Headquarters Air Force Space Command MCR 51-1, Vol 2
Peterson Air Force Base Colorado 80914-4100 15 October 1993

Flying Training

C-9, C-12, C-20, C-21, T-43, C-137, and VC-25 AIRCREW TRAINING

MCR 51-1, Volume 2, AFSPACECOM Chapter 6 is as follows and applies to HQ AFSPACECOM and subordinate units with fixed-wing aircraft operations.

6.1. Policy. This chapter establishes AFSPACECOM specific guidance for OSA aircraft and applies to aircrews assigned to AFSPACECOM. (Reference paragraph 1)

6.2. Forms. Use AFSPACECOM Form 53, Aircrew Qualification Training Record and AFSPACECOM Form 53-1, Aircrew Training Comments (Qualification Training Record) for situations requiring documentation not covered by the C-21A Pilot Training Guide series, i.e. requalification due to Q-3 evaluation, recurring training, etc. (Reference paragraph 1.2.6.)

6.3. Training Records. Use the C-21A Pilot Training Guide series for upgrade training. For upgrade training not covered by this series, use formal school course ware. For situations not covered above, use AFSPACECOM Form 53 and AFSPACECOM Form 53-1 to record appropriate training. (Reference paragraph 1.3)

6.4. Evaluations. When a Q-3 is received on any checkride not covered by the C-21A Pilot Training Guide series, use an AFSPACECOM Form 53 and AFSPACECOM Form 53-1 to document training required/received. Open the AFSPACECOM Form 53-1 with a review statement on why the folder is initiated. Next, enter "EVAL" and have the evaluator state what the problem areas are and what corrective action is required. (Reference paragraph 1.3.4(Added))

6.5. Ground Training Requirements. Indoctrination training for aircrew members assigned to AFSPACECOM consists of all items listed except paragraph 2.2.1. Wherever AMC is used, replace it with AFSPACECOM, as applicable; otherwise use AMC material. (Reference paragraph 2.2.)

6.6. Table 1 - Ground Training Requirements. Information has been added to the following items:

Item 9. Aircrew members will complete initial ground CD training.

Item 13. Aircrew members will complete Combat Survival Training. Use audiovisual products.

Item 17. Aircrew members will receive initial ACDE. Refresher training (if more than two years since the last training) is required prior to deployment to a high threat area. If a mobility DOC is received, training will be in accordance with the basic regulation. Until then, this is not a grounding item.

6.7 Flying Training Requirements. Certify aircrew members "mission ready" upon completion of Level 1 of the C-21A Pilot Training Guide series. (Reference paragraph 3.2)

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6.8 Simulator Training Requirements. Flying unit DOT submits their requirements directly to 375 OSS/DOT. Submit requirements for recurring simulator training and any known initial simulator training for attached aircrew members. Requirements should be submitted no later than 31 December each year or as requested by 375 OSS/DOT. (Reference paragraph 4.3.2.)

6.9. Qualified Aircrew Transfer. Refer to AFR 60-1/S Sup 1. (Reference 4.6.)

6.10. Upgrade to Qualified Pilot (FP). The flying unit commander has the option to upgrade a copilot directly to FP without first upgrading the individual to first pilot (MCF). The prerequisites are the same as upgrade to first pilot listed in paragraph 5.2, and upgrade to MP listed in Table 3, except the evaluation will be an FP qualification evaluation. This process deletes the requirement for a local composite evaluation when upgrading to MP, requiring only an OME. However, the commander reserves the right to require a composite evaluation prior to their OME if circumstances dictate. (Reference paragraph 5.6(Added))

6.11. Forms Prescribed:

6.11.1 AFSPACECOM Form 53, Aircrew Qualification Training Record, (folder (FL)).

6.11.2. AFSPACECOM Form 53-1, Aircrew Training Comments (Qualification Training Record), (cut sheet (CS)).

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