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14 October 1994

"Series Title"Technical Order

"Long Title - Type In All Capital Letters"MAINTENANCE ASSISTANCE

TO 00-25-107, 15 December 1990, is supplemented as follows, and is published in accordance with the provisions of AFPD 21-3 and TO 00-5-1. It does not apply to the Air National Guard nor the Air Force Reserve. All affected AFSPC units will maintain this publication in current status and make reference to this publication on the title page and each affected paragraph of the basic TO. File this supplement behind the basic TO and retain until revised or rescinded by HQ AFSPC/LGMB. Pencil changes are authorized only for paragraph renumbering to align this supplement to changes or to a new basic technical order (00-25-107). Report any discrepancies other than paragraph realignment via message to HQ AFSPC/ LGMB. This supplement incorporates TO 00-25-107 ACCSUP1, which will no longer be used within AFSPC.

lin " Paragraph/Subparagraph Number, (and Title If Applicable)" \* mergeformat 2b. If in doubt as to which ALC has responsibility, address the SM/IM.

3b. Certification authority is outlined in paragraph 6b of this supplement.

6a. Address messages requesting ICBM technical assistance (technical advice) to OO-ALC/LMSM, with information copies to the appropriate certifying authority (as outlined in paragraph 6b of this supplement) and 20 AF/LGM. If circumstances warrant, telecon requests may be phoned directly to OO-ALC/LMSM at DSN 458-4262. For 30 LG, address messages to OO-ALC/OL with information copies to OO-ALC/ LMSM, 20 AF/LGM, and the certifying authority. Phone request directly to OO-ALC/OL.

6b. Certification authority for maintenance assistance is as follows:

6b.1. Missile Procedures Trainers: HQ AFSPC/DOT is the certifying authority for missile procedure trainers (MPTs) and airborne launch control system trainers (APTs).

6b.2. Missile Communications Systems: HQ AFSPC/SCOM is the certifying authority for missile communications systems requests.

graph/Subparagraph Number, (and Title If Applicable)" \* mergeformat 6b.3. Munitions: HQ AFSPC/LGMW is the certifying authority for munitions systems.

6b.4. Helicopters: HQ AFSPC/LGMB is the certifying authority for helicopters.

6b.5. All other requests: HQ AFSPC/LGMB is the certifying authority for all other requests. However, before an ICBM request is certified, 20 AF/LGM will validate to HQ AFSPC/LGMB that the requested task is beyond the command's capability. Requests for ICBM emergency maintenance assistance may be submitted via telecon with message follow-up. Contact:

During Duty HoursAfter Duty Hours

20 AF/LGM DSN 481-5458 DSN 481-3921 (Ask for
20 AF/LG)

HQ AFSPC/LGMB DSN 692-5367 DSN 692-6931 (Ask for
LGM Duty Action Officer)

OO-ALC/LMSM DSN 458-4262 DSN 458-6072/6825

6c. The procedures outlined in paragraph 6b of this supplement apply.

6e. The procedures outlined in paragraph 6b of this supplement apply.

7. The requesting activity is maintenance control for all ICBM unit requests except communication system requests. Communications squadron job control is the requesting activity for communication system requests. The requesting activity will assign a control number to the request as follows:

7.1. Assign prefix SRF for field level support or SRD for depot level support.

7.2. List the requesting unit.

7.3. List the last two digits of the calendar year.

7.4. List the sequentially assigned control number to the request. (Example: SRD-90MW-94-3 indicates the third request for depot level support from the 90 MW during calendar year 1994.)

9. When the depot team arrives on base, the commander or CLS contractor, as appropriate, will ensure that a pretask coordination briefing is conducted prior to beginning work. The purpose of this briefing is to assign responsibility and establish lines of communication to ensure safe and successful task accomplishment. In the departure message, include the date the work was completed or terminated (give details on incomplete tasks) and the number of man-days of assistance provided. If the unit is dissatisfied with any depot-provided support, notify the appropriate certification authority by separate message with information copies to 20 AF/LGM and HQ AFSPC/LGMB. For MPTs/APTs, send an information copy to HQ AFSPC/DOT.
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