Section V. Multichannel Satellite Communications Terminals

AN/TSC-85A, AN/TSC-85B(V)1 and AN/TSC-85B(V)2
Satellite Communications Terminals

NSN: 5895-01-113-5343 (AN/TSC-85A)
5895-01-284-8308 (AN/TSC-85B)

Reference: TM 11-5895-845-14 (AN/TSC-85(V)2)

General Information

The AN/TSC-85 contains equipment to receive, transmit, and process low, medium and high capacity multiplexed voice, data, and teletypewriter signals. Using encryption devices, they will process secure and nonsecure traffic. The terminals are intended for either point-to-point or multipoint operation in tactical communications systems. They can transmit one and receive up to four high data rate carriers. The AN/TSC-85(V)2 requires an external multiplex shelter to terminate the circuits. The AN/TSC-85A has its own multiplex equipment in the shelter, however, it may use an external multiplex shelter (for 96-channel capability) if the mission requires it. The terminals include modulation and demodulation equipment and a specialized PCM signal processor. The terminals have external connections for an intercommunications set, field telephones, wideband 70 MHz, and chemical, biological, radiological (CBR) alarm.

Technical Characteristics

NOTE: Major Technical Characteristics exist between Satellite Communications Terminals AN/TSC-85B(V)1 and AN/TSC-85B(V)2. Consult TM 11-5895-1433-12-1 for additional information.

AN/TSC-85A Satellite Communications Terminal

AN/TSC-85(V)2 Satellite Communications Terminal

AN/TSC-85(V)2 Satellite Communications Terminal (Cont.)