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27 July 1995

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This headquarters operating instruction (OH) specifies procedures for obtaining permission to attend meetings of technical, scientific, professional, or similar private or nongovernment organizations at government expense. It applies to Headquarters United States Space Command (USSPACECOM).

Changes approval authority to JS. Increases daily attendance fee to $75.

1. General. Procedures for approval of funded attendance at the meetings discussed in this HOI generally follow those prescribed in DODD 5500.7, DOD 5500.7-R, and AFI51-603.

2. Approval Authority. The authority to approve requests involving cost to the United States Government is delegated to the Joint Secretary (JS). Supervisors (commissioned officers or civilians above GS/GM-11) in the chain of command or supervision of the DoD employee) must indicate their concurrence with having their DoD employees to attend meetings, conferences, seminars or similar events sponsored by non-Federal entities in their official DoD capacities but all requests for funding must be approved by the Joint Secretary.

3. Justifiable Purposes for Attendance at Government Expense. The purpose or subject of the meeting must be related to the primary professional duties of the attendee. Attendance at government expense may be approved for any person whose primary reason for attendance is to:

3.1 Acquire information needed in the performance of official duties.

3.2 Provide information on the Command's work or functions to the meeting group, in fulfillment of a public interest obligation.

3.3 Contribute to the pool of professional and scientific knowledge from which the government draws.

3.4 Use the occasion as a more economical means of transacting necessary official business with other attendees.

3.5 Enable resolution of mutual problems of federal agencies and non-federal societies and organizations where common resolution would be beneficial or essential to USSPACECOM's mission or to get the assistance of technical groups or specialists in a specific USSPACECOM project.

3.6 Participate in the discussions and deliberations of national educational organizations which have a relationship to USSPACECOM military education and training programs.
3.7 Maintain and further the professional competency of individual personnel, consistent with personnel development and training policies.

4. Processing Requests for Attendance. Requests for attendance are submitted to the individual's supervisor (commissioned officer or civilian in the grade of GS/GM-11 or higher) on AF Form 674, Individual Request for Attendance at Meetings of Technical, Scientific, Professional, and Other Similar Organizations. The supervisor must ensure there is a legitimate Federal Government purpose in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 4101 et seq. and 37 U.S.C. 412, e.g., training beyond maintaining professional credentials or gathering information of value to USSPACECOM. Requests should be approved only if there is a clear and direct benefit to the Government justifying the costs of attendance. In those cases where a registration or attendance fee would exceed $75 per day, additional comments justifying that cost must be provided with the AF Form 674. Requests approved by the supervisor must then be routed through Directors and chiefs of special staff (CSS), or their designee, for approval. The Director or CSS must :

4.1 Coordinate requests to attend meetings covering subjects primarily within the scope of another directorate with that directorate before forwarding as required by paragraph 4.3 below.

4.2 Annotate the AF Form 674 for attendance of personnel at private association meetings, conventions, or briefings (e.g. Navy League, Air Force Association, military operations symposium, etc.) to reflect:

4.2.1 The citation to the letter or message (if applicable) from competent authority which explains the purpose of the gathering.

4.2.2 The expected gains to the Command's mission or programs, including activities the person wants to participate in (e.g. making a presentation, receiving an award, being honored, supporting a display, etc.).

4.2.3 Coordination by the Staff Judge Advocate.

4.3 Send the original AF Form 674 with a staff summary sheet to the Joint Secretary (JS) for review at least 15 days before the meeting. Approval action on the staff summary sheet by the Joint Secretary constitutes authority for directors and chiefs of special staff (CSS) (or their designee) to sign approval block of AF Form 674.

Staff Judge Advocate