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20 October 1995


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This instruction implements AFI10-207, Command Post, and establishes the annual AF Space Unit Command Post Award. In addition, it outlines procedures for nomination, selection, announcement, and presentation of the award. This instruction applies to HQ AFSPC and subordinate units. This instruction does not apply to U.S. Air Force Reserve nor the Air National Guard units.

1.1.Purpose. To recognize sustained outstanding performance and accomplishments within the AFSPC unit command and control community.

1.2.Award. The outstanding unit command post (UCP) will receive a trophy and a plaque. This traveling trophy will be passed to the recipients on a yearly basis. The award recipient will also receive a permanent plaque.

1.3. Eligibility. Eligibility extends to all host and tenant AFSPC Command Posts which subscribe to AFSPCI10-20701. Non-Space Command Posts which provide support to tenant Space Command Posts (COMREP-supported Command Posts) and Command Posts which inactivate during the eligibility period are ineligible. The rating period is 1 January through 31 December. The first eligibility period will begin 1 January 1995.

1.4.Nomination. Submit nomination packages to HQ AFSPC/DOC no later than 31 January of the year immediately following the close-out of the rating period. Submit nominations on AF Form 1206, without attachments, accompanied by a brief letter of endorsement by the unit commander. Nominations should clearly identify command post accolades and address:

1.4.1. Command Post accomplishments, such as ORI results, significant events, and AFSPC generated metrics. Significant performance of ORI/QAFA visits may be used for the past 2 years because of the frequency of IG visits.

1.4.2. Areas of improvement, such as self-help projects, innovations, benchmarkable processes, and customer service.

1.4.3. Staff Assistance Visits.

1.4.4. Inputs from DOCPR for the Status of Resources and Training (SORTS).

1.4.5. Specific real-world events which demonstrated the command post's ability to respond to emergencies and sustain command and control of assigned forces.

1.5.Selection. The HQ AFSPC/DO will select a winner based on inputs from the Chief, Command and Control Division. A congratulatory message from the Commander, AFSPC, will be transmitted via AUTODIN to all participants and will serve as the official release/formal announcement.

1.6.Presentation. The Outstanding Unit Command Post of the Year trophy will be presented at the next commanders' conference, or the earliest appropriate opportunity following the announcement of the winner. Plaques will be mailed to the unit as soon as possible for presentation at an appropriate ceremony.

DONALD G. COOK, Brig General, USAF
Director of Operations