Headquarters Air Force Space Command 24 May 1993
Peterson Air Force Base Colorado 80914-4100

Security Police

This headquarters operating instruction (HOI) provides rules for entry, security, and visitor controls. It
applies to all occupants of and visitors to Headquarters, Air Force Space Command (AFSPACECOM),
Building 1.

Updates Limited Access badge request procedures (para; adds National Crime Computer Checks
(para; updates usage procedures (para; adds notification procedures (para; and
updates hours of operation for loading dock (para 8.3.2).

This publication is affected by the Privacy Act of 1974. Title 10 U.S.C., Section 8013 is the authority to
collect data and maintain systems of records prescribed by this HOI. The requester will show, and on
request give, the affected individual a Privacy Act statement for each form used to collect personal data
before asking for the information. The Privacy Act statement required by AFR 12-35, Air Force Privacy Act
Program, is on all appropriate forms. System of Records Notice F030 AF SP A, Documentation for
Identification and Entry Authority; and F030 AF A, Automated Personnel Management, apply.

1. General. Building I is designated a controlled the security manager.
area (CA) (see AFR 125-37, The Installation and
Resources Protection Program (FOUO)). The Send letters of appointment to the
building contains restricted and internally con- appropriate pass and registration sections of
trolled areas requiring stringent entry controls and Peterson AFB (21 SPS/SPAP); Cheyenne
armed response. The Elite Guard maintains Mountain AFB (721 SSS/SPAP); and Falcon AFB
building security according to AFR 125-37, (50 SPS/SPAP).
Resource Protection; AFR 207-1(C), The Air
Force Physical Security Program(PA)(U); and Attach a completed DD Form 577,
other rules approved by the HQ AFSPACECOM Signature Card, for each appointed individual to
Command Section. the appointment letter. Each DD Form 577 must
show which sections of the AF Form 2586 and
2. Responsibilities: which restricted or controlled areas the individual
is authorized to sign.

2.1. Directors:
2.2. Requesting Officials/Security Managers:
2.1.1. Are responsible for security in their work
areas. 2.2.1. Prepare an original AF Form 2586 and
corresponding number of copies (see paragraph
2.1.2. Appoint requesting and or coordinating 4.1) to request issue of a badge.
officials for AF Form 2586, Unescorted Entry
Authorization Certificate. Note: This is usually

Supersedes S HOI 125-1, 19 October 1990. (For summary of changes see above.)
No. of Printed Pages: 13
OPR: SPOW (SMSgt Monte Tahvonen)
Approved by: Lt Col John W. Passey
Editor: Pam Gatson
Distribution: F

