telluride," a photoconductive detector material
HGV hypersonic glide vehicle
HH helping hand {50 SPS}
HH-M Hitchhiker-MSFC (version)...payload carrier for intermediate-size experiments conducted in the Shuttle cargo bay
HHQ higher headquarters
HHR high hop rate {Milstar}
HI Hawaii
HIA held in abeyance {50 LSS/CC}
HIBREL high-brightness relay
HIC human-in-control
high drag orbit An orbit changing significantly due to decay; period approaching 87.5 min. {LCU, 15 Jan 84}
HIL human-in-the-loop
HILAT Project to evaluate propagation effects of disturbed plasmas on radar and communications.
Himawari - see "GMS"
HIO high inclination orbit {Milstar}
HIP handover implementation procedure {50 OPG}Þ hot isostatic processing
Hipparcos ESA geostationary astronomy satellite; Ariane 4 launch, uses a Schmidt telescope to track 100,000 stars to an accuracy of 0.001-0.002 arc-seconds.
HIPS hardcopy imagery processor system {DMSP}
HiRes high resolution
HIRES high resolution imagery reconnaissance system {USSPACECOM/J6N}
HIROIG high-resolution ozone imager {ECAMP}
HISEMM high-speed environmental multi-burst model
HIT high impulse transducer {20 AF}Þ homing intercept technology
HITS hydroacoustic impact timing system
HIV human immunodeficiency virus...causative agent of AIDS
H&K homing and kill
HKV hit-to-kill vehicleÞ homing kill vehicle
HLD hardened laser designator
HLLV heavy-lift launch vehicle...a booster concept designed to transport cargo many times greater in mass and volume than possible with a single Shuttle flight
HLV heavy launch vehicle...a booster capable of putting more than 16,000 kg (35,000 lbm) in low earth orbit (140 km or 100 NM), e.g., Titan IV {AFSPC/DR}
HM hazardous material {AFSPC/CE}
HM60 Cryogenic engine that will power Ariane 5 second stage (aka Vulcain).
HM7B Ariane 3 third-stage motor.
HMDS hexamethyldisylazane...waterproofing chemical used on Shuttle tiles; also called sylazane or silane {AW&ST, 26 Nov 84}
HMG Her Majesty's Government {LION}
HM/HS hardness maintenance/hardness surveillance {DNA}
HMIS hazardous material information system {AFSPC/CE}
HMMWV high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HMOS high-performance metal-oxide semiconductor
H/M/S hours/minutes/seconds
HMSO Her Majesty's Stationery Office {BMEWS Site III}
HN host nation {C4SMP}
HNC heavy nuclei collector...Shuttle experiment to sample actinide nuclei (thorium, uranium, etc.) in cosmic radiation
HNS host nation support
HO handoverÞ history office
HOB height of burst {20 AF}
HOC history of coverage
HOE hands-on equipmentÞ holographic optical elementÞ homing overlay experiment...Army non-nuclear BMD experiment. The fourth test flight intercepted a dummy ICBM warhead fired from WSMC toward USAKA's Kwajalein missile range in the Marshall Islands.
HOF home office facility {50 SPS}
Hohmann transfer The two-impulse minimum energy transfer between co-planar orbits. {AIAA, Jun84}
HOI headquarters operating instruction {NDS}
HOIS hostile intelligence services
HOJ home on jam {TAB93-1}
HOL higher order language
HOMES Mnemonic for the Great Lakes, i.e., Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior.
HORUS hypersonic orbital upper stage {NAVSPACECOM}
HOT hold off timer {GPS}
HOTEL Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "H."
Hotol horizontal takeoff and landing launcher...British Aerospace Dynamics unmanned, reusable single-stage launch vehicle being designed to put seven metric tons in 300 km equatorial orbit at half Shuttle's cost. IOC 2004.
HOW handover word {GPS}
HP Hewlett PackardÞ high power
HPA high-power amplifierÞ high-power antenna {AFSCN}Þ holding and positioning aid...a stiff articulated arm for holding and positioning a spacecraft, payload or structural element during assembly or construction operations
HPE heat pipe experiment...Shuttle Hitchhiker-G payload
HPF high-pass filter
HPFTP high-pressure fuel turbopump {Shuttle}
HPG homopolar generator
HPM high-powered microwave
HPOTP high-pressure oxidizer turbopump {Shuttle}
HPPM high-performance propulsion module...Ford Aerospace/Aerojet Tech Systems proposed competitor to PAM-D2
HPRF high pulse repetition frequency {TAB93-1}
HPTE high-precision tracking experiment...demonstrated the ability to propagate a low power laser through the atmosphere
HPU hydraulic power unit {AFSCN}
HQ headquartersÞ highly qualified {50 OPG}
HQSTC Headquarters Strike Command {BMEWS Site III}
HR home runÞ hour(s)
HRAM hardened random access memory {DSCS}
HRE Holy Roman Empire
HREP heavy replica decoy
HRG hemispherical resonating gyro
HRMSI high-resolution multispectral stereo imager
HRPT high-resolution picture transmission {NAVSPACECOM}
HRS high-resolution spectrograph...instrument integrated in the Space Telescope to collect galactic and extragalactic ultraviolet emissions
HRSO high-resolution solar observatory...a solar optical telescope to determine the physical processes at work on the sun
HRTS high-resolution telescope spectrograph...NRL Spacelab 2 solar experiment being considered for Sunlab; initially flown by STS 51-F
HRV high-resolution visible...Spot imaging instrument; see "Spot"
HSDL high-speed data link
HSEP hardness surveillance EMP (electromagnetic pulse) program {20 AF}
HSI horizontal situation indicatorÞ human systems integration {USSPACECOM/J6N}
HSID high-speed interface device
HSP hardness surveillance program {AFSPC/DOM}
HSSCU hardness surveillance system control unit {20AF}
HSSF hypergolic fuels stockpile facility
HSSS high-speed signal sorter
HST Harry S Truman, 33d president of the United States, 1945-1953Þ Edwin P. Hubble space telescope...developed to observe the universe and gain information about its origin, evolution and disposition of stars and galaxies
HT heavy terminal {AFSCN}
HTF horizontal test facility {30 SW}
HTK hard target kill {20AF}Þ hit-to-kill
HTOHL horizontal takeoff and horizontal landing
HTS Hawaii Tracking Station...see "HULA"Þ high-temperature superconductors {NAVSPACECOM}
HTSA host-tenant support agreement
HUD head-up display
Hughes Hughes Aircraft Company, El Segundo, CA; Hughes Aircraft Co.'s Space and Communications Group has five multipurpose satellite designs:
- HS-333 first-generation commercial comsat; 12 channels, Delta launch
- HS-376 second-generation comsat. Can be flown on the Delta 3920 series, on Ariane, or on the Shuttle with a PAM-D. 24- channel cross-polarized C-band and K-band versions have been built. Both use a solid rocket motor for apogee impulse, nickel-cadmium batteries, and monopropellant hydrazine for orbit adjustment. Customers include SBS, Telesat Canada (Anik-
- HS-393 third-generation commercial comsat. C-band and K-band, Shuttle/Ariane 4. 19 transponders - 40 watts of transmit power each. Spin stabilized. Based on HS-376 and Intelsat VI satellites. Integral propulsion with a Minuteman III solid rocket motor for perigee boost, nickel-hydrogen batteries and a bipropellant system for apogee impulse and on-orbit station-keeping. $60M each.
- HW-394 is a U.S. high-power direct TV broadcast satellite. First two delivered to Dominion Video Satellite, Inc. in 1987.
- HW-399 is a lightweight, compact communications satellite for developing nations. Can be launched for one-third the cost of standard communications satellites. Typical payload is 12-channel C-band system using 5 watt traveling-wave tube amplifiers; K-band for fixed service; or UHF for mobile use.
HULA AFSCN call sign for Hawaii Tracking Station (HTS). One of nine RTSs in the common user element of the AFSCN, HULA (also called Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station (KPSTS)) is on the westernmost tip of the island of Oahu at Kaena Point (22°N latitude, 158°W longitude), 40 miles northwest of Honolulu. HULA's 60' antenna ("HTS-A") was installed in 1968; ARTS II turnover Oct 92 includes full DMSPE ("Site 43" SCU and communications hardware provide interconnectivity between DMSPE and the DMSP network) and BMDE capabilities. HULA's 46' antenna ("HTS-B") was installed in 1972; ARTS II completed Nov 90. A collocated GPS monitor station ("HAWAIM") is maintained by Loral as part of the NSP contract. An AN/FPQ-14 radar (owned by 30 SW and managed by Federal Services Corporation) is another tenant at KPSTS, as is an ARIA FLTSATCOM antenna (passive receive only) installed in Aug 92. Local standard time is Z-10 hours (no change in time for Daylight Savings Time).
HUMINT human sources intelligence {OPSEC}
HUMVEE high-utility multi-purpose vehicle {20 AF}
HVAC heating, ventilating and air conditioning
HVB high voltage breakdown {20 AF}
HVC hardened voice channel {20 AF}
HVG hypervelocity gun
HVI high-velocity interceptor {NAVSPACECOM}
HVL hypervelocity launcher
HVM hypervelocity missile
HVP hypervelocity projectile
HVPS high-voltage power supply
HW hazardous waste {AFSPC/CE}
H/W hardware
HWCI hardware configuration item
hydrazine Monopropellant used for satellite station-keeping and orbit adjustment.
HYMOSS hybrid mosaic on a silicon stack
HYSAT high-altitude satellite program
HYSES hybrid-sensor experimental satellite
HYWAYS hybrids with advanced yields for surveillance
Hz Hertz...cycles per second
HZE high cosmic ray energy

i inclination...the angle between the orbit of a satellite and the equator of the earth, measured at the ascending node, is called the angle of inclination. It determines the northernmost and southernmost points on the earth passed over by the satellite; it describes the "tilt" of the orbit relative to the equatorial plane. If a satellite has an inclination of 90°, the satellite is said to be in polar orbit. Orbits with inclinations greater than 90° are called retrograde orbits (see "Retrograde"). The angle of inclination is one element of the Keplerian element set...see "Keplerian elements"
I INDIA {military phonetics alphabet}
IA implementing arrangement {LION}Þ integrating accelerometer {20 AF}Þ Iowa
I&A integration and assembly
IAA International Academy of Astronautics
IAADS interim automated air defense system {C4SMP}
IABS integrated apogee boost subsystem {DSCS III}
IAC intelligence analysis cell {C4SMP}
IACG inter-agency consultative group...formed in 1981 to coordinae international Halley's Comet rendezvous efforts. Proved so successful that member countries decided to continue the group to coordinate international participation in the solar terrestrial physics program. Members include ESA, NASA, Intercosmos and Japan. Meets in Padua, Italy.
IADCF interim air defense control facility {TW/AA}
IADS Iceland air defense system {TW/AA}
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAF International Astronautical Federation
IAG interagency agreement {EPA}
IAI Israel Aircraft Industries
IAM&AW International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
IAPS ion auxiliary propulsion system {NAVSPACECOM}
IAR inertial attitude referenceÞ integrated assessment reportÞ invalid alarm rate {CSOC SCS}
IATA International Air Transport Association
IAV irradiance average
IAW in accordance with
IAWG integrated architecture working group
IB impact burst {20 AF}
IBC impurity board conduction
IBEX infrared balloon experiment {NASA}
IBIT infinite delay time {20 AF}
IBM International Business Machines (Corporation)..."Big Blue"
IBSE initial blood storage equipment...Shuttle experiment to evaluate changes in blood tissue during various storage conditions
IBSS infrared background signature survey
IBW impulse bandwidth
IC integrated circuit...a chip of silicon designed to perform a specific function, and containing a combination of many individual electronic components and their metal interconnections {Sandia}Þ integrating contractorÞ intelligence community
I&C installation and checkoutÞ integration and certification {50 SSYS}
ICA independent cost analysis {AFR 173-11}Þ internally controlled area {CSOC SCS}
ICADS integrated correlation and display system...ARGS replacement
ICAF Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Ft Leslie J McNair, Washington DC 20319-6000
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICB installation control board {50 SSYS}Þ installation coordination board {AFSCN}Þ integration control board {SR 27-2}
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
ICBO International Conference of Building Officials
ICC integrated communications controller...used for wideband applications in conjunction with an advanced version of Fairchild's time-division multiple access (TDMA)Þ Interstate Commerce CommissionÞ item category code {DLA}
ICCS ITW/AA configuration control system {AFSPC/DOT}
ICD interface control document {GPS}Þ interface control drawing
ICDCS integrated control display and communications subsystem {CSOC SCS}
ICE independent cost estimateÞ international cometary explorer...NASA spacecraft that became the first spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet (11 Sep 85, Giacobini-Zinner). Originally launched 12 Aug 78 as ISEE-3 to study solar wind, was redesignated ICE and diverted in 1983.
ICECAP information combat exploitation capability {RTIC}
ICEROCC Iceland ROCC (region operations control center) {C4SMP}
ICF interconnect facility {AFSCN}
ICM intelligence correlation module {TBM}
ICN interchangeability control number {AFSCN}Þ interface change notice {SR 27-2}
ICNIA integrated communications navigation identification avionics...USAF PAVE SPRINTER program to replace about a dozen dedicated communication and navigation subsystems; potential applications in next-generation satellites
ICO instrumentation control operator
I&CO installation and checkout {CSOC}
ICP inventory control point {AFSCN}
ICPR intercomputer processor replacement {TW/AA}
ICR integrating contractor representative {AFSCN}Þ internal control review...nonappropriated funds term
ICRS improved command receiver system
ICS integrated communications system...see "NATO III"Þ intelligence community staff
ICT initial commit time {20 AF}
ICU intensive care unitÞ interface control unit {C4SMP}
ICWG interface control working group {DMSP}
ID IdahoÞ identificationÞ inner diameterÞ interim directive {AFSCN}
IDA Institute for Defense Analyses...OSD/JCS FCRC
IDC installation design criteria {AFSCN}
IDCE intrasite data control equipment
IDCG intrasite data circuit group
IDE intrusion detection equipment {CAPE}
IDF intermediate distribution frame {AFSCN}
IDHS intelligence data handling system {TW/AA}
IDHSC IDHS (intelligence data handling system) communications {C4SMP}
IDHS-II intelligence data handling system, phase II {TW/AA}
IDMT independent duty medical technician
IDP incremental data processor
IDR intermediate design review {WDC}
IDS interface design specificationÞ intrusion detection system {50 SPS}
IDSL integration data system library {AFSCN}
IDT independent duty technician {AFSCN}
IDT&E initial development test and evaluation
IDTS instrumentation data transmission system
IDV interceptor deployment vehicle
i.e. id est...Latin, "that is"
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., 345 E. 47th St., New York, NY 10017
IEF individual evaluation folder {50 SW}Þ isoelectric focusing experiment...Shuttle experiment on the extent of electro-osmosis in space
IEMATS improved emergency message automated transmission system
IEMP internal electromagnetic pulse
IES interoperability enhancement system {AFSCN}
IET initial ethics training {OGE}
IETF Internet engineering task force {AFSC2S}
IF impact fuze {20 AF}Þ intermediate frequency
I/F interface
IFB invitation for bid
IFC Instrument Flight Center {GPS}
IFF identification friend or foe {TAB93-1}
IFG interface group {Milstar}
IFJ inflight jumper
IFFN identification friend, foe or neutral
IFLA intermediate frequency line amplifier {AFSCN}
IFLOT intermediate focal length optical tracker
IFM ionospheric forecast model {AFSPC/DOG}
IFOG interferometric fiber optics gyro
IFOV instantaneous field of view
IFPA installation fitness program administrator {AFMPC}
IFPT installation fitness program trainer {AFMPC}
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board...Geneva organization that oversees the allocation of orbiting positions for comsats. International law limits spacing between comsats using the same spectrum of frequencies to not less than 2° (about 900 miles) in longitude. {NYT}
IFS integrated flight simulation
IFSS instrumentation and flight safety system
IFTU in-flight target update
IFTV integrated flight test vehicle
IFU interface unit {Milstar}
IFV infantry fighting vehicle
IG inspector general...oxymoron
Igloo Automatic supply module on the forward end of the Shuttle experiment pallet train.
IGS image generator subsystem {DMSP}
IGY International Geophysical Year (1957-58)
IHA interface hazard analysis
IHE insensitive high explosives {20AF}
IHOP International House of Pancakes
IIL integrated injection logic...also abbreviated I2L
IIP instantaneous impact point
IIR imaging infraredÞ inactive item review {DLA}
IISL International Institute of Space Law
IJK frame Geocentric-equatorial coordinate frame used in astrodynamics to describe a satellite's orbit with respect to earth...see "Kepler ian elements"
IKI CIS space research institute.
IL Illinois
I2L integrated injection logic...also abbreviated IIL
ILAM initial launch alert message
ILBOC introduction to launch base operations course {AFSPC/DOT}
ILC inhibit launch command {20 AF}Þ initial launch capabilityÞ international logistics center
ILCO international logistics center office
ILCS improved launch control system {AFSPC/DOM}
ILP instructor lesson plan {50 CTS}
ILS instrument landing systemÞ integrated logistics support {AFR 800-8}
ILSC integrated launch support center {20 AF}
ILSM integrated logistics support manager {CSOC ILSP}
ILSMT integrated logistics support management team {AFSCN}
ILSP integrated logistics support plan {UFO}Þ integrated logistics support program {AFSPC/XP}
ILSWG integrated logistics support working group {USSPACECOM/J6N}
ILT imprecisely located target
ILV intermediate launch vehicle...a booster capable of putting 9000-16,000 kg (20,000-35,000 lbm) in low earth orbit (140 km or 100 NM), e.g., Titan III {AFSPC/DR}
IM information managementÞ item manager {AFMC}
I&M improvements and modernization {AFI 10-1204}
IMA individual mobilization augmentee
IMAAT individual mobilization augmentee allocation team
IMAP interstellar medium absorption profile...spectrograph that collects spectra of interstellar absorption lines in the 91.0-113.5 nanometer wavelength range; Princeton University flew second mission on sounding rocket in Apr 85.
IMAX Company that produces motion pictures of Shuttle launch, flight and landing.
IMC image motion compensationÞ instrument meteorological condition...usually not conducive to launchÞ internal management control {FMFIA}
IMETS integrated meteorological system {DMSP}
IMI intermodulation interference
IMINT imagery intelligence {OPSEC}
IMIS intelligent management information system...Kennedy Space Center artificial intelligence project to develop intelligent data base information retrieval system
IML initial microcode load {GPS}Þ installation modification list {AFSCN}Þ international microgravity laboratory...STS-42 payload (22Jan92) that carried microgravity missions devoted to material sciences and life sciences studies
IMP interplanetary monitoring wind measurement spacecraft launched in early 1970s
IMPS integrated meteorological processing system
IMPATT impact avalanche and transit time...type of diode
IMR internal management review {Milstar}
IMS inventory management specialist {BMEWS Site III}Þ item manager specialist
IMU inertial measurement unit...a package of inertial sensors used to measure inertial motions, usually about or along three axes, or both. Sensed inertial motions can include linear and angular acceleration, angular rate, and angular position relative to an inertial reference. Components typical to an IMU include gyros, accelerometers, and gimballed platforms. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
IN Indiana
INCA intelligence communications architecture {NAVSPACECOM}
inclination see "i"
INDI AFSCN call sign for Indian Ocean Tracking Station (IOS). One of nine RTSs in the common user element of the AFSCN, INDI (5°S latitude, 55°E longitude) supports most "first acquisition" passes on launches from both Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg AFB. INDI's 60' high-power uplink antenna ("IOS-A"), installed in 1963, is the only hydraulically driven antenna in the network; ARTS II turnover Jun 93. IOS-A is located at about 2000' elevation (dormitory and dining hall are three miles from the tech site). INDI's SATCOM AN/FSC-39(V) heavy terminal, a 13m antenna to ELANT DSCS, is operated and main tained by Loral. TRANET (DMA's Transit Satellite Network), an INDI tenant operated since 1964 by Physical Sciences Lab, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces NM, was closed Jun 93. INDI is on Mahe, a tropical island 18 miles long and (at its narrowest) two miles wide, in the Indian Ocean 1000 miles east of Tanzania. Local government is one-party Socialist, transi tioning to multi-party. Resident U.S. ambassador. $4.5M annual lease payment to GOS for the site. Local standard time is Z+4 hours.
INDIA Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "I."
INEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
INF Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (treaty)
INFO information
INFOCEN information center
INFOSEC information security
Inmarsat International Maritime Satellite (Organization)...a consortium that provides communications for maritime users, capacity currently leased on hosts (Marecs, Intelsat, Marisat). 47 member countries, each represented by a signatory agency; U.S. Comsat Corp. is the largest participant (30.7% share), Britain second (14.7%). Nine earth stations, 3700 vessels from 60 nations have terminals. Inmarsat-2 is a British Aerospace three-axis-stabilized satellite; four C-/L-band transponders; 400 ship-to-shore-to-ship voice channels; 10 year design life.
INMS ion and neutral spectrometer {NASA}
INPE Brazil's Institute for Space Research
INS inertial navigation system
Insat Indian point-to-point communication, direct broadcast, and weather satellite. 3-axis stabilized. Control center at Hassan, India. First launch 4 Sep 82.
INSE integrated network support environment {AFSCN}
INSEC inner zone security violation {20 AF}
INTEC International Technology Underwriters...major space insurance underwriter
INTEL intelligence
Intelsat International Telecommunications Satellite Organization...a 109-nation cooperative formed under the leadership of the U.S. in 1984. Owns, manages and sets rates for an international comsat system that carries 2/3 of the world's international phone traffic and virtually all TV transmissions. Coordinates communication networks with Eutelsat, Galaxy, Marisat, Palapa, Arabsat, Intersputnik, Marecs, Satcom links between the U.S. and Bermuda, and U.S. and Canadian domestic satellite links between the two countries. DOD leases as part of the MILSATCOM system. Communications Satellite Corp. is the U.S. signatory to Intelsat. Control station in Washington, DC. {AW&ST, 1 Oct 84}
- Intelsat IV is a spin-stabilized TACSAT (tactical communications satellite) design. 12 36 MHz-bandwidth, single conversion repeaters; 4000 circuits and 2 TV channels. First launch 22 May 85.
- Intelsat IVA is a spin-stabilized comsat. 20 36 MHz-bandwidth, single conversion repeaters; 6000 circuits and 2 TV channels. First launch 25 Sep 75.
- Intelsat V is a 3-axis body-stabilized comsat. 23 6/4 GHz transponders, 6 14/11 GHz transponders; 12,000 circuits and 2 TV channels. First launch 23 May 81.
- Intelsat VI (F1-F5) is a spin-stabilized, active-repeater Leasat-design comsat. 38 6/4 GHz transponders, 10 14/11 GHz transponders (33,000 circuits). Each Intelsat VI spacecraft launched on Titan III and Ariane uses integral propulsion and provides its own perigee impulse with a large solid rocket motor (Ariane 4 launches don't need this motor). All Intelsat VI spacecraft use two bipropellant thrusters for apogee impulse. The same system later feeds small thrusters for orbital adjustment. They also use nickel-hydrogen batteries and are the first Intelsat spacecraft to employ RF beacon tracking for precise attitude control (better than 0.1° even during orbit maneuvers). Each spacecraft has satellite-switched TDMA and a completely reconfigurable antenna for the three ocean-basin operating areas. The antenna provides sixfold frequency reuse by polarization and spatial diversity.
Interbol CIS program to launch two satellites to study near-earth space.
Intercosmos Socialist program for multilateral space exploration and development. Formed in 1967, nine members: CIS, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Cuba.
Interkosmos - see "Intercosmos"
Intersputnik CIS alternative to Intelsat; uses Raduga.
Intespace CNES affiliate; operates ESA's satellite test and integration center in Toulouse, France.
INTREP intelligence report
INTST inhibit test {20 AF}
INTSUM intelligence summary
INWS interservice nuclear weapons school
IO Indian OceanÞ integration organization {SR 27-2}
I/O input/output
IOAS integrated order-wire and alarm system
IOB input/output buffer
IOBM in ocean by mistake {14 AF}
IOC initial operational capability...when the operator first declares a new system capable of performing its mission successfullyÞ in put/output controller {Milstar}Þ instructor orientation course {50CTS}Þ intelligence operations CMAS {C4SMP}Þ inter-orbit communications...proposed Eureca data transmission experiment package of repeaters and pointed antennas, developed as a forerunner for future European data relay systems
IOCM interim operational contamination monitor...experiment to measure molecular and particle contamination in the Shuttle bay
IOE input output expander {Milstar}
IOI initial operations inspection {Milstar}
IONDS integrated operational NUDET (nuclear detonation) detection system. Will pinpoint nuclear blasts and permit retargeting of U.S. nuclear weapons. Renamed NDS.
IOR impacting object report
IOS Indian Ocean Tracking Station...see "INDI"
IOT in-orbit test {NATO IVB}
IOT&E initial operational test and evaluation
IOU I owe you
IP impact pointÞ instructor pilotÞ interceptor platformÞ intercept pointÞ interface protection...system-generated electromagnetic pulse hardening techniqueÞ internet protocol
IPA inadvertent pre-armÞ integrated program assessment {AFSPC/XP}Þ intermediate power amplifier {GPS}
IPAC Diego Garcia support contractor {AFSCN}
IPADS interactive processing and display system {DMSP}
IPB illustrated parts breakdown {COBRADANE}Þ intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IPCMD improper command {20 AF}
IPD IMU (inertial measurement unit) performance data {20 AF}
IPDDS IPD (IMU (inertial measurement unit) performance data) disabled {20 AF}
IPE industrial plant equipment {DLA}
IPG interface procedures guide {GPS}
IPI intelligent peripherals interface {AFSC2S}
IPL initial program load...GPS equal to a system re-bootÞ integrated priority list {AFSPC/XP}
I-Plan implementation plan...obsolete, now S-Plan
IPMS inertial platform missile systemÞ information processing management system {AFSFC}Þ inventory program management system {AFSPC/LK}
IPOI initial plan of instruction {50 OPG}
IPOMS international polar orbiting meteorological of two groups formed to increase sharing of satellite data and to promote the use of earth observation satellites (the other is CEOS)
IPP impact point predictionÞ intercept prediction point
IPR in-process review {UFO}Þ interim problem report {NASA}
ips inches per second
IPS instrument pointing system...ESA/Dornier package designed to provide precision pointing of Shuttle's telescopes and scientific experiments. 0.7-0.8 arc-seconds pointing accuracy demonstrated in testing. First flight on Spacelab 2, Jul 85.Þ integrated program summary {AFSPC/XP}
IPSM improved performance space kick motor for interplanetary voyages
IPSP intelligence priorities for strategic planning
IPSS integrated planning and scheduling system {45 SW}
IPT integrated product team {IWSM}
IPV integrated pressure vessel
IPZ in the promotion zone {AFMPC}
IQ indefinite quantityÞ intelligence quotient
IQT initial qualification training {50 CTS}
IR infraredÞ ionizing radiation {AFR 161-16}
IRA individual retirement accountÞ Irish Republican Army
IRAD independent research and development...also abbreviated IR&D
IRAM industrial relations administrative manual {AFSCN}
IRAN inspect and repair as necessary
IRAS infrared astronomical satellite...launched 25 Jan 83, a joint NASA-British Science and Engineering Research Council program. Mission ended 21 Nov 83 when helium refrigerant supply was consumed.
IR-AVD infrared atmospheric vehicle detection
IRBM intermediate-range ballistic missile
IRBS intermediate-range booster system
IRCFE infrared communications flight experiment...demonstrates the feasibility of using diffuse infrared light as a carrier for Shuttle crew communications
IRCM infrared countermeasures {TAB93-1}
IRCS improved radar calibration system
IR&D independent research and development...also abbreviated IRAD
IRFPA infrared focal plane array {NAVSPACECOM}
IRIG inter-range instrumentation group...a society of engineers set up in the early R&D days to establish common testing standards. The AFSCN has adopted these standards for satellite control. {Loral}
IRIM IPL (initial program load) resource initialization module {GPS}
IRINT infrared intelligence
IRIS Italian research interim stage...Shuttle/Ariane-compatible upper-stage sized for 900 kq payloads. Lageos-2 the first payload, Aeritalia the contractor.
7-Iris asteroid
IRM information resource management {DISA}Þ ion release module
IRMD infrared missile defense {TAB93-1}
IRO inter-range operations {750 SGP}
IRON inter-range operations number...used by USSPACECOM's launch correlation unit
IRP installation restoration program {EPA}Þ inventory reduction plan {DLA}
IRS Indian remote sensing satellite...built by ISAC for ISRO, launched on CIS boosterÞ interface requirements specification {GPS}Þ Internal Revenue Service
IR-SBSS infrared space-based space surveillance
IRSS instrumentation and range safety system
IRST infrared search and track
IRT integrated rendezvous radar target...a target for testing Shuttle rendezvous techniques and capabilities in orbit
IRTI IMU (inertial measurement unit) real-time interrupt
IRU isolation review unit {AFSCN}
IRV insulated reentry vehicleÞ inter-range vector
ISA instruction set architectureÞ interservice support agreement {UFO}Þ interstage adapter {Atlas-Centaur}Þ Israel Space Agency
ISAC ISRO Satellite Centre...the main laboratory for Indian development of satellite technology
ISAL inverse synthetic aperture laserÞ investigation of STS atmospheric luminosities...Shuttle experiment to determine the spectral content of the orbital luminosity
ISAR inverse synthetic aperture radar
ISAS Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science...University of Tokyo affiliate, develops scientific payloads, operates Kagoshima Space Center
ISB intermediate staging base {NAVSPACECOM}
ISC incremental support capability {CSOC}Þ integrated satellite control {MSTRS}Þ International Space Corporation...a joint commercial activity
ISCN interstaff secure communication network
ISCS integrated satellite control system...CCS follow-on
ISD instructional system development {AFM 50-2}Þ integrated strategic defense {USSPACECOM}
ISDB integrated SATCOM data base {Milstar}
ISDN integrated services data network {AFSCN}
ISDS inadvertent separation destruct system
ISEE (NASA-Goddard) international sun-earth explorer (spacecraft)...ISEE-3 launched 12 Aug 78 to study solar wind. Renamed International Cometary Explorer and diverted in 1983 to intercept comet Giacobini-Zinner.
ISF industrial space facility...proposed Westinghouse/Space Industries Company 2,500 cubic feet materials processing facility
ISI Information Sciences Institute
ISIT intensified silicon intensifier target
ISKRA CIS follow-on to RS ham radio satellite series.
ISM industrial security manual
ISN internal sequence number
ISL2 inter-satellite laser link...high-capacity jam-resistant satellite communications system using carbon dioxide lasers
ISO infrared space observatory...ESA astronomy satellite built by Aerospatiale and MBBÞ International Standards Organization
ISOC integrated space operations center {GEODSS}
isotropic antenna A theoretical antenna that radiates (or receives) the same amount of signal in all directions. {Satellite Notebook #19}
Isp specific impulse...a measure of the efficiency of a rocket engine in converting propellant to thrust
ISP integrated support plan {AFSCN}Þ internal security protection {AFSCN}
ISPM international solar-polar mission...ESA/NASA program to explore the north and south poles of the sun. NASA's portion terminated in 1981, leaving ESA's Ulysses as a solo mission.
ISPR information security program review {50 SPS}
ISR interim summary report {CSOC}
ISRD integrated SATCOM (satellite communications) requirements document {AFSPC/DR}
ISRO Indian Space Research Organization
ISS interim system support {COBRADANE}Þ intermediate service school
ISSA interservice support agreement {NPPS}
ISSL initial spares support list
IST innovative science and technologyÞ integrated system test {AFSCN}
ISTP international solar/terrestrial physics...NASA/ESA/Japanese program to launch nine scientific satellites to perform optical and in-site measurements on the outer atmosphere of the sun, the solar interior, the corona and the solar wind. Includes NASA Wind, Polar and Equator satellites; Japanese Geotail satellite; and the ESA Cluster (4) and Soho satellites.
ISTPP international solar terrestrial physics program {NASA}
ISVS interim secure voice system {AFSCN}Þ international switched voice service {50 MS}
ISY international space year
ISYS ISYS Security Systems, Inc...Falcon AFB SCS contractor (now Infographic Systems Corp)
IT information technology {Fed Comp Wk, 1 Feb 93}Þ Italy
I&T integration and test
ITA interface test adapter
Italsat Italian Ku-band communications satellite.
Italspazio Italian space consortium of FIAR and Si. El Laben (of Milan) studying maritime comsats to serve the polar regions.
ITAR international traffic in arms regulation {AFI 10-1210}
ITD integrated technology demonstration
ITDE interchannel time displacement error
IT&E independent test and evaluationÞ integration, test and evaluation
ITL integrate, transfer, launch
ITO interim technical order {BMEWS Site III}Þ intermediate transfer orbit {UFO}
ITOS improved TIROS operational satellite...third-generation metsat (preceded by ESSA, followed by TIROS-N/NOAA) launched 13 Oct 78
ITP impactor technology program
ITS integrated transfer subsystem {GPS}Þ integration tracking system {TW/AA}Þ interim tool set {Milstar}
ITSO International Telecommunications Satellite Organization...see "Intelsat"
ITSS integrated tactical surveillance system
ITT information tickets and tours {MWRS}Þ International Telephone and Telegraph
ITT&C instrumentation, telemetry, tracking and command
ITTW ITT World Communications, Inc.
ITU International Telecommunications Union...UN organization based in Geneva
ITV instrumented test for F-15-launched ASAT
ITW/AA integrated tactical warning and attack assessment
IUE international ultraviolet explorer...NASA/ESA/UK Science Research Council payload launched 26 Jan 78 for sky observations in the 1,150-3,200 Angstrom wavelength range
IUS inertial upper stage...a Boeing two-stage, solid rocket motor used to place heavy satellites in their final (mission) orbit
IUS/ESS inertial upper stage equipment support system
IV interceptor vehicleÞ intravenous
IVA immediate visual assessmentÞ intravehicular activity...any task performed by astronauts while inside a pressurized compartment
IVT interface verification test {NASA}
IV&V independent verification and validation
IW information warfare {AFSPC/XPXS}Þ intelligence wing, e.g., 693d IW
I&W indications and warning
IWAN ICADS (integrated correlation and display system) WAN (wide area network) {NDS}
IWBC interim wideband communications {AFSCN}
IWBS interim wideband communications system {AFSCN}
I&WC indications and warning center
IWDL interim wideband data link {AFSCN}
IWPS island-wide power system {GUAM}
IWS integrated workstationÞ intelligent workstation {50 SSYS}
IWSM integrated weapon system management/manager...AFMC-driven consolidation of AFSC and AFLC functions


