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2 October 1995

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This headquarters operating instruction (HOI) provides policy and procedures for the use of recall rosters in Headquarters Air Force Space Command (HQ AFSPC). It applies to military and civilian personnel assigned to HQ AFSPC.

This HOI has been rewritten for currency and clarity and brings procedures in line with current Air Force Instruction format.

1. General. Headquarters recalls/notifications are initiated by the Air Force Space Operations Center (AFSPOC) at the direction of the Commander, Vice Commander, Director of Operations or designated senior officer of Air Force Space Command. Air Force Space Command Instruction (AFSPC) 10-207 establishes the requirement for all AFSPC organizations to produce and maintain recall rosters to facilitate timely recall/notification of personnel. All HQ AFSPC recall rosters will be IAW AFSPCI10-207.

2. Directors:

2.1. Ensure recall rosters are developed for their directorates IAW AFSPCI10-207 and this HOI. Directorates that have divisions will provide separate recall rosters for each division. Include all assigned personnel including Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs) and Mission Essential Federal Employees (MEFEs). In time of national emergency requiring full mobilization, all MEFEs and military personnel (including IMAs) may be recalled, regardless of duty status.

2.2. The Air Intelligence Agency (AIA) is the functional manager for Reserve intelligence assets attached to HQ AFSPC. They are mobilized according to applicable mobilization plans. AFSPC may recall intelligence IMAs by notifying the Director of Intelligence who notifies AIA of AFSPC requirements.

2.3. Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center, Denver, manages Reserve staff judge advocates, surgeons and chaplains. They are mobilized according to applicable mobilization plans.

2.4. Ensure a separate roster is established to identify personnel who serve on the Support Battle Staff (SBS) and Crisis Action Team (CAT). Include those individuals who are "on call." Update this roster whenever there is a change and forward it to the AFSPC Space Operations Flight (AFSPOC) within 3 working days of the change. It is recommended that IMAs not be designated as SBS/CAT members since they may not be able to respond to exercise/real world recalls. (This paragraph does not apply to the following Directorates: DS,IG,QI, and all three-letter offices under the CC and CV).

2.5. Update recall rosters whenever a change occurs (as a minimum, by the first of every month), and provide updated copies to the AFSPC Space Operations Flight (AFSPOC) within 3 working days.

2.6. Have the authority to initiate test recalls within their respective directorates to ensure or evaluate military readiness.

3. Weather Delays/Releases:

3.1. The 21 SW/CC or designated representative authorizes delayed reporting and early release for severe weather. The 21 SW/CP will notify the AFSPOC of any delays or releases.

3.2. For Weather delays and early releases:

AFSPOC will notify: DO who notifies DS, who notifies CCE and CVE

AFSPOC will notify: LG who notifies SP, who notifies SV, who notifies IG

AFSPOC will notify: IN who notifies SE, who notifies SG, who notifies HO

AFSPOC will notify: DP who notifies PA, who notifies QI, who notifies HC

AFSPOC will notify: SC who notifies IM, who notifies JA, who notifies CN

AFSPOC will notify: XP who notifies DR, who notifies CE, who notifies FM

3.2.1. All organizations required to call an outside organization will include a primary and alternate point of contact ( POC ) for that outside organization on their own recall roster.

3.2.2. All organizations required to call an outside organization will call the outside organization prior to calling personnel within their own organization.

4. The Air Force Space Operations Center (AFSPOC):

4.1. Maintains HQ AFSPC recall rosters in a readily accessible location for use by on-duty crews.

4.2. Initiates recalls/notifications when directed by the AFSPC Commander, Vice Commander, Director of Operations, or designated representative.

4.3. Support Battle Staff (SBS) Recall. The AFSPOC notifies Directors that a recall has been initiated. The AFSPOC will specify a time and location for assembly. Example: "The Support Battle Staff is to convene in the Support Battle Staff area no later than 1300 local." Each Director ensures that the appropriate SBS members within their directorate are notified.

4.4. Crisis Action Team (CAT) Recall. The AFSPOC contacts specific headquarters personnel (as a minimum, the Team Chief, NCOIC and Administrative Specialist) and directs them to form a CAT.

5. It is of paramount importance that individuals respond in an expeditious manner. Personnel report in the appropriate duty uniform and exercise all safety considerations when responding.

DONALD G. COOK, Brig General, USAF
Director of Operations