31 October 1994




This instruction gives guidance for establishing policies and assigns responsibilities for 50th Space Wing (50 SW) Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) reporting. It implements AFPD 10-2, Readiness. It applies to all 50 SW subordinate units.

This instruction updates organizational designations. Clarifies responsibilities (paragraph 2.).

Supersedes 50 SWR 55-9, 23 July 1991. (For summary of changes see above.)
Approved by: 50 SW/CC (Col Gregory L. Gilles)
OPR: 50 SW/CP (Lt Col David J. Hyland)
Pages: 2/Distribution: F

1. General Policies:

1.1. This instruction covers unit responsibilities for reporting SORTS to the Wing Command Post (WCP) and WCP responsibilities for reporting to Headquarters (HQ) Air Force Space Command (AFSPC). It covers basic report content and is not designed as a guide for completing a SORTS report. SORTS reports formatting and instructions are contained in AFR 55-15 (or AFI 10-201, when published) as supplemented by AFSPC.

1.2. All 50 SW units, except the 750 Space Group (750 SG) and its subordinate units, with an active Designed Operational Capability (DOC) statement report their SORTS to the WCP:

1.2.1. Once per month, not later than close of business on the third duty day prior to the last duty day of the month.

1.2.2. Within 24 hours of any change that effects the unit's Category Levels (C-Levels), or as directed by higher headquarters. In the event the 750 SG Command Post has 50 SW command and control, 50 SW units ensure 750 SG/CP is addressed on all SORTS reports.

2. Responsibilities:

2.1. All 50 SW units with an active DOC statement appoint a primary and alternate SORTS monitor in writing and forward the appointment letter to the WCP (50 SW/CP). All unit SORTS monitors maintain:

2.1.1. A copy of AFR 55-15 (or AFI 10-201, when published) as supplemented by HQ AFSPC.

2.1.2. A copy of their current DOC statement, reviewed annually by their commander and initialed in the "Unit CC Review" block.

2.1.3. A copy of the unit's SORTS Monitor Appointment Letter.

2.1.4. A copy of submitted AF Form 722s or HQ AFSPC SORTS forms, as directed by the Wing SORTS Monitor, for 90 days.

2.2. All 50 SW units at Falcon AFB with an active DOC statement submit SORTS information to the WCP using AF Form 722, USAF C-Level Data Collection or HQ AFSPC SORTS form, as directed by the Wing SORTS Monitor.

2.3. 6 SOPS verifies and computes data received from Det 1, 6 SOPS and submits reports for 6 SOPS and Det 1, 6 SOPS in accordance with AFR 55-15 (or AFI 10-201, when published) as supplemented by HQ AFSPC to the WCP via AUTODIN.

2.4. 750 SG verifies and computes data received from their subordinate units and units on Onizuka AFB and submit reports, in accordance with AFR 55-15 (or AFI 10-201, when published) as supplemented by HQ AFSPC, to HQ AFSPC/DOCOS via AUTODIN. 50 Space Wing Command Post (50 SW//CP//) is an information addressee on all SORTS reports.

2.5. The WCP:

2.5.1. Maintains a Wing SORTS Handbook(s) consisting as a minimum the following: Applicable regulations and policies. SORTS reporting procedures. SORTS self-inspection checklist. DOC statements. SORTS appointment letters. Units SORTS reports (90 days worth). Briefing slide.

2.5.2. When requested, provides SORTS training to the unit SORTS monitors.

2.5.3. Ensures all SORTS reports are received from each unit in the timeframe described above.

2.5.4. Verifies and computes data received from subordinate units.

2.5.5. Prior to submission to HQ AFSPC, briefs the 50 SW Commander on the SORTS information that will be submitted. This is done during the Commander's morning Stand-Up Briefing.

2.5.6. Submits 50 SW consolidated SORTS report to HQ AFSPC/DOCOS prior to 1200 local on the first duty day of the month.