21ST SPACE WING 22 January 1996



AFSPCI10-207, 1 May 1995, is supplemented as follows and applies to the 21st Space Wing and its subordinate units, including geographically separated units. It establishes recall requirements and associated policies, responsibilities, and procedures for personnel within 21st Space Wing. It does not apply to Air National Guard nor Air Force Reserve units.

This supplement supersedes 21SWR55-10, 28 Sep 92. It establishes procedures in line with current MAJCOM requirements, and brings the publication in line with current Air Force Instruction format. This supplement also adds attachments 1& 2.

Attachment 1 (Added). Standard Terminology for Recalls

Attachment 2 (Added). Strength Reporting

1. Command Post (CP), 21st Space Wing, is responsible for overall management of the wing notification and recall system. 21 Mission Support Squadron is responsible for overall management of the internal wing up-channel reporting system.

2.7. See attachment 1 for standard terminology to be used for each type of recall.

2.7.1. Personnel on crew rest are not contacted for test recall if such contact conflicts with other guidelines for crew rest and duty availability.

2.7.2. Use telephone standby notification to establish personnel accountability. When used for this purpose, unit control centers (UCC) and the personnel control center (PCC) activate to collect and report personnel accountability.

2.7.4(Added).Battle Staff Recall. Used to direct battle staff and support battle staff members to report for duty during exercises or real world situations.

2 AFSPCI10-207S21SW 22 January 1996

2.10(Added). Unit Control Center (UCC). During disaster and contingencies, a UCC is a local area unit's 24-hour manned center which manages unit resources. All UCCs or organizational equivalents must be formed immediately upon recall, or upon activation of the battle staff. For recall purposes, the UCC reports manning statistics to the PCC.

2.11(Added).Local Area. Includes all 21 SW units assigned to Peterson AFB or Cheyenne Mountain AS.

2.12(Added). Geographically Separated Unit (GSU). 21 SW units not located on Peterson AFB or Cheyenne Mountain AS.

2.13(Added). Battle Staff. A staff formed to plan operations and direct forces in response to contingencies and crises, develop courses of action, and execute the commander's directives (ref AFSPCI10-201 and 21SW OPLAN 3441).

3.7(Added). All designated 21 SW units in the local area identify personnel who are assigned to the 21 SW Battle Staff. A separate roster may be published and maintained for this purpose. See 21SW OPLAN 3441 and AFSPCI10-201.

4.1.3. Wing staff offices provide a copy of their recall roster to
21 SW/DSS.

5.2.1. 21 SW/CP initiates recall of all 21 SW units upon notification by competent authority. 21 SW/CP notifies primary recall contacts or their designated representatives using published recall rosters. Notified personnel are responsible for initiating recall of all subordinate units within the local area. Which personnel are contacted is based on the nature of the actual conditions and HHQ or competent authority direction. Primary recall contacts are: 21 SW/CC/CV/CVI/CCE. 21 SW/CCE initiates recall of 21
SW/CCA/CCC/CCD. 21 SW/DS. Initiates recall of Wing staff agencies. 21 OG/CC. Initiates recall of 21 OG and subordinate units. 21 LG/CC. Initiates recall of 21 LG and subordinate units. 21 MDG/CC. Initiates recall of 21 MDG and subordinate units. 21 SPTG/CC. Initiates recall of 21 SPTG and subordinate units.

AFSPCI10-207S21SW 22 January 1996 3 721 SPTG/CC. Initiates recall of 721 SPTG and subordinate units. Each GSU Operations Center. GSUs that do not maintain 24- hour-a-day operations centers provide 21 SW/CP with telephone
contact information for this purpose. GSUs initiate recall according to their own local procedures. Upon recall initiation, UCCs convene to account for personnel and report strength results to the Wing reporting center, the PCC. During crisis operations, 21 SW/CP notifies the Battle Staff. The Battle Staff is responsible for initiating recall of all subordinate units in the local area. 21 SW/CP is responsible for initiating and verifying recall of all GSUs.

5.2.3. Upon recall initiation, 21 MSS/CC activates a PCC to collect and report strength reporting data.

5.3.1. Upon recall initiation, UCCs in the local area report attained recall strength to the PCC at reference hour plus 2 hours, and at reference hour plus 3 hours. Commanders of GSUs report attained recall strength to the 21 SW Command Post at reference hour plus 3 hours by hard copy message. Report this information using the standardized format provided at attachment 2. Report any unusual circumstances that impact mission accomplishment.

Chief, Wing Command Post

1. Standard Terminology for Recalls
2. Strength Reporting
4 AFSPCI10-207S21SW Attachment 1 22 January 1996


TEST: This is _________________(rank/name/title). This is a test of the _____________(unit or organization) telephone recall. Complete your required notifications. Reference hour is ________L. This is only a test; do NOT report for duty/report for duty at the normal hour (whichever applies). Last individual in each chain reports notification time and exceptions to _______________. I repeat ... (repeat entire statement).

NOTIFICATION RECALL: This is _________________(rank/name/title). This is a notification for __________________ (state reason). You are to ___________________(state actions) and complete your required notifications. Reference hour is ________ L. I repeat ... (repeat entire statement).

ACTUAL/EXERCISE RECALL: This is ___________________(rank/name/ title). This is an Actual/Exercise (whichever applies) Recall for ______________(unit recalled). Complete your required notification and report for duty immediately. Personnel on crew rest are/are not (whicheverapplies) required to report. Do Not Delay for Any Reason. Reference hour is ______ L. I repeat ... (repeat entire statement).

BATTLE STAFF: This is ___________________(rank/name/title). This is an Actual/Exercise (whichever applies) recall for Battle Staff personnel directed by higher headquarters/directed by the Wing commander/due to activation of the Disaster Control Group (whichever applies). A-Team members report for duty immediately; B-Team, alternates, and shadow team members are on telephone standby until further notice. Complete your required notifications. Reference hour is ______ L. Initial briefing will be at ______ L. I repeat ... (repeat entire statement).
AFSPCI10-207S21SW Attachment 2 22 January 1996 5


Strength Reporting Information:

1. Name of unit providing report

2. Total unit assigned strength, by category

a. Military personnel

b. Mission Essential Federal Employees (MEFEs)

3. Total personnel TDY, by category

a. Military personnel

b. MEFEs

4. Total personnel on leave, by category

a. Military personnel

b. MEFEs

5. Total personnel in hospital or on quarters, by category

a. Military personnel

b. MEFEs

6. Other: All other members notified but not required to report during recall (do not include individuals that have not been notified). NOTE: Include personnel in this category who do not meet criteria established in items 3, 4, 5, or 8 (i.e., shift workers who were notified through a recall, but are not required to report for duty).

7. Unaccounted for personnel. Personnel not contacted through the pyramid recall.

8. Total present for duty. Do not include individuals notified, but not yet reported for duty. Do not include civilian personnel unless they are considered MEFE.