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CZ-4 Space Launch Vehicle

The third currently operational series in the CZ family is the CZ-4 (also referred to as the CZ-4A) which to date has been employed only twice for inserting payloads into sun-synchronous orbits. Both flights in September of 1988 and 1990, respectively, lofted the PRC's first domestic meteorological satellite Feng Yun-1. The CZ-4 is a 3-stage launch vehicle carrying UDMH and nitrogen tetroxide for all stages. The CZ-4 first stage uses the same power plant as the CZ-3A but is nearly two meters taller. Likewise, the CZ-4 second stage is similar to that of the CZ-3A. The CZ-4 third stage is a specially designed unit powered by the YF-40 main engine. The payload capacity of the CZ-4 into a sun-synchronous orbit is cited as 2.5 metric tons (References 159, 189-190).

LM-4 (China)

Background Information
First Launch:
Flight Rate:
2-3 per year?
Launch Site:
Taiyun Space Launch Center, China


  • Chinese rocket program started in the late 1950s
  • Evolved from Chinese surface-to-surface series IRBMs
  • LM-4A is a three-stage version of the LM-2D


  • Three-stage liquid fueled vehicle
  • Stage 1 consists of four YF-20 motors burning UDMH/N2O4 providing a total thrust of 626,000 lb
  • Stage 2 uses one YF-22 engine and four YF-23 verniers burning UDMH/N2O4 for a total thrust of 171,300 lb
  • Stage 3 uses one YF-40 burning UDMH/N2O4


131 ft
Launch Weight:
421,000 lb
11 ft
Liftoff Thrust:
626,000 lb
Payload Fairing:
31.0 ft x 11.0 ft


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189. LM-4 Launch Vehicle, specification sheet distributed by China Great Wall Industry Corp., 1992.

190. Long March-4, specification sheet distributed by China Great Wall Industry Corp., 1991.

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