Peterson Air Force Base Colorado 80914-4100 19 April 1993

Military Personnel


This regulation prescribes the policy and procedures for interim succession to command of North
American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and is in accordance with the NORAD Agreement
and the Commander in Chief, NORAD (CINCNORAD) Terms of Reference. It applies to HQ NORAD
and the regions.

Redefines "Temporary Absence" (para 1.1); revises NORAD Region Commanders' responsibilities (para
2.2; updates distribution to HQ NORAD deputy directors; and deletes VCINCNORAD from NORAD
Succession to Command List.

1. Definition of Terms: list must specify the following:

I.I. Temporary Absence. Anytime Unit or activity.
CINCNORAD or a region commander formally
relinquishes command or when immediate Name, grade, social security account
operational decisions are required and number (SSAN) or social insurance number
CINCNORAD or the commander cannot be (SIN).
reached. Country and branch of service.
1.2. Interim Succession to Command. As
addressed in this regulation, applies to Date of rank.
immediate operational matters only. Date assumed command.
1.3. Rated. Those personnel holding a current
effective aeronautical rating. Identify if a qualified NORAD airborne
battle commander.
1.4 In Status. Must be able to perform
required duties. 2.2.2. Provide copies of the succession list to:
2. Responsibilities: HQ NORAD Deputy Chief of Staff
2.1. Deputy Chief of Staff (NDC). Develops,
maintains, and publishes the NORAD HQ NORAD Inspector General (IG).
Succession to Command List, based upon the
CINCNORAD-approved list of eligible officers. Director, NORAD Combat Operations
2.2. NORAD Region Commanders: Director, NORAD Planning Staff (J5).
2.2.1. Maintain a sucession to command list of
eligible officers for their respective region. The

Supersedes NR35-4, April 199l. (For summary of changes see above.)
No. of Printed Pages: 4
OPR: J3CI (2LT Seo)
Approved by: Col David G. Gallagher
Editor: Pam Gatson
Distribution: F;X (See page 3.)

2 NR 354 19 April 1993 Deputy Directory for Current Include the following:
Operations (J3C). Period of and reason for planned Mobile Consolidated Command Center absence.
(MCCC), USSPACECOM J3C. Proposed itinerary. Deputy Director for Air Defense
Operations, N/J30. Senior officer (identified on the region
succession to command list) designated to meet
2.2.3. Provide changes to the list and immediate operational requirements.
assumption of command orders, by US
message text format (USMTF), immediately 2.3. Units Requiring Region or Sector
upon occurrence to: Succession to Command List. Identify their
requirement to the appropriate region or sector. HO NORAD COMMAND CENTER Do not send air defense sector succession to
CHEYENNE MTN AFB CO//CD// command lists to HQ NORAD. HO NORAD PETERSON AFB 3. Policy for Succession to Command for
CO//NDC//NSPJ2/J3/J5/IG///NSPJ2/J3/J5/IG NORAD. The appointment of officers to fill the
positions of CINCNORAD and DCINCNORAD HQ NORAD CHEYENNE MTN AFB must be approved by the governments of
CO//J3CP/J3CI Canada and the United States. During
temporary absences of CINCNORAD, HQ USSPACECOM PETERSON AFB DCINCNORAD assumes all authorities of
CO//J3CR// CINCNORAD. Any succession to command is
temporary until return of the CINC or proper 552 ACW TINKER AFB OK//DO// appointment of a successor.

