Category: SSIC 02000 Telecommunications
Updated: 06/24/96
Number: MCO 2100.6A

WASHINGTON, DC 20380-0001
MCO 2100.6A
26 Jun 89


From: Commandant of the Marine Corps
To: Distribution List


Ref: (a) MCO 11240.89
(b) MCO P4790.2B
(c) UM 4400-125
(d) MCO P4400.150C
(e) MCO P4030.36
(f) DoD 4145.19-R-1
(g) MCO 4400.32E

Encl: (1) Logistics Data, Publications, and Allowances for
the Quick Reaction Satellite Antenna, OE-361(V)2/G

1. Purpose. To provide information to Fleet Marine Force
commanders relative to the Quick Reaction Satellite Antenna
(QRSA), and OE-361(V)2/G (hereinafter referred to as the
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA) and to provide instructions for placing
these items into service.

2. Cancellation. MCO 2100.6.

3. Background

a. Required Operational Capability No. CCC1.13, issued 17
June 1976, described a need for a super high frequency (SHF)
tactical satellite communication system to provide the
commander landing force with long-haul and defense
communication system communications entry, as well as
intra-landing force communications where terrestrial radios
could not provide requisite communication links.

b. The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA operates in conjunction with
various SHF satellite communication terminals to provide high
gain transmission and reception of satellite communication
data. The 20-foot diameter OE-361(V)2/G QRSA provides an
additional 8.5 dB gain over the 8-foot diameter AS-3036/TSC
Antenna provided with the AN/TSC-85A and AN/TSC-93A Ground
Mobile Forces (GMF) Satellite Communication (SatComm)
Terminals. The additional gain increases the power efficiency
of the overall communication link by allowing more information
to be passed per unit of allocated satellite capacity. In
areas near the edge of the satellite earth coverage footprint,
the additional gain of the OE-361(V)2/G QRSA will allow for

the operation of several low data rate carriers which would
otherwise not be available.

c. The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA was originally designated as a
modification to the AN/TSC-85A and AN/TSC-93A GMF SatCom
Terminals. The distribution of two OE-361(V)2/G QRSA for
each four AN/TSC-93A GMF SatCom Terminals precluded its
designation as a modification and a table of authorized
materiel control number (TAMCN) was assigned.

d. This item of new equipment will be placed in service
following the provisions of this Order.

4. Information

a. General. Fifteen OE-361(V)2/G QRSA's were procured
from the Harris Corporation, Melborne, Florida, through the
principal developing activity, the U.S. Army Satellite
Communication Agency, (SATCOMA) Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

b. New Items

(1) The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA is a transportable,
multiple carrier, quick reaction antenna that operates in
conjunction with various SHF satellite communication terminals.
It is capable of continuous operation and is designed to
operate in climatic conditions which may be encountered in
global deployments. The antenna exhibits a low operating
profile and can be quickly erected or disassembled in 1 hour
by a crew of four in 20 mph winds. The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA
includes all subsystem elements necessary to transport,
install, and operate the antenna.

(2) The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA uses a 20-foot (6.1
meters) diameter antenna to receive left hand circular
polarized signals in the 7.25 to 7.75 GHz frequency range and
transmit right hand circular polarized (RHCP) signals in the
7.9 to 8.4 GHz frequency range. It has a maximum voltage
standing wave ratio of 1.4:1 and a minimum G/T of 26 dB at 7.25
GHz. The OE-361(v)2/G QRSA has an minimum equivalent isotopic
radiated power of 109 dBm for a transmit power of +60.4 dBm.
It can transmit up to four carriers without significant
intermodulation noise (less than -135 dBm with four 0.5kW
carriers). The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA is equipped with an
intermodulation product (IMP) free feed and a dehydrator. It
has an estimated mean time between failure of 5,000 hours, an
estimated mean time to repair of 1 hour and an estimated
maximum time to repair of 2.5 hours.

(3) One OE-361(V)2/G QRSA with mobilizer will be
supplied for each AN/TSC-85A GMF SatCom Terminal and two
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA with mobilizers will be supplied for each


of four AN/TSC-93A GMF SatCom Terminals. A separate 5-ton cargo
vehicle (M925), as allotted by reference (a), will be used to
transport the OE-361(V)2/G QRSA or it may be transported by the
same means as the GMF SatCom Terminal that it is used with. The
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA is transported as a towed vehicle with the
M832 Mobilizer and by air with the C-130, C-141, and C-5

(4) The major components of the end item are the
20-foot shaped reflector, the feed component, the antenna
positioner, and the pallet structure. Equipment data is
contained in the enclosure.

c. Training. There will be no formal training on the
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA. The Army procurement quantity was not
sufficient to warrant the procurement of the OE-361(V)2/G
QRSA new equipment training (NET) course materials or the
addition of the OE-361(V)2/G QRSA training to the Tactical
Satellite Microwave Systems Operator course at the U.S. Army
Signal School, Fort Gordon, Georgia. The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA is a
simple system with straight forward deployment and storage
procedures. On-the-job training (OJT) should prove sufficient.

