Category: SSIC 02000 Telecommunications
Updated: 06/24/96
Number: MCO 2040.7

WASHINGTON, DC 20380-0001

MCO 2040.7
26 Oct 1988


From: Commandant of the Marine Corps
To: Distribution List

Subj: Advance Logistics Order for the Fleet Broadcast
Security Equipment, TSEC/KWR-46

Ref: (a) CMS-4L (NOTAL)
(b) MCO 4408.2E
(c) CSP-1A (NOTAL)
(d) CMS-5 (NOTAL)
(e) OPNAVINST 5510.1G
(f) MCO 4400.32E

Encl: (1) Logistics Planning Data for the Fleet Broadcast
Security Equipment, TSEC/KWR-46
(2) TSEC/KWR-46 Allowance List

1. Purpose. To disseminate logistics information pertaining
to the Fleet Broadcast Security Equipment, TSEC/KWR-46
(here-inafter referred to as the KWR-46).

2. Background. The KW-46 is a simplex system designed to
provide communications security (COMSEC) for the Fleet
Broadcast System. The KW-46 consists of the TSEC/KWT-46
transmitter and KWR-46 receiver. These devices were designed to
upgrade the security of the fleet broadcast system and will
replace the aging equipment currently in operation.

3. Information

a. New Equipment

(1) KWR-46. The KWR-46 is a low level device that
performs on-line decryption of digital message, record, and
data traffic received over the fleet broadcast system at data
rates from 50 to 9,600 bits per second in asynchronous, stepped
or synchronous modes. Through the application of large-scale
integration technology, the KWR-46 provides enhanced
reliability, reductions in space and power requirements, and
improved electronic key distribution over existing security
equipment. Logistics planning data for the KWR-46 is provided
in enclosure (1). Table of equipment (T/E) allowances for the
KWR-46 are established in enclosure (2).

(2) HNF-1 Shore Mount. The HNF-1 Shore Mount
Installation Package, part number 0110037, consists of the
Input/Output Interface Device HNF-1, National Stock Number
(NSN) 5810-01-253-9297 and the MT-6242/F Shore Mounting Base,
NSN 5810-01-172-5965. All system interface signals are
provided to the KWR-46 via the HNF-1 Shore Mount. One HNF-1
Shore Mount will provide for mounting and interface of two
KWR-46 receivers.

b. Replaced Equipment. The KWR-46 will replace the
TSEC/KWR-37, Table of Material Control Number (TAMCN) A8015,
and the TSEC/KG-14, TAMCN A8094, on a one-for-one basis.
TSEC/KG-14 equipment will be replaced upon receipt of the
KWR-46 assets. Initially, TSEC/KWR-37 equipment will be
retained to satisfy interoperability requirements. A
modification instruction is currently being developed to
address replacement of the TSEC/KG-14 and TSEC/KWR-37 by the
KWR-46 in the Fleet Satellite Communications Central,
AN/TSC-96. Disposition instructions for replaced equipment
should be requested from the Director, COMSEC Material System
(DCMS) as per reference (a).

c. Associated Equipment. Electronic key fill of the
KWR-46 will only be accomplished through utilization of the
General Purpose Tape Reader, KOI-18/TSEC, TAMCN A80024.

d. Supported Systems. The KWR-46 and HNF-1 are currently
planned for installation in the following systems.

TAMCN Nomenclature KWR-46 Qty. HNF-1 Qty.

A0267 AN/MSC-63A (SSCC) 1 plus 1 spare O
total of 2

A0656 AN/TSC-96 4 plus 1 spare 2
total of 5

N/A Mobile Meteorological 1 plus 1 spare 1
Facility (METMF) total of 2

e. Training

(1) Operator Training. The Military Occupational
Specialities (MOS's) 2535 (Fleet SATCOM Terminal Operator) and
2538 (Fleet SATCOM Radio Chief) will be required to operate the
KWR-46 in the AN/TSC-96. MOS 2651 (Special Intelligence
Communicator) will be required to operate the KWR-46 in the
AN/MSC-63A (SSCC). MOS's 6821 (Weather Observer) and 6842
(Weather Forecaster) will be required to operate the KWR-46 in
the Mobile Meteorological Facility. The KWR-46 Operator
Training Course, Navy course identification number A-260-0064,
has been established at the Fleet Training Center, Norfolk,


Virginia, and the Service School Command, San Diego,
California. MOS 2651 (Special Intelligence Communicator) will
obtain KWR-46 operator training through the Tactical Intel
Systems Operator Course, Navy course identification number
A-231-0052, taught at the Navy Technical Training Center,
Pensacola, Florida. Requests for school quotas will be
addressed to Marine Corps Combat Development Command (TE).
Quotas for members of the intelligence community will be
addressed to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) (INTS).

