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Production Association 'Yuzhnyi Machine-building Plant' (PO YuMZ)

Proizvodstvennoe ob'edinenie 'Yuzhnyi mshinostroitel'nyi zavod'

Contact Information

Address: 3 Krivorozhskaya str., Dniepropetrovsk, 320059, Ukraine
Tel: (0562)
Fax: (0562)

Key Officials

General Director: Yu.S.Alexeyev
First Deputy General Director on Production: V.I.Sichevoy (since 1993)
Activity: production of rockets and satellites
Status: state enterprise
Subordination: Ministry of Machine-building, Military Industrial Complex and Conversion of Ukraine
Former Subordination: Ministry of General Machine-building of USSR
Former name: Post Box 186, Plant #586


The Plant was established in 1944 as Dnepropetrovsk Automobile Plant (DAZ) in accordance with the order of the State Committee of Defense from 21 July 1944. DAZ produced trucks until a classified Decree of the Council of Ministers of USSR "About transfer of Dnepropetrovsk Automobile Plant ... to the Ministry of Armament of USSR, cancellation of production of automobile technology at the plant and organization of serial production of rockets" was issued on 9 May 1951.

The Plant was renamed to the State Union Plant #586, while its "open" name was changed to the Post Box 186. In 1965 Plant #586 was transferred to newly established Ministry of General Machine-building of USSR (MOM) and was renamed to Yuzhnoye ("SOUTHERN") Design Bureau.

Succession of Directors of Plant #586/YuMZ

Georgiy Mikhailovich Grigoriev 1950-1952
Leonid Vasilievich Smirnov     1952-1961 (1)
Alexandr Maximovich Makarov    1961-1986
Leonid Danilovich Kuchma       1986-1992 (2)
Yu.S.Alexeyev                  1992-now
1) L.V.Smirnov later become Chairman of the Military Industrial Commission of the Counsil of Ministers of USSR 2) L.D.Kuchma later become the Prime Minister (1992-1993) and then the 2nd President of Ukraine

Main Activity

The plant performed serial production of:

Projects participated

YuMZ participates in the following projects:

Organizational Structure

Dedicated Space Production (so called Production #7) was established at the Plant in 1963. The most recent structure of YuMZ, formed in November of 1993, includes the following Branch Productions: In addition to main production facilities, located in Dnepropetrovsk, YuMZ includes Pavlograd Mechanical Plant (PMZ) as a dedicated facility for solid propellant rockets.

Employment: cumulative workforce of YuMZ and KBYu was about 52 thousands people as of 1994. This personnel includes 9 Academicians and Corresponding Members, 33 Doctors of Sciences and 290 Candidates of Sciences.

Production Facilities

YuMZ and collocated Yuzhnoe Design Bureau occupy a territory of 7.40 km2, total floor space of buildings and facilities exceeds 1.1 millions m2.

Production facilities have a total of 12.5 thousands of tools and various equipment. Multifunctional experimental base includes about 90 test stands and experimental facilities, including unique in Europe

International Cooperation

YuMZ participates in Sea Launch project and, jointly with Yuzhnoe KB holds 15% in Sea Launch LDC.

Conversion / Diversification

From 1953 till now YuMZ produces tracktors (more than 1.8 millions from 1953 till 1994). From 1992 it started serial production of trolley-cars.


1. Dneprovskiy raketno-kosmicheskiy tsentr - Dnepropetrovsk, KBYu, 1994.

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