d. Support and Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
(TMDE). The special tools and TMDE required for each
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA are identified in the enclosure.

e. Repair Parts Support. Repair parts support for the
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA will be provided through the normal four
echelons of maintenance. The initial issue provisioning
project code for all units is B3C.

f. Technical Representation. Contractor technical
representation will not be required to maintain the OE-361(V)2/G

g. Maintenance Support

(1) The using unit is authorized first through fourth
echelons of maintenance. Maintenance will consist of daily
inspection, cleaning, tightening, touch-up painting, fault
isolation, and replacement of modules/equipment. Maintenance
will also consist of lubrication of gears, actuators, etc., and
replacement of reflector panels and feed elements. Piece
parts, such as lamps, fuses, and discrete components mounted on
the chassis, may also be replaced. Maintenance reporting shall
be per reference (b). The stocking of maintenance float assets
is per reference (c) and local commander's float standard
operating procedures. Supply support at the using/maintaining
unit is per reference (d).

(2) The force service support group (FSSG) will not
perform maintenance on the OE-361(V)2/G QRSA or its modules.
The FSSG will channel unserviceable equipment, and modules to
the U.S. Army depot repair facility, Tobyhanna Army Depot for


identifying the condition code of the item. Disposition
instructions will be forwarded to the Marine Corps Logistics
Base (MCLB), Albany, GA 31704-5001.

(3) The U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command
(CECOM) has been designated as the primary inventory control
activity. The U.S. Army Depot Maintenance Activity, Tobyhanna,
Pennsylvania, will accomplish all repairs beyond the capability
of organizational and intermediate maintenance. Maintenance at
this level will be accomplished by a depot maintenance
interservice support agreement (DMISA) between the Army and the
Marine Corps.

h. Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation

(1) Packaging. The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA will be
afforded adequate preservation to prevent corrosion and
physical damage during shipment, handling, and storage. The
preservation plan should conform to the level of protection
guidance contained in reference (e).

(2) Handling. Provisions must be made to handle the
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA and M832 Mobilizers. The OE-361(V)2/G
QRSA weighs 4,968 pounds (10,930 kilogram (kg)) without the
M832 Mobilizer and 8,668 pounds (19,070 kg) with the M832
Mobilizer attached. The subreflector support assembly and the
feed assembly must be handled, stored, and transported in their
respective designed transport containers whenever these items
are not in use on the OE-361(V)2/G QRSA.

(3) Storage. Storage will be accomplished per the
requirements of reference (f).

(4) Transportation. The OE-361(V)2/G QRSA can be
lifted by crane or helicopter. The OE=361(V)2/G QRSA and the
M832 Mobilizer are transportable using current Marine Corps
assets, such as trucks, cargo airlift, helicopter, ship, or
forklift (for short distances). Five-ton cargo vehicles, as
allotted by reference (a) will be used to transport the
OE-361(V)2/G QRSA.

(5) Security Requirements. No special security
requirements exist for storage or use of the OE-361(V)2/G

i. Warranty. There is no warranty on the OE-361(V)2/G
QRSA. The contract was let before the requirement for
warranties was established.

5. Action

a. All 15 OE-361(V)2/G QRSA's will be shipped to MCLB
Albany and stored under project code 512, awaiting completion
of provisioning support. The Commanding General (CG), Marine
Corps Research, Development and Acquisition Command (MCRADAC)


will direct shipment of the prescribed allowance, per the
enclosure, from storage at MCLB Albany when provisioning is

b. The fielding will be horizontal as outlined in
enclosure. The OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA will be a candidate for
MARES readiness reporting once the item has been 85 percent

c. Following reference (g), force commanders will submit a
report to the CG (Code 847) MCLB Albany, GA 31704-5001, with an
information copy to the MCRDAC (C2CMS) when the system is
placed in service or in the event the equipment cannot be
placed in service due to unforeseen problems affecting its use.

6. Reserve Applicability. This Order is applicable to the
Marine Corps Reserve.

By direction

DISTRIBUTION: 4065/5138/5139/5145/5228/5278/6025/6600/6967/
8145004, 005 (2)

Copy to: 7000041, 047, 157 (5)
7000062, 106, 144, 148, 160/8145001 (1)
Commanding Officer, USMC Admin Detachment Ft.
Gordon, GA 30905-5676



1. Logistics Data

Item name: Quick Reaction Satellite Antenna (QRSA),
OE-361 (V) 2/G

TAM No.: A131O

ID No.: 09103A

NSN: 5895-01-179-5494

Unit of issue: ea

Stores account code: 3

Unit cost: $225K

Replacement factors: 0.00


Without M832 Mobilizer With M832 Mobilizer:
Length: 240 in 277.6 in

Width: 96 in 96 in

Height: 100 in 120.11 in

Square storage: 160 ft (2) 185 ft (2)

Cube: 1,333 ft (3) 1,852 ft (3)