(2) Maintenance Training. Marine Corps personnel will
not receive KWR-46 maintenance training. MOS 2883 (Fleet
Satellite Terminal Technicians) will attend the KWR-46 operator
course, A-260-0064, to obtain equipment familiarization. All
personnel attending the KWR-46 operator course will receive
instructions on the removal and replacement of the KWR-46

f. Maintenance Support

(1) General. The high reliability demonstrated by the
KWR-46 allows a maintenance concept that concentrates all
corrective maintenance at the depot level. Marine Corps
maintenance activities are not authorized to perform any
corrective maintenance on the KWR-46. There is no warranty
provided for the KWR-46.

(2) Organizational Level. Preventive maintenance
performed at the organizational level will be limited to
cleaning, inspecting, and operational testing of the KWR-46
installation. The system operator or maintainer will remove
any KWR-46 found to be defective and will replace it with the
onboard spare. The defective receiver will be evacuated to
the supporting intermediate maintenance facility as per
reference (b).

(3) Intermediate Level. Upon receipt of a defective
KWR-46, the intermediate maintenance activity will request
disposition instructions from DCMS, Code T60. DCMS will direct
shipment of the faulty KWR-46 to the respective cryptographic
repair facility and will provide an operational replacement
asset in return. The supporting intermediate maintenance
activity will also perform removal and replacement of HNF-1
Shore Mount piece parts.

(4) Depot Level. The Cryptographic Repair Facilities
at the Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia, and Naval Electronics
Center, San Diego, California, will provide intermediate and
depot level maintenance support for all defective KWR-46
receivers. All maintenance performed by the cryptographic
repair facilities will be funded by the Naval Electronic
Systems Security Engineering Center (NESSEC), Code 240.


g. Support and Test Equipment. Support and test equipment
unique to the KWR-46 will not be required by Marine Corps
maintenance activities.

h. Supply Support. Replacement piece part and printed
wire assembly support for the KWR-46 will not be required by
Marine Corps maintenance activities. One spare KWR-46 asset
will be available in each supported communications system to
expedite the replacement of defective receivers during tactical
operations. Defective KWR-46 receivers evacuated for repair
will be replaced with assets provided by DCMS, Code T60. Piece
part support for the HNF-1 Short Mount will be provided by the
Navy Ships Parts Control Center (SPCC), Mechanicsburg,
Pennsylvania, and from the NESSEC, Code 022, Washington, DC.

i. COMSEC Equipment Management

(1) Classification. Unkeyed KWR-46 equipment has been
classified as confidential. Keyed KWR-46 equipment assumes the
classification level equal to that of the keying material but
not less than confidential. KWR-46 equipment will be
safeguarded per the provisions of reference (c). The HNF-1
Shore Mount is unclassified.

(2) Accountability. The KWR-46 has been assigned
Accountability Legend (AL) 1 and is centrally accounted for at
DCMS by serial number per reference (a). As directed by
reference (d), KWR-46 assets will be reflected in the unit's
COMSEC inventory listing under the short title KWR-46-2. The
HNF-1 Shore Mount is not accountable to DCMS.

(3) Transportation. Packaging and transportation of
COMSEC equipment will be per reference (c). The KWR-46 will be
zeroized prior to shipment and will be shipped separately from
its keying material. Authorized modes of shipment for the
KWR-46 include the Defense Courier Service, State Department
Diplomatic Courier Service, and designated command couriers.

(4) Access. Requirements for access to COMSEC
equipment are delineated in reference (c). Access to KWR-46
equipment is limited to personnel who possess a security
clearance equal to the classification of the KWR-46 or its
keying material, whichever is greater. Access is also limited
to those personnel whose duties require such access.

(5) Storage. Holders will store KWR-46 end items,
classified keying material and classified supporting documents
per the requirements specified in references (c) and (e).
KWR-46 end items need not be removed when the host system is
not in use, provided that system access restrictions discussed
above are satisfied.


j. Replacement Factors. Replacement factors will not apply.

k. Technical Representatives. Contractor technical
representatives will not be provided. Technical assistance, as
required, may be obtained from NESSEC, the National Security
Agency, or other agencies by request to the Commanding General
(CG), Marine Corps Research, Development and Acquisition
Command (MCRDAC) (C2CT).

4. Concept of Implementation

a. Initial Fielding. Fielding of KWR-46 assets will be
performed by DCMS and HNF-1 assets will be distributed by
NESSEC as directed by the CMC (CCT).

