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Khartron NPO

Nauchno-proizvodstvennoe ob'edinenie "Khartron"

Contact Information

Address: Kharkov, Ukraine
Tel: (095)
Fax: (095)

Key Officials

General Director: Yakov Yeinovich Aizenberg

Activity: development and production of guidance systems
Status: state enterprise
Former Subordination: Ministry of General Machine-building of USSR
Former name: OKB-692


Established in about 1955 as OKB-692 with support of Pilyugin to expand capabilities for inertial guidance systems development.

Leadership Was originally headed by Boris Konoplyov, who had to leave NII-885. After Konoplyov's death at Baikonur on 24 Oct 1960, was headed by Sergeyev (although it is possible, that somebody served in between) and later Aizenberg.

Projects participated

The company developed guidance systems for: Also

Economic Status

- Russian customers have huge debts for space hardware, manufactured for them. Khartronis also concerned with Russia's move to develop autonomy in space area and abandon Khartron products.

Production Cooperation

"significant part of elements comes from Voronezh (Elektronika?) and Zelenograd (Angstrem?) [1]

International Cooperation

Khartron has a joint venture with Westinghouse. However, Ukrainians fear, that Westinghouse is interested in getting a control package of stock and then reconfigure Khartron to get rid of a competitor in bidding for atomic power control systems.

Conversion / Diversification

In a framework of conversion Khartron switches to development of control systems for atomic power stations.


1. Trud 20 Jun 1995 p.3

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