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Atlas IIAS

Background Information
First Launch:
December 1993
Flight Rate:
4-6 per year (Atlas)
Launch Site:
19,050 lb to LEO (with 14 ft fairing); 8,450 lb to GTO


  • Started in 1950s as Air Force ICBM
  • Modified in 1960s for space launches
  • Cryogenic Centaur upper stage first launched in 1962
  • Atlas IIAS is an uprated version of the Atlas IIA
  • Four solid rocket motors added to form Atlas IIAS


  • Three and a half stage vehicle
  • Two Rocketdyne MA-5A booster engines burn LO2/RP-1 fed from stage 1 tanks, generating a total of 414,400 lb of thrust
  • Stage 1 uses one Rocketdyne MA-5A sustainer engine that burns LO2/RP-1, generating 59,000 lb of thrust
  • Stage 2 (Centaur) uses two Pratt & Whitney RL10A-4 engines (with an optional extendible nozzle) that burn LH2/LO2, generating 44,600 lb of thrust with Block I upgrade
  • Four Thiokol Castor IVA solid rocket motors burn HTPB, generating 97,520 lb of thrust each


156 ft
Launch Weight:
513,000 lb
10 ft
Liftoff Thrust:
668,440 lb
Payload Fairing:
34 ft x 11 ft (14 ft diameter fairing available)

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