2 SH01126-1 24Mayi993

2.2.2. Immediately notify Elite Guard Operations, 2.3.10. In the event the AECS is inoperative
extension 4-2460, of incidents where unescorted during nonduty hours (2000-0500 duty days and
entry is to be denied to persons based upon on weekends and holidays), everyone except
adverse information or investigations. The general and flag officers sign in and out with the
directorates confiscate the AF Form 1199, Air Elite Guard entry controller using AF Form 1109,
Force Entry Control Card, until the investigation is Visitor Register log.
complete. 2.3.1 1. In the event an individual's badge will not
2.3. Badge Holders: operate the AECS due to wear, mutilation,
etcetera, the individual signs in and out for each
2.3.1. Protect badges. entry and exit, on AF Form 1109, ensuring an
audit trail and must contact their security manager
2.3.2. Display badges, picture side exposed, on to acquire a new AF Entry Control Card.
an outer garment above the waist. 2.4. Visitors. Comply with directions of sponsor
2.3.3. Upon request of an Elite Guard member, and Elite Guard personnel.
present badge for examination. 3. Unescorted Entry:
2.3.4. Remove and secure badges upon
departing the building. Security police will not 3.1. Personnel with a valid need to enter Building
secure badges for individuals. 1 or 1470 often, and have at least a SECRET
clearance or favorable National Agency Check
2.3.5. Immediately report lost, mutilated, or found (NAC), qualify for a permanent badge.
badges to their unit security manager, Elite Guard
Operations and the security police organization 3.2. Attachment 1 lists the types of badges
that operates the pass and registration section issued and who requests them. A badge does
where the badge was issued, (such as Falcon not imply the holder has a security clearance.
AFB, CMAFB, Peterson AFB). Note: Badges for Cheyenne Mountain AFB,
Peterson AFB, Falcon AFB, Federal Building, HQ
2.3.6. Turn in badges to their unit security AFSPACECOM, and HQ NORAD/USSPACE-
manager or the issuing pass and registration COM are issued according to AFR 207-1(C)/S
section, with AF Form 2586, when the badge is no Sup l(U). If these badges are Air Force Entry
longer required. Control Card, with Area "A" open, unescorted
entry is authorized in Building 1.
2.3.7. Challenge any person inside the building
who is not displaying an Air Force Entry Control 3.3. Badge Exemptions. All active duty general
Card, or appropriate visitor badge, or whose or flag officers and retired NORAD/USSPACE-
presence is questionable. Immediately report COM Commanders in Chief (CINC) and
security violations to Elite Guard personnel. If AFSPACECOM Commanders (whether in uniform
possible, detain the individual not displaying a or not) are not required to display AF Entry
badge. Note: See paragraph 3.3 for general and Control Card. They are authorized unescorted
flag officer exemptions. entry into the building based on personal
recognition or possession of a valid ID card.
2.3.8. Use the automated entry control system Other retired general and flag officers are issued
(AECS) turnstiles and credential readers to gain "Short-term Unescorted Visitor' badges (which
entry and exit from the facility and internally must be displayed) based on personal recognition
controlled areas. or possession of a valid ID card.
2.3.9. In the event the AECS is inoperative 4. How to Obtain an Unescorted Entry Badge:
during duty hours, present badges to the Elite
Guard entry controller when entering the building 4.1. Requesting Officials/Security Managers:
so he or she may physically examine the badge
before entry. 4.1.1. Prepare an original AF Form 2586 and

S Hot 126-1 24 May 1993 3

appropriate number of copies which corresponds 5. Unescorted Entry Badge for Contractors.
to the number of installations having controlled or Permanent badges for contractors working in the
restricted areas where unescorted entry is building are issued as stated in paragraph 4.
required. Further, the security managers:
4.1.2. Complete sections 1, 11, III, and IV and sign 5.1. Mark the AF Form 2586 with the word
the form. "CONTRACTOR" on the top, bottom, front, and
4.1.3. Request Area "A" in sections III and IV for
the controlled areas of Buildings I and 1470. 5.2. Identify in the "organization or firm" block of
section I both the sponsoring agency and the
4.1.4. The security manager requesting the contracting firm.
badge coordinates in section IV for Area "A." 5.3. Ensure a current visit request is on file with
4.1.5. If unescorted entry is required to internally the Elite Guard. The visit request will be updated
controlled areas of Buildings 1 and 1470, list yearly and submitted to the Elite Guard
those areas by room number in section IV of AF operations NLT 15 days prior to expiration.
Form 2586.
6. How to Obtain Badges for Visitors. All
4.1.6. Send AF Form 2586 to the appropriate visitors, except active duty general and flag
coordinating officials (section IV). officers or VIP visitors controlled by Command
Protocol, are signed in and out on AF Form I 1 09
4.2. Coordinating officials. Review, sign, and at the Visitor Control Center located at the main
print name in appropriate blocks of section III to entrance. They are issued either an unescorted
authorize unescorted entry to their controlled or escort required visitor badge. Visitor badges
areas. are issued and turned in at the Visitor Control
Center only. Visiting contractor personnel are
4.3. Badge Recipient: issued distinctive unescorted badges which have
been marked with the word "CONTRACTOR" on
4.3.1. Handcar(ies the completed AF Form 2586 the front and back.
after making an appointment to the pass and
registration section responsible for issuing the 6.1. To obtain an unescorted visitor badge, at
badge. least a SECRET clearance or a favorable NAC
investigation is required.
4.3.2. On their first attempt to enter the building,
handcar(ies a copy of the AF Form 2586 to the 6.2. Submit preannouncement letters (requests)
Elite Guard Visitor Control Center for enrollment when requesting unescorted visitor badges. Send
into the AECS. visit requests to the Elite Guard Operations at
least 24 hours before the visit. See attachment 2
4.3.3. Returns original completed AF Form 2586 for a sample letter. Information is distributed to
to his or her security manager after badge issue. the appropriate Visitor Control Center. Personnel
arriving unannounced receive an escort badge
Notes: Pass and Registration Sections: (red in color) until an appropriate letter from the
I . Return the original AF Form 2586 to the sponsoring agency is received.
recipient after badge issue.
2. Send remaining copies of AF Form 2586 to 6.3. Type requests and have the sponsoring
Falcon AFB and Cheyenne Mountain AFB entry ageney's director, security manager, or assistant
control enrollment centers as needed. security manager sign it. Note: Personnel who
3. Mark badges for contractors with are authorized to sign visitor requests must have
"CONTRACTOR" in red across the front a DD Form 577 on file with the Elite Guard
information section. Operations for validation purposes. Be sure the