J JULIET {military phonetics alphabet}
J1 personnel
J2 intelligence
J3 operations
J4 logistics
J5 plans and programs
J6 communications and electronics
JA judge advocate
J&A justification and approval {50 LSS}
JACC/CP joint airborne communications center/command post {NAVSPACECOM}
JAEIC Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee...DCI office
JAFO just another friendly observer {45 SW}
JAG judge advocate general...oxymoron
JANAP joint Army, Navy, Air Force publication
Janus Tatra's small, compact, multipurpose satellite launched as a low-cost piggyback payload on Ariane 4. 200-300 kg empty.
Japan Communications - Joint venture to launch two Hughes HS-393 Ku-band domestic satellites (32 transponders each).
JARP joint aerospace reserve program
Jarvis Medium launch vehicle proposed by Hughes Aircraft. First stage uses engines from Saturn booster. Second stage uses single Saturn J-2 engine (230,000 lbs of thrust; liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen). Third stage serves as transfer vehicle. Named after Hughes engineer who died in the Challenger accident.
JAS Japanese amateur satellite (aka "Fuji")...UHF comsat owned by Japanese Amateur Radio League, launched 12 Aug 86 by two-stage H-1 booster. Approximately 1500 x 1600 km orbit.
JASDF Japan Air Self Defense Force
JASON An elite and somewhat secretive 47-member group composed primarily of physicists. Established in 1960, JASON meets for a few weeks each summer in La Jolla CA, "largely sets its own agenda, and works by contract for the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies, and other niches in Washington in need of its expertise." The name is either an acronym from their annual summer task force approach to their studies (July, August, September, October, November) or borrowed from the hero of the Argosy, winner of the Golden Fleece, and rightful heir to the Phthiotis throne. {Esquire, Oct 84}
JC job control {AFSCN}
JCCC joint communications control center {NAVSPACECOM}
JCEOI joint communications-electronics operating instruction {NAVSPACECOM}
JCL job control language {GPS}
JCN job control numberÞ joint communications network {NAVSPACECOM}Þ JSIC CMC node
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSAN Joint Chiefs of Staff alerting network {C4SMP}
JCSC joint communications satellite center...Joint Staff office
JCSE joint communications support element {NAVSPACECOM}
JDA joint duty assignment
JDACC joint doctrine air campaign course
JDFN joint defense force Nurrungar {5 SWS}
JDMTA Jonathan Dickinson Missile Tracking Annex {45 SW}
JDS joint deployment system {NAVSPACECOM}
JEA joint endeavor agreement...NASA program providing free Shuttle flights for commercial space experiments
J-ERS-1 see "ERS"
JETD joint electronic type designator
JEWC Joint Electronic Warfare Center, Kelly AFB TX 78245-5000
JFACC joint forces air component commander
JFC joint force commander {NAVSPACECOM}
JFET junction field-effect transistor
JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the United States, 1961-1963
JFM joint frequency management
JFTR joint federal travel regulation
JFUB joint facilities utilization board {NAVSPACECOM}
JIC jet interaction controlÞ joint intelligence center {NAVSPACECOM}
JIEO joint interoperability and engineering organization {DISA}
JIIC junction-isolated integrated circuit
Jikiken see "Exos"
JIRSG joint interservice regional suport group...area Central III (Colorado Springs) encompasses Ft Carson, Pueblo Army Depot, USAFA and the Peterson complex
JIS joint integrated simulation {NASA}
JITC Joint Interoperability Test Center {DISA}
JML journal memory loader {AFSPC/DOM}
JMNA joint military net assessment
JMSNS justification for major system new start {NAVSPACECOM}
JOA joint occupancy agreement {30 SW}Þ joint operations area {NAVSPACECOM}
JOC joint operations center {NAVSPACECOM}
JOP joint operations procedure {AFSCN}
JOPES joint operations planning and execution system
JOPS joint operational planning system
JORD joint operational requirements document
JOSDEPS joint strategic defense planning staff...closed Dec 93
JOT&E joint operational test and evaluation
JOTS joint operations and tactics system {TW/AA}
JP-4 jet petroleum, grade 4
JPASO joint Pacific area scheduling office
JPEC joint planning and execution community {NAVSPACECOM}
JPIC joint plans interim change {AFSPC/DOM}
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena CA...operated for NASA by the California Institue of Technology {Air Force Magazine, May 84}
JPN JSIC Peterson node
JPO joint program office {GPS}
JPPSO joint personal property shipping office
JPRL job performance requirements list {AFSPC/DOM}
JPSS joint planning staff for space...JCS office formed to plan for and form unified command for space; closed Mar 86
JRAD joint resource assessment database
JRADS joint resource assessment data system
JRC joint reconnaissance center
JRCC joint rescue coordination center {NAVSPACECOM}
JRMB joint requirements and management board
JRMET joint reliability maintainability evaluation team {CSOC ILSP}
JROC joint requirements oversight council {AFSPC/XP}
JROCM joint requirements oversight council memorandum {C4SMP}
JROP joint range operating procedure
JRS joint reporting system
JRSC jam-resistant secure communications
JRTC joint readiness training center {AFSPC/DOX}
JS Joint Staff
J/S jam-to-signal ratio
JSBR joint space-based radar {NAVSPACECOM}
JSC Lyndon B Johnson Space Center (NASA), Houston TX...MOCR at JSC controls all current Shuttle missions. JSC provides Orbiter payload telemetry to 750 SGP for DoD payloads. 750 SGP provides Orbiter telemetry to JSC when Orbiter is over AFSCN RTSs. Wideband DOMSATs pass JSC-750 SGP telemetry/commanding data (via GSFC) and voice/admin (direct link) communications.
JSCP joint strategic capabilities plan
JSD job status document {AFSCN}
JSFC joint space fundamentals course {NAVSPACECOM}
JSIC joint SPACECOM intelligence center {C4SMP}
JSIOC joint space intelligence operations course {NAVSPACECOM}
JSO joint specialty officer {AFMPC}
JSPD joint strategic planning document
JSPO joint space program office {NAVSPACECOM}
JSS joint surveillance system {TW/AA}
JSS-C joint surveillance system connectivity {C4SMP}
JSTARS joint surveillance and target attack radar system
JSTPS joint strategic target planning staff...obsolete
JTA joint test assembly {20 AF}
JTAGS joint tactical ground station {USARSPACE}
JTAO joint tactical air operations
JTCB joint targeting coordination board {NAVSPACECOM}
JTF joint task force
JTFME Joint Task Force Middle East
JTIDS joint tactical information distribution system {TW/AA}
JTL joint targets list {NAVSPACECOM}
JTMDO joint theater missile defense office
JTO joint technical operations
JTR joint travel regulation
JTT Japan Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
JTWC joint typhoon warning center {DMSP}
JUH-MTF joint user handbook-message text formats {NAVSPACECOM}
JULIET Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "J."
JULLS joint uniform lessons learned system {NAVSPACECOM}
JUMPS joint uniform military pay system
JVIDS joint visually integrated display system {C4SMP}


K Kelvin...temperature scale (Celsius) named for and derived by Lord William Thomas KelvinÞ kilo-...prefix meanting 1000. A 1K memory chip contains 1024 bits. A 64K memory can store 65,536 bits of information. {Sandia}Þ KILO {military phonetics alphabet}
KA kill assessment
Ka-band radar frequency band...27-40 GHz
KAG see "Kagoshima"
Kagoshima Kagoshima Space Center...ISAS launch site opened Dec 63, located on the southern tip of Kyushu Island near Uchinoura (31.36°N latitude, 130.33°E longitude)
KAM cryptograph operational maintenance manual {AFSCN}
KAO cryptograph operating manual {AFSCN}
Kapustin Yar - CIS launch site.
KARL kilojoule advanced research laser
KATE knowledge-based automatic test equipmentÞ KV (kill vehicle) avionics/telemetry equipment
Kate-140 Wide-frame camera used on Salyut-7.
kb kilobit(s)...103 bits
kB kilobyte(s)...103 bytes
K-band radar frequency band...18-27 GHz
Kbps kilobits (103 bits) per second
KBS knowledge-based system
KBTSS Ku-band transportable satellite system
Kbyte kilobyte(s)...103 bytes
KDP potassium dihydrogen phosphate...laser material
KE kinetic energy
KEASAT kinetic energy ASAT
KED kill enhancement device
KEI kinetic energy interactive (discrimination)Þ kinetic energy intercept
KEK key encryption key {Milstar}
KEO Gerald P. Kuiper airborne observatory...Ames Research Center C-141 equipped with a 91 cm-aperture infrared telescope. Was used to discover rings around Uranus.
Keplerian elements - The Keplerian element set provides a relatively efficient way to define orbits about earth. There are six components:
- Three "dimensional" elements describe the size and shape of the orbit, and identify the specific location of a satellite at any particular time. The semi-major axis (see "a") specifies the size of the orbit. The eccentricity (see "e") specifies its shape. The mean anomaly (see "M") tells where a satellite is, in its orbit.
- Three "orientation" elements describe an orbit's position in space. The inclination (see "i") is the angle between the equatorial plane and the orbital plane. The right ascension of the ascending node (see "omega (W)") describes the "twist" of an orbit. The argument of perigee (see "omega (w)") measures the position of perigee, i.e., the location of a satellite's closest approach to earth...also see "F&G elements"
KeV kilo-electron volt(s)...103 eV
KEW kinetic energy weapon
KEWC kinetic energy weapon, chemical (propulsion)
KEWE kinetic energy weapon, electromagnetic (propulsion)
KEWG kinetic energy weapon, ground
KEWO kinetic energy weapon, orbital
KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFG Kourou, French Guiana...see "French Guiana Space Centre"
kg kilogram(s)
KG key generator...crypto box
KGA Kwajalein ground antenna {GPS}
KGB CIS committee for state security.
KGR key generator receiver
KGT key generator transmitter
KGV-11A General purpose COMSEC/TRANSEC module key generator. {Milstar}
KHIL KEW (kinetic energy weapon) hardware integration labÞ KKV (kinetic kill vehicle) hardware-in-the-loop
KHILS KKV (kinetic kill vehicle) hardware-in-the-loop simulator
KHz kilohertz...103 cycles per second
KIA killed in action
KIDD kinetic impact debris distribution
Kiku see "ERS"
KILO Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "K."
KITE KKV (kinetic kill vehicle) integrated technology experiment {BMDO}
KKV kinetic kill vehicle {BMDO}
KKVWS kinetic kill vehicle weapon system
km kilometer(s)
KMR Kwajalein missile range...obsolete, now USAKA
KOK-13 Remote rekey control unit equipment. {Milstar}
Kolpashevo - CIS space tracking site east-northeast of Tyuratam.
Kopernikus - see "DFS Kopernikus"
Kopff comet
Kops thousand operations per second
KOR-1/2 South Korean direct broadcast satellites.
KOS kernal operating system
Kosmolyet - CIS Shuttle ("Space Flyer") capable of 66,000 lbs to LEO.
Kourou see "French Guiana Space Centre"
kph kilometers per hour
KPSTS Kaena Point satellite tracking station...see "HULA"
KPTS Kaena Point tracking station...see "HULA"
KREMS Kiernan reentry measurement system
Kristallizator - Czech-manufactured equipment on Saylut-7. Studies mass and heat transfer, and crystallization under conditions of microgravitation.
KS Kansas
K-S Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for goodness of fit {20 AF}
KSA Kazakh Space Agency
KSC John F Kennedy Space Center (NASA), Florida
KSLOC thousand source lines of term
KSR keyboard send/receive
KT kiloton(s)Þ knot(s)
KTS Kodiak tracking station...closedÞ Kwajalein test site
KU keyboard unit {Milstar}
Ku-band radar frequency band...12-18 GHz
KURSK-85 - International aerospace experiment involving scientists from CIS, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Part of Interkosmos program. Used space photography to determine soil/vegetation characteristics.
KuTE Ku(-band) terminal equipment
kV kilovolt(s)
KV kill vehicleÞ kinetic vehicle
KVA kilovolt-ampere(s)
kw kilowatt(s)
KWAJ Kwajalein (Atoll)...GPS site maintained by Pan Am's "Logistics Support/Radar Range Engineering and Data Reduction" contract with Army Strategic Defense Command, Huntsville AL
KWAJG Kwajalein (Atoll) ground antenna {GPS}
KWAJM Kwajalein (Atoll) monitor station {GPS}
kWh kilowatt-hour(s)
KY Kapustin Yar...CIS launch complexÞ Kentucky
Kyokkoh see "EXOS"
Kyushu see "Kagoshima"


L leftÞ LIMA {military phonetics alphabet}Þ link {AFSCN}Þ long {20 AF}Þ low, as in low-medium-highÞ also see "F&G elements"
L- launch minus
L+ launch plus
L1 1575.42 MHz...GPS L-band frequency
L2 1227.60 MHz...GPS L-band frequency
L3 1381.05 MHz...GPS L-band frequency
L220 Ariane 4 first stage
LA Los Angeles (California)Þ Louisiana
LAAFB Los Angeles AFB CA
LAAPS laptop automated aids positioning system {USCG}
LAC launch azimuth corridorÞ local agency check {50 SPS}
LACE laser atmospheric compensation experimentÞ low power atmospheric compensation experiment
LADAR laser acquisition detection and ranging
LADD lens antenna deployment demonstration...experiment to demonstrate repeated deployment of a membrane antenna, including reliability, flatness, etc.Þ local area data distributor {AFSCN}
LAE level of adversary effort
LAF launch alert folder
LAG launch analysis group {20 AF}
Lageos laser geodynamics satellite...totally passive, spherical satellite covered with retroflectors that are illuminated by ground-based lasers to determine precise measurements of the earth's crustal movements
Lagrangian point - Points in the earth-moon system where a third body could theoretically retain its position with respect to both the earth and the moon, because the gravity fields of all three bodies would be in balance:
- L1 is on a line between the earth and the moon, and approximately 76,000 km from the moon
- L2 is on the earth-moon line, but approximately 71,000 km beyond the orbit of the moon
- L3 is on the earth-moon line, but in lunar orbit 180° away from the moon
- L4 is in the lunar orbit, but 60° ahead of the moon
- L5 is in the lunar orbit, 60° behind the moon {Stein, 1981}
LAM launch alert message...IRO L-4 day messageÞ liquid apogee motor {UFO}
LAMMR large antenna multifrequency microwave radiometer
LAMP large advanced mirror program
LAN local area networkÞ longitude of ascending node
Landsat Civil earth imaging satellite. NOAA is the manager, GE is the prime contractor. 438 mi polar orbit, 98.9 minute period, covers 115 mile-wide swath every 16 days, 30-meter resolution. First launch 16 Jul 82. Multispectral scanner measures visible light and electromagnetic radiation, Hughes thematic mapper measures light and heat...see "Eosat"
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM...formerly LASL
LANTCOM Atlantic Command
LANTIRN low-altitude navigation targeting infrared for night {TAB93-1}
LAO limited attack option {20 AF}
LaRC Langley Research Center (NASA)...sometimes abbreviated LRC
LAS longitudinal axis of symmetry
LASE lidar acquisition/sizing experiment {NAVSPACECOM}
LASER light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
LASERCOM - laser communications...high data rate communications, e.g., one billion bits per second, the equivalent of a set of encyclopedias in one second
LASINT laser intelligence
LASL Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory...obsolete, now LANL
LASS low altitude space surveillance {AFSPC/DO}
LASSO laser synchronization from synchronous orbit...ESA experiment
LAT lateralÞ latitude
launch window - The earliest and latest time a rocket may launch. {LCU, 15Jan84}
LAW light antitank weapon {20 AF}
LAWS LRCM (long-range cruise missile) analysis and warning system {TW/AA}
LAX Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, CA
LB pound(s)
L-band radio frequency band...1-2 GHz
LBC launch base complex {AFSPC/DR}
lbf pound(s)-force
LBJ Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th president of the United States, 1963-1969
lbm pound(s)-mass
LBI launch before impact
LBM localized battle management
LBS launch base support...CCAS contractÞ L-band subsystem {GPS}
LBTP launch base test plan
LC launch cancellation {20 AF}Þ lieutenant colonelÞ launch complex...former designation for Cape Canaveral AS launch pads, now called SLCs
LCB limited commitment basis
LCC launch commit criteria {NASA}Þ launch control center {20 AF, NASA}Þ leased common carrier {CSOC}Þ life cycle cost...the total cost for a system over its full life, including development, procurement, operation, support and disposal {AFR800-11}
LCD least common denominatorÞ liquid crystal display
LCDR lieutenant commander {USN}
LCE large cryogenic engine...$170M ESA program to replace Ariane 1-4 launcher family
LCEB launch control equipment building {AFSPC/DOM}
LCEF launch-centered earth-fixed
LCF launch control facility {20 AF}
LCF DN launch control facility down {20 AF}
LCI launch-centered inertial
LCL lower confidence limit {20 AF}
LCLV liquid crystal light valve
LCM launch confirmation message...IRO L-1 day message
LCMO LEPS (launcher environmental protective system) control and monitor operator {20 AF}
LCN LSA (logistics support analysis) control number
LCO launch control officerÞ lead communications operator {50 SPCS}Þ lead controller of operations {AFSCN}
LCP launch control panel {20 AF}
LCR large conference room
LCRS Loring command readout station...closed {DMSP}
LCS laser crosslink system {DSP}Þ laser cross-section
LCU launch correlation unit...CMAS unit responsible for the Agreement on Measures to Reduce the Risk of Outbreak of Nuclear War between the United States and the CIS, e.g., errant launchÞ load control unit {GPS}
LD laser designatorÞ launch dependability {AFSPC/DR}Þ low dynamic
L/D "L over D"...lift-to-drag ratio
L&D launch and defend {TAB93-1}
LDA launch and deployment authority {AFI10-1208}
LDCE local data communication equipment {AFSCN}
LDE launch demonstration exercise {20 AF}
LDEF long duration exposure facility...satellite for experiments requiring long-duration exposure to the space environment. Launched on Shuttle Apr84, recovered by Shuttle Jan 90.
LDL low-density lipoprotein
LDM limited distance modem {AFSCN}
L/DOS launch/deploy operations segment
LDR land disposal restriction {ECAMP}Þ large deployable proposed 10-30 meter spaceborne astronomical facilityÞ low data rate {Milstar}
LDS latter-day saintsÞ launch detection satellite...CIS satellite series that provides warning of U.S. ICBM launchesÞ layered defense systemÞ limited defense system {USSPACECOM/J6N}
LE launch effectiveness {AFSPC/DR}Þ launch equipment
LE-5 Japanese liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen engine being developed for H-1A second stage.
LEA law enforcement agency {C4SMP}
LEAP lightweight exoatmospheric projectile {BMDO}
LEASAT leased satellite...comsats leased by the Navy to augment FLTSATCOM. One wideband and 12 UHF channels (six relay bands, five narrow-bands, and one fleet broadcast band) in the 240-400 MHz range. Shuttle-compatible only, employs integral propulsion and the Frisbee ejection technique. The only large satellite designed to fly totally unpowered in the Shuttle bay with no electrical checkout by the astronauts prior to deployment. Control center in El Segundo CA.
- L-2, launched Nov 84, provides Pacific Ocean coverage, no wideband capability
- L-1, launched Dec 84, provides Atlantic Ocean coverage
- L-3, launched Nov 85, provides CONUS coverage, no wideband capability
- L-5, launched Mar 90, provides Indian Ocean coverage
Leasecraft Free-flying commercial satellite project put on indefinite hold (Nov 85) due to lack of customers and inability to obtain insurance. Proposed platform for the McDonnell Douglas electrophoresis biological processing facility and NASA's ultraviolet telescope.
LECGSP launch enable control group signal panel {20 AF}
LED light-emitting diode
LEDI low-endoatmospheric defense interceptor
LEGG launch eject gas generator {20 AF}
LEO launch and early orbit {SOC-31}Þ low earth orbit altitude beneath the near-radiation belt (approximately 1000 km) {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
LEOP launch and early orbit phase {NATO IVB}
LEOWG launch and early orbit working group {UFO}
LEPS launcher environmental protective system {20 AF}
LeRC Lewis Research Center (NASA), Cleveland OH...manages Atlas and Centaur ELVs, and Shuttle's Centaur cryogenic upper stage {Air Force Magazine, May 84}
LERTCON alert condition
LES leave and earnings statement {21 SW/FMFP}Þ Lincoln Laboratory experimental satelliteÞ LOX (liquid oxygen) expert system...experiment that uses artificial intelligence to monitor the loading of liquid oxygen into the Shuttle's external tank. System detects and locates faults by processing data from hundreds of sensors, and determines if the fault necessitates a stop in the countdown.
LF launch facility {20 AF}Þ low frequency...30-300 KHz
L/F lost/failed {AFSCN}
LF-8 Prototype Chinese ion engine for satellite control. Uses mercury as propellant and electricity as power. Production models will be used mainly for precision precision positioning and control.
LFC large format camera...Shuttle payload to acquire synoptic high-resolution images of earth
LFDN launch facility down {20 AF}
LFL long focal length
LFNA launch facility not authenticated {20 AF}
LFNG launch facility no go {20 AF}
LFNI launch facility not interrogated {20 AF}
LFOS launch facility out-of-crypto sync {20 AF}
LFOV limited field of view
LFRT launch facility radio test {20 AF}
LFT&E live-fire test and evaluation
LG logistics group, e.g., 50 LGÞ low gain
LGD large group display {C4SMP}
LGLI low-altitude ground-launched interceptor
LGM launch guided missile {20 AF}
LH2 liquid hydrogen
LHCP left-hand circularly polarized
LHCS long-haul communications system {TW/AA}
LHR low hop rate {Milstar}
LHS laser heterodyne spectrometer
L&I launch and impact
LIC low intensity conflict
lidar light detection and ranging
LIDAR laser imaging radar
LIFO last in, first out
Lightsat Concept to put a series of small satellites in LEO for tactical use by battlefield commanders. Development administered by DARPA.
LIMA Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "L."
LIMDIS limited distribution
LIMFAC limiting factor {IG}
LIMSS logistics information management support system {CSOC}
LINAC linear accelerator
LIO low inclination orbit {Milstar}
LION AFSCN call sign for Telemetry and Command Station (TCS) Oakhanger. One of nine RTSs in the common user element of the AFSCN, LION (51°N latitude, 1°W longitude) is near RAF Oakhanger (at Bordon, Hampshire GU35 9JE, 55 mi southwest of London). LION's 60' wheel-and-track S-band UK/FSC-604 antenna ("TCS-A") was commissioned in 1969 to support SKYNET I UHF satellites. It became a shared UK/AFSCN asset in 1979, is British-owned, operated by the RAF, and exempt from the ARTS program. LION's 33' U.S.-owned, British (RAF) operated antenna ("TCS-B") was installed in 1989; ARTS II turnover Nov91. TCS Oakhanger also supports a backup SKYNET MCC. Local standard time is Z hours.
LIP launch in process {20 AF}
LIR launch and impact report
LIS lost in space
LISA LSO (launch services office) information system architecture {AFSPC/DOP}
Lisp list language
LITE lidar in-space technology experiment...project to demonstrate lidar from space
LITINT literature intelligence
LIZA Obsolete AFSCN call sign for now-closed Loring AFB ME DMSP site.
LK deputy commander for logistics
LKEI Lockheed-Krunichev-Energia International...launch consortium
LL Lincoln Laboratory
L&L launch and leave {TAB93-1}
LLB large liquid booster
LLCSC lower-level computer software component
LLFBB large liquid fast-burn booster
LLHDB LSO (launch services office) history database {AFSPC/DOP}
LLL Lawrence Livermore Laboratory...obsolete, now LLNL
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory...vice LLL
LLS lightning location system
LLTIL long lead time items list
LM long module...Spacelab element composed of a core segment and an experiment segment
LMC late midcourse
LMC launch/missile control
LMCP launch/missile control processor
LMDP logistics management and data processing {AFSCN}
LMM Milstar mission control element management software CPCI.
LMR land mobile radio {CSOC}
LMS logistics management system {DLA}
LMSC Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Inc., Sunnyvale CA
LMTBCF launch mean time between critical failures {AFSPC/DR}
LMTBDE launch mean time between downing events {AFSPC/DR}
LNA low noise amplifier
LNC local network controller
LNM launch notification message...IRO L-8 day message
LO Danish Federation of Trade UnionsÞ launch officer {UFO}Þ launch operationsÞ local oscillator {AFSCN}Þ low-observableÞ lunar observer...geological, elemental, gravity and magnetic field mapping of the moon
LOA leave of absenceÞ letter of agreementÞ letter of assuranceÞ letter of offer acceptance
LOAF launch on anticipated failure {AFSPC/DR}
LOAP list of applicable publications {CSOC}
LOC launch operations controlÞ level of confidence {3 SOPS}Þ level of conflictÞ limited operational capabilityÞ line of codeÞ lines of communication
LOCC launch operations control center {14 AF}
LOCK logical co-processing kernel {NAVSPACECOM}
Locstar European counterpart of GEOSTAR
LODE laser optics demonstration experiment...see "Triad"
LOE level of effort
LOF launch and operations forecast
LOFS laser ordnance firing systems
Log logistics
LOGRUN logistics remote users network {DLA}
LOGSIM logic simulation
LOIS liftoff instrumentation system {Titan IV}
LOKI D LOKI DATASONDE sounding rocket
LOM Legion of MeritÞ logistics operating manual {AFSCN}Þ Milstar orbit management software CPCI.
LON launch on need {AFSPC}
Long longitude
Long March - see "CZ"
LOPT launch and operations timeline {NATO IVB}
LOR letter of reprimandÞ loss of redundancy {3 SOPS}
Loral Loral Space and Range Systems, 1260 Crossman Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA is a composite of the first syllables of the surnames of co-founders William Lorenz and Leon Alpert
LORAN long-range radio aid to navigation
LoRes low resolution
LORI limited operational readiness inspection {20 AF}
LOS launch on schedule {AFSPC/DR}Þ level of service {EIS}Þ line of sightÞ loss of signal {NASA}
LOV loss of visibility {NASA}
LOW launch on warning
LOWTRAN - low-resolution spectral transmission
LOX liquid oxygen
LP launch platformÞ launch pointÞ logistics pouch {AFSCN}Þ long play
LPAR large phased-array radar
LPD low probability of detection
LPF low pass filter
LPFTP low pressure fuel turbopump {NASA}
lpi lines per inch
LPI low probability of intercept
LPIR low probability of intercept radar
LPLV large payload lift vehicle
LPM lines per minute
LPOTP low pressure oxidizer turbopump {NASA}
LPP launch point prediction
LPS launch processing systemÞ limited protection systemÞ liquid propulsion system {HS-393}
LPS-2 second-generation launch processing system...AI-related Shuttle and space station ground processing system
LPU line printer unit {AFSPC/DOM}
LR launch reliability {AFSPC}
LRA long-range aviation {CIS}
LRC Langley Research Center (NASA)...usually abbreviated LaRC to distinguish from LeRCÞ lesser regional conflict {C4SMP}Þ logistics readiness center {AFSPC/LK}
LRCC lead range control center
LRCM long-range cruise missile
LRE liquid rocket engine
LRF laser range-finder
LRGBR long-range ground-based radar
LRGM launch region gravity model {20 AF}
LRINF longer-range/intermediate-range nuclear forces {INF}
LRIP low-rate initial production {AFSPC/XP}
LRIR long-range imaging radar...see "Haystack"
LRM line-replaceable module
LRR launch readiness reviewÞ launch requirements reviewÞ long-range radar {TW/AA}
LRSA long-range strategic aircraft
LRT laser ranger/tracker
LRU line-repairable unit {BMEWS Site III}Þ line-replaceable unit
LS launcher site
LSA logistics support analysis {AFSCN}
LSAR logistics support analysis record {DLA}
L-Sat large satellite...see "Olympus"
LSB least significant bit
LSC linear shaped charge {NASA}
LSD laser-supported detonation
LS-D Landsat-D
LSI large scale integration...a chip that contains several thousand individual elements (transistors or diodes, for instance), and 1K to 64K bits of memory {Sandia}
LSM logistics support management {AFSCN}Þ Milstar security monitor software CPCI.
LSMIP launch status missile indicator panel {20 AF}
LSMR logistic support manager representative {AFSCN}
LSO launch services office {AFSPC/DOP}
L5 Society Activist organization devoted to space causes...6500 members worldwide.
LSP logistics support plan {50 LSS}
LSPPS logistics support plan for pre-operational support {Milstar}
LSR locally shared resource {GPS}
LS&RS Loral Space and Range Systems...AFSCN NSP contractor
LSS laser subsystemÞ life of system stock {AFSCN}Þ logistics support squadron, e.g., 50LSS
LSSC launch support services contractor {NASA}
LSSIP launch site systems integration plan {UFO}
LST landing ship, tankÞ lightweight satellite terminal {C4SMP}
LSTDM low speed time division multiplexer {AN/FCC-100}
LSVD large screen visual display {C4SMP}
LT lieutenant
L/T lead/trail {TAB93-1}
L&T laboratory and test
LTA lighter than air
LTBT Limited Test Ban Treaty
LTC Landes Test Center, France...43.7°N latitude, 2.2°E longitudeÞ lieutenant colonel
LTCOL lieutenant colonel
LTD limited
LTG lieutenant general
LTGEN lieutenant general
LTjg lieutenant junior grade
L&TH lethality and target hardening
LTOC Lockheed Technical Operations Company, Inc., PO Box 61687, Sunnyvale CA 94088-1687
L1TPS Link 1 telemetry processing system...DSP CCS Link 1 successor
LTV launch test vehicleÞ Ling-Temco-Vought
LTVA long-term visitor agreement {50 SPS}
LUA launch under attack
Luch CIS relay satellite
LUEI limited unit effectiveness inspection {IG}
LUT local user terminal
Luxsat Proposed Luxembourg geosynchronous telecommunications satellite, to be used by RTL (Luxembourg radio and TV company).
LV launch vehicle
LVDT linear variable differential transformer
LVI low-voltage initiator
LVP launch verification panel {20 AF}
LVS launch vehicle system {AFSPC/DR}
LWIR long wavelength infrared
LWO launch weather officer {14AF}
LWT lightweight tank {NASA}


