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Base 27 Xichang Satellite Launch Center
28 12 N 102 02 E

The second PRC space facility is the Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC) which supports all geostationary [GEO] missions from its location in southern China. The Xichang Space Launch Center, from which many U.S.-manufactured satellites are launched, is located within a PLA military installation. Yet the U.S. satellite manufacturer is required to maintain control over certain portions of the facilities and to make them secure during the time a US satellite and its associated documents and equipment are located there.

The nominal launching azimuth is 97 degrees, with downrange safety constraints limiting launch azimuths to 94 to 104 degrees. The Xichang Center is under the control of China Satellite Launch and Control General (CLTC) in Beijing. The primary offices of the Center are in Xichang City, about 65 kilometres south of the actual launch site. The Command and Control Centre, located 7 kilometers southwest of the launch site, is the heart of control during system rehearsal and launch operations. Other facilities include communication systems to provide telephone and data communications, as well as meteorology support equipment. Two separate launch pads support flight operations -- CZ-3 is launched from Launch Complex #1, while CZ-2E, CZ-3A, CZ-3C, and CZ-3E are launched from Launch Complex #2. During 1993-1994 Xichang underwent extensive modernization and expansion, in part due to the requirements of the CZ-3A/B/C family and in part to meet commercial customer needs (References 195-197).


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