2.2.4. Provide corrected succession to 4. Policy for Interim Succession to
command list to addressees in paragraph 2.2.2 Command for HQ NORAD:
within 10 workdays of the effective date of the
change. 4.1. During the temporary absence of
2.2.5. Distribute the succession to command list mand of NORAD.
within their command and send copies to the
other NORAD regions. 4.2. The NORAD Succession to Command List
will be arranged by date of rank, and will not
2.2.6. For temporary absence from their include command directors. Succession to
headquarters, notify the same addressees as Command devolves only to officers assigned to
paragraph 2.2.3 of the interim command change HQ NORAD, since they have access to tactical
by USMTF, stating the period and reason for the warning and assessment (TW/AA) facilities
absence, proposed itinerary, and the senior even though region commanders may be more
officer (next in line on the region succession to senior. VICECINCNORAD (VCINCNORAD)
command list) designated to meet immediate performs TW/AA accessor duty only and will not
operational requirements. be included on the Succession to Command
2.2.7. Contemplating absence from their
headquarters or absence at the same time as 4.3 During normal operation, if CINCNORAD
their deputy commander, notify HQ NORAD and DCINCNORAD are absent, the next senior
PETERSON AFB CO//J3//NDC//, by message, general officer, designated on the NORAD
at least two workdays before the planned Succession to Command List, assumes
absence with information copies to HQ NORAD command of HO NORAD. Should the list of
CHEYENNE MTN AFB CO//J3C/J3CP/J3CI// officers at HQ NORAD become exhausted, a

NR 35-4 19 April 1993 3
message naming the interim commander is commander, the NORAD region deputy
sent by HQ NORAD Deputy Chief of Staff, or in commander is normally on station to act in the
his absence, the HQ NORAD Command commanders absence. Keep dual absences to
Director(CD), to all the region headquarters. a minimum. Command is assumed as follows:

4.4. When CINCNORAD departs home station, 5.1.i. By the NORAD region deputy
the CD notifies the senior available officer on commander.
the NORAD Succession to Command List.
5.1.2. By the next available senior officer
4.5. For issues pertaining only to United States identified on the region succession to command
Forces within NORAD, the Command Director list. If the officer assuming interim command is
notifies the senior available US officer on the nonrated, the senior available rated officer on
NORAD Succession to Command List that he or the region succession to command list is
she is the interim commander for US matters. contacted and is responsible for any flight-
related matters.
4,6. During other than normal conditions, refer
to CINCNORAD Plan 3341(S), Continuity of 5.2. The ROCC immediately advises the NCC
Operations (U), for guidance. emergency actions controller by telephone when
interim command changes occur.
4.7. The officer assuming interim operational
control of NORAD must have adequate 6. Assumption of Command Orders:
communications with the Consolidated
Command Center (CCC). 6.1. Assumption of command orders for region
commanders are prepared by the region's
6. Policy for Interim Succession to information management section. Use formats
Command for NORAD Regions. Command of at attachment 1 for preparing the orders. Send
NORAD regions is done through the established a copy of the orders to HQ NORAD/CCE and
region operations control renters as long as the HQ NORAD/NDC.
facilities and connectivity remain operational.
6.2. Cite this regulation as authority.
5.1. During the absence of a NORAD region

General, USAF
Commander in Chief

Lieutenant Colonel, USAF 1. Sample Formats - Assumption of Command
Director of Information Management

CONR/CC, Tyndall AFB, FL 32403-5549 1
FGCANR/CC, CFB North Bay, Hornell Heights, Ontario, Canada POHIPO 1
ANR/CC, Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506-2130 1
JCS/J3, Washington DC 20318-3000 1
JCS/NEACP, Offutt AFB, NE 68113-5001 1
NDHQ/NDOC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada KIAOK2 I
552ACW/CC, Tinker AFB, OK 73145-6503 2
HQ ACC/DO, Langley AFB, VA 23665-5001 1

4 NR 35-4 Attachment 1 19 April 1993




Under the provisions of NR 35-4, 1, (rank, name, and SSAN, or SIN), assume command of the
NORAD Region vice (rank, name, and SSAN or SIN of previous commander).


Director of Information Management DISTRIBUTION:
(unit designation)

@igure A-1. Permanent Assumption of Command.




Under the provisions of NR 35-4, 1, (rank, name, and SSAN, or SIN), assume interim command of the
NORAD Region during the temporary absence of (rank, name, and SSAN or SIN).


Director of Information Management DISTRIBUTION:
(unit designation)

Figure A-2. Temporary Assumption of Command.