FY98 USAF Military Space RDDS

0603434F Ntnl Polar-orbit Ops Enviro Sat Syst (NPOESS) (Space)

COST ($ In Thousands) FY 1996 Actual FY 1997 Estimate FY 1998 Estimate FY 1999 Estimate FY 2000 Estimate FY 2001 Estimate FY 2002 Estimate FY 2003 Estimate Cost to Complete Total Cost
4056 National Polar-orbiting Operational Env. Sat. Syst. 17,371 27,668 51,504 113,234 125,088 183,940 290,300 333,821 TBD TBD
Quantity of RDT&E Articles 0 0 0 0 0 1* 0 0 0 0

Note: $7,374 prior year funding.

* Initiation of spacecraft build activities.

(U) A. Mission Description and Budget Item Justification

The National Performance Review (NPR) and subsequent Presidential Decision Directive/NSTC-2 (May 1994) direct the Departments of Defense (DoD) and Commerce (DOC) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to establish a converged national weather satellite program. The converged program, called the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS), will combine the follow-on to the DoD's DMSP program and the DOC's Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) program. An integrated tri-agency program office was established on 1 Oct 94 to manage the acquisition and operations of the converged satellite. PE #603434F funding reflects the DoD's share of the converged program funding. NPOESS will provide operational military commanders and civilian leaders timely, quality weather information to effectively employ weapon systems and protect national resources. The converged program will be the nation's single source of global weather data for operational DoD and DOC use. It will provide visible and infrared cloud cover imagery and other meteorological, oceanographic, and solar-geophysical information. At least three satellites will be required in sun synchronous 450 nm polar orbit at all times (sun synchronous means the satellites cross the equator at the same local sun time on each of their 14 orbits/day). This PE is in Budget Activity 4 (Demonstration and Validation) because it currently supports preparation for DoD/DOC convergence Program Definition and Risk Reduction efforts.

(U) FY 1996
(U) $3,786 Support Program Definition and Risk Reduction in preparation of Milestone I review.
(U) $8,275 Conduct Government-led risk reduction and technology development efforts.
(U) $5,310 Converge command, control and communications for DMSP and POES at Suitland, MD, and begin NPOESS system architecture studies.
(U)$17,371 Total

(U) FY 1997
(U) $ 3,200 Continue to support Program Definition and Risk Reduction efforts.
(U) $ 4,700 Continue system architecture studies.
(U) $ 9,700 Continue Government-led risk reduction and technology development efforts.
(U) $ 10,068 Conduct Milestone I Review, begin critical sensor and algorithm development with multiple contractors.
(U) $ 27,668 Total

(U) FY 1998
(U) $ 2,400 Continue to support Program Definition and Risk Reduction efforts.
(U) $ 4,800 Continue system architecture studies.
(U) $ 8,500 Continue Government-led risk reduction and technology development efforts.
(U) $ 35,804 Continue critical sensor/algorithm development efforts, and begin fabrication of sensors for risk reduction flights on DMSP and POES.
(U) $ 51,504 Total

(U) FY 1999
(U) $ 2,500 Continue to support Program Definition and Risk Reduction efforts.
(U) $ 4,900 Complete system architecture studies.
(U) $ 9,400 Continue Government-led risk reduction and technology development efforts.
(U) $ 91,034 Continue critical sensor development and fabrication for risk reduction flights.
(U) $ 5,400 Compete system definition contracts with multiple contractors.
(U) $113,234 Total

Department of Commerce (DOC) and Department of Defense (DoD) are funding NPOESS equally, by year, in FY97 and FY98.

This exhibit addresses only the DoD funding.