4 S HOI 125-1 24 May 1993

6.3. 1. Is for less than I year. Operations NLT 3 days before the conference.
The conference project officer gets the required
6.3.2. States if the individual needing the badge number of badges, as listed in the request letter,
is a contractor or not, so the appropriate badge from the Elite Guard operations one day before
can be issued. the conference. The project officer issues the
badges, assigns PiNs to the conferees. and
6.3.3. Includes the following information (See records badge issue information on documents
sample at attachment 2). provided by the Elite Guard. Full name. The project officer accounts for, collects,
and returns the badges to Elite Guard Operations Social Security number. at the end of the conference. Rank or grade. 6.4.2. Long-term Unescorted "Contractor' Visitor,
Air Force Entry Control Card. This has Area "A"
6.3,3.4. Security clearance data. open. "NO ESCORT REQUIRED" is typed in the
..organization" block. A red "U" W/white back- Employing activity. ground is in the picture block. "CONTRACTOR"
is printed in RED in the photo section. Note: Date and duration of visit. This badge is issued to contractors for visits of at
least 5 consecutive days or for groups of 10 or Agency to be visited. more contractor personnel with an approved
preannouncement request that is on file with Elite Name and phone number of point of Guard Operations. Contractor visitors must use
contact (POC). the main entry control points. They are assigned
PiNs to operate AECS turnstiles. Visiting Type of badge to be issued. contractors maintain their badges for the duration
of the visit and upon completion of the visit turn in
6.4. Types of Unescorted Visitor Badges: to the Elite Guard Operations.
6.4.1. Long-term unescorted Visitor, Air Force 6.4.3. Short-term. Unescorted Visitor, USAF
Entry Control Card. This has Area "A" open and Controlled Area Badge. This has Area "A" open
all other areas marked out in black. "NO and the words "NO ESCORT REQUIRED" on the
ESCORT REQUIRED" is typed in the "organiza- front. Note: This badge is issued to visiting
tion" block. A black "U" with white background is unannounced personnel with a clearance; for
in the picture block. Note: This badge is issued visits and conferences of less than 10 people and
to newly assigned personnel waiting issue of a 5 consecutive days with an approved
permanent badge (the badge will not be issued for preannouncement request on file with Elite Guard
more than 15 consecutive calendar days), TDY Operations. Unannounced visiting personnel
and personnel assigned at least 5 consecutive must be met by sponsoring agencies at the Visitor
days, conference groups of 10 or more people Control Center to verify their need to enter,
with an approved preannouncement request on identify the individual, and sign AF Form 1109.
file with Elite Guard Operations. Visitors must Visitors must use the main entry points where
use the main entry control points and are Elite Guard entry controllers identify the visitors
assigned a personnel identification number (PIN) each time they enter and allow entry through the
to operate AECS turnstiles. Long-term visitors pedestrian gate. These badges are not allowed
and conferees maintain their badges for the out of the building.
duration of the visit and upon completion of their
visit, turn badges in to Elite Guard Operations. 6.4.4. Short-term Unescorted "CONTRACTOR"
Visitor, USAF Controlled Area Badge. This has To avoid congestion at the main Area "A" open and the words "NO ESCORT
entrance, conferees receive special processing. REQUIRED" on the front. Closed areas are
The conference project officer must provide a blocked out in red. The word "CONTRACTOR" is
complete list of attendees to Elite Guard marked in red across the top and bottom on the

