Headquarters Space and Missile Systems Center (AFMC)

Los Angeles Air Force Base, California 90009-2960

Acquisition Management

Moving Mechanical Assemblies

This regulation establishes policies and procedures and assigns responsibilities for SMC program office acquisitions that contain moving mechanical assemblies for space and launch applications.

1. Policy All SMC space and launch programs which design, manufacture and test moving mechanical assemblies for space and launch vehicle applications shall comply with the provisions of MIL-A-83577B.

2. Background MIL-A-83577B, "Assemblies, Moving Mechanical, for Space and Launch Vehicles, General Specification for," sets forth the general requirements for the design, manufacture, quality control, and testing of moving mechanical assemblies to be used on space and launch vehicles. MIL-A-83577 has been applied to most SMC space programs since 1978 and has proven successful in reducing the number of on-orbit failures previously experienced with moving mechanical assemblies.

3. Definition

Moving Mechanical Assemblies - mechanical or electromechanical devices that control the movement of a mechanical part of a space or launch vehicle relative to another part.

4. Responsibilities and Procedures

a. Each SMC program office shall require contractor compliance with MIL-A-83577B for all space and launch vehicle moving mechanical assemblies.

b. Each SMC program office shall review contractor compliance with MIL-A-83577B from proposal evaluation through delivery of the space or launch vehicle. Evidence of the contractor's compliance to the specification shall be provided to the system program office as part of design reviews and contractual audits.

c. Each SMC program office shall require contractor notification of any non-compliance with MIL-A-83577B.

d. Each SMC program office shall evaluate any departure from MIL-A-83577B and recommend corrective action.

e. Instructions for applying and executing this regulation are provided by SMC Regulation 540-15 (Systems Engineering Policy). Any program director who does not apply and execute this regulation, as required by SMCR 540-15, shall immediately request a waiver from the Commander.

Edward P. Barry, Jr.

Lieutenant General, USAF