Headquarters Air Force Space Command
Peterson Air Force Base Colorado 80914-41 00 21 September 1992

Nonappropriated Funds


This headquarters operating instruction (HOI) describes the operation of the Command's
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Council and gives procedures for Headquarters,
Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI). It applies to Headquarters, Air Force
Space Command (AFSPACECOM) staff agencies with NAFI operations.

Adjusts the size and level of the NAFs Council membership to permit greater focus on
MWR and billeting financial activities. Recognizes the requirement for a finance committee
(para 3.3). Expands the list of Council responsibilities (para 4.3). Deletes Council policy
items pertaining to MWR Fund Special Grant Program and out-of-season approval

1. Reference. AFR 176-1, Basic Responsibilities, Policies, and Practices.

2. Types of Funds and Their Purposes:

2.1. Command Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Fund. This fund supports MWR
activities which have Command-wide benefit and are authorized by regulation. It may be
used for authorized programs and activities of the NAFIs. This fund is the successor fund
for all MWR funds within the Command.

2.2. Command Billeting Requirements Pool (CBRP) Fund This fund is established to
receive excess cash from installation lodging funds. Grants to billeting funds may be
provided for renovation of facilities, purchase of equipment, or payment of operational
expenses. This fund is the successor fund for all installation lodging funds within the

3. NAFI Procedures:

3.1. The DCS, Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Services (MW) manages the HQ

Supersedes S HOI 176-1, 24 December 1990. (For summary of changes see above.)
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OPR: MWF (D. Hermeling)
Approved by: D. Dion
Editor: P. Gatson
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2 S HOI 176-1 21 September 1992

3.2. The Director, MW Resources (MWF), is the fund custodian and financial advisor to
NAFI operational managers and the NAF Council. An alternate fund custodian may be
appointed by the custodian with the approval of DCS MW and Services. The fund
custodian also provides administrative services to the Council.

3.3. The DCS, Financial Management and Comptroller (FM), establishes and administers
the AFSPACECOM Finance Committee. The Committee operates as a subcommittee of
the Council. As a working group of Council members (excluding CV and CS), the
Committee reviews nonappropriated and appropriated funds financial programs.

4. Command NAF Council:

4.1. General:

4.1.1. Purpose. Council provides Major Command (MAJCOM) oversight of NAFIs and
advisory services to the Commander.

4.1.2. Voting Chairperson. Vice Commander (CV).

4.1.3. Voting Council. Members are the heads or deputies of the following MAJCOM
offices: Chief of Staff (CS). DCS, MWR and Services (MW). DCS, Engineering (CE)
. DCS, Financial Management and Comptroller (FM). MAJCOM Senior Enlisted Advisor.

4.1.4. Nonvoting Advisors:

4.1.4. 1. Staff Judge Advocate (JA). Assistant DCS, MWR and Services (AM\/V). Director, MW Programs (MWP)
. Director, MW Plans and Force Management (MWX). Director, MW Resources (MWF). MAJCOM Financial Oversight (FMAI).

S HOI 176-1 21 September 1992 3

4.2. Meetings:

4.2.1. The Council meets (at least quarterly) at the call of the Chairperson.

4.2.2. The MW or FM representative presents informational briefings and appropriate
recommendations on Command MWR and lodging actions. The members (excluding CV
and CS) conduct a preliminary meeting of the Finance Committee to discuss and review
proposed recommendations. Recommendations are then presented at a subsequent
session of the Council. Council recommendations go to the Commander for approval or
disapproval. Recommendations are by majority vote. Three voting members constitute a

4.3. Responsibilities of Council Members:

4.3.1. Review MAJCOM NAFI financial plans and make recommendations to balance
Command NAF assets through a "common cause" approach.

4.3.2. Review and recommend approval or disapproval of consolidated and centrally
funded programs developed by MAJCOM NAFI managers.

4.3.3. Review and recommend approval or disapproval of NAF Council policies developed
by MAJCOM NAFI functional managers.

4.3.4. Review and recommend approval of grants to installation NAFIs. Establish
delegated approval authorities.

4.3.5. Become familiar with directives governing the administration and operation of
Command NAFIs.

4.3.6. Review NAF and appropriated funds (APF) financial statistics of installation-level
MWR and billeting activities.

4.3.7. Review the results of the HQ AFSPACECOM Internal Control System in MWR and
billeting activities.

4.3.8. Review other information at the discretion of the Council Chairperson.

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