CHAPTER 1 - Introduction
Includes general administrative information: purpose, scope and overview of text, and recommended changes

CHAPTER 2 - Army Space History
Provides a background on early theorists and rockets, development of military space capabilities and a chronological use of space in military operations through Operation Restore Democracy.

CHAPTER 3 - Space Policy and Law
Reviews U.S. Space Policy, U.S. presidential administrations policies, DOD and Army Space Policy, Space Laws and military activities in space.

CHAPTER 4 - Army Concept for Space
Describes the Army Concept for Space and the disciplines evolution to the future. Some near term, mid term and far term goals are provided along with the way the Army uses space across various domains.

CHAPTER 5 - Space Environment and Orbital Mechanics
Provides an overview of orbital mechanics, space environment, satellite ground tracks, orbit types and orbital maneuvers.

CHAPTER 6 - Launch Systems and Launch Sites
Describes the principles of rocket propulsion and some selected launch systems and launch sites around the world.

CHAPTER 7 - Space Systems

      SECTION 1 - Overview
Describes the space segments, the energy sources used, payload types, and the tracking network for satellite control.

      SECTION 2 - Satellite Communications (SATCOM)
Describes the capabilities and limits of satellite communications systems, the communication satellites in DOD, and a description of the various communication satellite systems used (SHF, DSCS, Milstar, EHF, MILSATCOM), and technology applications for the 1990s.

      SECTION 3 - Position/Navigation Satellite Systems
Provides an overview of various position navigation systems, the Global Positioning System, and receivers used in the Army.

      SECTION 4 - Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
Briefly describes the National systems from the space, control and user segments, and the Defense Support Program.

      SECTION 5 - Weather and Environmental
Describes the military, foreign, and commercial weather satellites used in various military operations.

      SECTION 6 - Space Surveillance
Provides an overview of the U. S. Space surveillance network in tracking, object identification, and sensors.

CHAPTER 8 - Threats and Countermeasures
Information on the threats of U. S. Space Systems and Countermeasures and the threats posed to U. S. Military Forces.

CHAPTER 9 - Man in Space
Describes the military mission for man in space (Terra view, Terra Scout, and Terra Geode) and the human support for the extended space flight.



       A - Army Space Policy

      B - Annex N (Space Operations) for OPLANs/OPORDs
        TBD - still being revised

      C - Acronyms and Abbreviations
        TBD - still being revised

      D - Glossary
       TBD - still being revised

      E - Index
        TBD - still being revised

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