Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado 80914-5001 5 June 1987

Awards, Ceremonies, and Honors


This headquarters operating instruction provides authority for awarding special
trophies and awards to all US and Canadian military members of Headquarters
North American Aerospace Defense Command (HQ NORAD) for excellence in accom-
plishments and competitions contributing to the effectiveness of the NORAD
missions and operations. It applies to Headquarters North American Aerospace
Defense Command.

1. References:

a. DOD Directive 1348.19, Award of Trophies and Similar Devices in Recogni-
tion of Accomplishments.

b. Memorandum Joint Chiefs of Staff (MJCS) 237-86, Award of Trophies and
Similar Devices in Recognition of Accomplishments.

c. AFR 900-29, Special Trophies and Awards.

2. General:

a. Special trophies and awards are trophies, plaques, emblems, or certifi-
cates designed, engraved, inscribed, or printed only for display purposes.
Awards must be of nominal value. No award is authorized that is redeemable for
cash, merchandise, or services. Other appropriate elements may include plaques
and pen and pencil desk sets. The cost of such items should be commensurate, in
the judgment of awarding officials, with the significance of the achievement
being recognized.

b. Reference a delegates authority to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff,
to use appropriated funds to purchase trophies and similar devices to be awarded
to military members and units of the Armed Forces under his jurisdiction.

c. Reference b delegates the authority described in 2b above to the com-
manders of the unified, combined, and specified commands.

3. Policy:

a. Directors are delegated authority to establish individual programs that
recognize excellence in accomplishments and competitions contributing to the
effectiveness of NORAD operations and mission accomplishment. Program initia-
tion by directors is subject to the availability of appropriated fund support as
approved by the organizational resource advisor and certified by 3rd Space
Support Wing Accounting and Finance Branch.

No. of Printed Pages: 2
OPR: JlPP (Maj B. Terrell)
Approved by: Col W. Murray
Editor: M. Walley
Distribution: F

2 N HOI 900-4 5 June 1987

b. Directors must publish an internal operating instruction (OI) to estab-
lish any trophies and awards program. The OI must include nomination procedures
so deserving persons will be considered. Such programs are generally of a con-
tinuing nature and recipients are normally honored annually.

c. A one-time trophy or award may be given to an individual whose achieve-
ments are unique. The recipient must have made a significant contribution to
the effectiveness and efficiency of the directorate or NORAD. An individual
will not receive two awards or trophies for the same achievement.

4. Procedures:

a. Prior to implementation, directorate programs for trophies and awards
are coordinated with the Comptroller, AFSPACECOM and the Staff Judge Advocate,

b. Directors publish and announce the program and nomination procedures to
ensure maximum participation by all personnel.

C. Directors are responsible for special awards programs established by
their directorates, and they are responsible for procuring trophies and awards
and for having them presented at appropriate ceremonies.

General, USAF
Commander in Chief
Colonel, USAF
Director of Administration