S HOI 126-1 24 May 1993 5

front and diagonally across the back. Note: This areas, and restroom facilities of the building and
badge is issued for contractor visits of less than 5 are authorized unescorted entry during duty
consecutive days and contractor groups of less hours, Monday through Friday ONLY.
than 10 people with an approved Additionally, these personnel must be restricted
preannouncement request on file with Elite Guard from access to classified information and
Operations, (for example of request letter refer to discussions.
attachment 2). Visiting contractors must use the
main entry points where Elite Guard entry If derogatory information is received,
controllers identify the visitors each time they affected personnel will not be given a LAB and if
enter and allow entry through the pedestrian gate. a warrant for their arrest has been issued they will
These badges are not allowed out of the building. be detained until the notification and arrival of the
Colorado Springs Police Department.
6.4.5. Limited Access Badges (LAB) have Area
"A" open with all other areas marked out in green. 7. Escort Required Visitor Badge, AFSPACE-
"LIMITED ACCESS" is typed in the picture and COM Form 146, Visitor - Escort Required. This
organization blocks. Note: This badge is issued is issued to all personnel who do not meet the
from Elite Guard Operations to employees who requirement for unescorted entry. Personnel
require routine entry to the building but are arriving unannounced will contact the sponsoring
waiting on their security clearance or favorable agency via landline located in the lobby and await
NAC investigation. For example, summer hires, arrival of an escort official. The sponsoring
Non Appropriated Funds employees, and interns agency must sign the visitor in and out of the
may qualify for this type of badge. building on AF Form 1109 and remain with the
visitor(s) during the entire visit. Escorts must Request LAB by forwarding a request possess a picture-type badge with Area "A" open.
letter through the 21 SPS/SPAI to Elite Guard They must read and comply with the provisions of
Operations (see sample at attachment 3). the Escort official Responsibilities Briefing Card,
Specify the exact status of the individual's duty maintained at the Visitor Control Center, each
requirements and investigation or clearance. time they sign an escorted visitor into the
building. Escorts must avoid taking visitors into Upon receipt of the letter, an Elite Guard sensitive areas when classified information may
Operations representative establishes an be exposed or discussed. These badges are not
appointment with the individual desiring limited allowed out of the building.
access and their immediate supervisor and or
DOD sponsor. The supervisor is responsible for B. Entry and Exit Procedures:
providing clearance status updates, certification
of continued need for access, and return of the 8.1. Main Doors (East Lobby Doors). These
LAB to Elite Guard Operations upon separation, doors are open 24 hours a day. All personnel and
termination, or issuance of a permanent Entry routine visitors enter and depart through these
Control Badge. The LAB is activated in 30-day doors.
increments. Extensions will be requested by the
supervisor, in person, and approved by an Elite 8.2. General Officer Secure Parking Garage.
Guard Operations representative. General officers assigned secure parking spaces
and personnel who have been designated by the With the supervisor and individual HQ AFSPACECOM Command Section gain entry
desiring access present, Elite Guard Operations to the building by operating AECS credential
personnel will call the 21 SPS Law Enforcement readers and cipher locks on pedestrian doorways.
Desk to conduct a National Computer Information
Center (NCIC) check. 8,3. Loading Dock and Service Doors.
Service doors (bay doors) can be opened and Provided no derogatory information is secured by people who have permanent badges
received, the LAB will be issued. Personnel must who, prior to opening or closing, call the Elite
use the main entry control point, are assigned Guard Security Control Center to ask that alarms
PiNs to operate AECS turnstiles, and are be activated or deactivated. users must provide
restricted to their designated work areas, common

