WASHINGTON, D C. 20350-1000



26 August 1993




From: Secretary of the Navy


Ref:(a) " ... From the Sea," Sep 92 (NOTAL)

(b) National Security Strategy of the United States, Jan 93 (NOTAL)

(c) The National Military Strategy, Jan 92 (NOTAL)

(d) National Security Directive 30/National Space Policy Directive, "National Space Policy," Nov 89 (NOTAL)

(e) Department of Defense Space Policy 1988 (NOTAL)

(f) DODD 5100.1 of 25 Sep 87 (NOTAL)

1. Purpose. To issue the Department of the Navy(DON)Space Policy.

2. Discussion. This policy recognizes space as a medium essential to the successful execution of our maritime mission(reference (a)). Further, it commits DON to supporting full and effective development of space-based systems, capabilities, and supporting infrastructure to the full exploitation of space derived products. References (b) through (f) provide guidance and direction.

3. Cancellation. SECNAVINST S5400.39A.

4. Background

a. Changing world events have brought about a new direction in our country's National Security and National Military Strategies (references (b) and (c)). More than ever, the defense focus is on our inherent ability to conduct forward operations for peacetime presence, crisis response, and regional conflict intervention, while maintaining a credible strategic deterrent. space provides a warfighting capability that must be thoroughly understood and integrated into all naval operations. Warfighting forces will rely increasingly on space systems to sustain and enhance their combat effectiveness.


26 AUG 1993

b. DON recognizes that its forces are heavily dependent on support from space. Space capabilities are viewed as an aggregate capability, providing vital combat support and giving naval forces an extra dimension of operational efficiency and combat effectiveness. DON also recognizes the joint nature of the space environment and that the contribution of space systems to the overall success of combined, joint and naval operations will grow, as will the use of space systems by potential adversaries.

c. In addition to our traditional involvement in the military space sector, DON remains committed to maintaining well-established ties to the national, foreign, intelligence, civil and commercial space sectors (references (d) and (e)), and to building upon their critical support.

5. Policy. DON will integrate space into every facet of naval operations. The primary focus is to provide space-based support to the warfighter. Emphasis is placed on naval tactical requirements and operations; however, strategic goals,intelligence requirements, and unified missions will be supported. DON will:

a. Continue to emphasize and optimize space-based support to the lowest tactical level;

(1) ensure that all echelons of command understand and can fully exploit the combat advantages which space systems can provide;

(2) take the leadership role in facilitating the effective maritime use of space capabilities in a joint/combined environment;

b. Develop and advance a cadre of personnel with specialized expertise in space operations and space systems development.

c. Broaden our participation in the processes, systems, and organizations outside DON which are involved in space system development and operation.

d. Develop, acquire, and support the operation of, either alone or jointly, space systems which will satisfy the unique requirements of naval operations and the maritime environment;

(1) by maintaining a strong space science and technology base, aggressively developing and refining technologies in concert with, and as a complement to, non-DON space technology programs;

(2) while avoiding duplication and making optimum use of non-DON space systems, by leveraging those systems to the greatest extent possible.


26 AUG 1993

6. Action

a. The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition will provide direction to subordinate activities for the implementation of this policy.

b. The Chief of Naval operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps are directed to issue necessary implementing orders.

(original signed)



SNDL Al (Immediate Office of the Secretary)

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50A (Unified Commands)

C25A (OPNAV Support Activity Detachment)

(Ft. Ritchie, only)

C60 (COMNAVSPACECOM Shore Based Detachments)

E3 (Activities Under Command of CNR)

FG1 (Computer and Telecommunications command)

FKA1 (Systems Command)

FKQ5 (Space Systems Activity)

FKR3 (RDT&E Activities)

FN (Shore Activities Under Command of COMNAVSPACECOM)

N1, N2, N3/5, N4, N6, N7, N8

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