This Long Range Plan, through the examination of the USSPACECOM operational concepts, has begun to detail what capabilities, concepts of operations, organizations and in some cases, partnerships are required to achieve the Vision for 2020. A measure of our focus and commitment to the war-fighter is found in our linkage to Joint Vision 2010.

Fulfilling any and every Joint Vision 2010 operational concept is unlikely, if not impossible, without Control of Space. If we don't have unfettered access to our space capabilities, we can't secure the "high ground." If we don't secure the high ground, we assume substantially greater risk when we try to successfully maneuver, strike, or adequately protect and sustain our forces.

Control of Space ensures our forces have situational understanding and denies that product to the enemy. Our advantage in seeing and understanding the evolving situation, coupled with the enemy's inability to see, enables Dominant Maneuver, Precision Strike, Full-Dimensional Protection and Focused Logistics. Our ability to perform counterspace operations is essential to both protect the integrity of our systems and their related links, as well as to neutralize the enemy's.

While Control of Space assures access to the vast array of space capabilities, Full Force Integration assures total exploitation of those capabilities with a synergy that will be key to Full Spectrum Dominance. Full Force Integration means the right forces will have the right information at the right time, with a coherent common operating picture shared across the battlespace. Command and control, communications, ISR, warning, weather, navigation, position, and timing will be fused together to achieve dynamic battlefield objectives with maximum protection for the warfighter. Whether it is bombs on target, preserving law and order or distributing humanitarian aid, Full Force Integration exploits the space advantage and is a key enabler for every Joint Vision 2010 operational concept.

Global Engagement's integrated focused surveillance and ability to apply force against a limited number of terrestrial targets from space, should the policy decision be made to do so, will contribute to Dominant Maneuver and Precision Strike. Global Engagement's near real time battle damage assessment will contribute greatly to any decision to reengage. Theater and intercontinental ballistic missile warning and missile defense attributes will enable Full-Dimensional Protection.

Where we can achieve greater capability sooner, where coalition interdependency is a healthy by-product of a close relationship or where we can share costs to get otherwise unreachable capability, Global Partnerships can be a force multiplier for every Joint Vision 2010 operational concept. It seeks to leverage our military capabilities with civil, national, commercial and international space capabilities.

The following pages summarize the supporting relationship between USSPACECOM Vision for 2020 and Joint Vision 2010.

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