6 S HOI 125-i 24 May 1993

security when these doors are not locked and handcarried items.
alarms are inactive. They must ensure the doors
are secured when deliveries or maintenance work 10. Transportation of Classified Material:
is done. The Elite Guard Security Control Center
must be told when work is completed so the alarm 10.1. Personnel designated as official couders
system can be promptly reactivated. Users must who transport sensitive compartmented
not depart until notified that the alarm system has information (SCI) material and have a courier
been reset. Personnel identified as smokers and letter or NORAD/USSPACECOM Form 7, Official
joggers use the personnel door to gain access to SCI Courier, identification card, in their
the smoking area on the loading dock. possession are exempt from inspections of
Procedures for smokers and joggers to obtain handcarried items. Cou(iers must present this
access to the loading dock are as follows: form to the entry controller when requested.
NORAD/USSPACECOM Form 7's are acquired
8.3.1. The smoker/jogger contacts the Elite from the Special Security Officer (INS).
Guard Operations in person with their original AF
Form 2586 and requests loading dock access to 10.2. Personnel (military and Department of the
be added. Access to the personnel door can be Air Force (DAF) civilians) who handcarry
granted by the Building Manager or Elite Guard collateral classified material in and out of Building
Operations ONLY. 1 are not required to have an NORAD/USSPACE-
COM Form 7 or courier letter in their possession.
8.3.2. Once the AF Form 2586 has been signed Note: Classified material can be handcarried in
for loading dock access (Area 1207), a copy given an envelope, folder, or other container to prevent
to an Elite Guardsman for modification of the loss or observation of classified being hand
AECS. Immediate access through the loading carried outside of work area. An individual's
dock will be provided. NOTE: Personnel door authority to handcarry classified material may be
has been placed on an Automatic Timer. The verified by calling that person's duty section.
established times are Monday through Friday,
0800 to 1600 hours, closed weekends and 10.2.1. Properly wrapped classified packages are
holidays. not subject to search. They may be handled, but
not opened.
8.4. Command Section Doors. The main
entrance doors to the Command Section are open 10.2.2. Report violations of classified hand-
at 0630 weekdays and secured at the end of the carrying procedures to HQ AFSPACECOM
duty day by request of the Chief of Staff Information Security Division (SPI).
administrative support personnel. To gain entry
through the secondary entrance door of the 10.2.3. If a person carrying classified is stopped
Command Section during nonduty hours, contact during random resource protection checks, the
the Elite Guard Security Control Center. During Elite Guard is required to validate the individual's
nonduty hours, weekends, and holidays, or unless authority to handcarry classified materials. The
otherwise requested, entrances to the Command Elite Guard will call the individual's supervisor,
Section are secured and placed on alarm. respective sponsoring agency security manager,
assistant security manager, or executive officer.
8.5. Other Doors. Other doors have signs Only as a last resort will the agency's Director or
indicating use for emergency exit only and remain Deputy Director be called to validate the couriees
closed and alarmed. authority.

