15 November 1995



AFMAN23-110, Volume 6, Chapter 4, is supplemented as follows and applies to all Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) operated base supplies. All subordinate units and operating agencies located on AFSPC bases are responsible for implementation. AFSPC units and operating agencies which are tenants on other command bases abide by the host base command's directives. This publication applies to Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units.

4.2.1. The installation PMRP monitor and alternate are from the supply organization in the grade of master sergeant, civilian equivalent, section manager, or above.

4.2.2. HQ AFSPC, Directorate of Logistics, Supply Division, approves PMRP management and procedural variations as follows: For category II satellite supply accounts, the Chief of Supply (COS) appoints a PMRP monitor and alternate when required. 5 SWS, Woomera AS, Australia, participation in the PMRP is determined jointly with the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO), Naval Communications Station, Exmouth, Western Australia 6707. The COS and DRMO consider the amount of recoverable film and electronics equipment residue to determine management requirements. The COS documents the final determination in a local supplement. Medical activities use the internal procedures in AFM23-110, Chapter 23, and the following: At the option of the installation PMRP monitor and the medical unit's PMRP monitor, silver recovery cartridge issue, turn-in, and electrolysis equipment requirements need not be coordinated. The turn-in of silver residue recovered by the electrolysis equipment also applies. All precious metals coded items (control item code "R") managed by the medical supply (FM) account are excluded from these procedures. The medical unit's PMRP monitor is responsible for the auditable documents and transactions for FM account item residue. For supply operations and using and generating activities that provide services under Air Force contract, appoint monitors and alternates. Also manage the PMRP as specified in the contract agreement. The installation PMRP monitor ensures physical security and protection are provided for precious metals and precious metals recovery supplies according to AFI 31-209, Chapter 8. Base supply storage of precious metals residue is not authorized; however, residue materials may be secured temporarily in base supply until moved to the DRMO.
2 AFMAN23-110V6CH4AFSPC1 15 November 1995 When it is necessary for base supply to store expended cartridges, segregate new, empty, used, and expended cartridges.

4.2.14. The installation PMRP monitor prepares a quarterly transaction summary (January, April, July, and October) for the previous quarter of PMRP issues and turn-ins. The LSS/CC or designee approves the summary. The precious metals receipting and witnessing individual must be a disinterested officer or equivalent civilian.

4.9.1. The installation PMRP monitor controls the turn-in of all precious metals residue, except that residue generated by medical activities. Establish a special supply account (organization and shop code) for the installation PMRP monitor and document in a local supplement. Use this account for turn-in of precious metal-bearing material or residue, except equipment and DIFM items as long as they can be used, partially or fully, to perform the original intended purpose.

4.9.7(Added). Specific procedural instructions for the installation PMRP monitor: For turn-in of precious metals: The generating activity prepares AF Form 2005, Issue/Turn-In Request, in three copies. Make sure the AF Form 2005 shows the following: Item identification (National Stock Number (NSN) assigned). Organization and shop code of installation PMRP monitor. Generating activity delivers the AF Form 2005 and precious metal-bearing scrap, waste, or refined precious metals to the installation PMRP monitor. The installation PMRP monitor and receiving inchecker acknowledge receipt of the material. Receiving inchecker returns copy 2 to the generating activity and forwards copy 1 to document control. Use copy 3 for input processing.

Note: Process all turn-ins through the S2200 computer for accountability and documentation. For silver recovery cartridges: Use unit of issue pound (LB) and include the weight of the container. Enter the cartridge serial number in card columns 67-80 of the turn-in input. Turn-in cartridges immediately on removal from service.

Note: Under no circumstances will expended cartridges be allowed to accumulate in the work center. For unrefined silver (residue) recovered by the electrolysis unit: Use Command-assigned stock number 9660L0000010 and unit of issue Tory ounce. Process post-post to facilitate use of DRMO weight scales when that equipment is not otherwise available. When post-post procedures are used, the individual performing the harvesting task and the witnessing official must accompany the silver residue through PMRP processing.

AFMAN23-110V6CH4AFSPC1 15 November 1995 3 Dry silver residue and package securely in a nonporous wrap and container for turn-in. Include weight of the packaging material in the turn-in weight.

Note: Always consider unrefined silver residue as unserviceable. For film scrap and ash, collect film scrap and ash when the DRMO or PMRP monitor considers the amount enough to justify recovery processing. Kodak publication J-10A may also be used as a guide in making this determination. Use the "-1" suffixed NSN of the originally issued film. Use the unit of issue LB. Include the weight of the container (spool or reel). The installation PMRP monitor processes the documentation and arranges for transportation of the material to the DRMO.

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