m meter(s)Þ milli-...prefix meaning 10-3

M arcane budget accountÞ Mach number...the speed of sound, approximately 760 mph at sea levelÞ manual, e.g., MIL-M-9858Þ mean anomaly...the element of the Keplerian element set that tells where a satellite is, in its orbit; the angle between the perigee vector and the satellite's position vector, used in computing epoch time (Te); see "Keplerian elements"Þ medium, as in low-medium-highÞ mega-...prefix meaning 106.Þ MIKE {military phonetics alphabet}Þ million(s)Þ mobile, e.g., AN/MPS-36Þ module {CSOC}
M* Milstar {50 SW/CC}
MA MassachusettsÞ mission area {CSOC}
MAA mission area analysis {NDS}
MAATS militay automated air traffic system {C4SMP}
MAC media access control {AFSC2S}Þ Military Airlift Command...obsolete, now AMCÞ mission area chief {AFSPC/XP}
MACA modular automatic conference arranger {C4SMP}
MACC modular air control center {C4SMP}
MACSAT multiple access communication satellite {NAVSPACECOM}
MAD magnetic anomaly detectorÞ mutual assured destruction
MADIZ militay ADIZ (air defense identification zone) {C4SMP}
MADS militarized advanced disk system {Milstar}
MAF manhour availability factor {AFR 55-15}Þ missile alert facility {20 AF}
MAGE Family of apogee boost motors (MAGE 1, 1S and 2) produced by a group of European companies led by SEP (Societe European de Propulsion).
Magellan Shuttle-launched Venus radar mapper interplanetary mission.
Magnolia CNES/NASA project to measure the earth's magnetic field.
MAGR miniaturized airborne GPS (global positioning system) receiver
MAGSAT magnetic field mapping satellite
MAGTF Marine air-ground task force
Mailstar Swedish low-cost electronic mail relay satellite constellation to operate from polar orbit and receive signals from all parts of the world with maximum delay of three hours. Aimed at improving communications between Swedish corporations and foreign subsidiaries, particularly those in the Third World. First two satellites launched by Long March II and Ariane.
MAJ major
MAJCOM major air command
MALI midcourse air-launched interceptor
MALS miniature air-launched system...see "ALASAT"
MANPRINT - manpower and personnel integration {USSPACECOM/J6N}
MAO major attack option {20 AF}
MAP management action plan {ECAMP}Þ mission area plan {AFSPC/XP}
MAPS measurement of air pollution from satellites...OSTA-3 package that identifies specific chemical compounds in the atmosphereÞ miniature autonomous power system
MAR minimally attended radar...AN/FPS-117 long-distance microwave radar {TW/AA}Þ minimum avionics requirements {GPS}Þ missile active range {TAB93-1}
MARC-DN - measurement of atmospheric radiance camera-day/night...Shuttle experiment to test a TV camera against celestial, earthlimb and ground targets with various lighting conditions
MARCOM maritime command {C4SMP}
MARCSS miniaturized airborne radio communications satellite system {NAVSPACECOM}
MARE major accident response exercise {IG}
Marecs maritime European communications satellite...ESA maritime comsat, uses an ECS bus; first launch 20 Dec 81...see "BADG"
Marisat marine satellite communications system...Hughes comsat used by U.S. Navy and commercial shipping; first launch 19 Feb 76
Mariya CIS astrophysical instrument flown on Salyut space stations. Counts number of electrons and positrons in the space station and measures their energies. Replaced Yelena gamma telescope.
Mars Observer - Interplanetary probe using modified off-the-shelf spacecraft to study Mars' surface, climate and gravity. Sep 92 launch.
Mars Underground - Ad hoc, unofficial group of scientists, engineers and space buffs who have
kept the dream of interplanetary travel alive.
MaRV maneuvering reentry vehicle
MAS medical aid station
MASC Milstar auxiliary support center, Sunnyvale, CA
MASDR measurement and signature data requirement
MASINT measurements and signature intelligence {C4SMP}
Maskirovka - CIS term for camouflage, concealment and deception (CC&D)
MAST manual acquisition satellite track
MATS midcourse airborne target signature
MATT multimission advanced tactical terminal {CONSTANT SOURCE}
MATTR midcourse and terminal tier review {NAVSPACECOM}
MAV military aerospace vehicle
MAW military airlift wing
MAX maximum
MAXI modular architecture for exchange of intelligence {CSOC}
MB Manitoba
MBA managing by amblingÞ masters (degree) in business administrationÞ multiple-beam antenna
MBB Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm...aerospace manufacturer. ERNO division headquartered in Bremen, West Germany.
MBC meteor burst communications {TW/AA}
Mbit megabit(s)...106 bits
MBM midcourse battle management
Mbps megabits (106 bits) per second
MBRV maneuvering ballistic reentry vehicle
MBT main battle tank
MBtu million British thermal units
MBWA management by walking around
Mbyte megabyte...106 bytes
MC midcourseÞ minor construction {50 CES}Þ mission controller {AFSCN}
MCB modification control board {AFSCN}
MCBX master control board exchange {AFSCN}
MCC master control center {AFSATCOM}Þ military coordinating committee {NAVSPACECOM}Þ missile combat crew {20 AF}Þ mission control center {NASA}Þ mission control complex...obsolete, now SOC {50 SW}Þ mobile command centerÞ motor control center {power plant}Þ movement control center {NAVSPACECOM}
MCCC missile combat crew commander {SAC}Þ mobile consolidated command center {C4SMP}Þ mobile command and control center {TW/AA}
MCC-K mission control complex-kernel...stand-alone training MCC (now SOC) at 50 CTS
MCCM missile combat crew member {20 AF}
MCCMG mission control complex management {CPCI 205}
MCCR mission-critical computer resources {COBRADANE}
MCCS mission-critical computer systemÞ mobile command and control segment {MCCC}Þ mobile command and control squadron {MCCC}Þ mobile command and control system {TW/AA}
MCE missile command elementÞ mission control element {Milstar}Þ modular control equipment {C4SMP}
Mcf thousand cubic feet
MCF mission control force {AFSCN}
MCG midcourse guidance
MC&G mapping, charting and geodesy
MCG&I mapping, charting, geopositioning and imagery {AFSC2S}
MCII MCI International
MCM manual for courts martialÞ multi-command manual
MCO midcourse object
MCOIN maritime command operational information network {C4SMP}
MCOPS million complex multiplication operations per second
MCP military construction program
MCR manpower change request {50 SPW/MO}
MCS maintenance control supervisor {AFSCN}Þ management control systemÞ maritime communications subsystem...Intelsat L-band (1.6/1.5 GHz) package leased by InmarsatÞ master control station...commands and controls GPS satellite payloads and subsystems in support of navigation, nuclear detonation detection, and precise time transferÞ mission control segment {Milstar}
MCSS midcourse surveillance system
MCT mission control team {CSOC}Þ mobile communications terminal {TW/AA}Þ multi-cable transit
MCTL militarily critical technologies list...mandated by Congress in the Export Administration Act of 1979, identifies technologies that the DOD deems critical to U.S. military capability and of great value to potential adversaries. Four categories:
- Arrays of know-how
- Keystone equipment
- Keystone materials
- Goods accompanied by sophisticated know-how
MCU master control unit {AFSCN}Þ missile cryptographic unit
MCW merge count weight
MD MarylandÞ military district {CIS}Þ mission director {AFSCN}
MDA milestone decision authority {AFSPC/XP}Þ Missile Defense Act (of 1991)
MDA McDonnell Douglas Aerospace...U.S. aerospace manufacturer
MDAP major defense acquisition program {AFSPC/XP}
MDAT meteorological data acquisition terminal
MDB master data base
MDC maintenance data collection {AFSCN}Þ missile director centerÞ mission director's center {NATOIVB}Þ mission duty cycle
MDE mission development element {Milstar}
MDF main distribution facility {AFSCN}
MDI miss-distance indicator
MDL master document list {AFSCN}
MDM mobile depot maintenance {AFSCN}Þ multiplexer-demultiplexer {AFSCN}
MDPS metric data processing system {ROCC}
MDR maintenance discrepancy report {AFSCN}Þ material deficiency report {SR 27-2}Þ medium data rate {Milstar}Þ mission data readoutÞ mission data recording {CSOC}Þ mission data recovery {AFSCN}Þ mission director representative
MDS Memphis distribution site {DLA}Þ missile dynamic simulatorÞ mission, design, seriesÞ modular display system {C4SMP}
MDSS MILSATCOM decision support automated tool for analyzing MILSATCOM requirements versus capacity, analyzing MILSATCOM constellation anomalies, and assisting CINCs in making the best use of their MILSATCOM assets {USSPACECOM/J6N}Þ modular digital sun sensor...developed by Officine Galileo for use on Italy's Italsat and tethered satellites
MDSSC McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Company
MDT mean down-time {CSOC}Þ message distribution terminal {AFSC2S}Þ Mountain Daylight Time
MDU mission data unit
ME MaineÞ mission effectiveness {CSOC}Þ mission-essential {50 SPW}
MEA multiple engagement architecture
MEB main engine burn {DSCS}Þ medical evaluation board {AFMPC}
MEBU mission-essential backup {TW/AA}
MECO main engine cutoff {Shuttle}
MEDALS military engineering data asset locator system {DLA}
Medea Material science experiment double rack on Spacelab D1.
MedRes medium resolution
Medurza Device attached to exterior of Salyut-7 to synthesize components of nucleic acids in conditions of open space.
MEECN minimum essential emergency communications network
MEF mission effectiveness factor {20 AF}
megabits A computer term meaning one million (106) bits.
megaflops see "Mflops"
MEI management effectiveness inspection
MEK methyl ethyl ketone {ECAMP}
MELP master EWO (emergency war order) lesson plan {AFSPC/DOM}
MEM mission effectiveness modelÞ mission engagement modelÞ multiple engagement module...JSTPS model used for AME
MENS mission element need statement
MEO medium earth orbit
MEP message error probability {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ mobile electric power
MEPL medium-energy pulsed laser
MEPS missile evaluation performance standards {20 AF}
MER manpower estimate report {Milstar}
MERC medical equipment repair center
Mercury-Atlas 6 - The first U.S. manned orbital flight (20 Feb 62 - Glenn).
Mercury-Redstone 3 - The first American in space (5 May 61 - Shepard).
MERIT military exploitation of reconnaissance and intelligence technology {NAVSPACECOM}
MES management engineering squadron, e.g., 1000 MESÞ missile evaluation squadron, e.g., 3901 MESÞ mission equipment string
Mesa Boeing's small satellite platform being offered as a piggyback satellite on Ariane.
MESFET metal semiconductor field-effect transistor
MESH European satellite consortium; ECS, OTS, and Marecs builder, currently building Hipparcos.
MESL minimum essential subsystem list {AFSCN}
MESSR multispectral electronic self-scanning radiometer {NAVSPACECOM}
ME/SWA Middle East/Southwest Asia
MET management engineering teamÞ mission elapsed time {NASA}
metastable helium - see "MSH"
Meteor CIS 900 km sun-synchronous meteorological satellite series.
Meteor-Priroda - CIS 650 km sun-synchronous earth resources satellite.
Meteor-2 An improved version of Meteor-Priroda, the only CIS satellites launched into retrograde orbit (inclination 98°).
Meteosat meteorological satellite...EUMETSAT program, ESA manager, Ariane launcher, 650 lb at launch:
- Meteosat-1 was launched 23 Nov 77 on a Delta 2914...a power supply failure terminated two of three functions; ran out of station-keeping fuel in Jul 85
- Meteosat-2 was launched 19 Jun 81 on an Ariane 1
- Meteosat-3 was launched Jun 87 on an Ariane 3
- Meteosat-4 (also called Meteosat-P2) was launched Jun 88 on an Ariane 4
METGAP mission elapse timeline generation application program {UFO}
metsat generic meteorological satellite
METSTAR - Suggested designator for DMSP.
METWATCH - meteorological watch {AFSCN}
meV milli-electron volt(s)...10-3 eV
MeV mega-electron volt(s)...106 eV
MF mass fractionÞ medium frequency...0.3-3 MHzÞ message formatter...part of RCSE
MFAR modular multifunction phased array radar
MFB multifunction buffer
MFC manual frequency control
MFCC missile flight control RSC
MFCO missile flight control RSO
MFD multifunction display
MFE magnetic field explorer {NASA}
MFH military family housing
Mflops megaflops...a computer term meaning one million floating-point operations per second
MFP major force program...the broadest and most basic structural element of the SYDP. Eleven programs represent all of the major missions of the Services, identifying broad areas of forces and support. Each PE is assigned to one of these programs:
{AFP 172-1}
- 1 strategic forces
- 2 general purpose forces
- 3 intelligence and communications
- 4 airlift forces
- 5 guard and reserve forces
- 6 research and development
- 7 logistics activities
- 8A training and other general personnel activities
- 8B medical programs
- 9 administration and associated activities
- 10 support to other nations
- 11 special forces
MFR memo(randum) for (the) recordÞ multifunction radar
MFT Minuteman flexible targeting {20 AF}
MFTCGS missile flight termination control ground system
MFTCS missile flight termination control system
MG major generalÞ medium gainÞ million gallons {EPA}Þ motor generator {AFSCN}
MGBR midcourse ground-based radar
MGC manual gain control
MGCS missile guidance control set {20 AF}
MGCSIR missile guidance control set inflight reliability {20 AF}
MGD million gallons per day {EPA}
MGEN major general
MGEP mobile ground entry point
MGLI midcourse ground-launched interceptor
MGMT management
MGR manager
MG/R message generator/recorder {TW/AA}
MGS miniature GPS receiver {NAVSPACECOM}Þ missile guidance set {20AF}Þ mission ground stationÞ mobile ground stationÞ mobile ground system {TW/AA}
MGT managementÞ mobile ground terminal {DSP}
MH manhour(s)Þ mail handler {AFSC2S}
MHD magnetohydrodynamic
MHP magnetodydrodynamic power
MHT missile handling team {20 AF}
MHV miniature homing vehicle
MHz megahertz...106 cycles per second
MI MichiganÞ mile(s)Þ military intelligence
MIA missing in action
MIB management information base {AFSC2S}Þ metric interface bufferÞ minimum impulse bit
MIC microwave integrated circuitÞ military information center {TW/AA}Þ monolithic integrated circuit
MICAP mission capability {AFSPC/LK}
- NMCS-1E MICAP-reportable equipment out of commission
- PMCS-JE MICAP-reportable equipment is operating in limited or restricted capacity
MICE military-industrial complex engineers {LA Times, 17 Nov 91}
MIDDS meteorological interactive data and display system {AFSPC/DOGW}
MiG Mikoyan-Gurevich...CIS-designed aircraft
MIG metal inert gas
MIIDS military integrated intelligence data system
MIJI meaconing, intrusion, jamming and interference {AFI 10-1204}
MIKE Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "M."
MIL military, e.g., MIL-STD-881
MILA Merritt Island launch area {NASA}
MILCON military construction
MILE Minuteman integrated life extension {20AF}
MILES multiple integrated laser engagement system
Millstone Hill - Mechanical tracking radar owned by MIT, operated by Lincoln Laboratory, located in Lexington MA. Augments SPADATS: provides SOI data on deep space satellites, typically those with periods greater than 220 minutes.
MILNET military network...unclassified DDN segment
MILS missile impact location system
MILSATCOM - military satellite communications (system)...DOD operates three MILSATCOM programs: DSCS, FLTSATCOM and AFSATCOM. SMC develops and acquires the space segments of these systems and the TT&C elements. The Air Force is also developing the Milstar comsat, designed to provide survivable and enduring command and control communications to connect military forces. In addition, DOD leases individual communication circuits from commercial carriers, including Intelsat and several domestic carriers.
Milstar (formerly) military strategic, tactical and relay...joint comsat program to provide jam-resistant EHF communications to U.S. tactical and strategic forces worldwide. 44 GHz uplink/20 GHz downlink. LMSC manufacturer, TRW has subcontract for EHF communications payload. PE33601F.
MIL-STD military standard
MILSTRIP - military standard requisitioning and issue procedure
MIMIC monolithic microwave/millimeter wave integrated circuit...a program to enhance the performance of electronic warfare, radar and communications systems
MIMR Matagorda Island Missile Range TX...28.6°N latitude, 96.48°W longitude
Minsk Agreement - The Minsk Agreement on Joint Activities in the Exploration and Use of Space was signed on 30 December 1991, for continued space activities between the former republics of the Soviet Union. Eight republics signed the agreement: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia,Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan; Ukraine and Moldova did not.
MIP material improvement programÞ maximum intensity pixelÞ missile impact predictor {BMEWS}
MIPIR metric improved precision instrumentation radar {20 AF}
MIPOP missile impact predictor operating program {BMEWS}
MIPR military interdepartmental purchase request
Mips Computer term meaning millions of instructions per second. In scalar mode, four instructions are usually required for each mathematical operation. {AW&ST, 4 Jun 84}
Mir Russian for "peace" given to CIS space station. Launched 19 Feb 86. 13.13 meters long, 4.2 meters wide; weighs 21 metric tons. 32 reaction control thrusters. Has six docking ports, private crew cabins and has been continuously manned since February 1987. Cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko set record of 326 days in space, December 1987.
MIRACL mid-infrared advanced chemical laser...deuterium fluoride chemical-driven laser
MIRV multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles
MIS management information systemÞ metal-insulator semiconductor
MISCAP mission capabilities statement {AFR 55-15}
MIST mosaic infrared sensor technology
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology...Lincoln Lab FCRC sponsor
MITRE Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Extension
MJPO MILSATCOM joint program officeÞ Milstar joint program office
MK mark {20 AF}
MKF-6M Camera used on Salyut-7.
MKKV multiple interceptor kinetic kill vehicle
MKS meter-kilogram-second (metric system)
MKS-M Multichannel spectrometer made in East Germany, used during Salyut-7/Soyuz T-9 missions.
MKV miniature kill vehicle
MLA multispectral linear array
M&LC mission and launch control
MLE mesoscale lightning experiment...uses TV cameras to record and observe the visual characteristics of large-scale lightning as seen from space using TV camerasÞ mobile liaison element {C4SMP}
MLEB management level evaluation board {AFMPC}
MLP mobile launch platform {NASA}Þ multi-level telephone {AFSPC/SC}
MLS microwave landing system {NASA}
MLSC Minuteman launch support center
MLT military liaison team {AFMPC}
MLV medium launch/lift vehicle...a booster capable of putting between 450-9000 kg (1000-20,000 lbm) into low earth orbit (140 km or 100 NM), e.g., Atlas II, Delta II, or Titan II. {AFSPC/DR}
mm millimeter(s)
MM Minuteman {20AF}
MMAC materiel management aggregation code
MMC Martin Marietta Corporation
MMCC Milstar master control center
MMCCS Milstar mobile constellation control station
MMcf million cubic feet {EPA}
MMD mean mission duration
MMDB Milstar master data base
MME master multiplexer encoder
MMH monomethyl hydrazine (propellant)
MMHE munitions materiel handling equipment
MMI man-machine interface
MMIC monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MMICS maintenance management information control system
MMIS military man in space
MMO MILSATCOM management office...a division of USSPACECOM/J6O that assists warfighting CINCs in developing their Annex Ns for MILSATCOM support to war plans, and provides contingency MILSATCOM assistance {USSPACECOM/J6N}
MMOD Milstar manpower and organization document
MMP missed message probability {USSPACECOM/J6}
MMR mean manhours to repair
MMRBM mobile medium-range ballistic missile
MMS multimission modular spacecraftÞ multistatic measurement system
MMT missile maintenance team {20 AF}Þ mission management team {NASA}
MMU manned maneuvering unit...Shuttle spacewalk device; a portable "backpack"-type propulsion unit used to transport an astronaut and his/her equipment through space during EVA {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}Þ mass memory unit {Milstar}
MMW millimeter wave {TW/AA}Þ Minuteman wing
MMWG multimission working group {Titan IV}
MMWR millimeter wave radar
MN master net {Milstar}Þ Minnesota
MNA mission need analysis {NDS}
MnCdTe manganese cadmium telluride
MND Minister of National Defence (Canada)
MNFC maximum no-fire current
MNFE maximum no-fire energy
MNFP maximum no-fire power
MNFS maximum no-fire stimulus
MNFV maximum no-fire voltage
MNPO multinational program office
MNOS metal-nitride-oxide semiconductor
MNS mission need statement
MO master oscillator {Milstar}Þ MissouriÞ modus operandi...Latin, "a method of procedure" {Webster's 9th, 1984}Þ see "Mars Observer"
MOA manifestations of apprehension...fear of flyingÞ memorandum of agreementÞ military operating area
MOB main operating base
MOBDP mission onboard data processing {AFSPC/DOP}
MOBS multiple-orbit bombardment system
MOC marine operations center {C4SMP}Þ Milstar operations centerÞ mission operations center {CSOC}
MOCMP Milstar operational communications management plan
MOCR mission operations control room {JSC}
MOD Ministry of Defence {UK}Þ mission operations directorÞ modificationÞ modulate/modulator {CSOC}Þ module
MODEM modulator-demodulator
MOD(PE) (UK) Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)
MODU master oscillator distribution unit {Milstar}
MOE measure of effectiveness {CSOC}
MOL manned orbiting laboratory
Molniya CIS 400-40,000 km comsat series
Molniya orbit - Semi-synchronous elliptical orbit, eponymously named for CIS Molniya comsats.
MOM MASC operations manager {Milstar}Þ measure of meritÞ mission operations manager {Wylie Larson, USAFA}
MOMS modular optoelectronic multispectral scanner...a push-broom scanner used for remote sensing on SPAS
MONTE 50 SPW WCP term for Monterey (FNOC) on DMSP connectivity charts.
MOP measure of performanceÞ memorandum of policy {CJCS}
MOPLN mission orbit planning {CPCI 230}
MOPP mobility orientation protection posture
MOPS million operations per term
MORD miscellaneous obligation reimbursement document...budget term
Morelos Mexican comsat named after Jose Maria de Morelos y Pavon, the "servant of the people and the liberator" of Mexico. TT&C station in Iztapalapa, Mexico. First launch 17 Jun 85 on STS 51-G.
Morflot CIS Ministry of the Merchant Marine...COSPAS sponsor.
Morsviazsputnik - CIS Inmarsat signatory.
MOS marine observation satellite...Japanese spacecraft built by NEC for a 1987 N-2 launchÞ metal-oxide semiconductor...the basic device structure used in the "most advanced" (c. 1985) VLSI technologies {Sandia}Þ military operational specialty {Army}
MOSC mission operations support complex {GPS}
MOSES Milstar operational support executive system
MOSFET metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor
MOSI missile operational status interrogation {20 AF}
MOSIS monolithic silicon sensor
MOSP manual operational status print {20 AF}
MOSR missile operational status response {20 AF}
MOSS military operational satellite system {NAVSPACECOM}
MOTB Minuteman operation targeting program
MOTIF Maui Optical Tracking and Identification Facility
MOTP Minuteman operational targeting program {20AF}
MOTR miss other than reentry {20 AF}Þ multiple object tracking radar {14 AF}
MOTU mobile optical tracking unit
MOTV manned orbit transfer vehicle
MOU memorandum of understanding
MOVLAS manually operated visual landing aid system
MP military policeÞ mission planningÞ Member of Parliament {LION}
M&P manpower and personnel {USSPACECOM/J6N}
M2P1 mission 22, program 1...S-band satellite communication package
MPA maneuver propulsion assembly...subassembly of F-15 ASAT miniature vehicle (MV), contains 64 solid propellant motors used to keep MV on collision course with the targetÞ mean point of airburst {20 AF}Þ mission and payload assessment {C4SMP}Þ mission performance application {LAN}
MPC (AF) Military Personnel Center (AFMPC), Randolph AFB TX 78150-5000Þ Milstar payload computer {Milstar}Þ most probable cost {AFSPC/PK}
MPCD multipurpose color display {TAB93-1}
MPCL multipurpose chemical laser...Army deuterium fluoride laser program; Bell Aerospace Textron is the prime contractor
MPE mission planning element...east Milstar terminal on building 400
MPESS mission-peculiar equipment support structure {NASA}
MPF military personnel flight {50 SW}Þ multipurpose facility {C4SMP}Þ multipurpose feed {AFSCN}
mph miles per hour
MPH missile potential hazard {20 AF}
MPI mean point of impact {20 AF}
MPLA Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola
MPP master patch panel {AFSCN}
MPRF medium pulse repetition frequency {TAB93-1}
MPRS mission planning rehearsal system
MPSOC multipurpose satellite operations center {DMSP}
MPT management policy table {DLA}Þ missile procedures trainer {20 AF}
MPTA main propulsion test article {NASA}
MPTT management policy table transaction {DLA}
MPU message processing unit {Milstar}
MR memo for recordÞ mission-readyÞ mission reliability {CSOC}
M&R maintenance and repair {50 CES}
mrad milliradian...0.057 degree
MRB materiel review boardÞ MIP (material improvement project) review board
MRBM medium-range ballistic missile
MRC major regional conflict {C4SMP}Þ material readiness capability
MRDS modular responsive defense system
MRE meal, ready to eat
MRI magnetic resonance imagingÞ Midwest Research Institue {ECAMP}Þ multiple radar interrogator
MRL multiple rocket launcher
MRM master requirements matrix {NATO IVB}
MRO memory readout {GPS}
MROC multi-command required operational capability
MRS mobile radar search
MRST Italian ministry of science and technology
MRT management responsibility transferÞ mean restoral time {CSOC}Þ miniature receive terminal {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ minimum reaction time {20 AF}Þ monthly recurring training {21 SW}
MRTFB major range and test facility base {DODD 3200.11}
MRU military radar unit {AFSPC/DOG}
MRV multiple reentry vehicles
MRWS manned remote work station
MS maintenance squadron, e.g., 50 MSÞ master of science...degreeÞ meets standard {AFMPC}Þ mission specialist {NASA}Þ MississippiÞ monitor station {GPS}Þ multiple sclerosisÞ mutual support {TAB93-1}
M&S materials and structures
MSA major satellite anomaly {DMSP}Þ metropolitan statistical area {EPA}Þ minimum safe altitude {TAB93-1}
Msat mobile services satellite...being designed for Canada, would provide two-way communications for receivers in land vehicles, ships and aircraft, and for other mobile applications; 806-890 MHz coverage
MSB most significant bit
MSB-FO medium solid booster follow-on
MSC Military Sealift CommandÞ mobile servicing center...Canadian space station servicing facility formerly called Integrated Service and Test Facility
MSCOP&P - Milstar standard communications operations policies and procedures
MSD missile system division
MSDS material safety data sheet {ECAMP}
MSE maintenance support equipment {20AF}Þ manned spaceflight engineerÞ mission support element {Milstar}
MSEL master scenario event list {AFI10-1204}
MSF media servicing facility {CSOC}
MSFBB medium solid fast-burn booster
MSFC George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA), Huntsville AL...named by President Eisenhower for General Marshall
MSFM magnetospheric specification and forecast model {AFSPC/DOGW}
MSFSG manned spaceflight support group...deactivated
MSGT master sergeant
MSH metastable helium...a solid form of helium consisting of atoms bonded in an excited but stable state; environmentally inert, but releases five times more energy than an equivalent amount of conventional explosive. Potential utility in conventional weapons, booster fuel and lasers.
MSI medium-scale integrationÞ mission systems integration {C4SMP}Þ multispectral imagery
MSIB mission systems integration board {SR 27-2}
MSIC missile and space intelligence center {Army}
MSIP mission systems integration process {USSPACECOM/J6N}Þ multistage improvement program {TAB93-1}
MSL materials science laboratory...Shuttle payload to process materials in low-gravity conditions
MSM magnetospheric specification model {AFSPC/DOGW}Þ meritorious service medal
MSP maintenance support planÞ Milstar satellite processor...Teledyne computerÞ mosaic sensor program
MSR microwave scanning radar {NAVSPACECOM}Þ missile site radar
MSRP manufacturer's suggested retail price
MSS meteorological sounding systemÞ Milstar system simulator {EHF}Þ mission support system {UFO}Þ multi-satellite system {DARPA}Þ multispectral scanner
MSSP multiple satellite system program {NAVSPACECOM}
MSSQ mission support squadron, e.g., 1003 MSSQ
MSSS mobile space support {NAVSPACECOM}Þ mobile surveillance ship {NAVSPACECOM}
MSSTM military space systems technology model...replaced by MSSTP
MSSTP military space systems technology plan...replaced MSSTM
MSSW magnetostatic surface wave
MST mission support teamÞ mobile service towerÞ Mountain Standard Time
MS-T5 Japanese spacecraft ("Sakigake") built by NEC; launched 8 Jan 85 on a Mu-3S-2 booster from Kagoshima Space Center; passed within 4.3 million miles of Halley's Comet on 10 Mar 86.
MSTI miniature sensor technology integration {BMDO}
MSTIRC multiservice test investment review committee {AFSPC/DO}
MSTRS miniaturized satellite threat reporting system {AFSPC}
MSTS multi-source tactical system
MSW municipal solid waste {P3}
MSX midcourse space experiment
MT megaton(s)Þ Milstar terminalÞ Montana
M/T migration tracking {AFSCN}
M&T mission and threat
MTAD Milstar training augmentation device {SGLS}
MTAR mission task analysis report {TSRA}
MTBCF mean time between critical failures {ARTS}
MTBF mean time between failures
MTBM mean time between maintenance
MTBR mean time between repair
mTc military tactical computer...obsolete AFSCN 1230 computer
MTCR missile technology control regime {AFI 10-1210}
MTF medical treatment facility {AFMPC}
MTG missile test group
MTI Morton Thiokol, Inc.Þ moving target indicator
MTK missile tracking site, e.g., New Boston MTK, Amherst, NH...obsolete, used to apply to HULA and BOSS (now called RTSs)
MTLM modal loads transformation matrix
MTMC Military Traffic Management Command, Scott AFB, IL
MTR missile tracking radarÞ multisensor trajectory report
MTRS mobile telemetry repeater system
MTS member of the technical staff {Aerospace Corp}Þ military training standard {AFR50-44}Þ mobile tracking station {AFSCN}
MTSO mobile telephone switching office {AFSPC}
MTTF master telemetry table file {DMSP}Þ mean time to failure
MTTR mean time to repairÞ mean time to restore
MTTRF mean time to restore function {CSOC}
MTU magnetic tape unit {DMSP}
mu gravitational parameter...the product of the universal gravitational constant and the mass of the earth, equal to 3.99x105 km3/sec2 or 14.08x1015 ft3/sec2
Mu Family of Japanese boosters launched from Kagoshima Space Center by ISAS. The MU-35-2 Nissan Motors booster launched Planet A.
MUE mission-unique equipment
Multiprobe - Spacecraft to measure laser performance and provide space plasma data on how gas clouds modify the space environment. Used in conjunction with Chemsat.
MUS mission-unique software
MUX multiplex(er)
MV miniature vehicle {ALASAT}
MVA megavolt-ampere(s)
MVD Ministry of Internal Affairs {CIS}
MVFMS magnetic and velocity field measurement system...Spacelab 2 solar experiment considered for Sunlab
MVM BOSS (NHS) site security contractor.
mw milliwatt(s)
MW megawatt(s)Þ microwaveÞ missile warning {TW/AA}
MWBP missile warning bypass {TW/AA}
MWC missile warning center {TW/AA}
MWDS missile warning display system {AFSPC/DO}
MWG missile warning group, e.g., 12 MWG, Thule AB GL
MWIC millimeter wave integrated circuit
MWIR medium-wavelength infrared
MWO missile warning officer
MWOC missile warning operations center {1017 CTS}Þ missile warning operations centre {BMEWS Site III}
MWR morale, welfare and recreation
MWRS morale, welfare, recreation and services {50 SPTG}
MWS missile warning squadron, e.g., 10 MWS, Cavalier AFS ND
MWTTY missile warning teletype {TW/AA}
MXG Merrill expanded guide...COTS CPE package
MY man-year(s)
MYOB mind your own business
MYP multiyear procurement


N mean motion (revolutions/day or radians/second)...can determine a satellite's period or semi-major axis; see "F&G elements"Þ newton(s)...unit of force (kg-m/sec2) named for Sir Isaac NewtonÞ northÞ NOVEMBER {military phonetics alphabet}
NA North America
N/A not applicable
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAADM North American air defence modernization {C4SMP}
NAAF neutral airframe adaptive flare
NAAQS national ambient air quality standards {EPA}
NAAS NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) attack alerting system {C4SMP}
NABS NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) airborne battle staff {C4SMP}
NAC national agency check
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics...NASA predecessor
NACC NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) airborne control center {TW/AA}
NACI national agency check and written inquiries {50 SPS}
NACISA NATO Communications and Information Systems Agency {NATO IVB}
NACK negative acknowledgement
NACSEM national communication security/emanation security information memorandum
NACSI national COMSEC (communications security) information {CSOC}
NACSIM national COMSEC information memorandum
NADS North Atlantic defense system {TW/AA}
NAF non-appropriated fundsÞ numbered Air Force
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NAFTOC NORAD automated forward-tell output to Canada {TW/AA}
NAG Navy Astronautics Group...formerly NAVASTROGRU, now NAVSOC
NAIC National Air Intelligence Center, 4115 Hebble Creek Rd, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433...formerly FASTC, which was formerly FTD
NANU notice advisory to NAVSTAR users
NARDIC (U.S.) Navy Acquisition, Research and Development Information Center
NAS national airspace system {AFSPC/DOG}Þ Naval Air Station Þ network application support {AFSC2S}Þ NORAD alerting system {TW/AA}
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington DC
NASAR National Association for Search and Rescue
NASA-X NASA experiment...a series of small, ELV-compatible experiments
NASB Naval Air Station Brunswick, Maine
NASCOM NASA communications network...proposed upgrade to TDMA (time division multiple access) network for data and voice transmission by satellite
NASDA National Space Development Agency...Japan's principal agency for space development, operates Tanegashima Island launch facilities; see "Tanegashima"
NASIC North American air sovereignty intelligence capability {C4SMP}
NASJ Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida
NASP national aerospace plane
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO III NATO comsat. SOC-33 (formerly MCC-2) provides TT&C, SMC is the SPO, Ford Aerospace is the prime contractor, NICSMA is the responsible agency. Funded entirely by NATO, interoperable with DSCS. Four spin-stabilized satellites, weight in orbit about 850 lb. The ground segment consists of over 20 fixed and mobile terminals in NATO countries. First launch 22 Apr 76. {Aerospace, Apr 84}
Nat-Sat Nigerian C-band comsat.
NAV navigation
NAVAIR (U.S.) Naval Air Systems Command...also abbreviated NAVAIRSYSCOM
NAVASTROGRU - Navy Astronautics Group...obsolete, now NAVSOC
NAVCAMS - (U.S.) Naval Communications Area Master Station
NAVCCC NAVSPACECOM component command center
Navcore Single-channel commercial GPS receiver.
NAVELEX - (U.S.) Naval Electronic Systems Command...replaced by Space and Warfare Systems Command (SPAWARS)
NAVEX navigation experiment...navigation expert system Spacelab D-1 experiment using an atomic clock to achieve clock synchronization with a precision of 10 nsec, and to make distance measurements and position determinations with a precision of less than 30 meters
NAVFAC (U.S.) Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFACSUP - (U.S.) Navy Facilities Supply {GUAM}
NAVMIC (U.S.) Naval Maritime Intelligence Center
NAVPGSCHOOL - (U.S.) Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA
NAVPRO (U.S.) Naval Plant Representative Office
NAVROTHR - Navy relocatable over-the-horizon radar...operated by FLTSURVSUPPCOM, Chesapeake VA
navsat generic navigation satellite
Navsat navigation satellite...ESA-proposed civilian equivalent to GPS. Some definition work underway on a 24-satellite constellation in three 12-hr orbits with 55° inclinations, phased 120° apart.
NAVSEA (U.S.) Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSOC (U.S.) Naval Satellite Operations Center, Pt Mugu, CA...a NAVSPACECOM subordinate command that operates TRANSIT and a number of R&D satellites; formerly NAG
NAVSPACECOM - (U.S.) Naval Space Command, Dahlgren, VA...established 1 Oct 83, a component of USSPACECOM and operational advocate for U.S. Navy and USMC space activities
NAVSPASUR - (U.S.) Naval Space Surveillance Center, Dahlgren, VA...consists of transmitting, receiving and computational capabilities. Uses an interferometer "fence" of transmitted energy (about 0.1° wide) to illuminate space objects. Main transmitting station (at Kickapoo Lake, TX) radiates 810 KW of continuous-wave UHF power. Other "gap filler" transmitters at Gila River, AZ and Jordan Lake, AL. Receivers at San Diego, CA, Elephant Butte, NM, Red River, AR, Silver Lake, MS, Tattnall GA, and Hawkinsville GA. HQ also serves as ASSC and ASPADOC for USSPACECOM.
NAVSPOC - Naval space operations center {TW/AA}
Navstar see "GPS"
NAVSUP (U.S.) Naval Supply Systems Command
NAVTELCOM - (U.S.) Naval Telecommunications Command
NAVWEPCEN - (U.S.) Naval Weapon Center
NB narrowband
NBAFS New Boston Air Force Station...obsolete, now NBAS
NBAS New Boston Air Station...see "BOSS"
NBC nuclear, biological and chemical
NBCWRS nuclear, biological and chemical warning and reporting system {NORAD}
NB/NC narrow band/noncoherent {AFSPC/DOY}
NBS National Bureau of StandardsÞ New Boston Station...see "BOSS"
NBST narrowband subscriber terminal
NC2 nuclear command and control {USSPACECOM/J6}
NC3 nuclear command, control and communications {USSPACECOM/J6}
NC normally closed {NASA}Þ North CarolinaÞ numerical control
NCA national command authorities (not "authority")...the President and the Secretary of Defense or their deputized alternates or successors {JCS Pub 1}
NCC NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) command center {TW/AA}
NCCS network communication control Milstar control terminalÞ nuclear command and control system {USSPACECOM/J6}
NCF NASA command formatter
NCMC NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Cheyenne Mountain Complex
NCND neither confirm nor deny
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOA noncommissioned officers academy
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
NCP national contingency plan {EPA}Þ NORAD command post {TW/AA}
NCS national communications systemÞ naval communications stationÞ naval control of shipping {NAVSPACECOM}Þ network control segment (CSOC)...Jul 93 turnoverÞ NORAD computer system {TW/AA}
NCSC national computer security center
NCST Naval Center for Space Technology
NCTAMS (U.S.) Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station...formerly NAVCAMS
NCU nozzle control unit
NCWG national correlation working group {USSPACECOM/J2}
ND North Dakota
NDAA National Defense Authorization Act
NDC network data controller {DLT}Þ network distribution center {AFSCN}
NDEW nuclear directed-energy weapon
NDHQ National Defence Headquarters (Canada)
NDI nondestructive inspectionÞ non-developmental item {Public Law 99-661}
NDL network development laboratory {AFSCN}Þ new domestic launch
NDOC National Defence Operations Centre, Ottawa, Ontario {NORAD}
NDP national disclosure policy {BMDO}Þ neutral density profile {DMSP}
NDS NUDET (nuclear detonation) detection system...GPS payload that detects, locates and reports atmospheric and exoatmospheric nuclear detonations for the National Command Authorities. Monitors international compliance with the Nuclear Test Band Treaty. Carried on Block II, IIA and IIR GPS satellites.
NDSM national defense service medal
NDT nondestructive testing
NDU National Defense University, Ft Lesley J McNair, Washington DC 20319-6000Þ navigation data unit {GPS}
NE NebraskaÞ northeast
N/E no equivalent {CSOC}Þ not established {CSOC}
NEACP national emergency airborne command post...pronounced "kneecap"
NEC national electrical code
NECOS network control station {Milstar}
NEDS NORAD element data set
NE/DS near earth/deep space {AFSPC/DOY}
NEFD noise-equivalent flux density
NEMO network manager {NATO IVB}
NEMP nuclear electromagnetic pulse
NEO noncombatant evacuation operation {NAVSPACECOM}
NEP nuclear electric propulsionÞ nuclear environment protection
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NERVA nuclear energy rocket vehicle application
NES northern European station...see "LION"
NESDIS National Environmental Satellite Data and Information element of NOAA
NESHAP national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants {EPA}
NESP (U.S.) Navy EHF SATCOM program
NESS National Environmental Satellite Service
NESSY NTF (National Test Facility) electronic security system {50 SPS}
NEST (U.S.) Navy exercise support tool {NAVSPACECOM}
NET network {CSOC}Þ not earlier than
NETC network term
NETS nationwide emergency telephone system
NEX Navy Exchange
NEXRAD next-generation weather radar {AFSPC/DOGW}
NF north-firing {20 AF}Þ nose fairing
NFARS NORAD forward automated reporting system {TW/AA}
NFL National Football LeagueÞ new foreign launch
NFOV narrow field of view
NFPA National Fire Protection Association {50 SW/CES}
NFS network file server {AFSC2S}
N&G navigation and guidance
NGB National Guard Bureau, Washington DC 20301-5000
NGF Northern Group of Forces {CIS}
NGS NDS (NUDET (nuclear detonation) detection system) ground station {GPS}
NH New Hampshire
NHA next higher assembly {AFSCN}
NHK Nihon Hoso Kyokai...Japanese public broadcasting corporation
NHS New Hampshire Tracking Station...see "BOSS"
NH&S nuclear hardness and survivability {20AF}
NI not instrumented {20 AF}
NIB non-interference basis
NICS NATO Integrated Communications System
NICSMA NATO Integrated Communications System Management Agency...see "NATOIII"
NID NEACP (national emergency airborne command post) interface device {TW/AA}Þ non-interactive display {TW/AA}
NIDS network interface data system {AFSCN}Þ non-interactive display system
NIE national intelligence estimate
NIEMR non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation
NIH National Institutes of HealthÞ not invented here...pervasive bureaucratic syndrome
Nike-Orion - Solid-fuel two-stage research rocket. First stage uses surplus Nike ground-based air defense missiles; second stage uses surplus Orion rockets. Launched successfully 120 times prior to 25 Apr 86 failure.
NIMBUS U.S. meteorological satellite.
NIP nucleus initialization program {GPS}
NIR national inventory record {DLA}
NISC (U.S.) Naval Intelligence Support Center, Suitland MD
NISP national industrial security program
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIU NSCS interface system {UFO}
NJ New Jersey
nK North Korea(n)
NLR National Aerospace Laboratory in the Netherlands
NLS national launch system
NLT not later than
nm nanometer(s)...10-9 meter
NM nautical mile(s)...also abbreviated "NMI"; "nm" (nanometer(s)) should not be usedÞ network managerÞ New Mexico
NMC not mission capable
NMCA national military command authorities {TW/AA}
NMCC National Military Command Center, Pentagon, Washington DC 20301
NMCS national military command system {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ not mission capable-supply {AFSCN}
NMD national missile defense {BMDO}
NMDB network maintenance database...interim entry point for CAMS
NMD-FSS national missile defense, first-site system
NMERI New Mexico Engineering Research Institute, Albuquerque NM {50CES}
NMG new media graphics {50 CTS}
NMI nautical mile(s)...also abbreviated "NM"; "nm" (nanometer(s)) should not be usedÞ no middle initial {50 SPS}
NMIC national military intelligence center
NMIS naval man in space {NAVSPACECOM}
NMJIC national military joint intelligence center {TW/AA}
NMLT new material laboratory test {20 AF}
N-MNS NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command)-mission need statement {C4SMP}
NMOS N-type metal-oxide semiconductor
NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
NNE north-northeast
NNK non-nuclear kill
NNSS (U.S.) Navy navigation satellite system
NNW north-northwest
NO normally open {NASA}
N2O4 nitrogen tetroxide...rocket fuel
NOAA National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (Department of Commerce)
NOCC (U.S.) Naval Operational Control Center
NOD notice of deficiency {EPA}
NODIA nonlinear optics doppler imaging amplifier
NOFORN not releasable to foreign nationals
NOI notice of intent {EPA}
NOK next of kin
NOM nominal
NON notice of noncompliance {EPA}
NOR notice of revision
NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command, Peterson AFB CO...a binational command of the U.S. and Canada that provides aerospace surveillance, provides warning and assessment of aerospace attack, and maintains the sovereignty of U.S. and Canadian airspace
NO RAD not radiating {TAB93-1}
Norcoat Aerospatiale insulation used on first-stage engine fairings of Ariane 3. Granulated cork bonded with a nitril phenolic resin.
NORDA (U.S.) Navy oceanographic research and development activity {NAVSPACECOM}
NORDO no radio {TAB93-1}
NORFLT northern fleet {C4SMP}
NORTHAG Northern Army Group
Northern Cosmodrome - Plesetsk
NORTIC NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tactical intelligence cell {C4SMP}
NOS network operating system
NOSC Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego CA {Milstar}
NOSO Navstar operations support office...SMC Det 4
NOSS national oceanic satellite systemÞ naval ocean surveillance satellite (White Cloud)
NOTAM notice to airmen
NOV notice of violation {EPA}
Nova Advanced U.S. Navy navsat that provides a worldwide all-weather navigation system for Navy and commercial shipping. Modified production versions of earlier Transit improvement program. Launched into 640 NM orbits 15 May 81 and 11 Oct 84. NAVSPASUR provides tracking support.
NOVEMBER - Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "N."
NOVS nonsecure operational voice system {AFSCN}
NPA non-precision approach {GPS}
NPB neutral particle beam
NPDES national pollutant discharge elimination system {EPA}
NPDM (U.S.) Navy program decision meeting {NAVSPACECOM}
NPES nuclear planning and execution system {TW/AA}
NPF Navstar processing facility {45 SW}
NPIC National Photographic Interpretation Center
NPL national priorities list {EPA}Þ nuclear pumped laser
NPO nuclear propulsion office
NPPS (U.S.) Navy Publishing and Printing Service
NPQ Not Physically Qualified
NPR National Public RadioÞ noise-to-power ratioÞ nuclear posture review {AF/XOF}
NPS National Park Service {ECAMP}
NPT non-proliferation treaty
NPUL number of pulses
NQP not qualified for promotion {AFMPC}
NR NORAD region {TW/AA}
NRA National Rifle Association
NRAC naval research advisory committee {NAVSPACECOM}
NRC National Research CouncilÞ Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRFA navigation radio frequency assembly {GPS}
NRHP national register of historic places {EIS}
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NROC north regional operations center {C4SMP}
NROSS Navy remote ocean sensing system...proposed 800 km polar orbit
NRP national reconnaissance programÞ nonrated puke {SMC/CC}
NRRC nuclear risk reduction center
NRT near-real time
NRTS not repairable this station
NRZ non-return-to-zero
NRZ-L non-return-to-zero-level
NRZ-M non-return-to-zero-mark
NRZ-S non-return-to-zero-space
ns nanosecond(s)...10-9 second(s)
NSA National Security ActÞ National Security Agency, Ft Meade MD 20755-5000
NSA/CSS National Security Agency/Central Security Service
NSAP (U.S.) Navy special access program {NAVSPACECOM}
NSC National Security CouncilÞ Naval Space Command, HQ Dahlgren VA...established Oct 83Þ network status center {AFSCN}
NSCAT NASA scatterometer
NSCCA nuclear safety cross-check analysis {20AF}
NSCN naval satellite control network {UFO}
NSCNS network schedule change notification system {AFSCN}
NSCS (U.S.) Naval satellite control station {UFO}
NSD national security directive
NSDD national security decision directive...provides the President's guidance
nsec nanosecond(s)...10-9 seconds
NSEP national security emergency provisioning {50 LG}
NSF National Science FoundationÞ (U.S.) Naval support facility {AFSCN}Þ near surface fuzing {20AF}Þ non-sufficient funds
NSG Naval Security Group
NSI NASA standard initiatorÞ nuclear surety inspection {20 AF}
NSIA National Security Industrial Association
NSL non-stocklisted {BMEWS Site III}
NSM network security manager {AFR 205-16}
NSN national stock numberÞ NATO stock number {BMEWS Site III}
NSNF non-strategic nuclear forces
NSO network security officerÞ numeric stockage objective {DLA}
NSOC (U.S.) Naval Space Operations Center
NSOR NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) statement of operational requirement {TW/AA}
NSP network support program...Loral AFSCN management contract
NSpC National Space Council
NSR National Systems and Research Company...GPS software maintenance contractor
NSS National Space SocietyÞ network scheduling system {AFSCN}
NSSA (U.S.) Navy space systems activity {NAVSPACECOM}
NSSCNS network status and scheduling change notification system {AFSCN}
NSSD national security study directive...a National Security Council directive that precedes an NSDD
NSSF NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) software support facility {C4SMP}
NSSO network and support services operation {Loral}
NSSP (U.S.) Navy special systems program {NAVSPACECOM}
NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee...established by EO 12382, 13 Sep 82. Reports to the President and SECDEF. Consists of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of 30 of the major telecommunications companies in the U.S. Provides industry support to national telecommunications policy and to the national communications system.
NSTDS network status transfer and display system {AFSCN}
NSTL National Space Technology Laboratories, Bay St. Louis, MS...NASA's prime static test facility for large liquid propellant rocket engines and propulsion systems
NSTS national space transportation system...see "Shuttle"Þ network status technical specialist {AFSCN}
NSTSPO national space transportation system program office
NSWC (U.S.) Naval Surface Warfare Center
NSWLC non-strategic warfighting in level capability {USSPACECOM/J6}
NSWP non-Soviet Warsaw Pact...obsolete
NT no-test {20 AF}
NTAS NORAD tactical AUTOVON system {TW/AA}
NTB national test bed {BMDO}
NTBJPO national test bed joint program office {BMDO}
NTBT Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
NTD NASA test director
NTE not to exceed
NTF National Test Facility, Falcon AFB, CO...BMDO integration facilityÞ no trouble found {50SW/CP}
NTI Northern Telecom...BIDDS contractor
NTISSC national telecommunications and information systems security committee
NTM national technical means (of treaty verification)
NTP notice to proceed
NTR nothing to report {USSPACECOM/J2}
NTS national technology satellite
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NTT Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Co...until 1 Apr 85, NTT held a monopoly on the Japanese commercial communications satellite market
NUDET nuclear detonation
NUDIS nuclear damage information summary {NORAD}
NUICCS NORAD/USSPACECOM integrated command and control system {SR 27-2}
Nusat Northern Utah Satellite...Weber State College 115-lb satellite to calibrate air traffic control L-band radars; launched on STS 51-B 29 Apr 85
nutation An imbalance in a spinning object. {Satellite Notebook #19}
NUWEP nuclear weapons employment policy {AFSPC/DOM}
NV Nevada
NVG night vision goggle {TAB93-1}
NVRAM non-volatile random access memory
NW northwest
NWC National War College, Ft Lesley J McNair, Washington DC 20319-6000Þ national warning center {C4SMP}
NWE nuclear weapon effects
NWS National Weather ServiceÞ network status {AFSCN}Þ north warning system {TW/AA}
NWSSG nuclear weapons system safety group {20 AF}
NWP naval warfare publication {NAVSPACECOM}
NWT Northwest Territories
NY New York
NYC New York City
NYI New York International {DGS}
NYT New York Times