Weight: 4,968 lb 8,668 lb

Ground clearance: 0 in 20.11 in

2. Publications. Publications required in support of the
OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA are packed with the equipment. The
following list includes publications which are applicable to
the equipment:

Publication Publication Title PCN

TM 5895-23P/2 TM 11-5985-372-24P Repair Parts 182 598523 00
and Special
Tools List


Publication Publication Title PCN

1/ AFAD 71-531-(31) Preventative 1/
Work Cards

TM 5985-13/1-1 TM 11-5985-372-13 Operator,
1-1 Unit and
Direct Support
Manual 182 598514 00

TM 5985-13/1-2 TM 11-5985-372-13 Operator,
1-2 Unit and
Direct Support
Manual 182 598515 00

SL-3-09072A N/A Components
List for
Antenna Group
OE-361 (V) 2/G 123 090720 00

1/ To be determined. Point of contact is Capt B. Garris,
MCRDAC (C2CMS), AUTOVON 278-3162/3163.


a. TMDE not provided with the OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA. The
following table of equipment (T/E) items will be required in
support of the OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA:

Maintenance Tool
Category Nomenclature Number TAMCN

O,F, H Digital Voltmeter Fluke 8840 A1066

O Tool Kit, Electronic MK-2569/U H7920


O Gun, Grease M3859D/1-14 1/


NOTE: O - First and Second Echelon Maintenance

F - Third Echelon Maintenance

H - Fourth Echelon Maintenance

1/ To be determined.

b. TMDE provided with the OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA. The QRSA
Installation Kit will be overpacked with the OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA
and listed in the OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA SL-3.

Maintenance Tool
Category Nomenclature NSN Number

O QRSA Installation Kit
Consisting of:
Cord, Baseline 1/ A3020611-001

Cutter, Bolt 1/ A3020619-008

Extension, 1/2-inch
drive, 6-inch 1/ A3020619-003

Grip, Wire 1/ A3020684-001
Hammer, Sledge, 8 lb 1/ A3020619-001

Messenger Cable/Hoist 1/ A3020634-001

Motor, Drill, Hand 1/ A3020734-001

Rod, Alignment 1/ A3020253-001

Socket, 1/2-inch drive,
3/4-inch 1/ A3020619-004

Stake Alignment 1/ A3020610-001

Stud, Driving, Ground
Rod 1/ A3020618-102

Transit, Pocket 1/ A3020609-001

Tool, L-Handle, 39' 1/ A3020001-001

Tool, L-Handle, 9' 1/ A3021001-002


Maintenance Tool
Category Nomenclature NSN Number

Wrench, Combination,
3/4-inch 1/ A3020619-005

Wrench, Box, Ratchet,
Leveling Jack 1/ A3020648-103

Wrench, Ratchet,
1/2-inch Drive 1/ A3020619-002

NOTE: O - First and Second Echelon Maintenance

1/ To be determined.

4. Allowances

T/E No. Unit Qty.
7011 Maintenance Float (MF), Barstow 3

N-4014 CommCo, 9thCommBn, I MEF 3

N-4024 CommCo, 8th CommBn, II MEF 3

N-4034 CommCo, 7thCommBn, III MEF 3

N-4042 CommCo, 6thCommBn, 4thMarDiv 3

5. Priority of Issue. Each CommBn will receive three
OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA's. The OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA will be shipped
from Harris Corporation to MCLB Albany and stored under project
code 512, awaiting completion of provisioning support. The
assets for 6th CommBn will be shipped to MCLB Albany for
storage under Purpose Code C pending resolution of Marine Corps
Reserve storage, manpower, and training requirements.

6. Miscellaneous Information

a. Prime Power. The OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA mounted equipment
derives its power via cable interfaces with the SHF satellite
communications terminal. Prime power for the dehydrator and
other use is supplied via a circuit breaker on the shelter
power distribution panel. Prime power characteristics must
satisfy the following requirements:

Voltage: 120 Vac +/- 10 percent


Frequency: 50 t 60 Hz +/- 5 percent

Phase: Single

Power: 1,440 Volt-Amps (VA) Average
4,800 VA Peak

b. One M832 Mobilizer (Dolly Set), NSN 2330-00-221-4939,
per OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA will be shipped to using units from
MCLB Albany with each OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA.

c. Each OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA is provided with rubberized
canvas weather covers for outside storage.

d. The OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA will be delivered without a Low
Noise Amplifier (LNA), NSN 5895-01-112-2360. The LNA's were
deleted from the OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA specification in the early
1980's by CECOM/SATCOMA as a cost saving measure. Using units
must remove the LNA from the AS-3036/TSC antenna provided with
each AN/TSC-85A/93A GMF SATCOM terminal and install it on the
OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA when the additional gain provided by the
OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA is required. This is a temporary procedure
until additional LNA's are received in stock. Using units
must requisition a LNA for each QRSA. The LNA will be provided
by MCLB Albany when available and will be included as a SL-3
component of the OE-361 (V) 2/G QRSA.