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FM100-18 Army Space Policy


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Future success of Army forces will be critically dependent upon exploitation of space assets, capabilities, and products across the entire spectrum of military operations. In an environment of rapid political, technological, and economic change, Army access to national, civil, allied, military, and commercial space capabilities and products is essential to successful operations.

Consistent with national and Department of Defense policies and in cooperation with other services and agencies, the Department of the Army will conduct space and space-related activities that enhance operational support to warfighters and contribute to successful execution of Army missions. Furthermore, the Army will consider space to include those regions from, through, or in which space or space-surrogate systems operate. Employment of space products that meet land warfighter requirements will provide a force multiplier essential to our power projection force. Information technology, which enables success on the battlefield, relies heavily on space solutions. Beyond affecting future space systems design and developmental initiatives, the Army, in joint and combined operations, will organize and train Army forces using space capabilities and products to make them more responsive, flexible, interoperable, survivable, and sustainable. Space and space-related capabilities are essential contributors to Army . modernization objectives. In addition to exploiting existing space systems, the Army will ensure that new systems support land component requirements. Space applications will be embedded in Army doctrine, training scenarios, wargames, exercises, and plans. The use of space products will be normalized in the preparation for and conduct of assigned missions.

Successful execution of this policy requires developing, maintaining, and enhancing Army space expertise, to include provision for training of space-knowledgeable soldiers and civilians and the development of space concepts, doctrine, requirements, and equipment. The Army will seek to normalize the direct and immediate in-theater response to commanders from evolving space-based capabilities.

Aggressive exploitation of space capabilities and products normalized in concepts, doctrine, training, operations, and modernization will ensure that the Army is able to maintain land force dominance well into the twenty-first century. The Army's future is inextricably tied to space.