O OSCAR {military phonetics alphabet}
OA obligation authorityÞ OLYMPIC GUARDIAN CHALLENGEÞ operational acceptance {50 SSYS}Þ operational assessment {SCS}Þ orbit(al) analyst {CSOC}
O/A on or about
OAB operations approval board {USSPACECOM/J6N}
OADR on or about the day of reckoningÞ originating agency determination required
OAFB Offutt AFB, NEÞ Onizuka AFB...obsolete, now OAS
OAO orbital analysis officer {Milstar}Þ orbit analysis officer {AFSCN}Þ Aerospace contractor.
OAP operations approval panel {USSPACECOM/J6N}
OAS Onizuka Air Station, California...formerly OAFB (OAFS before that, Sunnyvale AFS before that)
OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
Oasis Greenhouse on Salyut-7 that studied plant development in conditions of weightlessness.
OAST Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology (NASA)...OAST-1 (102-ft extendable solar array) was deployed on STS-41D
OB order of battle
OBAN operating budget account number...budget term
OBE overtaken by events
OBP onboard processing
OBRC operating budget review committee {AFSPC}
OBS observation
OBSS operations briefing support system {AFSC2S}
OBU OSIS (ocean surveillance information system) baseline upgrade {NAVSPACECOM}
OC officer commanding {MOD}Þ operations center {DSCS}Þ operations central {CSOC ILSP}Þ operations controller {AFSCN}
OCA oceanic control area {TW/AA}Þ offensive counterair {TAB93-1}Þ original classification authority
OC-ALC Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (AFMC)
OCC operations command center {CSOC}Þ operations control center {AFSCN}
OCEAN CIS dedicated oceanographic research satellite launched 12 Feb 79.
OCES officer commanding engineering and supply {BMEWS Site III}
OCHAMPUS - Office of Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
OCI ocean color imager...Shuttle sensor
OCM operational coordinator message {AFSCN}
OCN operational control node {AFSCN}Þ operations change notice {AFSCN}
OCO officer commanding operations {BMEWS Site III}Þ operational contracting officer {750 SGP}
OCOE overall checkout equipment {NATO IVB}
OCR office of collateral responsibilityÞ optical character reader/recognition
OCS Officer Candidate School...obsolete, now OTSÞ operational control segment {CSOC}Þ operational control system {GPS}
OCST Office of Commercial Space Transportation (Department of Transportation)
OD operations directiveÞ operations director {AFSCN}Þ orbit determination {DSCS}Þ outer diameterÞ operating division:
- OD-1 (DO): 1056, 4774, 4877, 6553, 6675, 7414, 7858
- OD-4 (DH, DX): 1132, 1748, 3319, 4035, 5821, 7050, 7225, 7304, 7310, 7506, 7837, 7940
ODC other direct charge {AFSPC/PK}Þ ozone depleting chemical {P3}
ODCCLD operational database change and control level directive
ODI Organizational Dynamics, Inc...TQ consultant
ODM operational development model {NAVSPACECOM}
ODS optical data system
OE operational effectiveness {CSOC}
OEA Office of Economic AdjustmentÞ open enforcement action {ECAMP}
OEM original equipment manufacturer {DLA}
OER officer effectiveness report (AF Fm 707)...obsolete, now OPRÞ operations evaluation report {AFSCN}
OES orbital element set
O&F organization and functions
OFE operations familiarization exercise {Milstar}
Officine Galileo - Italian precision optical-mechanical instruments manufacturer who develops earth and sun sensors for satellites. Address: Via A. Einstein, 35-I-50013 Campi Bisenzio (Florene). Phone: (055) 89501. Telex: 570126 Galile I.
OFIC Onizuka-Falcon internodal communications...Backhaul follow-on
OFM organizational funds manager {IG}
OFP operational flight program {20AF}
OFPP Office of Federal Procurement Policy
OFS-L ordnance firing system-laser
OFT orbital flight test {NASA}
OFU ordnance firing unit
OG operations group, e.g., 50 OG...formerly OPG
OGA other government agency
OG/DBIR-01 - Officine Galileo dual-beam infrared sensor. Static horizon crossing indicator used on spinning satellites to determine earth elevation angle. Developed for ESA's GEOS satellite.
OGE office of government ethicsÞ operational ground equipment {20 AF}
OG/ESS-GT - Officine Galileo elevation sensors. Two static (earth and sun) sensors contained in the same housing, used on spinning satellites to produce azimuth reference pulses and to determine spacecraft spin rate, and sun and earth elevation angles. Developed for ESA's Giotto satellite.
OG/IRES-01 - Officine Galileo infrared two-axis earth sensor. Used for altitude control of three-axis stabilized satellites at geosynchronous. Developed for ESA's orbital test satellite.
OGP operational ground program {20 AF}
OG/PS-01 Officine Galileo plane sensor. Static fan-beam earth and sun sensor on spinning satellites. Produces azimuth reference pulses to determine spacecraft spin rate, and to locate earth infrared horizon. Developed for Italian SIRIO satellite.
OGS overseas ground station {DSP}
OG/SAS-01 - Officine Galileo fan-beam sun and albedo sensor
OG/XRS Officine Galileo X-beam solar sensor. Static sensor used on spinning satellite to produce azimuth reference pulses and to determine spin rate and sun elevation angle. Developed for ESA's GEOS satellite. OG/XRS-HA (high accuracy) developed for ESA's ISPM satellite.
OH Ohio
OHME occupational health medical examination
Ohzora see "EXOS"
OI operating instruction...OIs are to office efficiency as an iceberg was to the TitanicÞ operational increment {NASA}Þ operational interference {CSOC SCS}
O&I organizational and intermediate {AFSCN}
OIC officer in charge
OIG operations information group {CCPDS}
OIR other intelligence requirement {NAVSPACECOM}
OIRB operational integration review board {SR 27-2}
OIS orbital insertion subsystem {GPS}
OIWG operational integration working group {NORAD}
OJCS Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OJT on-the-job training
OK Oklahoma
OL operating location
- OL-A (4 SOPS), Offutt AFB, NE
- OL-A (21 OPG), Room 2305, 720 Irwin Ave, Falcon AFB, CO 80912-7200...activated 21 Jan 94
- OL-A (750 SGP), Onizuka AFB, 1080 Lockheed Way, Box 61, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1237...supports DSCS II/III, DSP, FLTSAT, GPS, Shuttle, NATO III/IV, SKYNET and other space programs. Operates SOC-38 (formerly VOE/MCC-V and MCC-XI; uses IBM 4381) and SOC-39 (formerly VOE/VOS/MCC-VIII; uses IBM 4381).
- OL-AB (CSTC/VOX), Falcon AFB, CO...Milstar SGLS ops in SOC-34
- OL-AE (750 SGP), Telemetry and Command Station (TCS) Oakhanger, PSC 43, APO AE 09446...see "LION"
- OL-AU (AFSPC), Maxwell AFB, AL...activated 21 Jan 94
- OL-B (750 SGP), Onizuka AFB, CA...activated 22 Feb 94y
- OL-CO (AFTAC), Falcon AFB, CO...formerly Det 46
- OL-DH (SWC), Dahlgren NYI, VA...activated 15 Dec 93
- OL-E (SWC), Nellis AFB, NV...activated 15 Dec 93
- OL-FY (21 OPG), RAF Fylingdales, UK
- OL-G (SWC), Langley AFB, VA...activated 15 Dec 93
- OL-H (SWC), Washington, DC...activated 15 Dec 93
- OL-HO (21 OPG), Holloman AFB, NM
- OL-ON (4 SOPS), Onizuka AFB, 1080 Lockheed Way, Box 66, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1238
O/L open/loop
OLS operational launch system {NAVSPACECOM}Þ operational linescan system {DMSP}Þ optical landing system...preferred over a MOVLAS (manually operated visual landing aid system)
OLT on-line test
Olympus General-purpose, body-stabilized ESA comsat that will provide direct TV broadcast to 1-m home antennas. First application (called L-Sat) planned for point-to-point services and direct broadcast. Ariane 3, Ariane 4, and Shuttle/IUS-compatible.
OM operations manual {NASA}
O&M operations and maintenance
OMAR objective and media analysis report {TSRA}Þ ownship maneuvering and ranging {TAB93-1}
OMB Office of Management and BudgetÞ operations management board {ARTS}
OMCF orbiter maintenance and checkout facility {Shuttle}
omega (w) The "argument of perigee" measures the location of a satellite's closest approach to the earth. As a satellite orbits the earth, there is only one place where it will pass through the equatorial plane going from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. This is called the "ascending node." w is measured from the ascending node to perigee in the direction of satellite motion...see "Keplerian elements"
omega (W) The "right ascension of the ascending node," also called the longitude of ascending node, describes the "twist" of an orbit. There is only one place where a satellite orbiting the earth will pass through the equatorial plane going from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. This is called the "ascending node." W is measured from the direction of the vernal equinox (the principal axis "I" in the "IJK" geocentric equatorial coordinate framework) eastward to the ascending node in the equatorial plane...see "Keplerian elements"
OMG operational maneuver group {CIS}
OMIS operational multichannel imager suite {DMSP}
O/M/L operations/maintenance/logistics {AFSCN}
Omnistar EOSAT proposed follow-on to LANDSAT remote sensing spacecraft.
OMRSD operations maintenance requirements specification document {NASA}
OMRT operations and maintenance responsibility transfer
OMS orbital maneuvering subsystem {Shuttle}
OMSCWG operational message set control working group {NAVSPACECOM}
OMV orbital maneuvering vehicle...remotely controlled satellite to supplement Shuttle's ability to deliver, retrieve and maneuver payloads from orbits different from Shuttle's. Designed to carry 25,000 lb payloads from the Shuttle or a space station to a 1200 NM altitude and return.
ON Ontario
Onera French national research organization
ONF one name federal (item identification guide) {DLA}
O/O operations order {AFSCN}Þ owner/operator {C4SMP}
O&O operational and organizational
OOB order of battle {NAVSPACECOM}
OOH orbital operations handbook {GPS, UFO, NATO IVB}
OOL out of limits {NATO IVB}
OOMR on-orbit operations and maintenance requirements {GPS}
OOMS on-orbit maintenance/servicing
OOTF on-orbit test facility {Milstar}
OOTP on-orbit test plan {GPS}
OOTR on-orbit test report {GPS}
OOWG on-orbit working group
OP operating procedure {AFSCN}Þ orthogonal polarization
OPA other protected area {CSOC SCS}
OPCC Offutt processing and correlation center {TW/AA}
OPCODE operation code
OPCOM operational command..."those functions of command involving the composition of subordinate forces, the assignment of tasks, the designation of objectives and the authoritative direction necessary to accomplish the mission." Uniquely applied to U&S Commands, typically cannot be delegated...see "OPCON" {JCS Pub 1}
OPCON operational control...typically associated with MAJCOMs, typically can be delegated; see "OPCOM" {JCS Pub 1}
OPD optical path difference
OPEN origin of plasmas in earth's neighborhood...Shuttle experiment to assess the flow of energy through the geospace environment
OPEX operational experience {AFMPC}
OPF orbiter processing facility {NASA}
OPG see "OG"
OPINE operations in a nuclear environment
OPL operational
OPLAN operations plan
OPM (U.S.) Office of Personnel ManagementÞ orbital parameters message {NATO IVB}
OPORD operation order...a directive, usually formal, issued by a commander to subordinate commanders for coordinating execution of an operation {JCS Pub 1}
OPPLN operations planning {CPCI 201}
OPR office of primary responsibilityÞ officer performance report
OPREP operational report...OPREP-3 PINNACLE reports go to the NMCC, OPREP-3 BEELINE reports to HQ USAF (AFOC), OPREP-3 HOMELINE reports to AFSPC AFSPOC {AFR 55-55}
OPRH operations positional reference handbook {50 SW}
OPS object processing softwareÞ operationsÞ operations per secondÞ operations planning staff {C4SMP}
OPSCAP operational capability
OPSCOM operations communications
OPSEC operations security
OPTISIG optical signature in-line generator
Optokinesis - Salyut-7 medical experiment.
OPVS operational private voice switch {Milstar}
OPWG orbit planning working group
OQIP operational quality improvement plan {AFSCN}
OQT operations quality team {AFSCN}
OR operational software termÞ operations requirement {AFSCN}Þ operations researchÞ Oregon
orb orbital
ORB operations review board {AFI 10-1204}
orbital element set - Parameters that uniquely define the orbit of a satellite and discriminate that satellite from other objects in space. The parameters define the size, shape and orientation of the orbit, and the position of the satellite in that particular orbit. The basic parameters include the orbit's semi-major axis, eccentricity, inclination, right ascension of the ascending node, argument of perigee, true anomaly and epoch time...see "Keplerian elements"
orbit decay Loss of orbital altitude and orbital energy due to on-orbit forces, principally aerodynamic drag. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
orbiter A manned, winged space vehicle that carries people and equipment to and from earth orbit...see "Shuttle" {AIAA, 12Jun84}
orbit-keeping - Maintaining or correcting a satellite's orbital altitude by adding velocity to overcome orbit decay. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
- LEOs (low earth orbits) approximately 150 km to 1500 km
- Medium altitude orbits 1500 km to 35,800 km
- High altitude orbits beyond 35,800 km
ORC operational readiness conditionÞ oversight review committee {SR 27-2}
ORCON dissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator
ORD observed range deviation {GPS}Þ operational requirements document {SR 27-2}Þ orbital requirements document {GPS, UFO, NATO IVB}
ORFEUS orbiting and retrievable far and extreme ultraviolet spectrometer {NASA}
ORI operational readiness inspection {IG}
Orion Orion Satellite Corporation comsat.
ORM operations requirement message {AFSCN}
ORP operations review panel {50 SW}
ORR operational readiness rate {20 AF}
ORS orbiter refueling system...experiment to demonstrate Shuttle's ability to perform on-orbit satellite refueling
ORT operational readiness trainer {CSOC}
ORU orbital replacement unit
ORV off-road vehicle {EPA}
OS operating systemÞ operations supervisor {AFSCN}Þ optical siteÞ optical station
O&S operations and support
OSA operational support airlift {AFSPC/DOG}
OSAF Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
OSC on-scene commander {50 SPS}Þ optical signatures codeÞ Orbital Sciences Corporation...BMDO contractorÞ organization structure code {AFR 700-4}Þ oscilloscope
OSCAR Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "O."Þ Navy Transit navigation satellites in ground storage since 1970. Launched in pairs (second satellite stored on orbit for future use). First dual-launch Aug 85. Adapted for civil uses, including charting for offshore oil and mineral deposits...see "SOOS"Þ orbiting satellite carrying amateur radio {Space Trace, 8 Mar 85}
OSCARS operational satellite constellation availability and reliability simulation {AFSPC/DOP}
OSCP on-scene control point {50 SPS}
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSD(A&M) - Office of the Secretary of Defense for Administration and Management
OSE open system environment {50 SSYS}
OSF open software foundation {AFSC2S}Þ operational support facility {Milstar}
OSH occupational safety and health {AFSCN}
OSHA (1970) Occupational Safety and Health Act {AFR 127-12}Þ Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHP occupational safety and health plan {AFSCN}
OSI (Air Force) Office of Special Investigations...see "AFOSI"Þ on-site inspectionÞ open system interface {AFSC2S}Þ open systems interconnection {50 SSYS}
OSIA On-Site Inspection Agency
OSIS ocean surveillance information system {NAVSPACECOM}
OSL orbiting solar laboratory {NASA}
OSMC operational software maintenance complex {CSOC}
OSP orbital support plan
OSR object sighting reportÞ operations status review {CSOC}Þ optical signature report
OSS office of space scienceÞ operations support squadron, e.g., 50 OSS
OSSE oriented scintillation spectrometer of four instruments aboard Gamma Ray Observatory to collect gamma ray source data in 0.05-10.0 MeV energy range. Naval Research Laboratory manages.
OSTA Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications...first OSTA payload, launched 12 Nov 81 on STS-2
OSTF off-site test facility
OSTP (White House) Office of Science and Technology Policy
OSVS operations secure voice system...the primary secure voice media used on every AFSCN support from Falcon AFB; a T-1 telephone switch
OT operational test {AFOTEC}Þ operational turnover {AFR 800-19}
OTA (Congressional) Office of Technology AssessmentÞ operational test agencyÞ over the air {Milstar}
OTAR over-the-air rekey {Milstar}
OTCIXS officer in tactical command information exchange subsystem {NAVSPACECOM}
OTDR optical time domain reflectometer {AFSCN}
OT&E operational test(ing) and evaluation
OTEA Operational Test and Evaluation Agency
OTG object tracking group
OTH over the horizon {C4SMP}
OTH-B over-the-horizon backscatter...AN/FPS-118 radar
OTHR over-the-horizon radar
OTHT over-the-horizon targeting
OTP object tracking processorÞ Office of Telecommunications PolicyÞ operational targeting programÞ operational test programÞ orbital test plan {UFO}Þ orbit test period {DSCSIII}
OTP/P orbital test plans/procedures {UFO}
OTR over-target requirement
OTRAG Orbital Transport-und Raketen-Aktiengesellschaft...Munich, West German private venture to develop and market low-cost standardized rockets
OTS Officer Training School, Lackland AFB, TXÞ on-orbit test site {UFO}Þ orbital test satellite...ESA experimental comsat launched 10 May 1978. Derivatives include Marecs, Telecom 1 and ECS.Þ orbital test station {UFO}Þ over-the-shoulder {AFSCN}
OTSEC outer zone security violation {20 AF}
OTSS operations traffic switching system {CSOC}
OTV orbit transfer vehicle...a manned or unmanned vehicle designed to transfer payloads from one orbit to another, to insert payloads into specific orbits, or to insert payloads into interplanetary trajectories. Reusable OTVs will return to the Shuttle for return to earth, or to a space-based facility for subsequent missions and maintenance as required.
OTWG operational test working group {AFSCN}
OTY over to you
OUSD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
OUSD(A) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition
outgassing The release of volatiles from a finished material when subjected to environmental extremes, usually a hard vacuum or
elevated temperatures. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
outlays actual expenditures
OV orbiter vehicle...the Shuttle
O/W order wire {AFSCN}
OWC officers wives club
OWFON one who feathers own nest
OWP on-weapon platform
OWS objective wing structure {CSAF}
oxymoron "A combination of contradictory or incongruous words," e.g., airline food, annual aerobics, civil engineer, deafening silence, fun run, hot chili, inspector general, jumbo shrimp, legal profession, MAJCOM initiative, military intelligence, personal computer, private party, safe sex, semi-boneless, staff work, steering committee, sweet sorrow, work party.
{Webster's Ninth New Collegiate, 1984}


P PAPA {military phonetics alphabet}Þ radar, e.g., AN/FPS
P3 pollution prevention program {ECAMP}
P78-1 DARPA gamma ray spectrometer launched Feb 79, destroyed by F-15 ASAT on 13 Sep 85.
P-341 Funding category for emergency minor construction.
PA PennsylvaniaÞ physician's assistantÞ planner analyst {DSCS}Þ power amplifierÞ public addressÞ public affairs
P&A plans and analysis {AFSCN}
PA/AW public address/aural warning
PABX private automated branch exchange {AFSCN}
PAC participating associate contractor {AFSCN}Þ Patriot advanced capability {USSPACECOM/J6N}
PACA propulsion and control assembly
PACAF Pacific Air Forces, Hickam AFB HI 96853-5001
PACBAR Pacific barrier radar {TW/AA}
PACCE Army Space Command DCF buildings at Falcon AFB.
PACCS post-attack command control system {20 AF}
PACE performance-advanced CMOS engineeringÞ power and control electronicsÞ programmable attitude control electronics {NATO IVB}
PACMAN Peterson (AFB) area communications management {AFSPC/LK}
PACOM Pacific Command {GUAM}
PACQ probability of acquisition
PACQ/DET - probability of acquisition given detection
PAD program action directive {HQ USAF}
PADL prototype air defense location {AFSPC/DOX}
PAFB Patrick AFB FL 32925-6655Þ Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs CO 80914-5001
Paksat Pakistan comsat
PAL permissive action link {20 AF}Þ programmable array logic
Palapa Indonesian comsat that services Southeast Asia; operated by PERUMTEL, control station in Jakarta, Indonesia. First launch 8 Jul 76.
pallet A structural unit mounted in the Orbiter cargo bay to provide structural and systems support for payloads during delivery, and when in orbit is attached either to the Orbiter or to a large space system. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
PALS protection against limited strikes {BMDO}
PAM payload activation message {DMSP}Þ pulse amplitude modulationÞ payload assist module...McDonnell Douglas spin-stabilized upper stage with Morton Thiokol Star 48 motor:
- PAM-D is spin-stabilized, uses a Morton Thiokol Star 48 motor, is designed to deliver 2320 lbs to GTO, is compatible with the Delta booster, and is used with GPS Block II
- PAM-D2 is used with Shuttle for comsats, includes a 63" solid-fuel perigee kick motor; PAM-D2 failed on STS-10 when low density areas in the nozzle cones ruptured
PAMS PMEL automated management system {AFSCN}
Pan Am Pan Am World Services, Inc.
PanAmSat Comsat launched 15 Jun 88 on Ariane 4.
PAO planning and analysis officer {1 SOPS}
PAP program action plan {External Control System}
PAPA Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "P."
PAPI precision approach path indicator {NASA}
PAR perimeter acquisition radarÞ precision approach radarÞ program ADP (automated data processing) requirement {C4SMP}
Paramax Former defense systems unit of Unisys.
PARAMP parametric amplifier
PARCS perimeter acquisition radar attack characterization system, Cavalier AFS ND...AN/FPQ-16 phased array radar that can track 450 golf ball-sized objects at 1800 miles
parking orbit - see "phasing orbit"
PARROT programmable automated report recognizer output terminal {NAVSPACECOM}
PARS post-attack reporting system (21 SW)
partial orbit - The orbit of an object that does not complete one revolution around the earth.
PAS primary alerting system {20 AF}
PA/SI preliminary assessment/site inspection {EPA}
PASS passive space surveillance {AFSPC/DO}
PAT process action team {TQ}
PAT&E production acceptance test and evaluation
PATHS precursor above-the-horizon sensor...27-month program to develop and demonstrate advanced focal planes for tracking objects in space from a satellite
PAURUS NIKE T - Paurus NIKE Tomahawk sounding rocket
PAVE precision acquisition vehicle entry
PAVE PAWS - Phased array SLBM warning system...four sites:
- East Otis ANG Base MA
- West Beale AFB CA
- Southeast Robins AFB GA
- Southwest Goodfellow AFB TX
PAWS phased array warning system, e.g., PAVE PAWSÞ programmable analyst work station {NAVSPACECOM}
PAX passengers
PAYE pitch and yaw engine
PB post-boostÞ President's budget...annual budget submitted to Congress in January by the Executive Branch, for the next fiscal year
P/B playback
P-Ball precision vehicle
PBCS post-boost control system {20 AF}
PBD program budget decision {AFSPC/XP}
PBDS post-boost detection system
PBI post-boost intercept
P1BMCS phase I backup master control station {GPS}
PBP post-boost phase
PBR post-boost reliability {20 AF}
PBRT pixel plume/body radiation test
PBS program budget submissionÞ programming budgeting system {AFSPC/XP}
PBV post-boost vehicle {GPALS}
PBW particle beam weaponÞ proportional bandwidth
PBX private branch exchange {AFSCN}
PC personal computer...oxymoronÞ photoconductiveÞ politically correctÞ printed circuit
PC-III personnel concepts III
PCA permanent change of assignmentÞ physical configuration audit {AFSCN, UFO}Þ point of closest approachÞ polar cap absorption {DMSP}Þ probability of correct assessment {CSOC SCS}Þ problem-cause-action {50 SW}Þ production control activity {AFSCN}
PCB polychlorinated biphenylÞ printed circuit board
PCC pilot command center
PCCIE power conditioning and continuation interfacing equipment {50 CES}
PCE payload control electronics
PCG II protein crystal growth...Shuttle experiment in controlled temperature module
PCL personnel control listÞ positive control launch {STRATCOM}Þ printer control language {AFSC2S}Þ pulsed chemical laser
PCM power control moduleÞ pulse code modulationÞ pulse code modulator {GPS}Þ pyrotechnic countermeasure
PCMR probability of correct message receipt {USSPACECOM/J6}
PCMS project by contract management system {50 CES}
PCN phenolic cyanateÞ product control number
PCO procuring contracting officer
PCR payload changeout roomÞ publication change request {AFSCN}
PCS performance control systemÞ permanent change of stationÞ prelaunch compatibility station {GPS}
PCT prelaunch compatibility testing
PCU personnel control unit {50 SPTS/MSP}Þ power conditioner unit {Milstar}
PCZ protected communication zone
Pd probability of detection {CSOC SCS}
PD position descriptionÞ precondition for defenseÞ preliminary design {50 SSYS}Þ probability of damage {20 AF}Þ probability of destruct {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ pulse doppler
PDAM photometric data analysis module {AFSPC/DOY}
PDC payload data coordinator...German Spacelab payload control center positionÞ program designator code {AFSCN}Þ publications distribution center {AFSCN}
PDCA plan-do-check-act {QAF}
PDD processed data distribution {UFO}
PDEC program director engineering center {NAVSPACECOM}
PDL program design language
PDM program decision memorandumÞ programmed depot maintenance...Bendix term for IRANÞ pulse-duration modulation
PDO publications distribution office {CSOC}
PDOP precise dilution of positioning {GPS}
PDP plasma diagnostics 844-lb University of Iowa-developed satellite to detect Shuttle disruption of the natural plasma flow, deployed on STS 51-F
PDQ pretty darn quick
PDR phase-derived rangeÞ preliminary design review
PDRC program decision review committee {NAVSPACECOM}
PDRS/PFTA - payload deployment and retrieval system/payload flight test article...the first object deployed and retrieved by Shuttle's remote manipulator system; tested reaction of RMS joints
PDS power distribution system {Milstar}Þ processing and display system {TW/AA}Þ protected distribution system
PDSS post-deployment software support {USSPACECOM/J6N}
PDT Pacific Daylight TimeÞ primary designated target {TAB93-1}
PDU power distribution unit
PDUV plume direction unit vector
PE personnel errorÞ program element:
- PE 35110F: AFSCN
- PE 35130F: CSOC
- PE 35173F: CSTC
- PE 35151F: SCN communications
PEACESAT - Pan-Pacific educational and cultural experiments by satellite
PEC performance evaluation checklist {AFSCN}Þ PIGA (pendulous integrating gyroscopic accelerometer) electrical cross-coupling {20 AF}Þ preliminary engineering change {AFSCN}Þ program element code...budget term
PECP preliminary ECP (engineering change proposal)
PEDB planning and execution data base {NAVSPACECOM}
PEF preliminary environmental funding {ECAMP}
Pegasus A 50-ft booster (air-launched at 40,000 feet from a B-52) capable of delivering 800 lbs to LEO (600 lbs to polar orbit).
PEIF productivity enhancing incentive funds {AFSPC/XP}
PEIT program engineering integration team {UFO}
PEM program element monitor
PENAID penetration aid
PEO program executive officer
PEO/SP PEO for space
PEP planning and evaluation processor {AFSCN}
PEPS Programme d'Evaluation Preliminaire Spot...Spot data assessment program
PERF performance
perigee The point of a satellite's closest approach to earth (and of its greatest velocity).
perihelion The nearest point to the sun in a solar orbit.
period The time it takes for a satellite to complete one orbit. As a rule of thumb, satellites with periods of 87.5 minutes are on the verge of reentry.
PERSCO personnel support for contingency operations {AFR 35-20}
PERUMTEL - Perushaan Umum Telekomunikasi...Indonesian organization responsible for Palapa
PES positive enable system {AFSPC/DOM}Þ post-ejection sequence...activated by the Shuttle's cradle separation switch, PES activates a satellite (and fires the perigee kick motor) after it leaves the Shuttle
pf picofarad(s)...unit of capacitance; one pf equals 10-12 farads
PF 20 Largest test stand in Europe (45 meters high, 20,000 tons of concrete), able to withstand 240 tons of thrust.
PFA power filter assembly {Milstar}Þ probability of false alarm
PFD personal flotation deviceÞ phase-front disturbanceÞ precondition for defense
PFDR post-flight data deduction
PFE promotion fitness examination {AFR 50-44}
PFET power field-effect transistor
PFR powered flight reliability {20 AF}
PFRR Poker Flat Research Range AK...65.13°N latitude, 147.47°W longitude
PG programmer group {20 AF}
PGA pin-grid array
PGHM payload ground handling mechanism {NASA}
PGM planning guidance memorandum...SECAF/CSAF document that establishes broad executive guidance to initiate the Air Force planning cycle
phased array antenna - A type of transmitting antenna that creates a scan pattern by varying the phase relationship among a large number of antenna elements. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
phasing orbit - An orbit for spacecraft to maintain until the geometry is favorable to establish a desired final orbit. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
PhD doctor of philosophy
PHOBOS CIS-led international effort to study Mars and land on the Martian moon, Phobos. Two CIS spacecraft were launched 7 Jul 88, to reach Mars Apr 89. Participating countries included Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, France and Czechoslovakia.
Phoenix E Squat, bullet-shaped single-stage liquid oxygen and hydrogen powered spacecraft. To carry 20 passengers and five crew members on a 12-hour orbital flight. Billed as private enterprise's first space shuttle. Being built by Pacific American Launch Systems, Inc.
phonecon telephone conversation
Phord DSP position derived from original contractor (Philco-Ford) {1 SOPS}
PHOTINT photographic intelligence
PHSIG phenomenology/signature
pi The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, equal (to 110 decimal places) to 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651.
PI predicted impactÞ private investigatorÞ program introduction {CSTC}
P3I preplanned product improvement
PIC pyrotechnic initiator controller {NASA}
PID plan identification number {NAVSPACECOM}Þ program introduction document {AFSCN, UFO}
P&ID pass and identification
PIF productivity investment fund ($150K minimum)
PIGA pendulous integrating gyroscopic accelerometer {20 AF}
PIKE AFSCN call sign for Colorado Tracking Station (CTS). One of nine RTSs in the common user element of the AFSCN, PIKE (39°N latitude, 105°W longitude) was built from the ground up as an ARTS site (as was REEF). PIKE's 33' GPSE antenna ("CTS-A") was installed in 1988; ARTS II turnover Jul 91. Local standard time is Z-7 hours.
PIMS Peacekeeper in Minuteman silos {20 AF}
PIN personal identification number {CSOC SCS}Þ personnel identification number {CCAS}
PIND particle impact noise detection
PINS point in space
Pioneer 10 Launched 13 Jun 72, now the most remote man-made object in existence. It escaped the solar system in 1983.
PION-M CIS experiment to grow crystals in a weightless environment.
PIP payload integration plan {NASA}Þ predicted impact pointÞ predicted intercept pointÞ product information planÞ project implementation plan {AFSCN}
PIR priority information requirement {NAVSPACECOM}Þ product improvement report {AFSCN}
PIT process improvement team {QAF}
PIV propellant isolation valve {Milstar}
PIWG product improvement working group {DMSP}
pixel picture element
PK probability of kill
PK PeacekeeperÞ Plesetsk
PKHIT/TRK - probability of kill given a hit track
PKILL/HIT - probability of kill given a hit
PKM perigee kick motor {GPS}
PKSS probability of kill single-shot
PL Phillips Laboratory (AFMC), Kirtland AFB NM 87117Þ Plesetsk...CIS launch siteÞ public lawÞ pulsed laser
P/L payload
Planet A Japanese spacecraft (aka "Suisei") built by NEC, launched on a Mu-3S-2 19 Aug 85, for a Halley's Comet rendezvous 13 Mar 86.
PLATS post-launch analysis of telemetry systems
Plazmag Instrument carried on Vega space probes to measure plasma current originating from the surface of Halley's comet and from the sun.
PLBD payload bay door {Shuttle}
PLC preparatory launch command {20 AF}
Pleiades Stanford University project begun Jan 83 to examine the needs of science and applied science (including materials processing) in low-earth orbit.
Plesetsk CIS launch site.
PLF path length fuzing {20 AF}Þ payload fairing
PLGR precise lightweight GPS receiver
PLI prelaunch indicator
PLIAR post-launch instrumentation accuracy report
PLIF path length interactive fuzing {20 AF}
PLIS payload integration subsystem {Milstar}
PLL phase-locked loop
PLO Palestine Liberation Organization
PLS prelaunch survivability
PLSS precision location strike system
PLZT electro-optic switch {AW&ST, 18 Mar 85}
PM phase modulation {ARTS}Þ post meridian...Latin, "after noon"Þ post mortem...Latin, "after death"Þ preventive maintenance {AFSCN}Þ program manager
PMAD power management and station power subsystem
PMB potential monetary benefit {AFAA}
PMC partially mission-capable
PMCS partial mission capable-supply {AFSCN}
PMD program management directive {DODD 3200.11}
PMDM preliminary mobile depot maintenance {BMEWS Site III}
PME precision measurement equipmentÞ professional military education
PMEL precision measurement equipment laboratory
PMI preventive maintenance inspectionÞ preventive maintenance instruction {Bendix}
PMO program management office
PMOC prototype mission operations center {ALASAT}
PMP program management plan {AFR 800-2}
PMR precision microwave radiometerÞ program management responsibility
PMRF Pacific Missile Range Facility HI...22°3'N latitude, 159°47'W longitude
PMRP precious metals recovery program {DRMO}Þ program manager's recommended program
PMRT program management responsibility transfer {AFR 800-4}Þ program management review team {CSOC}
PMS payload management subsystem {Milstar}
PMT photomultiplier tube
PMTC Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu CA 90341...34.1°N latitude, 119.1°W longitudeÞ payload module thermal cycle {UFO}
PMTR Pacific Missile Test Range
PN position number {AFSCN}Þ pseudo-noise...a spread-spectrum technique to improve anti-jam capabilities of communication systems
PNDI proven non-developmental item {COBRADANE}
PNG pencil-neck geek {AFSPC/CC}
PNP purine nucleoside phosphorylase...protein enzyme to be flown on Shuttle as part of a cancer research experiment
PO performance objective {AFSCN}Þ private organization {HQ AFSPC/MW}Þ program officeÞ project officerÞ purchase order
POA point of acquisition {AFSCN}
POB position of burst {20 AF}
POC point of contact...pronounced "poke"Þ privately owned conveyance {DD Fm 1351-2}
POC/ET proof of concept/engineering test...ACC's mobile Milstar terminal
POD port of debarkation {BMEWS Site III}Þ precision orbit determination
POE port of embarkation {BMEWS Site III}
POES polar orbiting environmental satellite {NASA}
POF Pacific Ocean Fleet {USN}
POFAF Pacific Ocean Fleet Air Force
POGO AFSCN call sign for Thule Tracking Station (TTS). One of nine RTSs in the common user element of the AFSCN, POGO (77°N latitude (600 miles north of the Arctic Circle), 69°W longitude), at Thule AB, Greenland, was established in 1962 to provide high-priority utility to polar orbiting satellites. POGO's 23' monoscan antenna ("TTS-A") was upgraded in 1989, but it doesn't autotrack NATO III and is exempt from the ARTS program. TTS-A's SGLS-23 antenna uses a parabolic dish reflector (a 14' reflector upgraded to 23') for TT&C. Because of its low gain characteristics with respect to other SGLS antennas (approximately 40 dB on the downlink and 39.5 dB on the uplink), and its fast tracking abilities (15°/sec velocity with an acceleration rate of 5°/sec2), it is most commonly used to support low or medium altitude satellites and, on occasion, to track atmospheric sounding rockets. POGO's 46' antenna ("TTS-B") was installed in 1980; ARTS II turnover Oct 91. A DMSP-O mod was installed to allow TTS-B to use DMSPE if TTS-C is unavailable. POGO's 33' antenna ("TTS-C") was installed in 1988; ARTS II turnover Aug 91. TTS-C's DMSPE "Site 42" SCU and communications hardware provide interconnectivity between DMSPE and the DMSP network. POGO's 10m DLT antenna ("TTS-D") was installed in 1976 for M2P1 communications. Local standard time is Z-4 hours.
POI period of interest
pointing accuracy - The difference between the desired and achieved pointing direction. Usually only the low frequency portion of the pointing error is included. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
pointing jitter - The high-frequency component of the pointing stability. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
pointing stability - The pointing variation, starting with zero value, in achieved pointing direction over a specified time period. If the achieved pointing direction is desired to change at some rate, then the variation is taken about an attitude trajectory starting at the initial attitude and having that rate. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
POL petroleum, oils and lubricants
POLAD political advisor {NORAD}
Polar NASA ISTP-related satellite that will orbit high over the poles to track the flow of energy into the earth's atmosphere. X-ray, ultraviolet and visible wavelength imaging systems will provide multispectral images of the aurora.
POLAR BEAR - polar beacon experiment and auroral research...former Navy navigation satellite that was on display in the National Air and Space Museum for more than eight years and then reactivated for launch by Scout G-1 to photograph aurora borealis, measure distortion of ionosphere above the polar regions, and provide high-resolution sampling of earth's magnetic field over the poles
polar orbit A satellite in this orbit passes over the north and south poles on each orbit, and eventually passes over all points on the earth. The angle of inclination ("i") for a polar orbit is 90°.
33-Polymnie - asteroid
POM program objectives memorandum...the document used by the Services to transmit their programmatic requirements to DOD (in May) and update the FYDP {AFR 86-4}
POP proof of principle
Popsat precise orbit positioning satellite...ESA geodetic studies program; Dornier is developing the design
POR period of record {AWS}
Poseidon French space-based radar.
posigrade A satellite whose orbit has an inclination ("i") of less than 90° is said to have a posigrade orbit. In a posigrade orbit, a satellite travels in the same direction as the earth's rotation.
POSIX portable operating system interface (for Unix) {AFSC2S}
POSSLQ person of opposite sex sharing living quarters {U.S. Census}
POST prototype ocean surveillance terminal {NAVSPACECOM}
POT proof of technology
POTS portable optical tracking station
POV privately owned vehicle
POW prisoner of war
PP post-processingÞ principal polarization
P/P patch panel {AFSCN}
PPACG Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments
PPBS planning, programming and budgeting system...the process of analyzing the threat, developing strategy, developing programs, and establishing a budget for the DOD {AFSC Pub 1}
PPC provisional performance criteria {USSPACECOM/J6N}
PPCC Pikes Peak Community College
PPD port protection device
PPE phase partitioning experiment...Shuttle experiment to study separation of two-phase systems generated by the mixture in water of polyglucose and polyethylene glycol
PPF payload processing facility
PPI plan position indicator
PPL preprocessed parameter load {Milstar}Þ provisioning parts list {AFSCN}
PPlan programming plan
ppm parts per million {EPA}
PPM pulse position modulation
PPPI see "P3I"
PPQT preproduction qualification test
PPR payload preparation room
PPS pressurized piping system {ECAMP}Þ pulses per second {NASA}
PPTS precision pointing and tracking system
PQ pre-qualification {20 AF}
PQA production quality assurance {20 AF}
PQT preliminary qualification testÞ production qualification test
PR PAS (primary alerting system) reliability {20 AF}Þ performance range {Milstar}Þ problem report {NASA}Þ pseudo-range {GPS}Þ public relationsÞ Puerto RicoÞ purchase request
PRAM product reliability, availability and maintainability
PRC People's Republic of ChinaÞ personnel reservation center {AMC}Þ Planning Research CorporationÞ program review committee...the Air Staff committee that prepares the annual USAF POMÞ propulsion and reaction control
PRCB program requirements control board {NASA}
PRD program requirements document
PREAMP preamplifier
PREP preparation
PRF promotion recommendation form {AFMPC}Þ pulse repetition frequency
PRI photographic reconnaissance and interpretationÞ priorityÞ pulse repetition interval
Priroda Russian for "nature," the CIS state research and production center that processes and uses satellite-derived remote sensing data.
PRISM parameterized real-time ionospheric specification model {DMSP}Þ promotion recommendation in-board support MIS (management information system)
PRN pseudo-random noiseÞ pseudo-random number...AFSCN SGLS ranging technique
PROBE plume radiance observation experiment
PROC processorÞ Puerto Rico regional operations center {C4SMP}
PROFILE passive radio frequency interference location experiment {NAVSPACECOM}
Prograde A satellite is said to be in a prograde orbit when its orbital rotation is in the same direction as the earth's (the opposite is "retrograde").
Progress CIS automated resupply vehicle for missions to Salyut space station.
PROM programmable read-only memory
PROPIN proprietary information involved
Prosat ESA program evaluating future mobile ground satellite terminals.
Proton CIS "civilian" launch vehicle that can put 20 metric tons into 200 km orbit (or two metric tons into geostationary orbit). 44.3m long (without payload), 7.4m wide. Three bipropellant stages use nitrogen tetroxide as oxidizer and unsymmetrical dimethythl hydrazine as fuel. Fourth stage added for geostationary and interplanetary launches.
PRSD power reactant storage and distribution {NASA}
PRT physical readiness test {Navy}Þ pulse repetition time
PRTC portable real-time clock {50 MS}
PRV plant replacement value {CFA}
PS probability of success
P/S power supply
PSA program schedule assessment {CSOC}Þ project support agreement {CSRB}Þ property services agency {BMEWS Site III}
PSCP programmed communications support program {BMEWS Site III}
PSD power spectral densityÞ prevention of significant deterioration {EPA}
PSDP program support development plan {AFSCN, UFO}
PSE peculiar support equipment
PSF pounds per square foot
psi pounds per square inchÞ also see "F&G elements"
psia pounds per square inch absolute
psid pounds per square inch differential
psig pounds per square inch gage
PSK phase shift key(ing)
PSLV polar satellite launch vehicle...Indian ELV capable of putting 1000 kg payload in sun-synchronous orbit
PSM please see me
PSN Piano Spaziale Nazionale...Italian space agencyÞ public switched network {C4SMP}
PSO protective servicesÞ purpose, scope and objectives...typical components of TOR
PSP program support plan
PSPCT programmable signal processor configuration table
PSRE propulsion system rocket engine {20 AF}
PSS payload security system {30 SW}Þ payload software subsystem {Milstar}Þ premature stage separation {20 AF}
PST Pacific Standard Time
PSTN public switched telecommunications network {AFSCN}
PSU pointing and stabilization unitÞ portable storage unit {20 AF}
PSYOP psychological operations {CJCS MOP 30}
PT probability of tracking
PT Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co.Þ primary targetÞ proficiency trainer...Milstar EHF trainer
PTC peacetime through confrontation {C4SMP}
PTF patch test facility {AFSCN}Þ payload test facility {DMSP}
PTFIE payload test facility interface enhancement {VTS-A}
PTG position training guide {AFSCN}
PTO preliminary technical order {COBRADANE}
PTP point to point {Milstar}
PTR problem test report {GPS}
PTRK/ACQ - probability of track given acquisition
PTS position training standard {AFSCN}Þ primary target system
PTT part task trainer...Milstar EHF trainerÞ Public Telephone and Telegraph (European)
PT&T Pacific Telephone and Telegraph {COOK, OAFB}
PTTI precise time and time interval {USNO}
PTU participating test unit {DISA}
PTV primary target vehicle
PUB publication
PUR payload under review {NASA}
PV photovoltaic
PVAS primary voice alerting system {C4SMP}
PVAS/WAS - primary voice alerting system/weapons alert system
PVC polyvinyl chloride
PVM production verification missile {20 AF}
PVTOS physical vapor transport of organic solids...Shuttle experiment to grow crystalline films on selected substrates of organic solids
PW pulse width
PWC provincial warning centre (Canada) {C4SMP}Þ pulse-width coded
PWG performance working group
PWHQ primary war headquarters {TW/AA}
PWM pulse-width modulation
PWR power
PX post exchange


