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15 February 1996



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This instruction establishes procedures to present awards and trophies to members participating in the NORAD-sponsored TOP SCOPE Competition. This instruction applies to Headquarters NORAD, Regions and Sectors and those agencies that support NORAD mission requirements. This publication also applies to the Air National Guard (ANG) when published in the ANGIND 2. This instruction does not apply to Air Force Reserve (AFRES).

This is the initial publication of NORAD Instruction (NI) 36-7. It revises NR 900-3 by authorizing the selection and procurement by HQ NORAD of additional individual/team awards and trophies for NORAD's TOP SCOPE Competition.

1. References:

1.1. DoD Directive 1348.19, Awards of Trophies and Similar Devices In Recognition of Accomplishments.

1.2. Memorandum Joint Chiefs of Staff, MCM 12-92, Award of Trophies and Similar Devices in Recognition of Accomplishments.

1.3. AFI 65-601, Volume 1, Budget Guidance and Procedures.

1.4. AFI 36-2805, Special Trophies and Awards.


2. General. TOP SCOPE Competitions are designed to promote excellence, foster harmony, friendly competitiveness, and motivation in the aerospace defense community. TOP SCOPE Competition evaluates command and control teams in three different categories: weapons, surveillance, and identification. All scenarios and agencies are simulated and fully scripted for each event.

3. Objectives/Goals:

3.1. The objectives of this Competition are to test command and control teams in an aerospace defense environment, to demonstrate NORAD capabilities, to inform the public of the role of aerospace defense forces, to enhance esprit de corps, to increase unit training efficiency, and to identify and recognize the best weapons control, identification, and surveillance teams in NORAD.

4. Responsibilities:

4.1. HQ NORAD/J3 defines events for which participants are eligible for individual/team awards and trophies in CINCNORAD OPORD TOP SCOPE.

4.2. HQ NORAD/J3 determines and publishes criteria for individual/team awards and trophies as outlined in the TOP SCOPE Official Rules book, and as specified in CINCNORAD OPORD TOP SCOPE.

4.3. HQ NORAD/J3 will research and select appropriate awards for the competition.

4.4. Host Region/Sector will plan, coordinate, and execute the awards ceremony.

4.5. HQ NORAD/J3 will provide the awards and trophies for the TOP SCOPE Competition. Acquisition of these awards and trophies is authorized. A rotating trophy is awarded to the overall team competition winner. This rotating trophy will be maintained at the winning teams home unit for display until the next competition. Its annual engraving will be the responsibility of the winning unit.

5. Procedures:

5.1. TOP SCOPE will be conducted as a command and control air defense competition in a NORAD air sovereignty/air defense environment. The competition will be comprised of a job knowledge test and two evaluated scenarios (practical application). The equipment and simulation capability of one of the NORAD Sector Operations Control Centers (SOCC's) will be used for the competition. The team acquiring the highest composite score in job knowledge testing and the evaluated scenarios will be the overall meet winner.

5.2. Participants will be nominated by the competition judges for individual/team awards and trophies based on their positional ability, aggressiveness, coordination, teamwork, mission effectiveness, weapons and tactics, and a general knowledge written test.

5.3. Individual/team awards will be presented to participants at an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the competition.

D. FRASER HOLMAN, Major-General, CF
Director of Operations