Badar-B to be launched soon


ISLAMABAD, Nov 18 (APP): Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) second satellite Badar-B will son be launched soon from Baikonour cosmodrome in kazakhstan. This was disclosed by President of inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences and technology (ISNET) Dr. Abdul Majid at second day of 9th meeting of COMSTECH here On Nov. 17 at Convention Center. He is also the head of SUPARCO. He said Pakistan Badar-B which is a small and low cost satellite will be launched from Kazakhstan on a ZENIT-2 rocket. He said it would be launched in the synchronous circular orbit of 1050 Km with an orbital period of 106 minutes and inclination of 99.64 degrees. He added a typical pass over Pakistan would last between 10-to 15 minutes. Dr. Majid said first experimental satellite Badar-I was injected in an elliptical orbit at 02:05:59 hours on July 16, 1990 from Xichang satellite launch center China on broad long March -2E (LM-2E) rocket. SUPARCO started its research and development activities in 1961 by launch of series of sounding rockets for measurement in the upper atmosphere he added. He maintained since then a fairly comprehensive and wide ranging programme in the fields of space science and technology have been undertaken, resulting in development of capabilities and necessary infrastructure for design development and launching of rocket and satellites. He added the spacecraft bus has been designed for inexperience piggy back with sufficient stabilization and on board capabilities to acquire imaging and other data and down link the same to the ground tracking, telemetry and telecommand facilities. He said onboard power acquisition of data on board processing and down link will cater to the needs of the following four experiments including earth imaging through CCD camera, radiation measurement through dosimeter, store and forward experiment and battery end of charge detection.