Q dynamic pressure, e.g., "max Q" is the maximum aerodynamic pressure on ascent to orbitÞ quarter, e.g., 4Q91Þ QUEBEC {military phonetics alphabet}Þ special purpose, e.g., AN/FPQ-6
Q-13 NSP contractor (Loral) quarterly report identifying line items authorized.
QA quality assurance {MIL-M-9858}
QAE quality assurance evaluationÞ quality assurance evaluator
QAF quality Air Force...the Air Force approach to total quality management (TQM). A leadership commitment and operating style that inspire trust, teamwork and continuous improvement everywhere in the Air Force.
QAFA quality Air Force assessment {AFSPC/IG}
QAM quad amplitude modulationÞ quality assurance manager
QAP quality assurance program
QAR quality assurance representative
QAS quality assurance specialist
QBI inertial-to-body quaternion
QC quality control
QC&I quality control and inspection {ECAMP}
QCP quick-connect panel {AFSCN}
QDR quality deficiency report {AFSCN}
QED quod erat demonstrandum...Latin, "that which was to be shown"
QFD quarterly forecast of demand {DLA}Þ Quality Function Deployment
QL quick look
QLCI quick-look capability index
QLSD quick-look selection and display
QLT quality leadership team...pronounced "quilt" {22 SOPS}
QM quality manager {QAF}
QMR quarterly management review
QNH atmospheric pressure
QPM quality performance measurement {AFSPC/DO}
QPP quality program plan {AFSCN}
QPSK quadra-phase shift key(ing)
QRC quick-reaction capability
QRE quick-reaction element {NAVSPACECOM}
QRLS quick-reaction launch system
QRM quick-reaction maintenance {20 AF}
QRSP quick-response Shuttle payload {NAVSPACECOM}
QT quiet, e.g., "on the QT"
QTV qualification test vehicle
QUEBEC Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "Q."
QUMR quality unsatisfactory material reporting {BMEWS Site III}
QVC quad voice card {AFSCN}
QVI quality verification inspection {AFSCN}


R range {20 AF}Þ redÞ reliability {CSOC}Þ Republican, e.g., Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO, 5th)Þ rightÞ ROMEO {military phonetics alphabet}
R2 recovery and reconstitution {USSPACECOM/J6N}
RAAN right ascension of the ascending node...see "omega (W)"
RABF radio astronomy bandstop filter {GPS}
RACF resource access control facility {AFSCN}
RACS radar acquisition control system
rad A unit of absorbed dose of radiation.
RAD radian
RADAC radar data acquisition converter
radar radio detection and ranging
Radarsat radar satellite...a synthetic-aperture-radar, ocean-remote-sensing satellite proposed for the Canadian Energy, Mines and Resources Department; modified Olympus bus, joint Canada/United Kingdom/United States five-year project
RADC Rome Air Development Center (AFMC), Rome NY
RADCAL radar calibration {30 SW}
RADDT radio data present {20 AF}
RADEC radiation detection capability {DSP}
RADHAZ radiation hazards to personnel
RADI requirements analysis design intent {AFSPC/DOT}
RADIL ROCC/AWACS digital information link {TW/AA}
RADINT radar intelligenceÞ radiation intelligence {C4SMP}
RADLAC-2 - Accelerator built at Albuquerque NM (Air Force Weapons Laboratory) to evaluate the feasibility of using very high current electron beams in weapons. The highest power induction linear accelerator in the U.S.
RADM rear admiral {USN}
RADMO radio mode {20 AF}
RADOT recording automatic digital optical tracker
RADSAT radar satellite
Raduga CIS geosynchronous comsat series ("rainbow" in Russian).
RAE range, azimuth and elevationÞ Royal Aerospace Establishment...obsolete, now DRA(AD)
RAF Royal Air Force {UK}
RAF(O) Royal Air Force Oakhanger {LION}
RAIM receiver autonomous integrity monitoring {AW&ST, 19 Oct 92}
RAM radar absorption materialÞ radioactive material {AFR 161-16}Þ random-access memory...a memory chip in which any piece of information can be independently stored or retrieved; its contents are only held temporarily {Sandia}Þ reliability, availability and maintainability
RAMOS Russian-American observational stereo satellites {BMDO}
RAMP radar modernization program {C4SMP}Þ radon assessment and mitigation program {EPA}
RANS range squadron {14 AF}
RAPCON radar approach control {AFSPC/DOG}
RAPIER rapid emergency reconstitution...obsolete, now MCCC
RAPS rawinsonde automated processing system
RAS remote access site {BMDO}Þ Russian Academy of Sciences...the Institute for Space Research (space sciences), the Institute for Biomedical Problems (life sciences), and Vernadski Institute (geochemistry) are all part of RAS
RASDI Research Association for Space Development Information...Japanese civil space organization
RASIG radar signature generation code
RASV reusable aerospace vehicle
RAT radar analog target...acquisition computer
R/B rocket body
RBA reimbursable budget authority
RBP report-back processor {Milstar}
RC resource controller {22 SOPS}Þ responsibility center...budget term
RCA (formerly) Radio Corporation of America. RCA Astro Electronics Division, PO Box 800, Princeton NJ 08540, is now part of Martin Marietta CorporationÞ release contents approval {50 SSYS}
RCA-AED RCA Aerospace Engineering Division
RCAC RCA American Communications Inc.
RCA-G Comsat launched 8 Sep 83, now called Satcom-2R.
RCC resource control complex...21 and 22 SOPSÞ range commanders council {AFSPC/DOG}Þ range control center {AFSCN}
RCCC range communications control center
RCC-F resource control complex-Falcon...22 SOPS
RCC-O resource control complex-Onizuka...21 SOPS
RCDPA remote command data processing (CDP) area...AFSCN bent-pipe operations
RCDR recorder
RCM reliability centered maintenanceÞ requirements correlation matrix {CSOC}
RCN report control numberÞ requirements change notice {NASA}Þ revision change notice {AFSCN}
RCNC range communications network controller
RCO range control officer
RCOM resource control operations manual {AFSCN}
RCP resource control processor
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act {40 CFR 268}
RCS radar cross-section...the surface area of an object as seen by a radarÞ reaction control (sub)system...a spacecraft subsystem that uses vernier engines to produce or maintain orientation or position (or both) in space, by counteracting forces and torques that disturb the spacecraft {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}Þ report control symbol {AFI10-1208}Þ reports control system {DLA}
RCS resource control system {AFSCN}
RCSE RTS (remote tracking station) control and status equipment...RTS equipment for DSM
RCSS resource control system scheduler {AFSCN}
RC/TA remote communications/telemetry area {AFSCN}
RCV receive
RCVR receiver
RD restricted data
R&D research and MFP 6, the DOD R&D program is divided into five "categories." The second digit of an MFP 6 PE identifies the category: {AWC, 1983}
- 6.1 Research
- 6.2 Exploratory Development
- 6.3 Advanced Development
- 6.3A Technology Demonstration
- 6.3B Engineering Prototype
- 6.4 Engineering Development
- 6.5 Management and Support
DOD R&D activities are also divided into "budget activities" (identified by the third digit of an MFP 6 PE):
- 6X1XX Technology Base
- 6X2XX Advanced Technology Development
- 6X3XX Strategic Programs
- 6X4XX Tactical Programs
- 6X5XX Intelligence and Communications
- 6X6XX Defense-wide Mission Support
RD&A research, development and acquisition
RDBMS relational database management system {AFSC2S}
RDC remote data change {20 AF}
RDCP remote data change program {20 AF}
RDD required delivery date {DLA}
RDF radio direction finder
RDI raw data interface
RDIT rapid deployment imagery terminal
RDRS radar data remoting system
RDS real-time data smooth {DMSP}Þ regional defense systemÞ remote distribution switch {AFSCN}Þ remote dual station {AFSCN}
RDT remote digital terminal {AFSCN}
RDT&E research, development, test and evaluation
RDU radiation detection unit
RE reverse engineering
REACT rapid execution and combat targeting {20AF}
REBM radio-electronic battle management {NAVSPACECOM}
REC radio-electronic combat {CIS}
RECA residual capability assessment {C4SMP}
recon reconnaissance
Red Cold War term referring to the Warsaw Pact, including the USSR and its allies.
redout A decrease in the IR signal-to-noise ratio, which obscures a target from detection by IR sensors. Caused by the IR intensity of a nuclear fireball near a target.
REDS radar error determination system
REEF AFSCN call sign for Diego Garcia Tracking Station (DGS). One of nine RTSs in the common user element of the AFSCN, REEF (7°S latitude, 72°E longitude) provides contingency "first acquisition" if INDI is down. REEF's 33' antenna ("DGS-A") was installed in 1991; ARTS II turnover Feb 91. A GPS ground antenna ("DIEGOG") and monitor station ("DIEGOM") are collocated; GPS operations and maintenance are performed by PRC. Diego Garcia is one of the Chagos Archipelago Islands, part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). A horseshoe-shaped coral atoll, Diego Garcia is 1000 miles east of IOS and 1000 miles southwest of India. Local standard time is Z+6 hours.
REF reference
refresh The rate at which data is sensed over a spot on the earth, or in the atmosphere over a spot on the earth. {DMSP ORD}
REG regulation
REGT resurgent/emergent global threat
RELIC residual extended life capability {NAVSPACECOM}
Rem Roentgen-equivalent-man
REM rapid eye movement
REMIS reliability and maintainability information system {DLA}
REMS registered equipment management system {AFSCN}
Reograph Multi-functional clinical instrument carried on CIS space stations to record cosmonaut physiological parameters.
RESP responsibility {20 AF}
RESTEC (Japanese) remote sensing technology center
retrograde Orbits with inclinations ("i") greater than 90° are called retrograde orbits. In a retrograde orbit, the satellite travels against the earth's rotation.
rev revolution
REX receiver exciter {COBRADANE}
Rezonans Experiment on Mir space station
RF radio frequency
RFB request for bid
RFDU radio frequency distribution unit {GPS}
RFI radio frequency interference
RFK Robert F. Kennedy
RFL radio-frequency Linac (linear accelerator)
RFMDS Red Flag measurement and debriefing system {TAB93-1}
RFO reason for outage {AFSCN}
RFOG resonant fiber optic gyro
RFP request for proposal
RFQ radio frequency quadruple (accelerator)Þ request for quotation
RFR radio frequency radiation {AFSCN}
RFS request for service {AFSCN}Þ rubidium frequency standard {GPS}
RFSC reason for study code {DLA}
RG requirements generation {50 SSYS}Þ Robbins-Gioia Inc, 6200 S Syracuse Way #125, Englewood CO 80111
RGA rate gyro assembly
RGB report guide book {50 SW}
RGC resource ground controller {50 OPG}
RGF remote ground facility {CSOC}
RGS relay ground station {AFSPC/DOP}Þ remote ground station {AFSCN}
RHCP right-hand circularly polarized
RHI range height indicator
RHIP rank has its privileges...military concept challenged by QAF
RHOJ radar home on jam {TAB93-1}
Ri inherent reliability
RI remedial investigation {EPA}Þ Rhode IslandÞ Rockwell International
RIA range-insensitive axis
RIBS radar interface buffer system
RIC radioisotope committee {USAF}Þ Rockwell International Corp.
RIE range of incentive effectiveness {AFSCN}
RIENA Rassegna Internazionale Elettronica Nucleare ed Aerospaziale...Italian space symposium
RIF interface firmware {Milstar}Þ reduction in force
RI/FS remedial investigation/feasibility study {EPA}
right ascension of the ascending node - The angular measurement from the vernal equinox (measured eastward along the equator) to the ascending node.
RII request for intelligence information {AFSPC/IN}
RILO resignation in lieu of {JAG}
RILS radar impact location system
RIM ROTHR interface module {NAVSPACECOM}
RIMU redundant inertial measurement unit {IUS}
RIOC reduced initial operational capability {C4SMP}
RIPS RCC (range control center) integration and processing system {AFSCN}
RISC reduced instruction set computer {AFSC2S}
RISOP red integrated strategic offensive plan {USSPACECOM/J6}
RITA radio-frequency ionization thruster assembly...West German propulsion system being developed for Eureca
RIU range interface unitÞ remote interface unit {Milstar}
RIW reliability improvement warranty
RKQTM rekey request transparent message {Milstar}
RL10 Centaur engine
RLG ring laser gyroscope
RLON routine launch on need
RM records manager {CSOC}Þ redundancy management {Milstar}Þ reentry miss {20 AF}Þ requirements manager
R&M reliability and maintainability {DLA}
RM&A reliability, maintainability and availability {CSOC}
RMC range maintenance control {AFSCN}Þ resource management control(ler) {AFSCN}
RM&D reliability, maintainability and dependability {CSOC}
RME radiation monitoring to measure gamma radiation levels in the ShuttleÞ relay mirror experiment...uses a 60cm mirrorÞ remote multiplexer encoder
RMF resource measurement facility {CSOC}
RMN Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th president of the United States, 1969-1974
RMPE rapid message processing element
RMR request for material review {AFSCN}
RMS remote manipulator system...Shuttle arm built by Spar Aerospace, Ltd., of Toronto, Canada. A jointed, articulated arm with multiple degrees of freedom, e.g., electromechanical wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}Þ resource management systemÞ root mean squareÞ Royal Mail Ship {ASCN}
RMSS range meteorological sounding system
RN registered nurseÞ Roi-number
RNB received not built {AFSCN}
RNCC range network control center
Rng range
RNLTD report not later than date {CBPO}
RNPC required navigation performance capability
RO read outÞ receive only {AFSCN}Þ reference oscillator {AFSCN}
ROA regional operating area
ROBIN High-altitude sounding probe.
Robus retrievable orbiting system...Dornier retrievable satellite to be carried in Shuttle
ROC radar/optics controllerÞ region operations center {C4SMP}Þ required operational GOR
ROCC range operations control center {45 SW}Þ region operations control center {TW/AA}
ROCCI Iceland region operations control center {TW/AA}
ROCICU ROCC/OTH-B/CMAFB [now CMAS] interface control unit {TW/AA}
ROD report of discrepancy {AFSCN}
ROE rules of engagementÞ rules of enlightenment {AFSPC/IG}
ROG reactive organic gases {EPA}
ROK Republic of Korea
ROM read-only memory...a computer memory in which information is permanently stored during the manufacturing process {Sandia}Þ rough order of magnitude
ROMEO Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "R."
ROP range operating procedure {AFSCN}
RORSAT radar ocean reconnaissance satellite...CIS nuclear-powered satellite that detects, tracks and targets naval forces
ROS report of survey {21 LSS/LGQ}
Rosat Roentgensatellit...West German X-ray telescope satellite; Delta II launch
ROSE rising observations sounding equipment
ROT rule of thumb..."an easy-to-remember guide that falls somewhere between a mathematical formula and a shot in the dark." (Parker, 1983) Examples:
- Light travels one foot in one nanosecond (one nsec = 10-9 seconds)
- The average cost to place a payload in orbit is $3000-$4000 per pound
- Voice transmission requires at least 32 kbps using current technology
- Satellites with periods of 87.5 minutes are on the verge of reentry
- 1500 km (distance on the ground) is the threshold for comsat profitability
- There is a quarter-second delay as communications travel to and from GEO
- Lower frequency radars are less costly
- At 22,300 miles (average geosynchronous altitude), 1° = 390 miles
- One maintenance person is required for each 10,000 lines of computer code
ROTC reserve officers training corps
ROTHR relocatable over-the-horizon radar...a land-based bistatic ionospheric backscatter radar that detects, tracks and estimates composition of groups of ships and aircraft at ranges in excess of 1,000 NM. Prototype system consists of a receiver at Chesapeake VA and a transmitter at Whitehouse VA; both to be relocated to Amchitka AK. Operated by NAVSPACECOM's Fleet Surveillance Support Command under the OPCOM of fleet commanders.
ROTI recording optical tracking instrument
ROTT recording optical tracking Santa Ynes Peak {30 SW}
ROW rest of world
ROWD record of waste discharge {ECAMP}
ROY G BIV - Mnemonic for the colors of the spectrum, i.e., red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
RP readiness posture {USSPACECOM/J6N}Þ real propertyÞ requirements processing {50 SSYS}
R2P2 rapid retargeting/precision pointing...Martin Marietta space-weapons simulator in Denver, designed to determine how quickly space-based weapons can lock onto an incoming missile, destroy it and move on to another target
RPAO real property accounting office {AFSCN}
RPC remote power conditioner
RPG rocket-propelled grenade {20 AF}
RPIE real property installed equipment
RPL rocket propulsion laboratory...see "AFRPL"
RPM real property maintenanceÞ revolutions per minute
RPMA real property maintenance activities {CFA}
RPMC real property maintenance by contract {AFSPC/CE}
RPMDA real property maintenance defense account {AFSPC/CE}
RPN reverse Polish notation...Hewlett-Packard pocket calculator logic
RPO radiation protection officer {AFSCN}
RPP radiation protection plan {AFSCN}
RPR RPS (RMS (remote manipulator system...the RMS is the Shuttle arm) planning system...the RPS is software) problem report {NASA form}
RPS real property services {CFA}Þ remote processing station {AFSCN}Þ RMS (remote manipulator system...the RMS is the Shuttle arm) planning system...NASA software
RPSF rotation processing and surge facility...used to rotate solid rocket booster (SRB) segments from horizontal to vertical
RPU remote power unit...used during LEASAT-3 rescue mission to permit ground commands to reach a remote decoder unit and deploy the omni antenna
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
RQT requirement {SR 27-2}
R/R recovery/reconstitutionÞ remove and replace
RRC requirement review council {SR 27-2}
RRE range rate extractor {AFSCN}
RRF retention recommendation form {AFMPC}
RRP requirement review panel {SR 27-2}
RRR requirements review council {AFSPC/DR}
RRS range resource scheduling {RCC}
RS radiated susceptibilityÞ range squadron, e.g., 30 RSÞ reentry system {20 AF}Þ requirements submission {C4SMP}Þ resource scheduling {AFSCN}Þ CIS ham radio satellite series.
R/S relay satellite
RS-27 Rocketdyne engine (105,000 lbs of thrust); first stage of Delta and Delta II.
RSA range standardization and automation {AFSPC/DOG}Þ remote station automation {AFSCN}Þ Russian Space Agency...sets national space policy and plans, and coordinates overall space activities
RSC range safety centerÞ resource system controller {AFSCN}
RSCAT radar scatterometer {NAVSPACECOM}
RSCS resource system controller supervisor {AFSCN}
RSD reparables support division {DMRD 904}
RSDR raw satellite data collection and retrieval {DMSP}
RSDS range safety display system {ROCC}
RSI Rainbow Satellite, Inc...comsat manufacturer whose construction and launch permits were revoked by the FCC Feb 85
RSIP radar system improvement program {C4SMP}
RSLP reentry system launch program
RSLS redundant set launch sequencer...Shuttle RSLS abort canceled Discovery launch attempt 26 Jun 84
RSO range safety office(r)Þ resident space objectÞ resident supply officer {BMEWS Site III}
RSP record storage playback {Mod 3/4}Þ requirements screening panel {CSOC}Þ resource scheduling processor
RSRE Royal Signals and Radar Establishment {NATO IVB}
RS/RV reentry system/reentry vehicle {AFSPC/DOM}
RSS range safety system {NASA}Þ range scheduling system {30 SW}Þ root sum squaredÞ rotating service structure {NASA}
RSSC regional space support cell {Milstar}Þ regional space support center {TW/AA}
RST rapid solidification technology {NAVSPACECOM}Þ reentry system team {20 AF}
RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition {TENCAP}
RSVP repondez s'il vous pla\O(i,^)t...French, "reply, if you please"
RT relocatable target
R/T real-time
RTB return to base {TAB93-1}
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics {AW&ST, 19 Oct 92}
RTDC real-time data controller
RTDP radar trajectory data package
RTDS real-time data system...SMC Det 5 CCS contract with LittonÞ reutilization, transfer, donation or sale {AFSPC/CE}
RTF radiometric test facility {GPS}Þ run-time file
RTFB return-to-flying board {AFMPC}
RTFQ read the frigging question {ACSC}
RTFSS real-time flight safety software
RTG radioisotope thermoelectric generator...heat source used for generating power on satellites; used on Voyager, Galileo, Ulysses, and the two Viking landers on Mars {AW&ST, 21 Jan 85}
RTI range time intensityÞ real-time interrupt
RTIC real-time information in the cockpit {TALON LANCE}
RTL Luxembourg radio and TV companyÞ register transfer language
RTLM real-time telemetry {DMSP}
RTLS return to launch site {NASA}
RTM requirements team meeting {DMSP}
RTMM removable transportable memory module {Milstar}
RTMP record and test monitor panel {AFSCN}
RTO range training officer {TAB93-1}Þ rapid turn-on {GPS}Þ representative threat object
RTOK retest okay {20 AF}
RTOS real-time operating system
RTR radar trajectory report
RTS range technical services {AFSPC/DO}Þ real-time simulation Þ remote tracking of nine ground stations in the worldwide AFSCN common-user network:
- Colorado Tracking Station (CTS)...see "PIKE"
- Diego Garcia Tracking Station (DGS)...see "REEF"
- Guam Tracking Station (GTS)...see "GUAM"
- Hawaii Tracking Station (HTS)...see "HULA"
- Indian Ocean Tracking Station (IOS)...see "INDI"
- New Hampshire Tracking Station (NHS)...see "BOSS"
- Telemetry and Command Station (TCS) Oakhanger...see "LION"
- Thule Tracking Station (TTS)...see "POGO"
- Vandenberg Tracking Station (VTS)...see "COOK"
RTSC range technical services contract(or) {AFSPC/DOG}
RTSW real-time software
RTT Regie des Telegraphes...Belgian agency providing terrestrial circuits from the Intelsat gateway earth stations to Federal Express courier affiliates; see "FedNet"
RTX real-time executive {AFSCN}
RU range user {14 AF}
RV random vibrationÞ reentry vehicle {20 AF}
RVAN REC (radioelectonic combat) vulnerability analysis
RVAO reentry vehicle-associated object
RVCF remote vehicle checkout facility
RVITS range visual information technical services {45 SW}
RVMS radar videometric system
RVR reentry vehicle reliability {20 AF}
RWA reaction wheel assembly {AFSPC/DOG}
RWD real-world data {NORAD/USSPACECOM}
RWO region weather officer {AFSPC/DOGW}
RWR radar warning receiver
RWS radiation warning system {AFSCN}Þ range while scan {TAB93-1}
RX prescriptionÞ receive(r)
R/Y red/yellow {C4SMP}
RZ return to zero