9. Inspection of Handcarried Items. Entry 11. Removal of Government Property. Before
controllers conduct random inspections of removing any government property from the
handcarried items (briefcases, parcels, purses, building, personnel must possess a completed AF
and so on). These inspections are done on the Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt, or suitable
time and date specified by the HQ substitute. Equipment custodians are the
AFSPACECOM Command Section. Note: approval authorities to issue and sign receipts for
Visiting dignitaries are exempt from inspections of

S HOI 125-1 24 May 1993 7

equipment maintained on their accountable emergency, firefighters, medical, explosive
records. Routinely the Elite Guard stops ordnance disposal (EOD), and other emergency
personnel, Galls equipment custodians via phone personnel are allowed entry without delay. The
to verify removal of government equipment. If the entry controller counts responding emergency
equipment custodian or a supervisor in the personnel. Upon termination of the response, the
individual's chain of command canl be contacted, number of responding personnel departing is
the equipment may be confiscated, tagged with verified. A discrepancy will result in expanded
an AF Form 52, Evidence Tag, and transported to security operations. If an emergency team arrives
the 21 SPS/SPOI (Investigations). Routine stop unannounced, they Will be denied entrv until the
and checks are to deter the theft of government emergency condition is confirmed.
property. 14. Activation and Deactivation of Internally
12. Emergency Evacuation: Controlled Area Alarms:
12.1. A fire, natural disaster, major accident, or 14.1. Persons authorized access to intemally
civil disturbance would place US classified controlled areas (ICA) of Building I may ask that
defense information and materials stored on this alarm systems be activated or deactivated
installation in danger of compromise. These depending on the users operational needs.
types of emergencies usually have little warning.
Therefore, to provide maximum safeguards for 14.2. To activate and deactivate alarms, call the
classified material with minimum risk of injury to Elite Guard Security Control Center at 4-5281,
personnel, organizations which possess classified immediately before the first authorized person
material will prepare implementing instructions for enters or the last authorized person departs the
their personnel to follow. Include the following: ICA for the duty day.
12.1.1. Do everything possible to secure all 14.3. Persons requesting activation of alarms at
classified material in a GSA-approved storage the end of the duty day must personally report to
container or vault. the Elite Guard Visitor Control Center or make a
second call to the Elite Guard Security Control
12.1.2. Upon termination of the emergency Center from a telephone outside the ICA to verify
condition, owner/user personnel establish access that alarms have reset before they leave Building
control. The equipment custodian or security 1.
manager must examine the storage container(s)
and determine if material is missing and or 15. Security Alarm System:
subjected to possible compromise prior to
terminating access controls. 1 5.1. Except when opened and guarded for entry
or exit, doors are connected to the security alarm
12.1.3. In the event of missing material or system and a large warning sign is on the door. If
possible compromise, organizations advise their an alarm is accidentally activated, remain at the
commander or staff agency chief, Elite Guard door until the Elite Guard contacts you. Note:
personnel and Security Police Information The Elite Guard detains or apprehends suspicious
Division (SPI). or unauthorized individuals violating security
12.1.4. Establish priorities for possible procedures.
evacuation of classified material according to 15.2. The security alarm system is controlled by
DOD 5200.1-R/AFR 205-1, Information Security the System 4000 computer. The computer also
Program. controls the automated entry control system
(AECS) which allows personnel entry to the
12.2. Personnel evacuate Building I through the headquarters buildings with the use of the AF
nearest emergency exit door. To expedite rapid automated entry badge. Based on the use of the
evacuation, automated entry control devices, card AECS, the System 4000 is a system of records
readers, and turnstiles are not used. which contains the following information on all
users: name, rank, social security account
13. Emergency Entry. During a known

