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Yuzhnoe Design Bureau (KBYu)

Konstruktorskoye byuro "Yuzhnoe"

Contact Information

Address: 3 Krivorozhskaya str., Dniepropetrovsk, 320059, Ukraine
Tel: (0562) 42-20-21
Telex: 127404 OREH Ukraine 'OPEX'
Fax: (0562) 92-75-34

Key Officials

General Designer: Stanislav Nikolayevich Konyukhov
Press Secretary: Yuriy Alexeyenko
Activity: development of rockets and satellites
Status: state enterprise
Subordination: Ministry of Machine-building, Military Industrial Complex and Conversion of Ukraine
Former Subordination: Ministry of General Machine-building of USSR
Former name: OKB-586


Established in 1954 as Experimental Design Bureau #586.

The Design Bureau originated from design subdivisions of the Plant #586, which was initially a serial production facility for ballistic missiles, developed by NII-88. In 1954 the independent Experimental Design Bureau #586 (OKB-586) was established on premises of the these subdivisions. In 1965 OKB-586 was transferred to newly established Ministry of General Machine-building of USSR (MOM) and was renamed to Yuzhnoye ("Southern") Design Bureau.

In 1986 KB Yuzhnoe, PO "Yuzhnyi Machine-building Plant and Dnepropetrovsk Branch of Science and Research Institute of Machine-building Technology were united into Yuzhnoe Science and Production Assn. (NPO). In January 1989 KB Yuzhnoe was transferred to complete independent accounting and financing ("khozraschet"). That essentially meant, that Association of KBYu and YuMZ became defunct, even if it had not been formally disbanded.

After breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 KBYu reports to the Ministry of Machine-building, Military Industrial Complex and Conversion of Ukraine.

The bureau was headed by Mikhil Kuz'mich Yangel' since 1954 till his death in 1971. Since 1971 till 1990 the Design Bureau was headed by Vladimir Fedorovich Utkin, who was a deputy under Yangel. In 1990 Utkin was transferred to become the Director of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building (TsNIImash) and was succeeded by Stanislav Nikolaevich Konyukhov as a General Designer of KBYu.

Main Activity

Principal directions of its activity include:

Projects participated

OKB-586/KBYu developed a large number of ballistic missiles, space launch vehicles and satellites.
It is #1 company in the former Soviet Union in terms of variety of ICBMs developed by it. It can also be rated as #1 in terms of variety of types of satellites developed and appears to be #3 after NPO PM and TsSKB in terms of overall number of orbited satellites, made under its designs. According to [1], the Design Bureau developed 67 types of satellites, 12 space complexes and 4 space launch complexes. More than 400 satellites were orbited.

KBYu participates in the following projects:

Organizational Structure

Structure of KBYu includes a number of Design Bureaus for specific directions of activity.

International Cooperation

Yuzhnoe KB developed most satellites of Interkosmos series. In 1971-1981 developed Oreol-1, -2, -3 satellite jointly with CNES of France. It also provided assistance to India for launching the first Indian satellites Ariabhata in 1975 and Bhaskara in 1978.

Yuzhnoe KB participates in Sea Launch project and, jointly with YuMZ holds 15% in Sea Launch LDC.


1. Dneprovskiy raketno-kosmicheskiy tsentr - Dnepropetrovsk, KBYu, 1994.

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