S AFSPC, e.g., S/DEPVÞ detect/range/bearing, e.g., AN/FPSÞ sample standard deviation {20 AF}Þ secretÞ short {20 AF}Þ SIERRA {military phonetics alphabet}Þ southÞ specification, e.g., MIL-S-83490Þ success {20 AF}
S2 space surveillance {NAVSPACECOM}
S3 security surveillance subsystem {CSOC SCS}
SA selective availability {GPS}Þ situational awareness {TAB93-1}Þ South AmericaÞ supplemental agreement
S&A safe and arm {20 AF}Þ status and alert
SAAM special assignment airlift mission {AMC}
SAB satellite assembly building {AFSCN}Þ (USAF) Scientific Advisory BoardÞ Shuttle Assembly Building...250 ft-tall mobile shell that protects workers and flight components from high winds {Space Trace, 23 Nov 84}
SABCA Societe Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aeronautiques...Belgian aerospace company
SABER simplified acquisition base engineering requirements
SABIR space-based interceptor {NAVSPACECOM}
SABS Saudi Arabian broadcast operational satellite (10-year design life) and one in-orbit spare
SAC scanning angular coordinatesÞ Senate Appropriations CommitteeÞ shared aperture componentÞ Space Applications Corp...SMC SEIT contractorÞ Strategic Air Command...obsolete, now ACC
SAC-1 Satellite de Aplicaciones Cientificas...proposed Argentinian solar research satellite
SACC South Atlantic Cable Company {ASCN}Þ substance abuse control committee {1003 MSSQ}
SACCS strategic automated command and control system {AFSPC/DOM}
SACEUR Supreme Allied Command(er) Europe
SACLANT - Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic {NATO}
SAD solar array drive {GPS}
SADEC spin axis declination {GPS}
SADPT solar array drive and power transfer unit {GPS}
SAE service acquisition executive
SAF Secretary of the Air ForceÞ Soviet [now CIS] Air ForceÞ space applications facility {TENCAP}
SAFOS Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
SAFUS Under Secretary of the Air Force
SAGE 2 stratospheric aerosol and gas experiment 2...experiment launched Oct 84 on ERBS (earth radiation budget satellite); collects data on aerosols and atmospheric constituents for analysis of their effects on global weather and climatology
SAI Science Applications Incorporated
SAIC Science Applications International Corporation, 2860 South Circle Drive #2400, Colorado Springs CO 80906
SAIDS satellite assessment intelligence data system {NAVSPACECOM}
Sakigake see "MS-T5"
Sakura see "CS"
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
Salyut 42,000 lb manned Russian space station.
SAM selective availability management {GPS}Þ simultaneous attitude maneuvers {20 AF}Þ situational awareness model {TAB93-1}Þ special air missionÞ surface-to-air missile
SAMD spacecraft assembler macro definition {DMSP}
SAMI system acquisition management inspection...obsolete, now AMR
SAMMS standard automated materiel management system {DLA}
SAMMSTEL - standard automated materiel management system telecommunications {DLA}
Samro Proposed French military reconnaissance satellite. Development scaled back in 1982 due to budget constraints. Successor being considered in a joint program with Germany. Camera being developed by Aerospatiale.
SAMSO Space and Missile Systems Organization...obsolete, now SMC
SAM-T state-of-the-art medium terminal...ground station to replace the Army's AN/FSC-78 heavy terminal; 38-ft diameter antenna dish, transportable and fixed configurations
SAMTEC Space and Missile Systems Test Center, Vandenberg, CA...obsolete
SAMTO Space and Missile Test Organization, Vandenberg, CA...obsolete
San Marco San Marco Launch Platform...launch facility used by University of Rome's Aerospace Research Center (Centro Richerche Aerospaziali); consists of two modified oil rigs in Formosa Bay, three miles off the Kenya Coast.
San Marco D/L - 522 lb atmospheric research satellite; Scout launch from San Marco 25 Mar 88.
SAO satellite mission analysis officer {2 SOPS}Þ South Atlantic Ocean {ASCN}
SAP special access program
SAPO space applications project office {SMC}
SAR satellite access requestÞ satellite anomaly report {50 SW/CP}Þ search and rescueÞ selected acquisition reportÞ special access requiredÞ sub-account representative {AFSCN}Þ synthetic aperture radar
SARA spin axis right ascension {GPS}Þ (1986) Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act...authorized SECDEF to carry out DERP in consultation with the EPA
SARAH standard automated remote to AUTODIN host {9 MWS}
SARC satellite anomaly resolution committee {DMSP}
SARM set asynchronous response mode {AFSCN}
SARS space applications road show {AFSPC/DOX}
SARSAT search-and-rescue satellite
SARSAT-COSPAS - Satellite-aided joint U.S.-Russian search and rescue tracking system; each SARSAT-COSPAS satellite relays activated emergency beacon signals to terminals at Scott AFB IL; Point Reyes CA; Kodiak AK; Ottawa, Canada; Toulouse, France; Tromso, Norway; Vladivostok; Arkhangelsk; Moscow; and possibly another location in Siberia. U.S. spacecraft use repeaters for emergency beacons on the civil 121.5 MHz frequency, the 243 MHz military frequency, and for experimental 406 MHz beacons. The Russian satellites carry 121.5 and 406 MHz beacons. COSPAS hardware was designed by the CIS Ministry of the Merchant Marine (Morflot); SARSAT hardware by NASA, Department of Communications (Canada), and CNES. SARSAT repeaters are carried as piggyback equipment on Tiros-N. Administrative functions of SARSAT program transferred from NASA to Commerce Department although operations remain with NASA.
- Cosmos 1383, launched 29 Jun 62 (now inactive)
- Cosmos 1447, launched 24 Mar 83
- NOAA-8, launched 28 Mar 83
- NOAA-10, launched 17 Sep 86...see "Tiros-N"
SART strategic aircraft reconstitution team {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ substance abuse reorientation and treatment {AFSPC/DP}
Saryshagan - Missile test center and site of CIS ground-based, high-energy (gas dynamic and chemical) laser tests.
SAS security alarm subsystem {CSOC SCS}Þ sensor array system {NAVSPACECOM}Þ space adaptation syndrome...Shuttle experiment to measure vestibular function, motion sickness susceptibility and spatial orientation ability during prolonged weightlessness
SASC Senate Armed Services Committee
SASE self-addressed, stamped envelope
SAS-E security alarm subsystem-external {CSOC SCS}
SAS-I security alarm subsystem-internal {CSOC SCS}
SASS space asset support system...includes SBSP and OTVs
SAT satelliteÞ satellite acquisition tapeÞ scholastic aptitude test
SATAF site activation task force {AFMC}
SATCAT satellite catalog
SATCOL Columbian comsat.
Satcom RCA [now MMC] domestic comsat that distributes video programming to U.S. cable TV systems. Control center at Vernon Valley NJ, TT&C stations at Vernon Valley and Moorpark (South Mountain) CA. The Satcom design is basically a 24-channel cross-polarized C-band spacecraft, although K-band and hybrid versions are also being produced. It is 3-axis stabilized and uses a solid propellant apogee motor and electrically heated hydrazine thrusters. Designed to fly on the Delta 3920 series, on Ariane, or on Shuttle/Pam-D. Customers include GTE (Spacenet), General Telephone (Gstar), American Satellite, and Comsat STC. First launch 13 Dec 75.
SATCOM satellite communications
SATCOMS - satellite communications squadron...obsolete, now SPCS
SATD search, acquisition, track and discrimination
SATDI spike-adaptive time-delay integration
SATKA surveillance, acquisition, tracking and kill assessment...BM/C3 functions
SATO scheduled airline traffic office
SATRAK An astrodynamic computer software package.
SATRAN satellite reconnaissance advance notification
Saturn 5 200,000 lb-class U.S. booster...operational 1967-1973, scrapped after Skylab.
SAV staff assistance visit
SAVI synchronized audiovisual instruction {AFSCN}
SAW satellite attack warningÞ spin axis wobble {UFO}Þ surface acoustic wave
SAWC Space Applications and Warfare Center...obsolete, now SWC
SAWOR space and warning operations report
SAWS satellite analyst workstation {UFO}Þ satellite attack warning system
SAWV satellite attack warning and verification
SAX X-ray astronomy satellite
SBAC Society of British Aerospace Companies
S-band radio frequency band...1.55-5.2 GHz; ECHO and FOXTROT bands
SBB Satellite Broadcasting Board...British board named to oversee and control satellite broadcasting in Britain
SBC spectral ballistic camera
SBCEHS Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Service {30 SW}
SBCL space-based chemical laser
SBCV space-based carrier vehicle
SBDEW space-based directed energy weapon
SBFEL space-based free electron laser
SBHRG space-based hypervelocity rail gun
SBI space-based interceptor
SBKEW space-based kinetic energy weapon
SBKKV space-based kinetic kill vehicle
SBL space-based laser
SBLADAR - space-based laser radar
SBLC standard base level computer {CAMS}
SBR space-based radarÞ summer budget review {SAF/FM}
SBR/IR space-based radar/infrared...proposed Air Force/Navy system to track aircraft and cruise missiles
SBRU slave bus receiving unit {AFSCN}
SBS small business satellite...Satellite Business Systems commercial domestic comsat; control center in McLean VA, TT&C stations in Castle Rock CO and Clarksburg MD. First launch 15 Nov 80.Þ stimulated brillioun scatteringÞ support battle staff...double oxymoron
SBSP space-based support platform
SBSS space-based space surveillance...obsolete, now SSTSÞ standard base supply system
SBTS Sistema Brasileiro de Telecommunicacoes por Satelite...see "Brazilsat"
SBU spun bypass unit...used during LEASAT-3 rescue mission to arm, fire and separate the perigee kick motor
SBUV/2 solar backscatter ultraviolet radiometer 2...maps total ozone concentrations and distributions in the earth's atmosphere; launched Dec 84 on NOAA 9
SBV space-based surveillance experiment on MSX satellite
SBWAS space-based wide area surveillance {TW/AA}
SBWASS space-based wide area surveillance system {TW/AA}
SC South CarolinaÞ statement of capability {CSTC}Þ system center {TW/AA}
S/C spacecraftÞ sub-carrier {AFSCN}
SCA satellite command authority...the "authority to direct, approve or delegate the execution of command and control procedures to maintain a specific satellite in a safe operating configuration, to take any actions necessary to 'safe' the satellite, and to implement approved satellite hardware and flight software reconfigurations" {50 SW OPLAN, Jun 90}Þ satellite control authority..."designates which organization has operational control and responsibility for the satellite in question. SCA [satellite control authority] is defined as the authority to transmit all commands to a specific SV and the responsibility of maintaining it in a safe configuration." {GPS}Þ service contract actÞ system component architecture {AFSC2S}
SCAQMD south coast (Orange County CA) air quality management district {EPA}
SCATHA spacecraft charging at high altitude...see "STP"
SCBP spectral centroid bias position
SCC satellite control centerÞ security control center {IBM}Þ space control center {MSTRS}
SCCE satellite configuration control element {DSCS}
SCD safeguards and countermeasures databaseÞ source control drawingÞ Space Communications Division (AFCC)...see "SPCD"Þ sub-carrier discriminator {AFSCN}
SCDN survivable correlated data network {C4SMP}
SCDR system software critical design review {50 SSYS}
SCE satellite control element {NAVSPACECOM}Þ Southern California EdisonÞ survivable command element {TW/AA}
SCEPTRE survivable command element, recovery and reconstitution {AFSPC/DOC}
SCET satellite communications earth terminal
SCF satellite control facility...short for AFSCF, which is obsolete; now 750 SGPÞ standard change form {SR 27-2}
SCG security classification guide
SCI sensitive compartmented informationÞ sensor-centered inertialÞ Space Craft SCI Systems Inc., a Colorado Springs electronics manufacturer {GT, 12Jan92}
SCIF sensitive compartmented information facility
SCIS survivable communications integration system...pronounced "skis," connects ballistic missile warning systems and command centers
SCM SELM (simulated electronic launch-Minuteman) control monitor {20 AF}
SCN (Air Force) satellite control network...see "AFSCN"Þ specification change noticeÞ survey control number
SCNS satellite control network support
SCNT sensitive command network test {20 AF}
SCO subcarrier oscillator
SCORE signal communications by orbiting relay's first communications satellite, launched 18 Dec 58 by Atlas 10-B. Received, recorded and retransmitted for 13 days voice and teletype messages, as well as the first long-distance telephone link by satellite, and a holiday greeting from President Eisenhower. The first USAF payload in space.
SCOTS Shuttle-compatible orbital transfer subsystem...being developed by Martin Astro Electronics Division, will provide 6000 lb payload capability to geosynchronous orbit
Scout Expendable launch vehicle; 88% success rate since first launch in Dec 60. Built by LTV, capable of 450 lbs to LEO. Scout II follow-on uses two strap-on solid rocket boosters derived from Ariane.
SCP secure conferencing project...JCS project shut down in the Colorado Springs area in 1991Þ stored commands processor {DMSP}Þ survivable command post
SCPC single channel per carrier
SCPO satellite civilian personnel office {AFSPC/DP}
SCP-Star satellite control processor...a nuclear-hardened CMOS/SOS technology computer
SCPT single channel per transponder
SCR silicon controlled rectifierÞ strip chart recorderÞ system change request {DMSP}
SCRABL scheduling computer for resource allocation and buffer linkage...SCRABL II is the BASCH predecessor
SCRAMJET - supersonic combusion ramjet {NAVSPACECOM}
SCS safety control switch {20 AF}Þ satellite communications squadronÞ satellite control satelliteÞ satellite control squadron...obsolete, now SOPS {50 SW}Þ security control subsystem...OT from AFSC to AFSPC Dec 91 {CSOC}Þ (U.S.) Soil Conservation Service {EPA}Þ stabilization and control subsystem {Milstar}
SCSI small computer system interface {AFSC2S}
SCSS satellite control simulation system {AFSCN}
SCT see "Shuang-Ch'eng'Tzu"Þ single channel transponder
SCTC small computer technical center
SCTS single channel transponder system {AFSPC/DOG}
SCU servo control unit {GPS TO 31R2-2FRC178-1}Þ signal conditioning unit {GPS}Þ system communications unit {DMSP}
SCUBA self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
SD senior directorÞ simulation developer {50 CTS}Þ South DakotaÞ space director...senior duty officer in the USSPACECOM Command CenterÞ Space Division...obsolete, now SMC (Space and Missile Systems Center)
SD3 strategic defense development and deployment...High Frontier initiative to deploy strategic defenses within 7½ years
SDA space defense analystÞ special duty assignment {AFMPC}
SDC situation display console {C4SMP}Þ space defense centerÞ Strategic Defense Command (U.S. Army)...also abbreviated USASDC
SDCM satellite defensive countermeasure
SDCS SMILS data conversion system
SDD software design document {50 CTS}Þ space defense director
SDDS simulator device development system {AFSCN}Þ strategic defense development system
SDF system development facility {AFSCN}
SDHS satellite data handling system {DMSP}
SDI strategic defense initiative
SDIN Space Command digital information network {TW/AA}
SDIO strategic defense initiative organization...obsolete, now BMDO
SDIP strategic defense initiative BMDP
SDIS scenario data injection system {TW/AA}
SDL significant data loss {AFSCN}Þ software development lab {GPS}Þ space distribution laboratory
SDLS space data link standard
SDLV Shuttle-derived launch vehicle
SDM stored data monitor {DMSP}
SDMUX super demultiplexer {AFSCN}
SDOC stopping drift orbit correction {GPS}
SDP software development plan
SDR Space Division RegulationÞ splash detection radar {20 AF}Þ system design review
S/DR service/deficiency report {AFSCN}
SDS satellite data system...comm relay satelliteÞ space defense systemÞ strategic defense system {BMDO}
SDT secondary designated target {TAB93-1}
SDT&E system software developmental testing and evaluation {50 SSYS}
SDTL software development and test laboratory {AFSCN}
SDU secure data unit {20 AF}
SDWA Safe Drinking Water Act
SE safetyÞ Seychelles {INDI}Þ shielding effectivenessÞ southeastÞ student experiment...experiments for the Shuttle Student Involvement Projects; carried on Shuttle when schedule permitsÞ success-excluded {20 AF}Þ support equipment {CSOC}
S3/E SBKEW (space-based kinetic energy weapon) system simulator/emulator
SEA senior enlisted advisor
Seads Shuttle entry air data system...experiment to collect data on dynamic pressure during Columbia's reentry
SEALAR sea launch and recovery (system)...a multi-stage, liquid fuel, pressure-fed, reusable rocket that is launched while it is floating on the ocean's surface. The first stage will be sub-orbital and recovered near the launch site. The second stage will achieve orbit; after several revolutions, it will be deorbited and recovered near the launch site.
Sea Lite Laser beam director located at White Sands Missile Range HELTF.
SEAM space emergency action message {21 SW}
SEAP SOR (statement of requirements) engineering analysis package
SEASAT Experimental 2½ ton ocean survey satellite launched 27 Jun 78, failed 10 Oct 78. Designed to map ocean currents, tides, temperatures and wave heights. Was to determine if scanning the oceans with radar from space could provide useful scientific data for oceanographers, meteorologists and commercial users of the seas. Managed by JPL for NASA, used 7x35 ft SAR. Successors are SIR-A and SIR-B.
SEC Securities and Exchange CommissionÞ space and electronic combat {NAVSPACECOM}Þ spacecraft equipment converter {NAVSPACECOM}
SECAF Secretary of the Air Force
SECC survivable enduring command center {TW/AA}
SECD Space and Electronic Combat Directorate (TRADOC), Ft Monroe VA
SECDEF Secretary of Defense
SECO sustainer engine cutoff {GPS}
SECS standard embedded computer software
SEDACS schedule data communications system {AFSPC/DOS}
SEEM satellite ephemeris error model
SEESET system end-to-end simulator/emulator/testbed
SEFC Space Environmental Forecast Center, Falcon AFB CO...also abbreviated AFSFC
SEGP station earth ground point {AFSCN}
SEIT systems engineering, integration and test...SMC Det 5 contract with Space Applications Corp. to maintain AFSCN master development schedule
SEL Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG, Stuttgart, Germany...aerospace manufacturer
SELECT system engineering level evaluation and corrective team {20 AF}
SELM simulated electronic launch-Minuteman {20 AF}
SELP simulated electronic launch-Peacekeeper {20 AF}
SEM space environment monitorÞ standdown effects model {AFSPC/DOP}Þ superconducting electrical machineryÞ system effectiveness model {GPS}
semi-major axis - Half the distance from perigee to apogee; the parameter that determines the size of the orbit.
SEMS Shuttle environment monitoring system...instruments to measure Shuttle's cargo bay environment under launch, flight and landing conditions
SEN space engagement node
SENCO senior noncommissioned officers organization
SEO satellite engineering officer {2 SOPS}Þ semi-synchronous elliptical orbit, e.g., Molniya orbitÞ survivability enhancement option
SEON solar electro-optical network {AFSFC}
SEP Societe Europeene de Propulsion, 24, rue Salomon de Rothschild 92150 Suresnes, France...lead European propulsion contractor for Ariane, directed by French government in 1984 to merge into Snecma {AW&ST, 13 Aug 84}Þ solar electric propulsionÞ spherical error probable
SEPAC space experiments with particle accelerators...Japanese Spacelab 1 experiment to be reflown on Environmental Observation Mission
SEPS solar electric propulsion stage
SERB selective early retirement board {AFMPC}Þ space experiments review board
SERCO Service Corporation (Ltd)...LION O&M contractor
SERD support equipment recommendation data {AFSCN}Þ support equipment requirements document
SERE survival, evasion, resistance and escape
SES senior executive service {OPM}Þ Shuttle engineering simulator {JSC}Þ Societe Europeene des Satellites...Luxembourg commercial satellite television company; first 16-channel TV satellite (ASTRA-1) launched 1987Þ space event shipÞ spinning earth sensor {GPS}Þ sun elevation sensorÞ supplemental economic study {EPA}
SESS space environmental sensor suite {DMSP}
SET sensor equivalent targetÞ standardization evaluation team {50 SW}Þ system evaluation threat
SETA systems engineering and technical assistance
SETI search for extraterrestrial intelligence
SETS system environment and threat simulation
SEU single event upset
SEVOCOM - secure voice communications
SEW space and electronic warfare {NAVSPACECOM}
SEWS satellite early warning system
SF salvage fuzedÞ San Francisco (California)Þ standard form, e.g., SF 81
S/F shortfall
SFA Spaceport Florida Authority {45 SW}
SFB SCIS (survivable communications integration system) fallback {C4SMP}
SFC Space Forecast Center...also known as AFSFC and SEFC
Sfena Societe Francaise d'Equipements pour la Navigation Aerienne...French aerospace manufacturer
SFE space force enhancement
SFET Schottky field-effect transistor
SFL short focal length
SFO San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco CA
SFOV sensor field of view
SFPPL short form provision parts list {AFSCN}
SFT standard formatted tape
SFTC single face to the customer {AFMC}
SFU space flyer unit {NASA}
SFU-RET space flyer unit-retrieval...a reusable, retrievable unmanned free-flyer to be launched on the Japanese H-II and retrieved by Shuttle
S1/GCO system 1/ground computer changeout {AFSPC/DOT}
SGDB satellite global data base {DMSP}
SGEMP system-generated electromagnetic pulse
SGF Southern Group of Forces {CIS}
SGH standard gain horn {DSCS}
SGLI serviceman's group life insurance
SGLS space-ground link subsystem:
- The AFSCN SGLS-60 antenna is a high gain antenna system using a 60' parabolic dish reflector for TT&C. Because of its high gain characteristics (approximately 48.7 dB on the downlink and 42.7 dB on the uplink), it can support high-altitude satellites. SGLS-60 antennas are considered the "A" side antenna at dual tracking stations.
- The SGLS-60 antenna radome, designed to withstand 100 mph winds, has a nominal equatorial diameter of 110', weighs approximately 143,000 lb, and contains 915 membrane-type panels. The majority of these panels are 0.062" thick, single-ply roving fiberglass laminated, while the remainder are 0.030" thick.
- The AFSCN SGLS-46 antenna uses a Cassegrain-type reflector system consisting of a 46' parabolic dish reflector and a subreflector. Because of its high gain characteristics (approximately 47.5 dB on the downlink and 45 dB on the uplink) and relatively fast tracking (15°/sec velocity with an acceleration rate of 10°/sec2), it can be used for low, medium and high altitude satellites. SGLS-46 antennas are considered the "B" side antenna at dual tracking stations.
- The SGLS-46 radome, designed to withstand 105 mph winds, has a nominal eqauatorial diameter of 68' and contains 330 membrane-type panels. These panels are 0.028" thick Dacron-fiberglass with a urethane surface coating bonded into the membrane. Radome windows allow viewing of Polaris in the normal position and the boresight targets in the normal or plunged positions.
SGP single grounding pointÞ space group, e.g., 750 SGP
SGPOC space group operations center {AFI10-1204}
SGS strategic ground segment {DMSP}Þ survivable ground station {TW/AA}
SGT satellite ground trace...formed by the intersection of the surface of the earth and the plane of the satellite's orbitÞ sergeantÞ survivable ground terminal {AFSPC/DOP}
SHAD stellar horizon atmospheric dispersion {NAVSPACECOM}
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe
SHAR India's Sri Harikota launching range...ISRO's launch facility located on Sri Harikota Island in the Bay of Bengal on India's east cost (13.8°N latitude, 81.25°E longitude)
SHARE satellites for health and rural education...Intelsat project that provides satellite capacity free of charge for experiments in health care and education
SHARP space human assurance and reliability program {AFSCN}
SHEAL Shuttle high-energy astrophysics of astronomical objects, obtaining images, spectra and timing data on celestial X-ray sources
SHF super high frequency...3-30 GHz
SHFS super high frequency subsystem {Milstar}
SHOOT superfluid helium on-orbit transfer...experiment to demonstrate flow measurement techniques, mass guaging and liquid helium containment techniques in low-gravity, to further cryogen storage/transfer technology
SHPO state historic preservation office(r) {EIS}
Shuang-Ch'eng'Tzu - PRC launch site in the Gobi Desert.
Shuttle The current Space Transportation System. Weighs approximately 4.5M lb at liftoff. 65,000 lb payload capability from KSC into a 150 NM circular parking orbit. Atlantis delivered Apr 85, 49.5% reduction in construction man-hours compared to Columbia.
Shuttle-C Heavy lift concept proposing use of Shuttle hardware for a partially reusable vehicle with a flyback booster. The unmanned launch vehicle would have a cargo container in place of the orbiter and capable of 100,000 lbs to LEO.
SI Systeme Internationale d'UnitesÞ system integrator
sic Latin, "thus"
SIC standard industrial classification
SICBM small ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile)...obsolete {20AF}
SICD system interface control document
SIDS satellite imagery dissemination system {DMSP}Þ sudden infant death syndrome
SIE SATKA (surveillance, acquisition, tracking and kill assessment) integrated experiment
SIERRA Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "S."
SIE SGLS interface equipment {UFO}
SIG self-inspection guide {IG}Þ senior interagency groupÞ signal
SIGINT signal intelligence {AFSC Pub 1, 1 Jul 84}
SIGMA simulation, gaming, modeling and analysis {SWC}
SIG-Space senior interagency group for space
SII Space Industries Inc...Houston company developing two Shuttle-deployable space industrial facilitiesÞ special interest item {IG}
SILA speculation in lieu of analysis
Silane Waterproofing chemical used on Shuttle orbiter tiles.
Silts Shuttle infrared leeside temperature sensing...experiment to make detailed infrared imagery of Columbia's upper surface heating during reentry
SIM simulationÞ simulator
SIMS space information management integrated office automation and data processing system used by NAVSPACECOM as an administrative and management support system
SIN support information network {20 AF}
SIO systems integration office...organization chartered by the JCS for end-to-end technical integrity of warning systems
SIOP single integrated operational plan {20 AF}
SIP self-inspection programÞ state implementation program {EIS}
SIR Shuttle imaging radar...SIR-A revealed ancient dry riverbeds beneath the sands of the Eastern Sahara Desert in Egypt and Sudan; SIR-B is a 35x7-foot antenna that beamed radar microwaves at the surface of the earth, recorded the echoes, and relayed them via TDRSS to a ground station for processing. First launch 12 Nov 81 (STS-2).
SIRE space infrared experiment...Air Force experiment to demonstrate LWIR feasibility for space surveillance; predecessor to SBSS
Sirio Experimental Italian comsat launched 15 Aug 77 from Cape Canaveral. Studying SHF radio transmission during adverse weather.
SIRS subsystem/status inventory reporting system {CAMS}
SIRTF Shuttle infrared telescope facility...instruments to increase our understanding of the formation and evolution of stars, planets, galaxies and unusual galactic objects
SIT silicon-intensified targetÞ system integration test {UFO}
SITREP situation report {AFI 10-1204}
SITU satellite identification and tracking unit...Canadian space surveillance unit (Baker-Nunn camera and 64cm SOI photometer) at St Margarets
SIW strategic intelligence wing {C4SMP}
SIWSM secondary item weapon system management {DLA}
SIX satellite intrusion examination
SJA staff judge advocate
SJC San Jose International Airport, San Jose CA
SK special sensor K {DMSP}
Skief Spectrometer used on Salyut-7 to photograph the atmosphere. Develops film and analyzes pictures in real-time. Ferried to Salyut-7 by Soyuz T-13 17 Sep 85.
SKIRU Singer-Kearfott inertial reference unit {DSCS III}
SKP seeker package
SKR station-keeping radar
SKT specialty knowledge test {AFR 50-44}
Skylab U.S. manned spacecraft that employed the largest photovoltaic power supply yet (21 KW). Power-to-mass ratio was 7W/kg. Orbit decayed to reentry in 1979.
Skynet Military comsat for the Royal Navy. Three SHF transponders. First launched in 1969. Skynet 4A was launched with JCSat 2 on the first commercial Titan III Jan 1990. Skynet 4C, the last of the series, was tandem-launched with the European Eutelsat II on an Ariane 44LP 30 Aug 90.
SL space launch...U.S. designation for CIS boosters
S/L West German Spacelab mission designator...D2 and D3 are the second and third in a series of missions whose objectives include microgravity research and technology preparation for the Space Station; significant NASA participation
SL-1 Northern Telecom scope dial switch.
SL-4 CIS launch vehicle capable of 7,500 kg to LEO.
SL-11 CIS launch vehicle capable of 4,000 kg to LEO.
SL-16 CIS liquid propellant (oxygen/hydrogen) launch vehicle. 200 feet tall. Able to place 33,000 lb into orbit (15,000 kg into LEO).
SLAG space launch advisory group
SLAM statistical lethality assessment methodology {20 AF}
SLAR side-looking airborne radar
SLBD sea-lite beam director
SLBM sea/submarine-launched ballistic missile
SLC satellite laser comunications {NAVSPACECOM}Þ submarine laser communicationsÞ space launch complex...VAFB and CCAS ELV launch pads:
- SLC-4E Titan IV launch pad at VAFB
- SLC-4W Titan II launch pad at VAFB
- SLC-17A/B Delta II launch pads (GPS) at CCAS
- SLC-36A/B Atlas II-Centaur launch pads at CCAS...LC-36A is military only (DSCS III); LC-36B is dedicated commercial
- SLC-40 Titan IV launch pad at CCAS
- SLC-41 Titan IV-Centaur launch pad at CCAS
SLCM sea-launched cruise missileÞ submarine-launched cruise missile
SlcSat submarine laser communications satellite
SLD satellite launch dispenser {NAVSPACECOM}
SLDCOM satellite launch dispenser communications
SLDS site logistics data system {AFSCN}
SLe system level engineer {TW/AA}
SLE service life estimate {20 AF}
SLF Shuttle landing facility
SLFCS survivable low frequency communications system {20 AF}
SLGR small, lightweight GPS receiver
SLI system level integrator {TW/AA}
SLIC subscriber line interface circuit...Harris productÞ system level interface compatibility {GPS}
SLIIP space launch infrastructure investment plan {AFSPC/DOG}
SLJ special-level justification {BMEWS Site III}
S/L-J Combined Japanese/NASA Shuttle Spacelab mission.
SLMP single large-mass projectile {CSLBM}
SLOC sea line of communicationÞ source lines of term
SLR satellite laser ranging {DMA}Þ side-looking radar
SLRE single link range error {GPS}
SLS Societe Luxembourgeoise des Satellites...formed in May 84, has exclusive rights to operate telecommunication satellites from orbit positions granted to Luxembourg; see "SES"Þ spacelab life sciences...investigates the effects of weightlessness on man and other animals; first launch Mar 89 (Discovery)Þ space launch squadron
SLT stockpile laboratory test {20 AF}
SLT VC slot vacant {20 AF}
SLV small launch vehicle...a booster capable of putting up to 450 kg (1000 lbm) into low earth orbit (140 km or 100 NM), e.g., Pegasus {AFSPC/DR}Þ space launch vehicle
SLV-3 Indian booster launched from SHAR; 88 lb payload to LEO.
SLW U.S. designation for CIS Saturn 5-class booster (designation SLX-17) under development, can put 300,000 to 400,000-lb payloads into low earth orbit
SM secretary memorandum {JCS}Þ situation monitoring {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ standard missile...U.S. Navy rocketÞ system manager {DLA}
SMAB solid motor assembly building {CCAS}
SMAD space mission analysis and design {USAFA}
SM-ALC Sacramento Air Logistics Center (AFMC), McClellan AFB CA 95652-5000
SMANCO space and missile analysis noncommissioned officer {NORAD/USSPACECOM CIW}
SMART-T secure mobile anti-jam reliable tactical terminal {C4SMP}
SMATH space materials advanced technology for hardness
SMATV satellite master antenna television
SMC Space and Missile Systems Center (AFMC), Los Angeles AFB CA 90009-2960...formerly SSD, which was formerly SD, which was formerly SAMSO, etc.Þ strategic missile center {20 AF}
SMCS satellite mission control subsystem {Milstar}
SMCU space and missile crew uniform {AFSPC/DOM}
SMD strategic missile defenseÞ system management directive {TW/AA}
SMDU space and missile dress uniform {AFSPC}
SME safemode electronics {Milstar}Þ solar mesosphere explorer...JPL-managed atmospheric research satellite launched 6 Oct 81; tracks ozone in the upper atmosphereÞ subject matter expert {50SW}
SME I/O safemode electronics input/output unit {Milstar}
SMEO space and missile event officer {NORAD/USSPACECOM CIW}
SMES strategic missile evaluation squadron {20 AF}
SMEX small-class explorer {NASA}
SMF special message field {GPS}
SMILS sonobuoy missile impact location system {20 AF}
SMMW sub-millimeter wave
SMO site management office {CIASC}Þ support to military operationsÞ system management office {Milstar}
SMP system monitoring panel {50 CTS}
SMPT second material processing test...Japanese material processing experiments to be flown on Shuttle
SMR signature measurement radarÞ software modification request {AFSPC/DO}Þ source, maintenance and recoverability {AFSCN}
SMRM solar maximum repair mission...experiment to demonstrate Shuttle's ability to rendezvous, service, check out and deploy systems
SMS satellite multipoint serviceÞ satellite multiservice systemÞ senior master sergeantÞ Shuttle mission simulatorÞ Sistema Mexicano de Satellite...see "Morelos"Þ strategic missile squadron {20AF}Þ structures and mechanisms subsystem {Milstar}Þ synchronous meteorological satellite...NASA R&D geostationary weather satellite; evolved to GOES
SMSGT senior master sergeant
SMT shelter management team {AFR 355-1}
SMUX super multiplexer {AFSCN}
SMW strategic missile wing {20 AF}
SN serial number
S/N signal to noise
SNA Soviet Naval Aviation...obsolete, now CISÞ system network architecture {GPS}
SNAFU situation normal, all fouled up
SNAP-10A - The only U.S. reactor ever placed in orbit; launched Apr 65, operated successfully for 43 days in 1,300 km orbit.
SNC shipment notification card {AFSCN}
SNCOA senior noncommissioned officers academy
SNDV strategic nuclear delivery vehicle
Snecma French aircraft engine manufacturer who merged with Societe European de Propulsion (SEP) in 1984.
SNF short-range nuclear forces
SNI Soviet naval infantry...obsolete, now CIS
SNIA BPD - Italian developer of Ariane 3
SNIAS Societe Nationale Industrielle Aerospatiale
SNL Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque NM 87185Þ Saturday Night Live
SNM San Marco equatorial range...see "San Marco"Þ special nuclear materials...the fission trigger of a fusion weapon {AF Mag, Oct 84}
SNMP simple network management protocol {AFSC2S}
SNPE Societe National des Poudres et Explosifs...French unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) fuel manufacturer
SNR signal-to-noise ratio
SNVD stock number user's directory {AFSCN}
SOA separate operating agency...obsolete, now FOAÞ solar outage algorithm {GPS}
SOAP spectrographic oil analysis program
SOAR satellite operations analysis review {50 SW}Þ systems operations and analysis report {AFI10-1208}
SOARS satellite onboard attack reporting system {TW/AA}
SOC satellite operations complex {TW/AA}Þ space operations center {GPALS}Þ squadron operations center {C4SMP}Þ statement of capability {SR 27-2}Þ station operator's console {AFSCN}Þ system operational concept {TW/AA}Þ satellite operations center...where satellites are controlled at Falcon AFB (CSOC) and Onizuka AFB (CSTC):
- SOC-31A: 1 SOPS; GPS LEO and anomaly resolution
- SOC-31B: 1 SOPS; DMSP/DSP LEO, satellite operations, and anomaly resolution
- SOC-32: 2 SOPS; GPS operations (also called the MCS)
- SOC-33: 3 SOPS; LEO, TT&C and anomaly resolution for military comsats (DSCS II, DSCS III, FLTSAT, UFO and NATO III)
- SOC-34: SMC Det 2/OL-AB; Milstar LEO (will transfer to 3 SOPS at Milstar turnover)
- SOC-35: 6 SOPS; DMSP operations
- SOC-36: 6 SOPS Det 1; DMSP bent-pipe operations
- SOC-37: SMC/TDEF Det 2; CRRES, RME (AFSPC-owned SOC)
- SOC-38: 5 SOPS; IABS, DSCS II backup, DSCS III backup, FLTSAT backup, NATO III backup, SKYNET/NATO IV, GPS backup
- SOC-39 (called MCC-VIII when working Shuttle): 5 SOPS; Shuttle, IUS, Titan, Atlas, Delta, Pegasus, ballistic missiles, GOES, TIROS, DSP, DSP backup. IUS was the forcing function behind SOC-39. All programs who use IUS use SOC-39. Non-24-hr ops. No Centaur capability; Centaur isn't commandable (a "dumb" upper stage).
- SOC-40: 4 SOPS; Milstar operations
SOCC sector operations control center {TW/AA}Þ space operations control center
SOCCS Sunnyvale/Oakhanger cooperative communications system {AFSCN}
SOCMG space operations career management group
SOCOM special operations command {C4SMP}
SOCS SPADCCS (space defense command and control system) owner/operator communications system...obsolete, now Space Operations Support Center {NAVSPACECOM}
SODA satellite orbit data application {GPS}
SODD spacecraft operations database document {UFO}
SODSIM strategic offense-defense simulation
SOF special operations forcesÞ strategic offensive forces
SOFA status of forces agreement
Sofia stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy...NASA-proposed Boeing 747SP equipped with an infrared telescope with a 3.0-3.5 meter aperture
SOFT space operations fundamentals training {50 CTS}
SOG satellite operations group...obsolete
SOH state of health
Soho solar heliospheric observatory...ESA ISTP-related observatory to be positioned 1.5 million miles from earth to take specialized solar images
SOI signal of interestÞ space object identification...part of USSPACECOM's space surveillance missionÞ system operating instruction {Milstar}
SOIC space operational intelligence JSIC {USSPACECOM}
SOIDIS SOI (space object identification) discrimination (report)
SOISIG SOI (space object identification) signature (report)
SOIF systems operations and integration/interface functions
SOLAR FLARE - Proposed USAF satellite to collect solar data.
Solaris Proposed French unmanned space station.
solar wind Hot charged gases that flow from the sun.
SOLAR WIND - Proposed USAF satellite to collect solar data.
SOLE simplified on-line evaluator {NAVSPACECOM}
SOM system operational manager {Milstar}Þ subsystem owner/operations manager {TW/AA}
SOME satellite orbit mission evaluation
SOMO system operational management office {Milstar}
SON statement of operational need (vice GOR) {AFR 57-1}
SONDOCO - Family of Brazilian launch vehicles.
SOO satellite operations officer {50 SW}
SOOB space order of battle
SOOC space operations orientation course {50 CTS}
SOOS stacked OSCARs on Scout...program to launch two Navy OSCAR-model Transit satellites on a Scout booster 25 Aug 88 from the Western Range
SOP standard operating procedure
SOPC Shuttle operations and planning complex...obsolete
SOPM standard orbital parameters message {AFSCN}
SOPS space operations squadron, e.g., 1 SOPS
SOR statement of requirements
SORD system operational requirements document {AFR 57-1}
SORTS status of resources and training system...five categories:
- C-1: Unit possesses the required resources and is trained to undertake the full wartime mission for which it is organized or designed
- C-2: Unit possesses the resources and has accomplished the training necessary to undertake the bulk of the wartime mission for which it is organized or designed
- C-3: Unit possesses the resources and has accomplished the training necessary to undertake major portions of the wartime mission for which it is organized or designed
- C-4: Unit requires additional resources and/or training to undertake its wartime mission, but if the situation dictates, it may be directed to undertake portions of its wartime mission with resources on hand
- C-5: Unit is undergoing a service-directed resource change and is not prepared, at this time, to undertake the wartime mission for which it is organized or designed
SOS save our ship...universal distress signalÞ shiver on a shingle...Satellite Dish specialtyÞ silicon-on-sapphire...a type of CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor)Þ Squadron Officer School, Maxwell AFB, AL
SOSC Space Operations Support Center...formerly SOCSÞ space operations support contract...formerly STEC
SOSTF SPADOC off-site test facility
SOT solar optical telescope...Shuttle instrument to get very high spatial resolution observations of the sun
SOTA SIGINT operational tasking authority {NAVSPACECOM}Þ state of the art
SOTF Space Operations Training Facility, Colorado Springs, name for TMF, home of 21 and 50 CTS
Soup Solar magnetic and velocity field measurement system flown on STS-51F.
SOUTHCOM - Southern Command
SOVINDRON - Soviet Indian Ocean squadron...obsolete, now CIS
SOVMEDFLOT - Soviet Mediterranean flotilla...obsolete, now CIS
SOW statement of work
Soyuz CIS manned spacecraft...T-10 crew holds record of 237 days in orbit
Soyuzkarta CIS agency offering 5-meter resolution photos of earth.
SP AFSPC pamphletÞ security policeÞ signal processorÞ special perturbationÞ (JCS) special project
SP-100 Experimental nuclear reactor for space uses...General Electric product for DOE
SPA satellite personnel activity {AFSCN}Þ system programming agency {GEODSS}
SPADVOS space direct view optical system {NAVSPACECOM}
SPACC space command center...obsolete {USSPACECOM/J6N}
SPACCS space command and control evolutionary concept comprised of existing and planned C2 centers and supporting comm links
SPACE Society for Private and Commercial Earth Stations...lobbying organization for the home satellite television industry
Spacebus Comsat product line under joint development by Aerospatiale and MBB/Erno:
- 100 is a medium-size (1170-1270 kg) multimission Arabsat design
- 200 is a intermediate-class (1400-1900 kg) satellite
- 300 is a large (200 kg) direct broadcast satellite (TV-Sat/TDF-1 design)
Space Commerce Corp. - Houston-based firm selling contracts to launch western satellites on CIS boosters. $20,000,000 for an SL-4 Launch.
SPACEHAB - Commercial pressurized module for conducting experiments in a man-tended environment.
Spacelab ESA pressurized scientific module carried on certain Shuttle flights; first launch 28 Nov 83 (STS-9).
Spacenet Three-axis stabilized 2630 lb hybrid (C- and Ku- bands) comsat, Satcom design. Owned by GTE Spacenet Corp., McLean VA. Control center in McLean, primary TT&C near Woodbine (Cooksville) MD, alternate at San Ramon, CA.
- Fl launched 22 May 84 on Ariane 1 to 120°W longitude position; TV relay
- F2 launched 9 Nov 84 on Ariane 3 to 69°W longitude position; Sprint and other voice, video and data traffic; Ku-band coverage of CONUS, C-band coverage of CONUS and Puerto Rico
- F3 launch failure 12 Sep 85 on Ariane 3
- F3R launched 11 Mar 88 on Ariane 3
- G-Star 3 launched 8 Sep 88 on Ariane
Spacepac space political action committee
Space-Phoenix - Proposal to modify Shuttle external tanks, stabilize them in low-earth orbit, and have Bureau of Land Management administer them as federal "land" open to exploitation and private interests.
Space Shuttle - see "Shuttle"
Space Station - NASA-proposed $7B-$9B facility. 28.5° inclination, 200-300 NM orbit, 3-6 man configuration. JSC the lead development center for NASA.
Space Station Freedom - U.S. and 11 allied nation partnership to develop a $23B permanently manned space station by the late 1990s.
SPADATS space detection and tracking system...obsolete
SPADCCS space defense command and control system {TW/AA}
SPADOC space defense operations center...established Oct 79 {CMC}
SPAN space analysis network
SPARC signal processor and radar controller {COBRADANE}
Sparcom Earth station under development for corporate communications; 56 kbps capacity.
SPARTAN - Shuttle pointed autonomous research tool for astronomy...GSFC 2200 lb-class reusable astrophysics satellites deployed and retrieved by Shuttle. First launch 19 Jun 85 (STS-51G).
SPAS West German Shuttle pallet satellite...first launched on STS-7, uses push-broom scanner (65-ft resolution) and is a free-flyer.
SPASUR space surveillance
SPATE space pointing and tracking experiment
SPAWARS - (U.S. Naval) Space and Warfare Systems (Command)...see "NAVELEX"
Spazio Space subsidiary of the Italian Selenia Elsag Group.
SPC Shuttle processing contractor {NASA}Þ stored program command {Milstar}
SPCC spill prevention, control and countermeasures {ECAMP}
SPCD space communications division {AFSCN}
SPCS single payload communications systemÞ space communications squadron, e.g., 50 SPCS
SPD system program director
SPDR system software preliminary design review {50 SSYS}
SPEAR space power experiments aboard rockets {NAVSPACECOM}
SPEC specification
SPECAT special category
SPECC space-enhanced command and control system
Spelda Stacking device that allows Ariane to carry multiple satellites.
SPEPH special perturbations ephemeris
SPF Shuttle processing facility {NASA}Þ Spetsial'noye Naznacheniye...Spetsnaz, the CIS GRU special purpose forces
SPFE special projects flight experiment
SpI special investigations {AFOSI}
SPINSAT single-purpose inexpensive satellite {NAVSPACECOM}
spin stabilization - Passive attitude control about two axes using gyroscopes. The attitude about the third (spin) axis often remains uncontrolled except possibly in angular rate. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
SPIRE space-based infrared experiment {NAVSPACECOM}Þ space performance in radiation environments
SPIRIT space infrared imaging telescope
SPL sonic pressure level
S-Plan support plan...formerly called the I-Plan
SPM software programmers manual {50 CTS}Þ spacelift processing model {AFSPC/DOP}Þ system program management {AFLC}Þ system program manager {SR 27-2}
SPO system program office
SPOC space operations center...obsolete, renamed SPACC
Sport Experiment conducted on Salyut-7 to evaluate effects of various lengths of physical training on cosmonauts' condition and capacity for work.
SPOT Satellite Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre (French, "exploratory satellite for earth observations") resources satellite developed by Spot-Image SA, Toulouse, France; provides black-and-white (10m resolution) and multispectral (20m resolution) images. Matra the prime contractor. First launch 22 Feb 86 on Ariane 1.
SPP sponsor program proposal {NAVSPACECOM}Þ standard practice procedure {AFSCN}
SPR special program requirement {DLA}
SPRG special program review group {NAVSPACECOM}
SPRN Soviet [now CIS] missile attack warning system
SPRP spill prevention response plan {ECAMP}
SPS security police squadron, e.g., 50 SPSÞ simplified processing stationÞ software product specificationÞ solar power satellite...a proposed system that converts solar energy to microwave energy for transmission to a receiving station on earthÞ standard positioning service {GPS}
SPSS space surveillance squadron...formerly SURS
SPSSQ space support squadron
SPT support
SPTG support group, e.g., 50 SPTG
SPTS support squadron, e.g., 50 SPTS
SPURSAT special purpose satellite {NAVSPACECOM}
Sputnik 1 Launched 4 Oct 57, earth's first artificial satellite.
SPW space wing...obsolete, now SW
SPX sensor process execution
SQAE senior quality assurance evaluator
SQC senior quality council {QAF)}
SQL structured query language {AFSC2S}
SR AFSPC regulationÞ service reportÞ supply requisition {AFSCN}
SRA senior airmanÞ stock record account {AFSCN}
SRAM short-range attack missileÞ static random access memory
SRAN stock record account number {AFSCN}
SRB selected reenlistment bonus {21 MSSQ/MSPPR}Þ solid rocket booster {Shuttle}Þ subspecialty requirements board {NAVSPACECOM}
SRBM short-range ballistic missile
SRC small rocket controller
SRD standard reporting designator {AFSCN}Þ system requirements document {TW/AA}
SREMP source region electromagnetic pulse
SRF strategic reserve force {USSPACECOM/J6}Þ strategic rocket forces {CIS}
SRHIT small radar homing intercept technology...BMD missile
SRI Sri Harikota...see "SHAR"Þ Stanford Research Institute...independent nonprofit corporation formed in 1946, now SRI International
SRIM short-range intercept missile
SRINF shorter-range intermediate-range nuclear forces {INF}
SRL space radar laboratory...Shuttle experiment to acquire photographic and radar images of the earth's land and ocean surfaces
SRM short-range missile {TAB93-1}Þ solid rocket motor...manufactured by UTC
SRMU solid rocket motor upgrade...manufactured by Hercules
SRO safety range officerÞ standing room onlyÞ superintendent of range operations
SROC south ROC (region operations center) {C4SMP}
SR&QA safety, reliability and quality assurance {NASA}
SRS satellite read-out station...controls data and command antennasÞ satellite reference station {GPS}Þ search and rescue systemÞ simulated Raman scatteringÞ software requirements specification
SRSU satellite readout station upgrade {DSP}
SRT security response team {50 SPS}Þ space radiation test...obsolete, now RMEÞ standard reference tape {AFSCN}
SRU shop replacement unit
SS software specialist {AFSCN}Þ space segment {DMSP}Þ submarine {USN}Þ sun-synchronous (orbit)Þ support segment {AFSCN}Þ surface-to-surface...U.S. designation for CIS boosters
SSA satellite support account {AFSCN}Þ satellite support agreement {AFSCN, UFO}Þ senior systems analyst {SMC Det 5}Þ software support activity {USSPACECOM/J6N}Þ source selection authorityÞ space systems architectureÞ sun sensor assembly {DMSP}Þ system support analyst {50 LG}
SSAC source selection advisory council
SSAN social security account number
SSB single side-bandÞ source selection boardÞ special selection board {AFMPC}Þ special separation benefit {AFMPC}Þ ballistic missile submarine {USN}
SSB-FO small solid booster follow-on
SSBI single scope background investigation
SSBN ballistic missile submarine, nuclear-powered {USN}
SSBS Sol-Sol-Balistique-Strategique...French intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM)
SSBBUV Shuttle solar backscatter ultraviolet instrument...series of Shuttle flights to measure ozone characteristics of the atmosphere
SSC scan-to-scan correlationÞ solid surface combustion...Shuttle experiment to determine flame spread mechanisms and rates over solid surfaces in the absence of gravity-induced free convection and externally imposed flowÞ space surveillance centerÞ supply status code {DLA}
SSCCS space surveillance center computer system {C4SMP}
SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
SSCMC signal strength calibration, measurement and control {AFSCN}
SSCME signal strength calibration and measuring equipment {AFSCN}
SSD Space Systems Division...obsolete, now SMCÞ strategic summary display {CCPDS-R}Þ system support division {DMRD 904}
SSDC (U.S. Army) Space and Strategic Defense Command
SSE south-southeast
SSEB source selection evaluation board
SSEC solar system exploration committee {NASA}
SSEM subsystem executive manager {TW/AA}
SSF signal switching facility {AFSCN}Þ space support facility {Milstar}
SSFBB small solid fast-burn booster
SSG self-study guide {50 CTS}Þ space support group...obsolete, now support groupÞ system safety group {CSOC}
SSGM strategic scene-generation model
SSGN cruise missile attack submarine, nuclear-powered {USN}
SSGS standardized space guidance subsystem
SSGT staff sergeant
SSH sun search-hold
SSI Space Services Inc...Houston-based commercial launch venture using Conestoga ELVÞ small-scale integrationÞ solid-state imagingÞ space segment integratorÞ special security instruction {50SPS}
SSIC small-scale integrated circuit
SSIP Shuttle student involvement project...student projects flown on ShuttleÞ space systems integration planning
SSJ/4 special sensor, precipitating electron/proton spectrometer {DMSP}
SSM single system management {DSN}Þ special sensor, triaxial fluxgate magnetometer {DMSP}Þ surface-to-surface missile
SSMA spread spectrum multiple access
SSME Space Shuttle main engine
SSM/I special sensor, microwave imager...DMSP and NROSS sensor
SSMIS special sensor, microwave imager sounder {DMSP}
SSMP system security management plan
SSMS standard survivable message set {TW/AA}
SSMT-1 special sensor, microwave temperature sounder {DMSP}
SSMT-2 special sensor, microwave water vapor profile {DMSP}
SSMTC Sary Shagan missile test center
SSMU solid-state memory unit {20 AF}
SSN attack submarine, nuclear powered {USN}Þ social security numberÞ space surveillance network...formerly SPADATS, an operational system consisting of space surveillance sensors, a communications network, and an operational command and control center with a central data processing facility. The SSN has three kinds of sensors:
- Dedicated sensors whose primary mission is to support the SSN include radars and two optical systems (GEODSS and MOTIF):
-- Det 1 (18 SPSS), Socorro, NM: GEODSS Site 1, AN/FSQ-114 sensor...the GEODSS replaces the Baker-Nunn system
-- Det 3 (18 SPSS), Maui, HI: GEODSS Site 3, AN/FSQ-114 sensor; and MOTIF (Maui optical tracking identification facility)
-- Det 4 (18 SPSS), Diego Garcia, BIOT: GEODSS Site 4, AN/FSQ-114
-- NAVSPASUR (NAVSPACECOM) Dahlgren, VA (three transmitters, six receivers)
-- 20 SPSS (73 SGP), Eglin AFB, FL: AN/FPS-85 phased array radar
- Collateral sensors whose primary mission is other than SSN support:
-- 6 SWS (21 SW), Cape Cod AFS, MA: PAVE PAWS AN/FPS-115 phased array radar
-- 7 SWS (21 SW), Beale AFB, CA: PAVE PAWS AN/FPS-115 phased array radar
-- 8 SWS (21 SW), Eldorado AFS, TX: PAVE PAWS AN/FPS-123 phased array radar
-- 9 SWS (21 SW), Robins AFB, GA: PAVE PAWS AN/FPS-123 phased array radar
-- 12 SWS (21 SW), Thule AB, Greenland: BMEWS Site 1 AN/FPS-123 phased array radar
-- 13 SWS (21 SW), Clear AFS, AK: BMEWS Site 2 AN/FPS-50(3), AN/FPS-92 phased array radar
-- RAF Flylingdales, UK: BMEWS Site 3 AN/FPS-123 phased array radar
-- 16 SPSS (73 SGP), Eareckson AFS, AK: COBRA DANE AN/FPS-108 phased array radar
-- 19 SPSS (73 SGP), Pirinclik AB, Turkey: AN/FPS-17 and AN/FPS-79 radars
-- 10 SWS (21 SW), Cavalier AFS, ND: PARCS AN/FPQ-16 phased array radar
-- Det 1 (45 OPG), Antigua Island: AN/FPQ-14 radar
-- Det 2 (45 OPG), Ascension Island: AN/FPQ-15 radar (with AN/TPQ-18 backup)
-- 30 RANS Kaena Point, HI AN/FPQ-14 radar
- Contributing sensors under contract or agreement to support the SSN when requested by USSPACECOM:
-- Maui, HI AMOS (ARPA Maui optical station) electro-optical sensor
-- Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, ALTAIR and ALCOR wideband imaging radars
-- Lincoln Lab's Westford, MA Haystack and Millstone Hill radars
SSNT shape-stable nosetip {CSLBM}
SSO satellite systems operator {50 SW}Þ source selection officerÞ space surveillance officerÞ special security office
SSOC space support operations center
SSOH stored state of health {GPS}
SSP simulation support plan {50 CTS}Þ Society of Satellite ProfessionalsÞ space sensor platform
SSPA solid state power amplifier
SSPAR solid state phased array radar {AFSPC/DOY}
SSPID simulation support plan identifier {50 CTS}
SSPK single-shot probability of kill
SSPO strategic systems program office {U.S. Navy}
SSR software support resource {CSOC}Þ supply support request {DLA}
SSRD system safety requirements document {USSPACECOM/J6N}
SSS security surveillance subsystem {SCS}Þ senior service schoolÞ spacecraft software subsystem {Milstar}Þ space sensor systemÞ staff summary sheetÞ strategic satellite system...a waypoint in the AFSATCOM-SURVSAT-STRATSAT (SSS)- Milstar evolution
SSSC space surveillance system controller {50 CTS}
SSSS space system support squadron
SSSVN sensor site secure voice network {AFSPC/SC}
SST space support team {USSPACECOM}Þ standard star tracker...used on Landsat 4 and 5, and on the Solar Maximum MissionÞ supersonic transport
SSTDMA satellite-switched time division multiple access
SSTO single stage to orbit
SSTS Space Shuttle transportation systemÞ space surveillance and tracking system...formerly SBSS, a system to track missiles during their mid-course phaseÞ Spokane satellite tracking station (FAIR)
SSULI special sensor, ultraviolet limb imager {DMSP}
SSUPS solid-state uninterruptible power system
SSURGP space surveillance group...obsolete, now SGP
SSUS solid spinning upper stage...SSUS-A was designed to launch Atlas-Centaur-class payloads from the Shuttle; none was used. SSUS-D is now called PAM-D.
SSUSI special sensor, ultraviolet spectrographic imager {DMSP}
SSV Space Shuttle vehicle {NASA}
SSW south-southwestÞ space support wing...obsolete
SSWG system security working group {AFSCN}
SSYS space systems squadron, e.g., 50 SSYS
ST subscriber terminal {AFSC2S}
S&T science and technologyÞ scientific and technical
STA Science and Technology Agency...responsible for all Japanese space programs
STAFFMET - staff meteorologist {AFSPC/DOGW}
STAMINA standard method in noise analysis {EPA}
Star Apogee boost motor with a carbon-carbon nozzle. Star-30B motors are used with Marecs and 19 other satellites, including Spacenet 2 and several RCA [now MMC] satellites (Gstar, American Satellite, STC, Rainbow and Satcom C-band and Ku- band satellites). Star-48 motors are used in the PAM-D upper stage.
STAR Eosat satellite offering 5-meter resolution.Þ European aerospace manufacturers' symposiumÞ select, test, assess and report {20 AF}Þ system threat assessment report {Milstar}
STARBIRD - Ground-launched target rocket.
STARE staring technology advanced research and evaluation
STARFIND - Commercial NAVSAT venture using a five-Starsat constellation. Each Starsat weighs 350 lbs with a 150-ft dish antenna; launched by SSI's Conestoga ELV. STARFIND proposes a navigation accuracy of 12 ft SEP.
STARLAB - Shuttle experiment to test optics technology for lasers and missile tracking.
Starmux Interactive 4 ft-diameter microterminal developed by Satellite Technology Management, Culver City CA.
STARS standard time and attendance reporting systemÞ START tracking and reporting system
Starsat UHF/L-band/Ku-band comsat proposed by Omninet Corp., Los Angeles CA.
Starstruck Starstruck Inc., 837 2nd Ave., Redwood City CA 94063...commercial space booster manufacturer; see "Dolphin"
START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks...treaty signed Jul 91
star tracker - A sensor that measures the location of a star (for example, azimuth and location) relative to the structure on which it is mounted.
STAS space transportation architecture study
station keeping - Maintaining a satellite's position (e.g., geosynchronous longitude and latitude) by adding thrust to overcome environmental perturbations. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
Statsionar CIS geostationary comsats, including Raduga, Ekran, Gorizont, Luch, Volna, Gals and Potak.
STAVKA The CIS Supreme High Command (VGK).
STB super tropical bleachÞ surveillance testbed
STC Satellite Television Corp...sponsors DBS for subscription TVÞ Satellite Test Center...obsoleteÞ space technology center
STCG synchronized time-code generator
STD standard, e.g., MIL-STD-881
STDN spaceflight tracking and data network
ST&E security test and evaluation {AFSCN}Þ system test and evaluation {20AF}
STE special test equipmentÞ surveillance and tracking experiment
STEC satellite test and engineering contract...SMC Det 5 contract with LTOC; now SOSC
STEP space test experiments platformÞ stripes for exceptional performers {AFMPC}
STF spin test facility {CCAS}
STG satellite tracking group...obsolete, now SGP
STGS second TDRSS ground station
STIC space tactics instructor course {AFI 10-1207}
stiction static friction {GPS}
STIL short time interval launch
STL Schottky transistor logicÞ Space Technology Laboratories...obsolete; a Ramo-Wooldridge Corp. division, STL was the primary WDD contractor
STM sensor transfer modelÞ significant technical milestoneÞ space tactics model {AFSPC/DOX}Þ special test missile {20 AF}
STN SAC telephone network {20 AF}
STO space tasking order {AFSPC/DO}
STOLS simulated telemetry open loop system
STOMP space support tactical operations management program {NAVSPACECOM}
Storm-1 Two-stage PRC booster...see "FB-1"
STOWG system turnover working group {CSOC ILSP}
STP sensor task plan {USSPACECOM/J6N}Þ software/system test planÞ space test program...a DOD activity under the executive management of the Air Force. Since 1966, the program has provided spaceflights for DOD R&D payloads. {Aerospace, Apr 84}Þ station test program {AFSCN}Þ system training plan {Milstar, UFO}
STPS stored telemetry processing (sub)system {DMSP}
STP-SPARTAN - Deployment and retrieval of Spartan spacecraft carrying STP experiments.
STR space test range...obsolete, now GRANCAPÞ spacecraft telemetry regenerator {AFSCN}
STRATCOM - Strategic Command
STRATJIC - strategic joint intelligence center {C4SMP}
STS satellite tracking set...antennas used to command satellites and receive satellite dataÞ satellite tracking stationÞ Satellite Transmission Systems, Inc.Þ space tracking systems {SMC}Þ space transportation system...see "Shuttle"
STT single target track {TAB93-1}Þ small tactical terminal
STU secure telephone unit, e.g., STU-III
STV satellite transfer vehicle...proposed commercial liquid-fuel upper stage for boosting Shuttle-deployed satellites weighing 2,000- 19,000 lbs to geosynchronous orbit
STVD Southern Theater of Military Operations {CIS}
STW-1 Experimental PRC comsat launched 30 Jan 84.
Su Sukhoy...CIS-designed aircraft
SU signals unit {MOD}Þ Soviet Union...obsolete, now CIS
SUAWACS Soviet Union [now CIS] airborne warning and control system
Suisei Japanese word meaning "comet," designates Planet-A, the second Japanese Halley's Comet surveyor satellite; launched 19 Aug 85; passed within 89,500 miles of Halley's Comet 8 Mar 86.
SUM software users manual {50 CTS}
SUN-3 Onizuka AFB DLT
Sunlab Proposed NASA Shuttle mission to refly four Spacelab 2 solar experiments (Chase, MVFMS, HRTS, SUSIM).
SUNS small unit navigation system
SUNSTAR - Stanford University network for space telescience applications research...experimental Stanford University facility to control space- based science activities; tested during STS 51-F
sun-synchronous orbit - An orbit where the satellite's orbital plane is at a fixed orientation to the sun, i.e., the orbit precesses about the earth at the same rate that the earth orbits the sun. It has the characteristics of maintaining similar sun angles along its ground trace for all orbits, and typically has an inclination from 96° to 98°, depending on orbit altitude and eccentricity. {AIAA, 12 Jun 84}
SUN-W SUN-WEST...Onizuka AFB DISA antenna to WESTPAC DSCS III; supports GUAM and REEF
Superbird Japanese COMSAT carrying 19 Ku- and 10 Ka-band transponders on an FS-1300 spacecraft bus.
Super CS Proposed Japanese multiple-beam 200 kg (4409 lb) comsat launched on H-2.
Supersat New series of modular comsats being offered by Loral; provides Ku-band, C-band, L-band, direct broadcast, spotbeam or multipurpose hybrid services (e.g., Fordsat). A body-stabilized spacecraft optimized for the Shuttle, it will use a liquid bipropellant system for perigee impulse. The same bipropellant motors will be used for apogee impulse, after some tankage is staged in transfer orbit. Includes HPPM for deployment from Shuttle bay.
SUPP supplement
SUPT specialized undergraduate pilot trainingÞ superintendent
SURF DMSP launch and checkout facility at VAFB.
SURS surveillance squadron...obsolete, now SPSS
SURTAC surveillance tactical network
SURV surveillance
SUSIM solar ultraviolet spectral irradiance monitor...built by Ball Corp for Naval Research Laboratory, will monitor solar fluxes in the 120-400 nanometer wavelength range; flown on Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite
SV satellite vehicle {CSOC}Þ space vehicle {CSOC, GPS, Milstar}Þ state vectorÞ survivability value
S/V survivability/vulnerability
SV&D system software validation and demonstration {50 SSYS}
Svenska Rymd - Swedish space company.
Svetoblok-T - Device used on Salyut-7 to form polyacrylamide gel by means of photo-initiation. The gel is then used for the electrophoretic purification of substances on earth.
SVN space vehicle number {GPS}
SVO satellite vehicle officer {50 SW}
SVOD space vehicle operations director
SVS secure voice system...the primary secure voice media used on every AFSCN support from Onizuka AFB (a T-1 telephone switch)
SW southwestÞ space wing...formerly SPW and SWGÞ switch {AFSCN}
S/W software
SWAAT SDI [now BMD] working and action team {NAVSPACECOM}
SWAG scientific wild-aspirin guess
SWC Space Warfare Center...formerly SAWCÞ swipe card {CSOC SCS}
SWCL strategic warfighting capability level {USSPACECOM/J6}
SWG space warning groupÞ space wing...obsolete, now SWÞ survivability working group {SR 27-2}
SWIR short wavelength infrared
SWIS Shemya warning and intelligence system
SWL short wavelength, high-energy laser...BMD, ASAT, DSAT applications
SWR space wing regulation
SWS space warning squadron, e.g., 5 SWS
SWSC space and warning systems center
SWS/L switch source/load {AFSCN}
SX system execution
SXO spectroscopic X-ray observatory {NASA}
SXR soft X-ray
SYDP six-year defense plan
Sylazane see "HMDS"
Sylda Mounting unit/deployment system for dual-satellite payloads carried on Ariane.
Symphonie - French-German geosynchronous comsat.
SYNC synchronizer {AFSCN}
SYNCART - synchronous amateur radio transponder...proposed OSCAR follow-on
Syncom Hughes geosynchronous comsat...see "Leasat"
Syracuse French Defense Ministry program using two Telecom channels to provide secure links between fixed, mobile and naval stations.
SYS system
SYSCAP system capability
System Z NOAA proposal for NASA polar orbiting man-tended free-flyer for earth remote sensing.


