Headquarters Space and Missile Systems Center (AFMC)

Los Angeles Air Force Base, California 90009-2960

SMC Field Activity Management Policy


This regulation establishes my policy for applying Systems Engineering Acquisition Regulations to SMC (DAC and PEO) spacecraft, launch vehicle, ground system and ballistic missile programs. This policy is effective immediately and will be complied with by all SMC Program Directors.

1. Policy All SMC Program Directors will comply with the SMC regulations listed in TABLE I. (This compliance is between the Commander and SPO directors. Unless otherwise specified, there is no implication that these regulations must be rigidly imposed upon contractors. It is the program director's prerogative as to how to assure compliance.)

        TABLE I          

SMC REG#      TITLE OF REGULATION                                               

800-10        Space Vehicle Testing                                             

800-16        Moving Mechanical Assembilies                                     

800-17        Mishap/Anomaly Notification, Reporting and Investigation          

800-18        "B" Nuts and Other Separable Fluid Fittings                       

800-19        Multi-dimensional Interactive Gas Flow/Grain Structural Analysis  
              for Solid Rocket Motors                                           

800-20        Honeycomb Sandwich Structures                                     

800-21        Independent Pedigree Reviews                                      

800-22        Independent Safety Assessment(OLD 540-17)                         

800-23        Locking Features for Threaded Devices                             

800-24        Space Systems Engineering                                         

800-25        Readiness Reviews (OLD 540-11)                                    

800-26        Independent Verification and Validation (OLD 540-13)              

800-27        Use of Tin on Electrical Components for Space Vehicles            

800-28               Independent Mass Properties, Stability and Control         
                   Analyses of Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles (OLD 540-4)       

800-29        Stress and Fracture Mechanics Analyses of Pressure Vessels and    
              Pressurized Structures (OLD 540-25)                               

800-30        Independent Structural Loads Analyses of Integrated Spacecraft,   
              Launch Vehicles, and Transporter Systems (OLD 540-5)              

  TABLE I     (CONTINUED)                                                       

800-31        Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) (OLD     

800-32        Conformal Coating of Electrical Components                        

800-33        Performance Margins for Launch Vehicles                           

800-34        Management of Parts, Materials, and Processes (OLD 540-12;        
              Electronic Piece Parts)                                           

2. Background

Over several decades, SMC has established a reputation as the world leader in Space Systems Engineering. We will maintain that leadership by emphasizing the 'normalization of space'. New space systems will stress standardization and interoperability. This means that we must distribute ideas and information across all programs to enact optimum and uniform systems engineering approaches, processes and procedures.

SMC Commander's Policies were first issued in 1972 as a result of several mission failures. Their intent was to enhance mission success based on lessons learned in systems design, technical analysis, and in manufacturing and test processes. That original intent continues to be valid today.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures (Grandfather Clause) It is not my intent to delay existing programs by pervasively imposing the above policies retroactively; considerable latitude will be provided for programs that have progressed beyond the development phase of their acquisition. However, non-compliance with this regulation must be examined closely and on a case-by-case basis. Requests to deviate from this regulation need to be raised and resolved rapidly. Therefore, any program unable to comply with this regulation shall submit a waiver request to me within 120 days of the date of this document but no later than Mission Readiness Review (MRR).

In addition, each IRR shall delineate any non-compliance with these regulations and provide recommendations for corrective actions. At the MRR, each program office shall provide a summary of compliance with this policy along with particulars of any non-compliance.