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Kommunar Production Association, of Kharkiv

Proizvodstvennoe ob'edinenie 'Kommunar'

Contact Information
Address: Ukraine 310681 Kharkiv, Vulitsya Rudika, 13
Telephone: (380­572) 43,23­63, 44­78­51,
Fax: (380­572) 44­01­98
Teletype: 125273 SINTEZ
Key Officials :
Director: Oleksandr Oleksandrovich Asmolov
Contact person: Yury Mykolayevich Radchenko
Activity : production of control systems
Status : State-owned
Former Subordination : Ministry of General Machine Building of USSR
Alternate Names: PO "Kommunar," Communard Production Association, Elektropribor Plant

Kommunar was reportedly established in 1927 [1]. It produced and serviced automated control systems for production processes. Later it became involved in serial production of onboard and ground­based control systems for missiles and space applications.

MILITARY PRODUCT LINES: Missile and space guidance and control systems; relays for satellites.

Projects participated

Kommunar produced guidance systems for R-7 missiles. Currently it produces on-board guidance computers for Zenit launch vehicle [2].

Organziational structure

The main production facility and special design bureau of the Kommunar Production Association are in Kharkiv. Five affiliated production facilities are located elsewhere in Kharkiv Oblast.

Employment: approximately 18,000

KEY TECHNOLOGIES/EQUIPMENT EMPLOYED: Casting production; galvanization; punching; mechanical processing; production of printed circuit boards; instrumental manufacturing.

Industry cooperation:
Yuzhnoe Design Bureau - developer of Zenit launcher
Science and Production Center of Automatics and Instrument Engineering (Russia) - developer of guidance system for Zenit

CONVERSION PROJECTS: Problem­oriented complexes for the production of plastic press­forms; cardioanalyzers; meters; welding equipment; medical equipment. The plant began development of pipeline control systems, but work was halted due to a shortage of funds.

CIVIL PRODUCT LINES: Radios; televisions; systems control equipment and instruments; assemblies for transportation facilities and refineries; cardioanalyzers; meters; welding equipment; medical equipment; television remote controls; electrical fuel­control systems for automobiles; sets of equipment for urban communication facilities.


1. U.S. Department of Commerce, Russian Defense Business Directory, Prepared by: Bureau of Export Administration, 1995.
2. Space News, 14-20 Sep 1998, p.26

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