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Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station

#45,Beisanhuanxi Rd,
Beijing,(P.O.Box 2434)
Tel. No: 62554861-62554866.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station is the only earth resources satellite ground station in China. The Station which has a staff of 200 (including 40 professors and associate professors and 20 postgraduate students) has operated for ten years. The station receives, processes, distributes and archives satellite data. The Receiving Station of China RSGS is located at the Miyun Reservoir in Miyun County in suburban Beijing,, 70km from the urban area of Beijing.

The Sino-US Chinese cooperation on remote sensing began with an agreement that Deng Xiaoping and President Carter signed in 1979. The Station receives LANDSAT-5, Japanese JRS-1, French SPOT, European Union ERS 1 and 2, and Canadian satellite data. The Station sells only US LANDSAT data under an agreement with EOS, the LANDSAT data marketing company. The Station will add a second and third dish receiving antenna in 1998.

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