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CZ-3C Space Launch Vehicle

The CZ-3C will fill the gap between the CZ-3A and CZ-3B by using only two strap-on boosters, giving it a GTO payload capacity of 3.7 metric tons (References 159, 187-188).

LM-3C (China)

Background Information
First Launch:
Flight Rate:
1 per year?
Launch Site:
Xichang Space Launch Center, China
3,700 kg to GTO


  • Chinese rocket program started in the late 1950s
  • Evolved from Chinese surface-to-surface series IRBMs
  • LM-3C is the same as LM-2E first stage with strap-ons, LM-3 second stage, and LM-3A LO2/LH2 third stage


  • Three-stage vehicle with two strap-on boosters
  • Stage 1 consists of four YF-20 motors burning UDMH/N2O4 providing a total thrust of 664,000 lb
  • Stage 2 uses one YF-22 engine and four YF-23 verniers burning UDMH/N2O4 generating a total thrust of 172,400 lb
  • Stage 3 uses two YF-75 engines burning LO2/LH2 providing a thrust of 35,200 lb


190 ft
Launch Weight:
11 ft
Liftoff Thrust:
Payload Fairing: D>39.2 ft x 13.8 ft


  • 159. Zhao Bing, "A System Analysis of the Launch Vehicle Technology in China", Paper 92-824, 43rd Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, August-September 1992.
  • 187. Xinhua News Agency, 5 May 1995.
  • 188. Reuters, Beijing, 7 June 1995.

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