CHIEF ENGINEER'S CORNER (First Article: Published May 26, 1993)

Dr. Joseph Meltzer, Aerospace Corporate Chief Engineer and Col Juri Randmaa, SMC Chief Engineer

Commander's Policy Effort

SMC Commander's Policies were first issued in 1972 as a result of several mission failures. Their intent was to enhance mission success based on lessons learned in systems design, technical analysis, and in manufacturing and test processes.

The rationale for creating Commander's Policies still exists at SMC. The Policies identify critical lessons learned which can still impact mission success. As downsizing of the Air Force and retirements of Air Force and Aerospace experts occur, the need for standing policies becomes even more critical. To remedy the situation, the SMC Chief Engineer and Aerospace recommended, and LtGen Edward Barry, SMC Commander concurred, that the list of old Commander's Policies be reviewed to see which need to be updated, which are still valid, and which are no longer needed. In addition, several new Commander's Policies were recommended for issuance.

The following previously issued policies are being revised either partially, or in their entirety:

-Independent Mass Properties and Stability Control (old 540-4)

-Independent Safety Assessment (old 540-17)

-FMEA (old 540-10)

-IV&V (old 540-13)-IRR (800-12)

-Independent Structural Loads (old 540-5)

-Pressurized Structures (old 540-25)

-Space Vehicle Testing (old 800-10)

-Electronic Piece Parts (old 540-12)

-Restriction on Use of 'B' Nuts (old 540-9)

The following are new policies:

-Systems Engineering

-Performance Margins for Launch Vehicles

-Locking Fasteners

-Tin in Space

-Conformal Coatings

-Pedigree Process

-Moving Mechanical Assembilies

-Mishap Investigation -Independent Multidimensional Flow Analysis for SRM

-Vented Honeycomb Structures

All of these policies will have a formal review process within SMC. Some have already started that process. If you would like to have copies of any of the above policies for your information, or to review, please contact John Gower, 336-5231. Also contact Gower if you are aware of additional system engineering topics that should be considered for a Commander's Policies.