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Pavlograd Mechanical Plant

Pavlogradskiy mekhanicheskiy zavod

Contact Information
Address: Ukraine 323000 Pavlohrad, Telman st., 10
Telephone: (380-5672) 3-13-15, 3-74-61
Fax: (380-5672) 3-13-15
Key Officials:
Vitaliy Mikhailovich Shkurenko, General Director (since 1965)
Aleksandr Andreyevich Romanov, Deputy Director of Economy
Activity: Production of solid-propellant engines and missiles
Status: Joint-stock company
Former Subordination: Part of Yuzhmash Production Assn. of the Ministry of General Machine Building of USSR

Pavlograd Mechanical Plant (PMZ) was established in December of 1963 as a specialized production facility of the Plant #586 (now Yuzhmash Production Assn.). [2] quotes 1931 as establishment date. Perhaps, that relates to a previous facility, which existed at that place and was used as a basis for PMZ. (According to some sources, it was initially a workshop associated with an artillery test range.)

Main activity

PMZ is a dedicated factory for assembly, perfection and production of solid-fueled rocket engines and missiles. By 1975 PMZ became the largest solid-rocket factory within the Ministry of General Machine Building of USSR. PMZ made fuel tanks for booster rockets and plastic ICBM rocket motor casings; parts, components, and assemblies for aerospace systems manufacturing.

Projects participated

Currently PMZ will support the dismantling of the SS-24 missiles. It would also participated in Space Clipper project to make an air-launcher space booster from SS-24 hardware, if that could ever be implemented in practice.

Organizational structure

PMZ remains a constituent part of Yuzhmash Production Assn.

EMPLOYMENT: approximately 6,800 [2]

KEY TECHNOLOGIES/EQUIPMENT EMPLOYED: Machining; electric and gas welding; parts and components manufacturing from composite materials; electroplating; titanium casting and assembly.

The Plant possesses one of the greatest rocket engines test stand and the unique facility for drop tests of the missiles with the "cold" type of launch.


PMZ intends to produce parts and components made from composite materials for aircraft; and electric household devices.

CIVIL PRODUCTS include casings for wind generators; titanium bicycle frames; titanium church bells; household food processors; electric buses; trolleys; excavating machines; wind turbine electric generators; electric and household machinery.


1. Dneprovskiy raketno-kosmicheskiy tsentr - Dnepropetrovsk, KBYu, 1994.
2. U.S. Department of Commerce, Russian Defense Business Directory, Prepared by: Bureau of Export Administration, 1995.

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