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Landslide and Debris Flow(Mudslide)

In a landslide, masses of rock, earth, or debris move down a slope. Landslides may be small or large, slow or rapid, and are activated by storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and human modification of land.

How to Identify a Landslide

  • Outside walls, walks, or stairs begin pulling away from the building
  • Underground utility lines break
  • A faint rumbling sound that increases in volume as the landslide nears
  • Unusual sounds, such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together

How to Prepare for a Landslide

  • See Get A Kit and Make A Plan for general information
  • Get a ground assessment of your property
  • Have flexible pipe fittings installed to avoid gas or water leaks

How to Respond to a Landslide

  • Move immediately to higher ground; do not wait for instructions
  • Run for the nearest shelter and take cover; if possible, under a desk, table, or other piece of sturdy furniture
  • Stay away from the slide area; there may be danger of additional slides.
  • Check for injured and trapped persons near the slide without entering the direct slide area
  • Watch for broken electrical, water, gas, and sewage lines and damaged roadways and railways

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