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Fires produce poisonous gases that cause disorientation and drowsiness.

How to Prepare for a Fire

  • See Emergency Response Plan for general information
  • Have working smoke alarms; make sure they are tested monthly
  • Clean out storage areas; do not let trash accumulate
  • Install fire extinguishers in your building

How to Respond to a Building Fire

  • Treat every alarm as though it is a realy emergency; if the alarm sounds evacuate immediately
  • If you or your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop, and roll
  • If you are escaping through a closed door, use the back of your hand to feel the door before you open it and never use the palm of your hand or fingers to test for heat
    • Hot door: do not open
    • Cool door: open slowly and make sure fire and/or smoke is not blocking your escape route
  • Never use an elevator to evacuate
  • Crawl low under any smoke to your exit; heavy smoke and poisonous gases collect first along the ceiling
  • Close doors behind you as you escape to delay the spread of the fire
  • Stay out once you are safely out
  • Assemble at your meeting location
  • Call 9-1-1

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