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In February of 2003 the United States Department of Homeland Security released, an emergency preparedness web resource for Americans, as a cornerstone of its multi-million dollar Ready Campaign.  As of March 2006, has received more than 23 million unique visitors. Unfortunately, contains information that is both inaccurate and incomplete.  The Department of Homeland Security has been alerted both publicly and privately of this problem. However, the modifications that have been made to the site over the past three years, including an update in July 2006, have not adequately addressed the errors.

A thorough analysis of by the Federation of American Scientists reveals that numerous shortcomings remain. We therefore developed, a emergency preparedness web resource with comprehensive and correct information. 

The Federation of American Scientists hopes to achieve two purposes with

  1. To provide clear and correct information to citizens interested in preparing themselves and their families for an emergency
  2. To persuade the Department of Homeland Security to take a serious look at and their policy on the accuracy of information and to make important changes that will help Americans to prepare for terrorist attacks or natural disasters.


We recommend that the Department of Homeland Security request the assistance of scientific, military, and emergency response experts to make crucial alterations to  Until FAS deems acceptable, we will ensure that the information on will remain updated, useful, and correct.  We hope this site will demonstrate to the Department of Homeland Security that their multi-million dollar site can be useful and we hope they will update their site as quickly as possible.

Acknowledgements could not have been created without the assistance of the RAND Corporation for their study on "Individual Preparedness and Response to Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, and Biological Terrorist Attacks."