t time
T TANGO {military phonetics alphabet}Þ transportable, e.g., AN/TPQ-18
T4 Titan IV
TA table of allowancesÞ technical advisorÞ test articleÞ threat assessmentÞ trusted agent {AFSPC/IG}Þ tuition assistanceÞ turnover agreement {COBRADANE}
T/A turnaround
TAB tactical analysis bulletinÞ Thule Air Base (AB), GreenlandÞ time after burst
TABM tactical anti-ballistic missile {20AF}
TAC tacticalÞ Tactical Air Command...obsolete, now ACCÞ tactical air navigationÞ trans-Atlantic cable {AFSCN}
TACAMO tactical communications air mobileÞ take charge and move out
TACAN tactical air navigation
TACC tactical air control center {C4SMP}
TAC-D tactical deception {NAVSPACECOM}
TACDAR tactical data and reporting
TACIES tactical imagery exploitation system {NAVSPACECOM}
TACO test and checkout
TACON tactical control {C4SMP}
TACS tactical air control systemÞ thruster actuated control system {Milstar}
TACSAT tactical satellite
TACTERM tactical terminal {DMSP}
TAD training augmentation device {AFSCN}
TADI telemetry acquisition data interface
TADIL tactical digital information link {TW/AA}
TADIXS tactical data information exchange system {NAVSPACECOM}
TADIXS-B - tactical data information exchange system-broadcast {C4SMP}
TAE Thomas Alva Edison
TAER telemetry analog equipment room {30 SW}
TAF tactical air forces
TAFIM technical architecture framework for information management {AF/SC}
TAG technical advisory group {DSCS}
TAGS tactical ground station {NAVSPACECOM}
TAL trans-Atlantic abort landing {Shuttle}
TALC tactical airborne laser communications {NAVSPACECOM}
TALO time after liftoff
TALON GOLD - Pointing and tracking telescope system...see "Triad"
TALOS C TALOS CASTOR sounding rocket.
TALOS-SERGEANT H - Talos-Sergeant Hydac sounding rocket.
TAMA the alternative MILSATCOM architecture {NAVSPACECOM}
TAMC Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii {HULA}
TAMMREG - tactical applications of military multispectral requirements group {NAVSPACECOM}
Tanegashima - Tanegashima Space Center...NASDA launch facility near Osaki on Tanegashima Island, off Kyushu, Japan (30.5°N latitude, 130.5°E longitude). The world's third launch site to put a satellite into geosynchronous orbit.
TANGO Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "T."
TAO Tactical Action Officer
TAOS technology for autonomous operational survivability {Phillips Lab}
TAP timing and acquisition processor {Milstar}
TAR test accuracy ratio
TARS tethered aerostat radar system {C4SMP}
TAS see "Tanegashima"
TASA terminal area support aircraft
TASC total absorption shower counter...subsystem to measure gamma ray energy; on Stanford University's energetic gamma ray event telescope
TASM tactical air-to-surface missile
TASO terminal area security officer {AFSCN}
TAT turnaround time {CSOC}
TAV transatmospheric vehicle...concept for a maneuverable manned aircraft-spacecraft capable of operating in space as well as in the atmosphere
TAW tactical airlift wing
TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center
TBA tires, batteries and accessoriesÞ to be announced
TBD to be determined
TBE time-based expansion
TBM tactical ballistic missileÞ terminal battle management {BMDO}Þ theater battle management {BMDO}
TBMW theater ballistic missile warning {73 SGP}
TBP to be provided
TBR to be resolvedÞ to be revised
TBS to be scheduledÞ to be supplied
TC telecommunications centerÞ test conductor {20 AF}Þ test controller {UFO}Þ transport Canada {C4SMP}
T/C track correlation
T&C telemetry and control
TC-A test conductor-airborne {20 AF}
TCB test control board {AFSPC/DOT}Þ tools control board
TCBY the country's best yogurt
TCC telecommunication center {AFSCN}Þ temporary configuration change {AFSCN}
TCCOR tropical cyclone condition of readiness {AFSCN}
TCD terminal countdown {20 AF}Þ terminal countdown demonstration {Centaur}
TCDE time code distribution equipment {AFSCN}
TCDT terminal countdown demonstration test {NASA}
TCE test and calibration equipment {AFSCN}Þ trichloroethylene {EPA}
TCF tape certification facility {AFSCN}Þ technical control facility {AFSCN}
TCG technical coordination group {AFSCN}Þ time code generator {GPS}Þ transmitter code generator {AFSCN}
TCICP tactical counterintelligence collections program {AFSCN}
TCIP technical control improvement program
TCLP toxic characteristics leaching procedure {EPA}
TCM temporary change memorandum {DSCS}Þ test case modification {AFSCN}
TCN terrestrial communication networkÞ transportation control number {AFSCN}
TCO telephone control officer {50 MS}
TCP task change proposalÞ technical coordination programÞ test command post {20 AF}Þ traffic control point {50 SPS}Þ transport control protocol
TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol {AFSC2S}
TCS telemetry and command station...see "LION"Þ thermal control subsystem {GPS, Milstar}Þ thermal control system {DSP}
TCSEG telemetry contact support equipment group {Milstar}
TCSG testing calibration signal generator {GPS}Þ time code signal generator {AFSCN, GPS}
TCT time code translator {AFSCN}
TCTO time compliance technical order {CAMS}
TCU tape control unit {DMSP}
TCW time code word
TD tactical deception {AFSPC/DOX}Þ technical dataÞ technical directive {USASDC}Þ test directiveÞ test director {20 AF, GPS}Þ touchdown
TDAS tracking and data acquisition TDRSS
TDC technical data center {CSOC}Þ technical document coordinator {AFSCN}Þ training development course {50 CTS}
TD&E tactics development and evaluation {TAB93-1}Þ test, demonstrations and experiments {BMDO}
TDE time displacement error
TDF Telediffusion de France...sponsor of TDF-1, a 2065 kg, five-channel direct TV broadcast satellite being built by the Eurosatellite consortium for launch on Ariane; uplink 17.3-17.7 GHz, downlink 11.7-12.1 GHz
TDI terminal defense interceptor
TDM time division multiplexerÞ tracking data multiplexer
TDMA time division multiple access
TDN terminal data node {Milstar}
TDO tracking data operator {DMSP}
TDOP time dilution of precision
TDP telemetry data processor {AFSCN}Þ time-dependent processorÞ training development plan
TDR target data response {20 AF}Þ teardown deficiency report {AFSCN}Þ telemetry data receiver...analog Microdyne 1200-MRC ARTS receiverÞ terminal defense radar
TDRS tracking and data relay satellite...satellite component of TDRSS
TDRSS tracking and data relay satellite system...includes TDRS, a body-stabilized comsat whose multiple antennas provide two-way communication and data services for the Shuttle and for unmanned low-altitude spacecraft. Shuttle/IUS launch; tracking, scheduling, uplink commands from GSFC, via earth links to ground station at White Sands, NM; downlink to Goddard from White Sands via DOMSAT. TRW/Spacecom contractors. TDRSS-A at 41°W longitude; TDRSS-C at 171°W longitude. {Hughes, 13 Dec 83}
TDS telemetry distribution switchÞ test driver systemÞ time distribution system {Milstar}Þ total dissolved solids {EPA}Þ tracking display systemÞ Trident Data Systems
TDSU T-1 digital service unit {AFSCN}
TDT theater display terminal {AFSC2S}Þ training development and test
TDTC test, development and training center...obsolete, now SWSC
TDU time display unit {AFSCN}
TDY temporary duty
Te epoch of the Keplerian elements; see "M"
TE thermoelectricÞ training element {CSOC}
T/E transporter/erector
T&E test and evaluation {AFR 80-14}
TEAL RUBY - DARPA-sponsored, SMC-managed program to operate an experimental space sensor 1) to prove the concept of detecting strategic aircraft from space, 2) to demonstrate supporting technology, and 3) to collect multispectral infrared background and target data in support of follow-on IR surveillance system design; cancelled in 1989.
TEAL EMERALD - Post-TEAL RUBY generation of stabilized sensor platforms.
TEAM telemetry evaluation and analysis monitor {DMSP}
TEARR time, elevation, azimuth, range, range used by the SSC
TEB technical engineering branch {20 AF}
TEC total electron count {GPS}
TECH technical {CSOC}Þ technician
TED threat environment description
TEHIB tactical exploitation of hybrid imagery products {NAVSPACECOM}
TEI total economic impact {ERIS}
TEL transporter-erector-launcher
TELCO telephone company {AFSCN}
Telecom 1 French civil and military geostationary comsat. Ariane booster, ECS bus; Matra is the prime contractor, French PTT the owner, funded by DGT. First launch 4 Aug 84, Ariane 3; satellite failed 15 Jan 88.
TELECON telephone conversation
TELENET telephone network
Telesat Telesat Canada...corporation established by Parliament as Canada's operator of comsats, in the 1971 Telesat Canada Act. 12 Canadian telecommunications carriers own 50%, including Bell Canada with 24%.
Tele-X Satellite to be used by Sweden, Norway and Finland to evaluate capabilities of a multipurpose system for direct-to-home TV broadcasting and high-speed data transmission. Aerospatiale-led Eurosatellite consortium.
TELINT telemetry intelligence
Telstar AT&T C-band geostationary comsat (30 transponders). Hawley PA earth station. Alternate control station at Three Peaks CA. Replaced Comstar. First launch 9 Jul 83. Services CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
TEMP test and evaluation master plan {AFR 80-14}
TEMPEL 2 - Comet; rendezvous mission scheduled for 1996.
TEMPEST telecommunications electronics material protected from extraneous spurious transmissions {CSOC ILSP}
TEMPS Large, high capacity heat pipe radiator to evaluate the on-orbit thermal performance of a heat pipe radiator element designed for space station heat rejection systems.
TENCAP tactical exploitation of national capabilities...congressionally mandated program to improve the combat effectiveness of the Services through more effective military use of national programs
TERCOM terrain contour mapping
Teresat Houston-based joint space venture that bought Palapa B and Westar VI from Lloyd's of London.
TERIS T&E (test and evaluation) range internetting system {OSD}
TERM terminal
TERRIER MII - TERRIER MALEMUTE II sounding rocket...350-400 NM altitude capability.
TERS tactical event reporting system {TW/AA}Þ tropical earth resources satellite...Indonesia/Netherlands follow-on to IRAS
TES tactical event systemÞ test and evaluation squadron, e.g., 1017 TES
TESS tactical engagement simulation systemÞ tactical environmental support system {NAVSPACECOM}
TET test evaluation team {20 AF}
tether A space tether system that, using a 2mm thickness line 100 km long, may be capable of creating artificial gravity, generating electricity, boosting orbits without fuel and allowing hypersonic testing from space...see "TSS"
TEU telemetry equipment unit
TeV tera-electron volt(s)...1012 eV. A one-gram paper clip dropped one meter strikes the ground with a kinetic energy on the order of 1017 eV (105 TeV). {Sci Amer, Dec 92}
TF terrain following {TAB93-1}
TFCU transportable field calibration unit {BMEWS Site III}
TFE telemetry front end {DSP}
TFG tactical fighter group
TFR terrain-following radar {TAB93-1}
TFRD telemetry frame reference document {AFSCN}
TFRS time and frequency reference subsystem {Milstar}
TFS time/frequency standard {Milstar}
TFW tactical fighter wing, e.g., 50 TFW
TGA transportable ground antenna...Det 25 GPS antenna stationed at CAPE, moving to CISF at PAFB
TGLI terminal ground-launched interceptor
TGP targeting pod {TAB93-1}
TGS terminal guidance sensorÞ transportable ground station {AFSCN}Þ Turkish General Staff
TGT target {20 AF}
THAAD theater high-altitude area defense {BMDO}
Thai-1/2 Thai C-band comsats.
THC total hydrocarbons {EPA}
THL Thule (Greenland)
ThreatCon threat condition:
- Alpha: General warning of possible hostile activity
- Bravo: Increased and more predictable threat of hostile activity
- Charlie: Some form of hostile activity is imminent
- Delta: Hostile attack has occurred or intelligence has been received that hostile action against a specific location is likely {CBTS}
THz terahertz...1012 cycles per second
TI TAG (technical advisors group) interface {NATO IVB}Þ Texas Instruments...electronics manufacturer
T&I test and integration
TIAP theater intelligence architecture plan
TIARA tactical intelligence and related activities
TIBS tactical information broadcast service {AFSPC/DOX}
TIC thermionic integrated circuit
TIDS tactical imagery dissemination system {DMSP}Þ target information display system
TIFF tagged image file format {AFSC2S}
TIG Telecommunications Internationales Gabonaises...Gabon's Inmarsat signatoryÞ The Inspector GeneralÞ tungsten inert gas
TIGR time inertial guidance and radar
TIM technical interchange meeting
TINAFA this is not an acronym for anything {GT}
TIP terminal imaging radarÞ tracking and impact prediction...program to predict impact time and location of objects with a radar cross section (RCS) of one meter or larger; all payloads and rocket bodies are normally included
TIPS telemetry integrated processing system {30 SW}
Tiros television (and) infrared observation satellite...first weather satellite
Tiros-N Tiros-NOAA...fourth-generation operational 530 mi near-polar circular sun-synchronous environmental satellite. Control center and central data processing facility in Suitland MD. First launch 13 Oct 78.
TIRSS theater intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance study...USAF study
TISD TAF (tactical air forces) integrated situation display {C4SMP}
TISS trans-ionospheric sensing system {AFSPC/DOG}
Titan Martin Marietta booster:
- Titan 2 is an ICBM converted to a booster, 1600 lb capability (e.g., DMSP) to polar orbit from Vandenberg AFB
- Titan 3 was a commercial ELV; 31,900 lb to LEO, first launch 1989
- Titan 3E phased out in 1977
- Titan 34D/IUS has a Titan core and two 5-segment, 120 inch, strap-on SRMs, guided by IUS inertial guidance system, phased out in 1987; launched only from Cape Canaveral
- Titan 34D/RGS (radio guidance system) is a radio-guided Titan 34D without the IUS, launched only from Vandenbery; first launch Jun 83
- Titan IV has a 10,000 lb capability to GEO; two 7-segment SRMs, stretched core, 200-inch diameter payload fairing, hybrid Centaur G-prime upper stage, 41-booster buy
TIU telemetry interface unit {AFSCN}Þ timing insertion unitÞ TRANSEC interface unit {Milstar}
TIV Titan IV
TIWG technical interface working group {SR 27-2}
TLA three-letter acronym {50 SW/CVX}
TLAR that looks about right {AFSPC/HC}
TLC telemetry limit check {DSP}Þ tender loving care
TLCC thin line connectivity capability {TW/AA}
TLCF teleconference {WIN}
TLD thermoluminescent dosimeter...instrument to measure t-rays in a Shuttle environment
TLE target location error
TLM telemetry
TLMPE telemetry processing and evaluation {CPCI 203}
TLQ transient living quarters
TLU target location uncertainty {20 AF}
TLV target launch vehicle
TLWR top-level warfare requirement {NAVSPACECOM}
TM technical manualÞ telemetryÞ test manager {20 AF}Þ thematic mapper {Landsat}Þ transparent message {Milstar}
TMD tactical missile defenseÞ theater missile defense {BMDO}
TMDE test measurement and diagnostic equipment {BMEWS Site III}
TMDR telemetry data reduction
TME technical maintenance equipment {AFSCN}
TMDE test, measurement and diagnostic equipment {PML}
TMF training MCC (mission control complex) facility...old name for SOTF
TMGS transportable mission ground station
TMIB to make it balance {AFSPC/FM}
TMIG telemetry inertial guidance
TMO telemetry monitoring officerÞ traffic management officeÞ transportation management office {BMEWS Site III}
TMR test module review {NAVSPACECOM}
TMS test maintenance squadron {20 AF}Þ type, model and series {AFSCN}
TN TennesseeÞ terrestrial networkÞ test node
TNDS T-1 network diagnostic system {AFSCN}
TNS see "Tanegashima"
TNSA technical nuclear safety analysis {20 AF}
TNW theater nuclear war {C4SMP}
TO technical order {AFI 10-1204}
T/O turnover {CSOC}
TOA time of arrivalÞ total obligation authority...the value of a direct defense program for each fiscal year, regarless of the method of financing {AFP 170-1, 30 Sep 84}
TOAG turnover activation group {CSOC ILSP}
TOBC test operations basic certification {CSTC}
TOC telemetry operations controlÞ transaction origination code {DLA}
TODA technical order distribution account {AFSCN}
TODO technical order distribution office {AFSCN}
TOE technical operating equipment {AFSCN}
TOF time of flight {TAB93-1}
TOG total organic gases {EPA}
TOI test operations instruction {50 OPG}Þ track of interest {C4SMP}
TOM target object mapÞ transitioning operations and maintenance {CSOC ILSP}
TOMP task order management plan {50 CTS}
TOMS total ozone mapping spectrometer {NASA}
TOO test operations order {AFSCN}
TOPEX topography experiment...NASA ocean study to make radar altimetry measurements of the surface of the sea; candidate designs include MMS, advanced Tiros-N, GPS
TOPS transistorised operational phone system {NATO IVB}
TOR tactical operations roomÞ tentative operational requirement {NAVSPACECOM}Þ terms of referenceÞ technical operating report {AFSCN}
TOS time on station {AFMPC}Þ transfer orbit stage...solid propellant upper stage being developed for low orbit maneuvers; uses first stage of IUS, can put 13,400 lb payload in GEO. Selected to place Mars Observer into interplanetary trajectory.
TOS/AMS Combined TOS (transfer orbit stage) and AMS (apogee and maneuvering stage). 6500 lb payload capability into geosynchronous orbit.
TOS/ACT Combined TOS (transfer orbit stage) and ACTS (advanced communications technology satellite).
TOS-S Shortened TOS (transfer orbit stage).
TOTP time on target precision {20AF}
TOTS transistorized operational telephone system {50 OPG}Þ TRW orbital test system {AFSCN}
TOVS Tiros operational vertical sounder...Tiros-N sensor
TOW test objective worksheet {AFSPC/DOT}
TOWG turnover working group {CSOC}
TP temporary procedure {50 SW}Þ toilet paperÞ trial period {NORAD}
TPALS transportable protection against accidental launch system
TPAM technical program appraisal memorandum {NAVSPACECOM}
TPAR technology producibility assessment review {FEWS}
TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data
TPFDL time-phased force deployment list
TPI two-person integrity {AFSCN}
TPO test program outline {CSOC}
TPP telemetry preprocessor
TPPS test program schedule {NATO IVB}
TPR temporary procedure request {50 SW}Þ test problem report {GPS}Þ trained personnel requirement {Milstar}
TPRP trial period review panel {SR 27-2}
TPS technical power systemÞ thermal protective system
TPSI time position space information
TPT training planning team {CSOC ILSP}
TPWG test planning working group {CSOC}
TQ total quality {DODD 5000.51-G}
TQA total quality awareness {QAF}
TQE total quality excellence {AFSCN}
TQL total quality leadership {QAF}
TQM total quality management {QAF}
TQW total quality waste {QAF}
TR technical reportÞ technical reviewÞ test range {20 AF}Þ tracking radar, e.g., AN/FPS-49, AN/FPS-79, AN/FPS-92
T/R transmit/receive
TRAC3 tracking, communication, command and control (system)
TRACC test repair and asset control center {AFSCN}
TRACE-A transport and chemistry near the equator-Atlantic {NASA}
TRACS terminal radar and control system {C4SMP}
TRADEX target resolution and discrimination experiment {AFSPC/DOY}
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command {U.S. Army}
TRADS terminal radar and display system {C4SMP}
TRAM trajectory reconstruction analysis method
TRANSEC - transmission security
transfer orbit - An intermediate orbit used to reach the geosynchronous orbit. {Sat Ntbk #19}
Transit Navy navsat operational in 1964; TT&C by Navy Astronautics Group, Point Mugu, CA, tracking stations in California, Minnesota, Maine and Hawaii. Provides 30-meter fixed site accuracy.
TRAP tactical related applicationsÞ thermal radiation program
TRAR training requirements analysis report {TSRA}
TRD C&DP tracking and orbit determination CPCI. {SMC Det 5}
TRE tactical receive element
TREE transient radiation effects in electronics...refers to dose, rate, total dose, and neutron effects in electronics
TREP thrusted replica (decoys)
TREWS training range electronic warfare simulators {AFSCN}
TRG technical review group {AFSPC/DOT}
Triad BMDO-managed ARPA directed energy program:
- Alpha is a 5 MW hydrogen fluoride chemical laser
- Lode is a large (4M) optics demonstration experiment
- TALON GOLD is a pointing and tracking telescope experiment to evaluate the ability of a satellite-borne low-energy laser to track potential targets accurately (0.2 microradians). Terminated Jan 85.
trigabits A computer term meaning one trillion bits.
TRI-TAC Joint tactical communications program.
TRK track(ing)
TRMM tropical rainfall measuring mission {NASA}
TRORD tracking and orbit determination {Milstar}
TRP test resource plan {AFOTEC}
TRR tracking, range, and range ARTS receiver
TRRB test readiness review board {SR 27-2}
TRRO tape recorder readout {AFSCN}
TRS telemetry receiving site {AFSCN}
TRT/FTC TRT/FTC Telecommunications Corporation
TRTS transportable remote tracking station {AFSCN}
TRW [formerly] Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge...Aerospace manufacturer
TS timing subsystem {CSOC}Þ top secret
TSA tactical support architecture {TW/AA}
TSAF telemetry slot assignment file {DMSP}
TSAR training system requirements analysis {NDS}
TSBAR training system basis analysis report {TSRA}
TSC technical services contractÞ test support complex...obsolete, now SOCÞ transmit signal conditioner
TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act
TSCB-1 threat scenario case B-1
TSCM technical surveillance countermeasures {AFSCN}
TSCS traffic switch control system {CSOC}
TSD tactical surveillance demonstration {TALON SHIELD}Þ test start date {TW/AA}Þ treatment, storage and disposal {ECAMP}
TSDF treatment, storage and disposal facility {EPA}
TSE technical support equipment {AFSCN}Þ traffic switch equipment {CSOC}Þ T S Eliot
TSF tactical situation format {TALON LANCE}Þ technical support facility {SR 27-2}
TSG tactical support group {NAVSPACECOM}
TSGT technical sergeant
TS&I training support and integration...50 CTS Flightsafety Services Corp. contract
TSIP trouble shooting in progress
TSM telecommunication simulatorÞ Thomas S. Moorman
TSMR training support modification request {50 CTS}
TSO telemetry systems operator {DMSP}Þ time share option {50 CTS}
TSP telecommunications service priority {DISA}Þ total suspended particulates {EPA}
TSPR total system performance responsibility
TSPS technical support power system
TSR telecommunications service request {DSCS, NATO IVB}Þ terminal surveillance radar {C4SMP}
TSRA training system requirements analysis
TSS tactical space system {JROCM-47-90, 12 Jul 90}Þ technical services support...see "CSO"Þ telecommunications switching systemÞ telemetry simulation system...GPS block II/IIA simulatorÞ terminal surveillance sensorÞ tethered satellite system...Shuttle experiment to deploy and retrieve a tethered satellite from distances up to 100 km from the Shuttle, and to measure engineering data from a payload on the satellite; TSS-1 is 20m long, TSS-2 100kmÞ timing subsystem (AFSCN)Þ Titan security system {30 SW}Þ total suspended solids {ECAMP}Þ track staging suite {C4SMP}
TS/SA top secret/special access
TSSAM tri-service standoff attack missile {AFSPC/DOX}
TST thermal stress test {UFO}Þ transportable S-band terminalÞ tuberculin skin testÞ test annex, e.g., Verona TST NY {1 SURS}
TSTR transportable satellite test name for TVCF-W
TSVET-1 Russian visual color meter used to study light characteristics of objects on the earth's surface.
TT thrust termination {NASA}Þ Tyuratam...CIS launch complex
T&T test and training...GPS GSF software
TTC telemetry test console
TT&C telemetry, tracking and commanding...telemetry provides the health and status of a satellite, tracking information (angular and range data) is used to update predicted orbital parameters and ephemerides, commanding controls the satellite
TTDR tracking and telemetry data receiver {AFSCN}
TTL transistor-transistor logic
TTMTC Tyuratam missile test center
TTR target tracking radarÞ test transponder receiver {AFSCN}
TTS Thule Tracking Station...see "POGO"
TTSU tape time search unit {AFSCN}
TTT test transponder transmitter {AFSCN}
TTY teletype
TU timing unit {Milstar}Þ Turkey
TUA tactical utility assessment {TENCAP}
TUDE teletype user data entry {TW/AA}
Tunde Hungarian-CIS-German instrument carried on Vega space probes to record cosmic radiation and study accelerated ions in the vicinity of Halley's Comet.
TV televisionÞ thermal vacuumÞ threat value
TVA thrust vector actuator
TVC thrust vector command {20 AF}Þ thrust vector control
TVCF transportable vehicle checkout facility...TVCF-W now called TSTR
TVCS transportable vehicle checkout system
TVD theater of military operations (teatre voennykh destvii)
TVE technology validation experiment {BMDO}
TVI target verification interrogation {20 AF}
TVR target verification response {20 AF}
TVS telemetry validation system
Tv-Sat German 2065 kg DBS being built by the Eurosatellite consortium. Uplink 17.7-18.1 GHz. Downlink 11.7-12.1 GHz. Five channels. First launch Apr 87; failed to properly deploy solar panels and is not usable.
TW tactical warning {C4SMP}
TW/AA tactical warning and attack assessment
TWC telemetry wavetrain catalog {AFSCN}
TWG transfer working group {AFSCN}Þ turnover working group {COBRADANE}
TWS track while scan {TAB93-1}
TWT travelling wave tube
TWTA travelling wave tube amplifier
TWX teletypewriter exchange...often used to mean the message transmitted by teletype {USAF
Dictionary, 1956}
TX TexasÞ transmit(ter)
Type I launch - A domestic or cooperative launch that could become a reportable event.
Type II launch - A domestic or cooperative launch (other than Type I) whose detection by sensors is expected.
Type III launch - A domestic or cooperative launch (other than Type I) whose detection by sensors is not expected but possible.
Type IV launch - A domestic or cooperative launch (other than Type I) whose detection by sensors is not expected.
Tyuratam CIS launch site.