(1) AN/TSC-96. KWR-46 and HNF-1 assets will be
force-fed to those units currently supporting the AN/TSC-96.
Equipment installation in the AN/TSC-96 will be addressed in the
respective modification instruction currently under

(2) AN/MSC-63A (SSCC). The contractor for the
AN/MSC-63A (SSCC) will develop and install its own hardware to
satisfy the mount and interface requirements of the KWR-46.
KWR-46 receivers will be provided in conjunction with the
fielding of the AN/MSC-63A (SSCC).

(3) Mobile Meteorological Facility (METMF). Fielding
of KWR-46 and HNF-1 assets to those units supporting a METMF
will begin during the 4th quarter of fiscal year (FY) 1989.
Equipment installation in the METMF will be addressed in the
appropriate modification instruction. The point of contact for
all issues pertaining to the METMF is the CMC (ASL-44).

b. Initiating Service. Upon receipt, KWR-46 equipment may
be placed on administrative deadline until the requirements of
reference (f) have been satisfied. The CG Fleet Marine Forces
Atlantic and Pacific, Base, and 4th Division Wing Team
Commanders are authorized to place the equipment in service at
their discretion.


5. Reserve Applicability. This Order is applicable to the
Marine Corps Reserve.

Deputy Chief of Staff
for Installations and


Copy to: 6025/6901001, 002/7000032, 041, 062, 106, 144,
148, 157, 161/8145001 (2)



1. Logistics Data

Item name: Fleet Broadcast Security Equipment,

TAM No.: A8067 VII G

ID No.: To be determined

NSN: 5810-01-160-8398

Unit cost: $11,900

Unit of issue: ea

Physical dimensions:

Length: 16.8 in

Width: 4.9 in

Height: 7.6 in

Square storage: 0.26 ft(2)

Cubic storage: 0.36 ft(3)

Weight: 22.9 lb

Replacement factors: not applicable

Standardization: standard

Stores account code: 3

2. Publications. The following publications are available to
support the operation and maintenance of the KWR-46 and the
HNF-1. The KWR-46 maintenance publications are available for
informational purposes only. The technical manual will be
force-fed to all requiring units by Marine Corps Logistics Base
(MCLB), Albany. Replacement and additional technical manuals
can be obtained from MCLB (Code 876) Albany. All requests for
cryptographic operational operating manual (KOA) and
cryptographic operational maintenance manual (KAM) publications
will be addressed to DCMS (Code T60M) per reference (a).


Short Title Long Title

KAO-207 ()/TSEC Operating Instructions for the KW-46

KAM-490 ()/TSEC KW-46 Limited Maintenance Manual

KAM-491 ()/TSEC KW-46 Depot Maintenance Manual

MI-08166A-35/3 Installation of the TSEC/KWR-46 Upgrade in
Satellite Communications Central, AN/TSEC-96
(A), PCN 160 981663 00

Not assigned Technical Manual, Installation Instructions,
Maintenance Instructions, Parts List,
Organizational, Intermediate, Depot Level,
for Installation and Mounting Shelves,
HNF-1, HNF-2, HNF-3-1, HNF-3-2, HNF-3-3,
TSEC/KG-35, and TSEC/KG-84/84A/84C Shelves

3. Battery Power Source. The KWR-46 uses the BA-1371/U
Mercury Battery, NSN 6135-00-845-9232, to provide for
cryptovariable memory retention when the KWR-46 is turned off or
the primary power source is removed. The BA-1371/U has a
shelf-life of 3 years. Once installed, the BA-1371/U should be
checked for operability on a weekly basis. A lithium battery
alternative is currently under development but has not yet been
approved for service use.



T/E No. Unit Actual Planned

7442 MCTSSA, Quantico 2

7720 C-EScol, MCAGCC, 29 Palms 5 2

M-4001/N-3247 ORF, 1stFSSG 2

M-4002/N-3247 ORF, 2dFSSG 2

M-4003/N-3247 ORF, 3dFSSG 2

M-4006/N-3247 ORF, 3dFSSG 2

N-4014 CommSptCo, CommBn, 1stMEF 15

N-4024 CommSptCo, CommBn, 2dMEF 15

N-4034 CommSptCo, CommBn, 3dMEF 15

N-4732 SpecialSecurityCommTeam,

N-4737 H&SCo, RadioBn, FMF 6

B-8702 MarineFixedWingSptSqdn
(1stMEB) 2

N-8702 MarineFixedWingSptSqdn 2

N-8703 MarineRotoryWingSptSqdn 2