8 SHOl125-l 24Mayi993

number, security clearance, organization, and 17. Information Security and Security OPRS:
duty telephone number. 17.1. Wireless microphones will not be used for
15.3. The System 4000 is capable of printing a any meetings or conferences within Building 1.
log of entries and exits on any individual using
their entry control badge at Buildings 1 and 1470. 17.2. Units or agencies using the auditorium to
The person responsible for this information is the conduct classified conferences notify the Elite
system manager, the Elite Guard Superintendent. Guard Superintendent and AFSPACECOM SPI of
such conferences at least 3 duty days in advance.
15.3.1. This information can be made available
to anyone who meets the following criteria: 17.3. The following is a list of specific security
issues matched with their respective office of Must be the director within the line of primary responsibility (OPR). Questions on
supervision of the individual on whom the specific security issues need to be addressed to
information is requested. the appropriate OPR. Must fill out a letter of request 17.3.1. Information, industrial, and personnel
containing the person's name, grade, badge security: SPI.
number, period of time desired, and all other
information shown in the example at attachment 17.3.2. Physical security: 21 SPS/SPOS.
17.3.3. Computer securityrrempest: LKXS.
15.3.2. The system manager must accomplish
the following: 17.3.4. Communication security (COMSEC):
LKOC. Verify the person requesting the
information is in the line of supervision of the 17.3.5. Operation security (OPSEC): DOX.
individual on whom the request is made.
17.3.6. Sensitive compartmented information Type the following Privacy Act (SCI): INS.
statement on the top of the computer printout:
CONTAINS DATA PROTECTED BY THE 17.3.7. Foreign disclosure: XPIF.
l8. Photographic Equipment: Photographic
16. Thefts and Incident Reporting. Report equipment is not permitted in the building without
incidents of potential or actual violations of approval of the individual's director and after
building security to the Security Control Center, coordination with Elite Guard operations.
extension 4-5281. The Law Enforcement Desk Directors should submit a letter authorizing an
will be contacted for incidents involving reported individual to have photographic equipment for
thefts in Building 1 or other related matters. official use only. See attachment 5 sample

General, USAF

MICHAEL A. KLICH 5 Attachments
Lieutenant Colonel, USAF 1. Badge Controls
Director of Information Management 2. Sample Visitor Request Letter
3. Sample Limited Access Badge Request Letter
4. Sample Computer Entry/Exit Information Letter
5. Sample Photographic Equipment Letter

10 S HOI 125-1 Attachment 2 24 May 1993


Requesting Agency (Date)

Long or Short-Term Unescorted Visitor Badge Request


1. The following personnel will visit (office to be visited) on (dates). Request, as appropriate, long-term or
short-term "NO ESCORT REQUIRED" or "CONTRACTOR-NO ESCORT REQUIRED" badges be issued.

c. SSAN:

c. SSAN:

2. POC is and can be contacted at Ext x-xxxx.

Signed by: Director, security manager, or assistant security manager of office being visited.
Note: Consider the purpose for which "NO ESCORT REQUIRED" type badges are being asked. If it is
official business, related to the mission, etcetera, then this type of request is authorized.

S HOI 125-1 Attachment 3 24 May 1993 11


(Proper Letterhead)

Requesting Agency (Date)

Limited Access Badge Request


1. The following personnel require access to perform duties as individual(s)
will be employed from - to dates. Individuals have/have not
processed for the required investigation. Request Limited Access Badge be issued.


2. The security manager is and can be contacted at Ext. x-xxxx.

Signed by: Director or security manager of the Directorate or Directorate individual will be assigned.

lst Ind, 21 SPS/SPAI

Individual(s) listed above had a NAC/NACI initiated on (Dates). Local files check was conducted on [email protected]
with/without any derogatory information received. NCIC was conducted on @te with/without any
derogatory information received.

Signed by: Personnel security representative.

12 S HOI 126-1 Attachment 4 24 May 1993


(Proper Letterhead)

(Office Symbol) (Date)
Request for Computer Entry/Exit Information


Request entry/exit information on (Name) (Rank)
(Badge No.) , for the period of to I am aware the
information I receive is subject to the Privacy Act of 1974 and I will protect it accordingly. I will use this
information for official purposes only.

(Signature Block)

SHOl125-l Attachment 6 24 May l993 13


Requesting Agency

Authorization to Handcarry/Use Photographic Equipment


1. The following person(s) are authorized to handcarry and/or use photographic equipment within Bldg 1
and/or 1470 for official use:

a. Name, Rank, SSN, Org, DP

b. Name, Rank, SSN, Org, DP

2. POC for this matter is and can be reached at Ext 4-xxxx.

Signature Block for Director



21 SPS Chief of Security Police