Headquarters Air Force Space Cormnand
Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado 80914-5001 3 November 1989



This headquarters operating instruction (HOI) establishes the Command Awards and
Decorations Boards and defines the purpose, composition, responsibilities, and
procedures. It applies to HQ Air Force Space Command (AFSPACECOM).

1. References. AFR 900-29, Special Trophies and Awards (PA); and AFR 900-48,
Individual and Unit Awards and Decorations.

2. General. Members of the Headquarters staff in the grades of colonel (colo-
nel selectees) and chief master sergeant (chief master sergeant selectees) serve
on the boards on a rotational basis. Note: Command Section personnel are ex-

3. Purpose. To serve as a recommending body to the awarding authority for
awards, decorations, and special trophies and awards.

4. Board Composition:

a. Officer Board. Consists of the president (Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS)
or Assistant DCS for Manpower and Personnel), two board members, and a nonvoting
board recorder (Personal Affairs Division). Two board members (to include the
president) constitute a quorum.

b. Enlisted Board. Consists of the president, two board members, and a
nonvoting board recorder (Personal Affairs Division). Two board members (to
include the president) constitute a quorum.

c. Special Board. Consists of the president (DCS or Assistant DCS of Man-
power and Personnel), two members (colonels), and a nonvoting recorder (Personal
Affairs Division). Convenes at the request of the president to process recom-
mendations or special trophies and awards which require special handling.

5. Responsibilities. Each member of the board is responsible to ensure the in-
tegrity and intent of the Awards and Decorations Program is maintained. To meet
this responsibility, each member should maintain a working knowledge of the
criteria associated with the various awards and decorations as reflected in the
referenced directives. Each member advises Personal Affairs Division of any
circumstances that would prevent board service such as TDY, leave, hospitaliza-
tion, etcetera.

Supersedes S HOI 30-2, 3 December 1986. (For summary of changes see page 2.)
No. of Printed Pages: 2
OPR: MPAP (MSgt W. P. F. Kelly)
Approved by: Col B. E. Deames
Editor: P. K. Catson
Distribution: F

2 S HOI 30-2 3 November 1989

a. Board President:

(1) Makes sure the policies and directions of the Commander are carried
out and casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie which cannot be resolved
among board members.

(2) Forwards the board's recommendations (board minutes) to the ap-
proving authority for signature.

b. Board Members:

(1) Review each recommendation assigned for his or her board's action.

(2) Vote on each recommendation either recommending approval, disap-
proval, downgrade, or upgrade as appropriate.

(3) Record recommendations on the agenda provided by Personal Affairs
Division and submit agenda to the board recorder by suspense date.

c. The Personal Affairs Division (Board Recorder):

(1) Ensures each recommendation is ready for board action.

(2) Prepares board agenda.

(3) Convenes boards as required.

(4) Provides each board member with recommendations at least 5 workdays
before board convening date.

(5) Tallies votes from board members.

(6) Records board proceedings.

(7) Prepares and submits board minutes to board president.

(8) Provides, as required, guidance to board members.

(9) Maintains and updates a board membership listing.

Lieutenant General, USAF

Colonel, USAF
Director of Information Management

Deletes requirement for special board recommendations on colonels, retirements,
and separations (para 4c); and updates responsibilities (para 5b(l) and 5c).