(U) B. Program Change Summary ($ in Thousands)

FY 1996

FY 1997

FY 1998

FY 1999
(U) Previous President's Budget 17,691 34,024 53,320 184,669
(U) Appropriated Value 29,000
(U) Adjustments to Appropriated Value
a. Cong Gen Reductions -607
b. SBIR -725
c. Omnibus or Other Above Threshold Reprogram -320
d. Below Threshold Reprogramming
(U) Adjustments to Budget Years Since FY97 PB -1,816 -71,435
(U) Current Budget Submit/President's Budget 17,371 27,668 51,504 113,234
(U) Change Summary Explanation:

Funding: Adjustments in 1998 to better align funding with program execution and revised inflation estimate. Adjustments in 1999 due to EXCOM approved program restructure and revised inflation estimate.

Schedule: Schedule adjustments for PDRR and subsequent milestones were made to allow the Integrated Program Office (IPO) to focus on sensor and ground system development early in phase I. Government led efforts to reduce risk and better define user requirements, system alternatives and architecture options will allow the IPO to efficiently execute the overall program. The EXCOM approved system restructure postponed Milestone I from April 1996 to March 1997. The first satellite need date was adjusted 25 months from late 2004 to 2007 based upon a reassessment of the health of current assets and the opportunity to reduce risk with this new acquisition strategy.

Technical: Restructured the program to develop selected NPOESS sensors earlier than the rest of the NPOESS satellite. Some of these sensors may be flown on DMSP and POES to reduce risk for NPOESS.

(U) C. Other Program Funding Summary ($ in Thousands)
Not Applicable.

Related RDT&E:
(U) PE #305160F, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)
(U) PE #305160N, DMSP (Navy funds, provided for Service specific studies)

(U) D. Schedule Profile

FY 1996 FY 1997 FY 1998 FY 1999
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
(U) Integrated Operational Requirements Document I (IORD-1) Approved X
(U) Milestone 1 Review X
(U) Request for Proposal X
(U) Sensor and Algorithm Risk Reduction Contract Awards X
(U) Begin Fabrication for Risk Reduction Flights X
(U) Complete System Architecture Studies X
(U) Award NPOESS System Definition Contracts X

(U) A. Project Cost Breakdown ($ in Thousands)

FY 1996 FY 1997 FY 1998 FY 1999
(U) System Architecture Studies and C3 5,310 4,700 4,800 4,900
(U) Government Led Risk Reduction/ Technology efforts 8,275 9,700 8,500 9,400
(U) Program Definition and Risk Reduction contracts/ Program Support 3,786 13,268 38,204 98,934
(U) Total 17,371 27,668 51,504 113,234

(U) B. Budget Acquisition History and Planning Information ($ in Thousands)

Performing Organizations:

Contractor or Government Performing Activity Contract Method/Type or Funding Vehicle

Award or Obligation Date

Performing Activity EAC

Project Office



Prior to

FY 1996


FY 1996


FY 1997


FY 1998


FY 1999

Budget to Complete

Total Program
Product Development Organizations
Martin-Marietta* C/CPAF 2QFY95* 0* 0* 0* 0* 0*
Lockheed C/CPAF 2QFY95 4,489 4,489 4,489 4,489
*DOC funded contract total of $4.4M
System Architecture & C3 C/CPFF Sep 96 N/A 19,710 0 5,310 4,700 4,800 4,900 0 19,710
Program Definition and Risk Reduction TBD 3QFY97 TBD 201,906 0 0 10,068 35,804 96,434 59,600 201,906
Gov't Led Studies Gov. Orgs. MISC. TBD 46,250 275 8,275 9,700 8,500 9,400 10,100 46,250

Support and Management Organizations
Integrated Program Office (IPO) Support MISC. MISC. MISC. MISC. 2,610 3,786 3,200 2,400 2,500 59,400 73,896

Test and Evaluation Organizations

(U) B. Budget Acquisition History and Planning Information Continued ($ in Thousands)

Government Furnished Property:

Not Applicable.

Subtotal Product Development* 4,764 13,585 24,468 49,104 110,734 TBD TBD
Subtotal Support and Management 2,610 3,786 3,200 2,400 2,500 59,400 73,896
Subtoal Test and Evaluation
Project Total

* Includes all program phases

7,374 17,371 27,668 51,504 113,234 TBD TBD