U unclassifiedÞ UNIFORM {military phonetics alphabet}

UA Underwriters AcceptedÞ user agency {50 SPS}
UAC unified army corps {CIS}
UAL United Air LinesÞ user authorized list
UAO upper air observatory
UAPRP unescorted access and personnel reliability program {NASA}
UAR unattended radar {C4SMP}Þ unscheduled activity report {AFSCN}
UARS upper atmosphere research satellite...GSFC concept for studying critical atmospheric processes, including the extent of ozone depletion and the possible ramifications it could have on climate
UAS Ukrainian Academy of Sciences...produces sensors and equipment for use in space
UBC uniform building codeÞ University of British Columbia
UBE upper band edge
UCA undefinitized contract action {50 LSS}
UCCS University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Uchinoura see "Kagoshima"
UCL upper confidence limit {20 AF}
UCMJ uniform code of military justice
UCN universal control number {AFSPC/DOT}
UCP unified command plan
UCR unit cost resourcing {DBOF}
UCT uncorrelated target {GEODSS}
UCV unmanned cargo vehicle
UDL unit detail listing
UDMH unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine...fuel used in Titan, Ariane and others
UDS universal documentation system {AFSCN}
UE user equipment {GPS}
UEI unit effectiveness inspection {IG}
UEM user ephemeris message {Milstar}
UERE user equivalent range error
UFO unidentified flying objectÞ UHF follow-on...unofficial nickname; formally called UHF F/O. Navy comsat (operated by 3SOPS) to replace and upgrade the FLTSAT/LEASAT system. A full UFO constellation will consist of eight active satellites and one on-orbit spare. Each UFO satellite provides almost twice as many channels as FLTSAT does, at about 10% more power per channel, giving global communications to shore-based and mobile users. Each UFO has 21 narrowband channels (using 5 KHz bandwidth), 17 relay channels (using 25 KHz bandwidth), and one fleet broadcast channel (using 25 KHz bandwidth), for a total of 39 channels (using 55 KHz bandwidth). In contrast, FLTSAT has only 22 channels (using 310 KHz bandwidth), excluding an NCA wideband channel (500 KHz bandwith) that was not used extensively and was deleted on UFO.
- UFO-1, launched Mar 93, is drifting 3.5°W/day (Atlas put it in the wrong orbit)
- UFO-2, launched Sep 93, provides Indian Ocean coverage from 72°E
UFPM unit fitness program monitor {AFMPC}
UGDF uniform gridded data field {DMSP}
UGH underwhelming grasp of history {GT}
UGT underground test
UHF ultra-high frequency...0.3-3 GHz
UHF F/O see "UFO"
UHFS ultra-high frequency subsystem {Milstar}
UIU unclassified interface unit {AFSCN}
UK United Kingdom
UKCC United Kingdom Control Centre {AFSCN}
UKS United Kingdom subsatellite...UK contribution to Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorer (AMPTE) launched 16 Aug 84 on Delta 3924. Failed due to power system malfunction.
UKSOF United Kingdom satellite operations facility {NATO IVB}
UL unauthorized launch {20 AF}Þ upload {GPS}
U/L uplink
ULON urgent launch on need
ULTRIX UNIX-based DEC operating system. {AFSC2S}
ULV unmanned launch vehicle
Ulysses ESA spacecraft to be launched on Shuttle (IUS/PAM upper stages) in a trajectory over the sun's poles to provide new information on solar wind and the sun (heliosphere); formerly called ISPM.
UMD unit manning documentÞ unit manpower document {AFSPC/CS}
UMMIPS uniform material movement and issue priority system {DODD 4410.6}
UMODRR unable to meet office data retrieval requirements {AFSCN}
UMT undergraduate missile training {AFSPC/DOM}
UN United Nations
UN-COPOUS - United Nations committee on peaceful uses of space
UND urgency of need designator
- UND A: cannot perform the mission
- UND B: mission impaired
- UND C: firm future requirements and stock replenishment
UNIFORM Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "U."
Unisat Derivative of Eurostar broadcast spacecraft, to provide direct broadcast satellite (DBS) TV services.
Unisys Unisys Defense Systems, Inc., 7222 Commerce Center Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80919...Falcon AFB LAN contractor
UNITA National Union for Total Independence of Angola
UNK unknown
UNT undergraduate navigator training
UOD uniform of the day
UOTHC under other than honorable conditions {UCMJ}
UPAR unit public affairs representative {AFSPC/PA}
UPI unified payload integration {Titan IV}
uplink Communication from a ground station to a satellite.
UPMR unit personnel management roster {CSOC}
UPRG unit personnel record group {AFMPC}
UPS ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopyÞ uninterruptible power source/supply/systemÞ United Parcel Service
UPT undergraduate pilot training
UQT unit qualification training
UR unfunded requirementÞ unsatisfactory report
U/R user requirement {CSOC}
URE user range error {GPS}
URSO unit radiation safety officer {AFR 161-16}
US United States (of America)...use "U.S." when writing in all caps, to avoid confusion with the pronoun "us"Þ user segment {DMSP}
U.S. United States (of America)...should be used when writing in all caps, to avoid confusion with the pronoun "us"
U&S unified and specified
USA Ukrainian space agency...coordinates Ukrainian space activities with other nationsÞ United States ArmyÞ United States of AmericaÞ unit self-assessment {QAF}
USAF United States Air Force
USAFA United States Air Force Academy
USAFAWC - United States Air Force Air Warfare Center, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6008
USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe, APO AE 09094-5001
USAFLO United States Air Force liaison officer {BMEWS Site III}
USAKA United States Army, Kwajalein Atoll...9.5°N latitude, 173.5°E longitude; formerly KMR
USAR United States Army Reserve
USARDAISA - United States Army Research Development Acquisition Information System Agency {C4SMP}
USAREUR - United States Army Europe
USARSPACE - United States Army Space Command, Colorado Springs CO...component of USSPACECOM, subordinate command to USASSDC, and U.S. Army advocate for space operations
USASCH United States Army Support Command Hawaii {HULA}
USASDC U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command...obsolete, now USASSDC
USASI United States Army Space Institute
USASSDC United States Army Space and Strategic Defense Command...formerly USASDC
USAWC United States Army War College
USBI Unified Space Booster Inc.
USC Unified Space Command...obsolete, now USSPACECOMÞ United States Code
USCENTCOM - United States Central Command
USCG United States Coast Guard
USCGR United States Coast Guard Reserve
USCINCEUR - Commander in Chief, Europe
USCINCLANT - Commander in Chief, Atlantic
USCINCPAC - Commander in Chief, Pacific
USCINCSOCOM - Commander in Chief, United States Special Operations Command
USCINCSPACE - Commander in Chief, United States Space Command
USCS United States Customs Service
USCSIS United States Space Command Space Intelligence System
USDA Under Secretary of Defense for AcquisitionÞ United States Department of Agriculture
USELMNORAD - United States element North American Aerospace Defense Command {C4SMP}
USEUCOM - United States European Command
USFJ United States Forces, Japan
USFS United States Forest Service
USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service
USG United States gallon(s) {AFSCN}Þ United States Government
USGS United States Geologic Survey
USIC USSPACECOM I&W (indications and warning) center, CMAS CO
USL United Satellite, Ltd...Unisat sponsor
USLANTCOM - United States Atlantic Command
USMA United States Military Academy
USMC United States Marine Corps
USMCR United States Marine Corps Reserve
USMF user software maintenance facility {AFSPC/DOM}
USML Series of flights of a microgravity materials processing laboratory attached to the Shuttle.Þ U.S. Munitions List...ITAR section 121 {AFI 10-1210}
USMP United States microgravity payload {NASA}
USMT undergraduate space and missile training...Vandenberg AFB 13SXX career field course {AFR50-48}
USN United States Navy
USNA United States Naval Academy
USNO United States Naval Observatory
USNR United States Naval Reserve
USO United Service Organizations
USOSAT Scientific and educational satellite built and operated by England's Surrey University, launched 1 Mar 84 from Vandenberg AFB, CA.
USPACOM United States Pacific Command
USPS United States Postal Service
USSF United States Soccer FederationÞ United States Space Foundation
USSOCOM - United States Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOM - United States Southern Command
USSPACECOM - United States Space Command...responsible for space operations, warning and ballistic missile defense planning
USSPACECOMR - United States Space Command regulation {AFI10-1204}
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics...obsolete, now CIS
USSS United States Secret Service
UST undergraduate space trainingÞ underground storage tank {ECAMP}Þ universal standard time (Z)
USSTRATCOM - United States Strategic Command
USTS UHF (ultra high frequency) satellite terminal system
UT Utah
UTA unified tracking antenna {14 AF}Þ unit training assembly {7 SOPS}
UTAD UFO (UHF follow-on) training augmentation device
UTC United Technologies Corporation...SRM manufacturerÞ unit type code {AFR 55-15}Þ coordinated universal time
UTILIDOR - utility corridor {50 CES}
UTTMDS upper tier theater missile defense system {USSPACECOM/J6N}
UTTR Utah test and training range
UV ultraviolet
UVAM ultraviolet astronomy mission
UVC uniform vulnerability indication of distance a satellite must be from a detonation in space to survive
UVX ultraviolet experiment...Shuttle experiment to measure the galactic and extragalactic contribution to the diffuse ultraviolet background radiation in the 600-3200 angstrom region


V velocityÞ VICTOR {military phonetics alphabet}Þ visible {DMSP}Þ volt(s)
VA VirginiaÞ vulnerability assessment {AFR 15-1}
VAB vehicle assembly building {Shuttle}Þ vertical assembly building {30 SW}
VAC volts alternating current
vacuum impact point - An impact prediction that has not been corrected for atmospheric drag, earth rotation, or other influencing factors. {LCU, 15 Jan 84}
VADM vice admiral
VAFB Vandenberg AFB, California
Van Allen Belts - Two regions of charged particles in the earth's magnetosphere. Named after the American physicist James Alfred Van Allen. The belts present a potential hazard to manned and unmanned space missions due to their degrading effect on materials and to the effects of radiation on the human body.
VAR vehicle anomaly report {AFI10-1208}Þ visit authorization request {50 SPS}
VAS visible infrared spin-scan radiometer atmospheric sounder...used in GOESÞ voice alerting system
VAT value added tax {LION}Þ voice architecture team {AFSCN}
VAX virtual address extension {COBRADANE}
Vazon Greenhouse on SALYUT-7 space station used to grow plants in zero-gravity.
VBO vertical burnout
VCAP vehicle charging and potential...Stanford University experiment to generate and accelerate electron beams through the atmosphere
VCC vehicle command count {GPS}
VCF vehicle checkout facility
VCINCNORAD - Vice Commander-in-Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command
VCN version content notification {AFSPC/DOT}
VCNCO vehicle control noncommissioned officer {21 LSS/LGS}
VCO vehicle control officer {21 LSS/LGS}Þ voltage-controlled oscillator
VCP vehicle control program {AFSPC/LG}
VCR video cassette recorder
VCS velocity control system
VCXO voltage-controlled crystal oscillator {GPS}
VD vehicle director {AFSCN}Þ venereal disease
V/D voice digitizer
VDC volts direct current
VDD version description document
VDIR video data insertion and retrieval (unit)
VDOP vertical dilution of precision
VDP vehicle down for parts {AFSCN}
VDS video distribution system {C4SMP}
VDT video display terminal {50 SW/SE}
VE value engineering {AFR 320-1}Þ VIGILANT EAGLE {AFSPC/DP}
VECP value engineering change proposal
Vega CIS Venus-Halley's Comet rendezvous satellite.
- Vega 1 launched 15 Dec 84; descent module landed on Venus 11 Jun 85; passed within 5,600 miles of Halley's Comet 6 Mar 86
- Vega 2 launched 21 Dec 84; descent module landed on Venus 15 Jun 85; passed within 5,000 miles of Halley's Comet 9 Mar 86
VEH vehicle
Vela First nuclear detonation detection satellite system. First pair launched 16 Oct 63, last pair launched 8 Apr 70 (total of 12). Circular 60,000 mi orbits. Retired 27 Sep 84.
Veloergometer - Exercise machine on Salyut-7.
Vernadsky CIS Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry.
VERNY CIS monkey launched 10 Jun 85 on COSMOS 1667.
VESS velocity extraction subsystem
Vesta Future CIS/French multi-spacecraft mission to Venus (CIS) and flyby of selected asteriods/comets (French)...four spacecraft on two Proton launchers.
4-Vesta Asteriod.
VF Valley Forge {GE}Þ voice frequency {AFSCN}
VFCT voice frequency carrier telegraph
VFLO variable frequency local oscillator
VFO variable frequency oscillator {AFSCN}
VFR visual flight rules {Shuttle}
VGK Supreme High Command {CIS}
V&H vulnerability and hardening
VHF very high frequency...30-300 MHz
VHSIC very high speed integrated circuit
VIB variable induction box {50 CES}Þ vertical integration building {CCAS}
VICTOR Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "V."
VID version installation date {TW/AA}Þ visual identification {TAB93-1}
Viking Swedish Space Corp. scientific satellite to gather data on earth's magnetosphere. Launched 22 Feb 86 on Ariane 1.
VIM vehicle information message
VIMS visual and infrared mapping spectrometer {NASA}
VIN vehicle identification number
VINSON Encrypted UHF communications system.
VIONA CIS monkey launched on COSMOS 1514.
VIP very important person
VIPS Vandenberg impact prediction system
VISSR visible/infrared spin scan radiometer {DMSP}
VISTAR visible (light) space-based tracking and reporting system
VITA volunteer income tax assistant
VIU vehicle interface unit
VL visible light
VLBI very-long-baseline interferometry...a wavelength determination process used in making astronomical measurements
VLF very low frequency...3-30 KHz
VLP vertical log periodic
VLS Vandenberg (AFB) launch (and landing) site...obsolete, now 30 SWÞ vertical launch system
VLSI very large scale integration...a chip containing hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of individual elements, and more than 64,000 bits of memory {Sandia}
VLSIC very large-scale integrated circuit
VLTP voluntary leave transfer program {CPO}
VLWIR very long wavelength infrared
VM video monitor {C4SMP}Þ Vuilleumier
VMARS video metric and reduction system
VMB variable mixing box {50 CES}
VMC visual meteorological conditions {TAB93-1}
VMF vehicle maintenance facility {Milstar}
VMS virtual memory system {Milstar}
VNIR visible and near-infrared radiometer {NAVSPACECOM}
VO vehicle operations {AFSCN}
VOC volatile organic compound {EPA}
VOCO verbal orders of the commanding officer
VOD version operational date {TW/AA}
VOE/1 0470, 1920, 2124, 2272, 2567, 3028, 3055, 3151, 3160, 4373, 51XX, 5329, 5681, 5775, 5953, 6142, 6374, 6738, 7350, 7484, 7641, 8701, 9521, 9783, 9794
VOE/2 4524, 4955, 5037, 6451, 6453, 7314, 8275, 93XX, 94XX
VOF 1103, 1294, 1311, 2532, 2743, 3187, 4643, 6790, 7802, 8711, 9845
VOI volume of interest
VOIR Venus orbiting imaging radar
VOL volume
Volgograd Station - Kapustin Yar
VOMUX voice multiplexer {AFSCN}
VOO vehicle operations officer {AFSCN}
VOP vehicle operating procedures {AFSCN}
VOQ visiting officer quarters
VOR VHF (very high frequency) omnidirectional range
VOS MCC-VIII (SOC-39)...Shuttle MCC at 750 SGPÞ virtual operating system
Vostok 1 Earth's first manned space flight (12 Apr 61 - Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin).
VOW voice orderwire {AFSCN}
VOX voice {AFSCN}
VP vice president
VPE vapor phase epitaxy
VPF vertical processing facility {NASA}
VPK CIS military-industrial commission.
VQL visual query language {AFSC2S}
VR vertical release {TW/AA}Þ very respectfully {Navy}
VRC violation reason code {DLA}
VRLA valve-regulated lead-acid (battery) {20 AF}
VRM Venus radar mapper...experiment to map the surface of Venus
VRNCC Vandenberg (AFB) range network control center
VRPM vertical release planning meeting {AFSPC/DOT}
VSAM virtual storage access method {AFSCN}
VSAT very small aperture terminal
VSI voluntary separation initiative {AFMPC}
VSL variable safety level {DLA}
VSTOL vertical/short take-off and landing
VSWR voltage standing wave ratio
VT Vermont
V/T voltage/temperature {DMSP}
VTA Voyenno Transportnaya Aviatsiya...CIS military transport aviation
VTC video teleconference
VTIR visible and thermal infrared radiometer {NAVSPACECOM}
VTOC volume table of contents {AFSCN}
VTOL vertical take-off and landing
VTRS Vandenberg telemetry receiving station
VTS Vandenberg Tracking Station...see "COOK"Þ vessel traffic service {USCG}
Vulcain HM60 first stage cryogenic engine for Ariane 5.
V&V validation and verification
VV&A verification, validation and accreditation {HQ USAF/CVA}
VWSS vertical wire skyscreen


w watt(s)
W westÞ WHISKEY {military phonetics alphabet}
WA Washington

W/A wide angleÞ workaround {DSCS}
W&A warning and assessment
WAA wide aperture array
WABNRES - WWMCCS (worldwide military command and control system) airborne resources {USSPACECOM}
WAC Williams, Adley and Co...750 SPTS FY92 IM services contractor
WACS wheel actuator control system {Milstar}
WAD work authorizing document {AFSCN}
WALT warning assessment logic terminal {TW/AA}
WAM WWMCCS (worldwide military command and control system) ADP (automated data processing) modernization {C4SMP}
WAMDII wide-angle Michelson doppler imaging interferometer...set of Shuttle instruments that study upper atmospheric winds
WAN wide area network
WAPA western area power administration
WAPS weighted airman promotion system {AFR 50-44}Þ winds aloft processing system
WARC World Administrative Radio Conference
WARM wartime reserve modesÞ wartime reserve modules {NAVSPACECOM}
WAS weapons alerting system {C4SMP}
WASS wide area surveillance system
WAST2 wide area surveillance tracking and targeting {TW/AA}
WATS wide area telephone service
wave number - The reciprocal of wavelength...the number of waves per unit distance in the direction of propagation.
WB wideband
WB/BH wideband/backhaul {AFSCN}
WB/C wideband/coherent {AFSPC/DOY}
WBDBLT wideband doublet
WBS work breakdown structure {MIL-STD-881}
WC water closetÞ wing commander {20 AF}
WCC wing control centerÞ work control center {AFSCN}
WCL warfighting capability level {USSPACECOM/J6}
WCOOA west coast offshore operating area {30 SW}
WCP weapon control processorÞ wing command post
WCPS wing code processing system {20 AF}
WCRS west coast radar system {TW/AA}
WC2S wing command and control system {C4SMP}
WDC wideband direct connectivity...previously called wideband data communications; DSIS for CSOC, operational Jan 92
WDD Western Development Division (ARDC)...obsolete; established in 1954, the predecessor of Los Angeles AFB
WDL western development laboratory {AFSCN}
WDR warranty deficiency report {AFSCN}
WDT warning display terminal...a terminal used to display tactical warning and attack assessment (TW/AA) information
web The thickness of solid propellant in a rocket motor from the initial ignition surface to the insulated wall of the motor case; the total length of an end-burning charge.
WEC Westinghouse Electric Corporation...contractor
WECF west entry control facility, Falcon AFB CO...also called WGECF
WEFAX weather facsimile {DMSP}
Westar Hughes/Western Union geostationary commercial C-band comsat. TT&C station at Glenwood NJ. First launch 13 Apr 74.
WESTLANT - west Atlantic...DSCS III satellite at 52.5°W longitude; also called WLANT
WESTPAC - west Pacific...DSCS III satellite at 175°E longitude; also called WPAC
WEZ weapon engagement zone {TAB93-1}
WFE wave front error
WFF Wallops flight facility
WFOV wide field of view
WFR wind-finding radar
WFS wideband frequency synthesizer {Milstar}
WG wave guideÞ working group
WGECF west gate entry control facility, Falcon AFB CO...also called WECF
WGF Western Group of Forces {CIS}
WGS world geodetic system {GPS}
WHCA White House Communications Agency
WHISKEY Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "W."
WHITE HORSE - Neutral particle beam demonstrator tested at Los Alamos NM.
WHS Washington Headquarters Service
WI Wisconsin
WIC warning information correlation
WIFC Wallops Island Flight Center, VA...37.5°N latitude, 75.3°W longitude
WIMS work information management system {50 CES}
WIN whip inflation now {President Ford}Þ WWMCCS information networkÞ WWMCCS intercomputer network {TW/AA}
WINCS WWMCCS information network communications subsystem
Wind NASA ISTP-related satellite to collect data on the solar wind's effect on the earth's magnetosphere.
Windstorm - Code name for Chinese rocket series developed during 1970s (in parallel with Long March 2 boosters); canceled in early 1980s. One unsuccessful satellite launch.
WIS WWMCCS information system
WKRP Fanciful Cincinnati OH radio station.
WLANT west Atlantic...DSCS III satellite at 52.5°W longitude; also called WESTLANT
WLC workload control {AFSCN}
WLF western launch facility {VAFB}
WLM weapon launch module
WLS western launch site
WMP war and mobilization plan {AFR 55-15}Þ weight management program {AFMPC}
WNINTEL warning notice--sensitive intelligence sources or methods involved
WNW west-northwest
WOC wing operations center {C4SMP}
WOD word of day {Milstar}
WP Warsaw Pact...obsoleteÞ weapon platformÞ white phosphorousÞ WordPerfect...word processing software
WPAC west Pacific...DSCS III satellite at 175°E longitude; also called WESTPAC
WPAFB Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433
WPOE water port of entry {BMEWS Site III}
WPR wind profile radar {AFSPC/DOGW}
WR warhead reliability {20 AF}Þ western range {30 SW}
WRA weapon release authority
WR-ALC Warner-Robins Air Logistics Center
Wrasse Commercial analog weather receiver fielded in Army corps, divisions and separate brigades.
WRB warfare requirements board {NAVSPACECOM}
WRC wing readiness center...50 LG candidate for Golden Goose Award {SR 102-2}
WRSK war readiness spares kits
WRT with respect to
WSA weapons storage area {20 AF}
WSAC weapon system advice code {DLA}
WSC warning system controllerÞ weapon system controller
WSCE weapon system control element
WSDB weapon systems data base {DLA}
WSDC weapon system designator code {DLA}
WSEC weapon system essentiality code {DLA}
WSES weapon systems evaluation squadron {20 AF}
WSGS White Sands ground station
WSGT White Sands ground terminal...NASA TDRSS ground station
WSI wafer scale integrationÞ weather severity index
WSIC weapon system indicator code {DLA}
WSIF weapon system item file {DLA}
WSJ Wall Street Journal
WSM weapon system miss {20 AF}
WSMC weapon system management code {DLA}Þ Western Space and Missile Center...obsolete, now Western Range
WSMIS weapon system management information system {DLA}
WSMP weapon system master plan {20AF}
WSMR White Sands Missile Range NM 88002...40.4°N latitude, 110.0°W longitude
WSO weapon system officer {TAB93-1}
WSP Washington State Patrol {FAIR}
WSPAR weapon system program assessment review {SMC}
WSR weapon system reliability {20 AF}
W/SR watts per steradian
WSRP W-sensor receiver-processor {GPS}
WSSC weapon system status code {DLA}
WSSP weapon systems support program {DLA}
WSSR weapon system safety rules {AFSPC/DOM}
WSTC wet-slug tantalum capacitor {20AF}
WSTF (Johnson Space Center) White Sands test facility
WSU Washington State University {FAIR}Þ weather support unit {CSOC}
WSUM weapon system users manual {DLA}
WSV weapon system vehicle
WSW west-southwest
WTA weapon target assignment
WTCI Western TeleCommunications, Inc.
WTP weapon task plan {USSPACECOM/J6N}
WTR Western Test Range...obsolete, now Western Range
WU Western Union Telegraph Company
WUC work unit code {AFSCN}
WUII Western Union International
WV West Virginia
WVCF Western Vehicle Checkout Facility, Vandenberg AFB CA
WVS world vector shoreline {DMA}
WW weather wing...obsolete
WWABNCP - worldwide airborne command post {TW/AA}
WWF Wallops Island Flight Facility
WWIMS worldwide warning indicator monitoring system {C4SMP}
WWMCCS worldwide military command and control system {TW/AA}
WWSVCS worldwide service voice conferencing system
WWV Radio station broadcasting time signal.
WX weather
WY Wyoming
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get


X X-RAY {military phonetics alphabet}
X-31 National aerospace plane.
X-band radar frequency band...8-12 GHz
XEU Xerox encryption unit {AFSC2S}
XFMR transformer
Xichang Chinese launch site located in Liangrham Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, in southwest China...28°N latitude, 103°E longitude. Formerly known in the West as Chengdu (alternative spelling Ch'eng-tu).
X/L crosslink {Milstar}
XLR-132 Compact, lightweight upper stage engine; thrust 3,750 lbs.
XMTR transmitter
XoDIS exoatmospheric discrimination simulation
XPOND transponder
X-RAY Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "X."
XRL X-ray laser
XTB exoatmospheric testbed
XWD X-window dump {AFSC2S}
XY CCAS communications facility.


Y YANKEE {military phonetics alphabet}Þ yellow
Y-1 yaw-1...side-to-side movement {20 AF}
YAG yttrium-aluminum-garnet...used in lasers
YANKEE Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "Y."
Yelena Gamma telescope flown on Salyut space station to measure gamma rays produced by cosmic particles interacting with the stations's environment. Replaced by "Mariya" instrument.
Y/G yellow/green {C4SMP}
YIG yttrium-iron-garnet...filter
YO-YO A mass on a tether released from a spinning booster stage to increase its moment of inertia and thus reduce its rotation rate (usually prior to the release of its satellite payload).
YP Yellow Pages...UNIX software facilityÞ yellow phosphorous
YPG Yuma Proving Grounds {GPS}
YURI Japanese direct television broadcast satellite ("yuri" means lily)...see "BS"


Z ZULU...Greenwich mean timeÞ ZULU {military phonetics alphabet}

Zap Mail Federal Express same-day fax and document delivery service using satellite relays; began Jul 84.
ZBB zero-based budgeting {AFP 170-1, 30 Sep 84}
ZBT zero-base transfer
ZENITH STAR - A two-megawatt Alpha laser and 4 meter diameter mirror.
zero gravity - A commonly used alternate term for weightlessness; a colloquial term referring to the conditions experienced inside a satellite in free fall (when the force of gravitational attraction is apparently zero).
ZIP zodiacal infrared project
zone beam A beam formed by a satellite communications antenna, that covers an area smaller than a hemisphere but larger than that covered by a spot beam.
zoom antenna - A spacecraft antenna that can vary its coverage, or footprint. An antenna with a number of feed elements can cover a relatively large area if all the elements are fed; feeding the center elements only can produce a smaller coverage area with a higher power flux density, i.e., the "zoom" effect.
ZULU Military phonetics alphabet call sign for the letter "Z."Þ universal standard time (Z)